October 20, 2006, - 9:51 am

Like a Terrorist?: Going Overboard on the Foley Richter Scale

Yes, then-Congressman Mark Foley’s instant messages to a Congressional page who egged him on, were explicit and inappropriate.
But is the guy–who, thus far, has not been proven to have committed any crime–as bad as a terrorist leader who has murdered countless Americans, Israelis, and others?
That’s what a name recognition poll–just out–says, according to the Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire“:

Seven in 10 Americans rate him negatively, comparable with past assessments of Yasser Arafat and Michael Jackson.

Come on.


Is Mark Foley Really as Bad as Terrorist Murderer Yasser Arafat?

Mark Foley is not even close to the level of brazen evil of Yasser Arafat. And neither–as bizarre as he is–is Michael Jackson. In addition to ordering and orchestrating countless terror attacks and homicide bombings, Arafat ordered the early ’70s torture murder of Cleo Noel and George Curtis Moore, two U.S. Diplomats in Sudan. They were tortured so badly that authorities could not tell the bodies of Moore–who was the highest ranking Black American in the U.S. Foreign Service at the time–and Noel apart.
Mark Foley is as bad the guy who ordered those murders and countless others?
Get Some Perspective, America. Or our country will die.

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On a scale of -1 to -10, Foley’s a -4, Arafat a -1,000,000

Jeremiah on October 20, 2006 at 5:39 pm

Let me guess, everyone polled was from Massachussetts?

Buick_Guy on October 20, 2006 at 6:11 pm

But the stink is coming from the Republicans themselves. In Orange County Ca., Tan Nguyen running against the incumbent Loretta Sanchez for Congress. Nguyen’s people sent out fliers telling Mexicans to not vote on November or face arrest and deportation. but not just to illegals but legal immigrants too. His staff member sent the letters out without Nguyen’s knowledge and Nguyen is now in deep shit. No, not by Sanchez’s group but by the GOP. Boy has a lot of balls.
It seems that the party is burning their own people if their names are crapped upon and like the Foley case, it was a conservative newspaper who (Washington Times) who asked Dennis Hastert to step down, not the Democrats. Yes, Foley is a sick asshole and I hope they shove a pipe up his ass, but he is no where near Yasser Arafat. Yes like terrorists, I would love to see perverts gone, but the perv is no terrorist.
Oh, though not a crime in D.C. to send perverted messages, in Florida, (Jeb Bush country)it’s illegal. So it’s not Democrats against Republicans but the bush administration versus Foley.

KOAJaps on October 21, 2006 at 3:02 pm

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