October 19, 2006, - 1:53 pm

He’s BA-A-A-ACK: Gucci Glasses Ortega 2 B Re-Prez, Control New Nicaraguan Canal

He’s tan, rested, and ready. Yes, Gucci Glasses Daniel Ortega is set to win Nicaragua’s November 5th Presidential election. All of our Reagan-era efforts to oust him and his communist, totalitarian dictatorship are now negated.
This time, though, the glasses and military garb are gone, and he has friends in power throughout Latin America, including his bud Hugo Chavez. There is, indeed, power in numbers, and what was once a beachhead of anti-Americanism on our hemisphere is rapidly becoming an entirely infested continent that is too close for comfort. All because we weren’t paying attention.
EXTREMIST MAKEOVER: Daniel Ortega, Then . . .

(Daniel Ortega with Buds Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, Dems John Kerry/Tom Harkin)

Daniel Ortega, Now . . .

(Daniel Ortega & Buddy Hugo Chavez w/Latin America Liberator Simon Bolivar Looking at Them Ominously)
Ortega’s portraying himself as a moderate who will work with Washington. Check out the pics above. If you believe that, I have several parcels of property in Managua to sell you. The guy is a Communist thug. Then, now, and forever.
As I , President Bush was asleep at the switch on this one and didn’t do anything to stop Ortega, a dangerous communist in our hemisphere. Instead, we ignored Nicaragua’s Presidential race, to our peril. And we’re still wasting millions on Fatah versus HAMAS elections in a land far away (we’re spending $42 million on the Palestinian elections!). While we’re playing Islamic terrorist vs. Islamic terrorist, over there, Ortega was busy winning votes here, so he can once again welcome Islamic terrorists from all over the world to train there and terrorize Jews.
An AP story gives a new reason why Ortega’s re-reign over Nicaragua will be nefarious: Nicaragua has announced plans to build an $18 billion waterway passage that will rival the Panama Canal. Imagine the terrorist cargo (human and materiel) that will be transported in and out of our hemisphere unfettered at a “Nicaraguan Canal” under Daniel the Dictator. That includes shipments to the U.S. I wonder how Homeland Security will treat its preferred shippers that go through that waterway, but have already been approved at their shipping point and won’t be searched once they reach the States.
From my :

Ortega–the man who terrorized his country with the Sandinista goons, seized property, took Jewish synagogues and set fire to them while people were praying inside (and “transferred” Jewish centers to Palestinians for youth clubs)–is about to regain his position as President of Nicaragua, which he held in the ’80s. As el Presidente, he trained PLO, IRA, and various Communist and Islamist forces on Western hemisphere soil, allowing them to roam Nicaragua.
Ronald Reagan fought to get him out, even risking his Presidency through the Iran-Contra scandal, because getting rid of tyrannical Ortega and Communism on our hemisphere was so important. Aid to the Contras, Violeta Chamorro, and La Prensa–I guess it was all for nothing. George W. Bush seems not to notice Ortega is about to get back in, establishing his strategic, far-left beachhead once more. It’s yet another sign that George W. Bush is the Jimmy Carter of the ’00s.
Oh, sure, President Bush is threatening to send Nicaragua’s ambassador home. I’m sure that will be as effective as it has been for the following ambassadorless countries: Iran, Saddam’s Iraq, Cuba, etc. . . .
In the late ’70s, the Peanut Farmer Prez allowed Ortega to seize power in Nicaragua and establish a Soviet-funded Communist beachhead on our hemisphere (in addition to Cuba). Today, same deal, different face in the White House.
Same old Ortega, too. The Gucci glasses of the ’80s are gone. He probably got Lasik. But he did not get a conscience. Plus, since he last presided in Managua, he’s been accused of sexually molesting his step-daughter–the same way he molested Nicaragua. New fashion accessories, same old despot.
We’ve had enough bad remakes from the ’70s in the theaters this summer. But the worst remakes–like the return to power of scumbags like Ortega–appear not to be produced by Hollywood. Instead, this one is executive produced by an absentee investor: President Bush.

I wonder what Ronald Reagan is doing looking down upon us and knowing that Commandante Ortega will soon become El Presidente, yet again. Probably turning over in his grave. And asking, “I did Iran-Contra for THIS?!”

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6 Responses

Will Bianca Jagger (what does she do for a living anyway?) become his Foreign Minister?

Ripper on October 19, 2006 at 2:53 pm

By the way, an early member of the Sandinistas named Patrick Joseph Arguello tried to hijack an El Al plane from Amsterdam and was killed for his trouble (back on Sept. 6, 1970).

Ripper on October 19, 2006 at 2:54 pm

>>>I wonder what Ronald Reagan is doing looking down upon us and knowing that Commandante Ortega will soon become El Presidente, yet again. Probably turning over in his grave. And asking, “I did Iran-Contra for THIS?!”<<<
Ronald Reagan would have had a plastic surgery and would have changed his name as soon as he found out that this current “presidente” was trying to “imitate” him.
Ronald Reagan wouldn’t want his legacy tarnished by fake, lousy, loser, inarticulate imitators.

Independent Conservative on October 19, 2006 at 3:06 pm

Debbie, I think that the portrait behind Chavez and Ortega is one of Simon Bolivar, not Napoleon.

Piraticalbob on October 19, 2006 at 3:25 pm

In some ways Bush is as bad as Carter.
As I much as I love your blog Debbie, it sometimes overwhelmes me with proof of the number of traitors and incompetent leaders we have. It’s going to be a loooooong fight back to sanity for America.

Buick_Guy on October 19, 2006 at 4:59 pm

This’ll give a big boost to the pro-Castro-Chavez crowds.

Jeremiah on October 19, 2006 at 6:43 pm

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