August 2, 2010, - 2:04 pm

A Tale of Two Dirtbags: The Republican “Choices” for Congress

By Debbie Schlussel

I would be more excited about Republican prospects of taking over the U.S. House of Representatives, if we actually had enough good conservative choices running. Sadly, we don’t, and I’ve lamented this previously.

Alien v. Predator: GOP Serves Up These Sleazebag Choices . . .


Paul Welday Sent Millions of Your Tax $s to Hezbollah . . .


. . . Versus Pan-Muslim Crook Andrew Raczkowski


One of the starkest examples are the two complete crooks and Muslim enthusiasts in Michigan’s 9th Congressional District.  The GOP has a good chance of taking the seat back, come November.  But the choices are between two equally loathsome dirtbags who are the sleaziest, most crooked Republicans–no, politicians of any party–I know in Michigan.  The only thing I like about this race is watching these two lowlifes, Paul Welday and Andrew Raczkowski, duke it out. It’s like Alien v. Predator or watching the Iran-Iraq War: I wish it would never end, and that both sides would lose.  And if I lived in the district, no matter the outcome of tomorrow’s Republican primary, I’d have to vote for the honest liberal (and anti-jihad/pro-Israel) Democrat Congressman against either choice. You basically have a choice between two pan-Muslim crooks on the Republican side. So sad. Even if you don’t live in Michigan, this race is important, because either way, we all lose. I have known both Republican candidates for decades, and Hitler would have to be running against them for either to ever get my vote.

Many people have asked me how to vote in that race, and my answer is to vote for Gary Peters (the Democrat incumbent). Why? Well, on the Republican side it’s a slugfest between Paul Welday and Andrew Rocky Raczkowski (yes, the twit legally changed his name to Rocky). I’ve already told you plenty about Paul Welday, a sleazy lobbyist, when he previously ran for the Michigan House of Representatives (and, fortunately, lost). The guy went to a CAIR event and gushed over the CAIR members like their asses were made of gold and covered in chocolate. He helped his former boss, Congressman Joe “Hezbollah Joe” Knollenberg, give nearly $100 million of your tax money to Hezbollah in South Lebanon, at the request of the pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Jim Zogby, head of the Arab American Institute. And he helped his brother’s hospital avoid any Justice Department prosecution of the Medicaid fraud the hospital was knowingly committing to cover the delivery of thousands of anchor babies to pregnant Muslim aliens, whose kids therefore now have U.S. citizenship.

But, then, there is Welday’s opponent, Raczkowski, who is the preferred candidate of blind, deaf, and dumb tea party activists, and who will probably beat Welday. Raczkowski also made entrees to the extremist Muslim community. When he was running for the U.S. Senate, he made frequent trips to Dearbornistan’s pro-Hezbollah, anti-Semitic Shi’ite Muslim community, bragging to them how he took Arabic in the Army and seeking their endorsement. In that same U.S. Senate race, Raczkowski could not account for several hundred thousand dollars in money his campaign was given by the Republican party and other donors. And, some suspect, he converted it to personal use. Raczkowski, who doesn’t really have a definable job, has a law degree, and has repeatedly failed the Michigan Bar for which he studied with his friend, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick (who passed).

But Raczkowski’s pattern of apparent embezzlement doesn’t just end there. It appears that in his latest, um, “venture,” he ran a ticketing company for rock concerts, according to a federal lawsuit (read the complaint) alleging theft by Raczkowski of several hundred thousand to several million dollars. In his zeal to make money the old fashioned way (fraudulently), promoters of the concert say that Raczkowski seized the ticket boxes and destroyed tickets, so that the venues and promoters wouldn’t know how many tickets were issued and how many attended (he and they were paid by counting the ticket stubs). He, then, under-reported attendance, but his fraud wasn’t even done competently, they say. Raczkowski destroyed too many tickets, which didn’t match his fraudulently-reported undercount.

Raczkowski often brags of his military service, but after the 2009 lawsuit was filed, his lawyers used his military service as an excuse that the suit “should not proceed at all.” The judge didn’t buy that despicable mocking of the service by our many American soldiers who are honest and don’t use their service to the country as an excuse for theft of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

The activities allegedly committed by Andrew Raczkowski, as described in the suit, are criminal. And if they are true, he should be behind bars, not in Congress. The Democrats have Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters (both of whom should also be behind bars). Do the Republicans really need a Raczkowski? According to the docket of the case, the lawsuit is scheduled to go forward throughout 2011, when Raczkowski would serve in Congress. Terrif.

Moreover, last week, Phyllis Schlafly was in town doing a fundraiser for Raczkowski, during which Schlafly said single women were the second biggest group of voters for Obama, because they need to rely on government and Barack Obama to replace the void of a man in their lives.  She’s absolutely right, and as a single woman (who voted for McCain), I’m not offended.  But Raczkowski threw Schlafly under the bus, Obama-style, less than 24 hours later to pander to feminists.  He’ll throw his tea party and anti-jihad supporters under the bus with the same speed.

The sitting Democrat Congressman in the district, Gary Peters, is a liberal. I don’t like how he votes on many issues. But, I give him credit for a couple of things: he is honest about who he is and what he stands for. And he had the courage to buck many of his liberal Democrat colleagues in the House to stand up for our partner in the war on Islamic terrorism, Israel. Peters put together a coalition and introduced a resolution snubbing the Obama Administration for attacking Israel on its response to the HAMAS war flotilla. He called on the White House to support Israel. And he did this, despite that fact that many and most of his biggest donors are liberals who don’t feel the same way.

When it’s a choice of voting for two “conservative” pan-Muslim crooks or an honest, anti-jihad liberal, I know who I’d vote for.

Sometimes–many times–doing the right thing, voting for the right candidate isn’t a partisan thing. It’s about crossing party lines because the Republicans weren’t brave enough to give you even a single decent choice.  If Welday and Raczkowski are typical of the Republican replacements for a Democratic Congress–and I hope they are not–who needs ’em?

That’s the GOP’s fault, not yours. Don’t force yourself to vote for one of the GOP’s two crooked frauds in this race.  Holding your nose and voting for either Paul Welday or Andrew Raczkowski doesn’t make you part of the solution.

It makes you a big part of the problem.

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14 Responses

Debbie,your post is very informative – and disturbing. The continued flood of Muslim immigrants into the US is a very real danger to not only our way of life, but to Israel’s survival also, because if the US stops supporting Israel, the rest of the Western world will abandon Israel as well.

These Muslim immigrants eventually become voters, and as you’ve pointed out numerous times in Michigan,this is a real danger to the US and Israel.

Scott on August 2, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I’ll vote for a decent-pro Israel Democrat over pro-Islamist GOP dirtbags any day.

    I’ve still got principles. Any one who is FOR the enemy is not my friend.

    NormanF on August 2, 2010 at 5:44 pm

A reason why I come here for the news no one else is reporting.

Of course I know we are in trouble when we have ZerObama in the drivers seat and STILL there is no clear, strong, great Conservative to vote for…just old retreads.

You’re right…it is soooo sad. What a shame. This is just before America loses herself forever.

Skunky on August 2, 2010 at 4:15 pm

A reason why I come here for the news no one else is reporting.

Of course I know we are in trouble when we have ZerObama in the drivers seat and STILL there is no clear, strong, great Conservative to vote for…just old retreads.

You’re right…it is soooo sad. What a shame. This is just before America loses herself forever.

Skunky on August 2, 2010 at 4:15 pm

The tags on this post are kind of funny; the names of the two candidates followed by terms like crooked, dirtbag, crook, etc.

One telling aspect of these RINOS (or, unfortunately perhaps not RINOs, but rather just Republicans period) is that they holler about the big tent, but when they lose, they turn against the more conservative candidate. Bennett in Utah is one example, as well as a lot of the badmouthing of Sharron Angle, not perfect, but certainly much better than Reid. I really find irritating, the ‘moderate’ Republican commentators are extremely critical of more conservative candidates.

Candidates like those in Michigan, mirrored by many more across the country, give many, including myself, the impression that the Republican Party is a job trust and patronage machine rather than a real political movement. If they’re not careful, as many have stated, they’ll go the way of the Whigs.

The Democrat, Gary Peters, sounds like a decent man, and in this race I would quite likely vote for him. However, the situation in Michigan sounds a little like the situation in Colorado, and there, Tom Tancredo has stated his intention of running for Governor as a Third party candidate. I think that more and more, this will become a viable alternative nationally, and one that conservatives will want to look at, where appropriate.

Little Al on August 2, 2010 at 4:35 pm

May I make a note about the Kentucky race for U.S. Senate? I’m not voting in that race. We have a choice between (get this) an Obama fan (Conway, the favorite candidate of StormFront (Rand Paul), and some idiot who has blatant anti-Jewish garbage on his campaign page. Ugh. I will go to the polls and vote in every race but that one. In this way, I will be sending my message that all of these candidates are out of the question.

Lisa Graas on August 2, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Yup. All Sarah Palin endorsed. She is a political genius, no question about it.

And people still think she knows a thing or two about conservatism. Yeah, sure.

NormanF on August 2, 2010 at 5:51 pm

Thank you for informing us of this election. The enemy is infiltrating our country just as they have infiltrated the white house already.

Fred on August 2, 2010 at 6:48 pm

NormanF at 5:44 pm and Skunky at 4:15 pm both took the words right out of my keyboard.

JeffE on August 2, 2010 at 10:49 pm


“A reason why I come here for the news no one else is reporting.”

Have you ever asked yourself why nobody else is “reporting” aka writing islamophobic bs?

Iannis on August 3, 2010 at 8:44 am

    We’re not phobic, dear, we are simply following the elections and discussing the candidates and their histories and policies as grown-up sometimes do.
    Perhaps, you are in the wrong place.
    I think I hear your mother calling you for dinner.

    Cat K on August 3, 2010 at 9:46 am

Dammit. I WAS voting straight (R) this time but you make excellent points. Ski is making something of his military record as well. A very popular theme this time around.

Joe on August 3, 2010 at 11:54 am

You must understand we had to pick the lesser of two evils, and that happened to be Rocky!

Johnny on August 4, 2010 at 10:38 am

We must be insane to allow Arabs into this country. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are unwittingly aiding and abetting islam in their goal to take over this country. Amricans may be nonchalant about this now, but just wait until these islamo dirtbags feel their oats and start raping your wives, daughters and children. By the time these dorks wake up it will be too late. In my opinion, it may already be too late. I personally am outraged that my President goes out of his way to “apologize” to dirtbag arab countries for perceived wrongs committed by this country. Had it not been for the USA, millions of people the world over would be starving to death, which is the reason they are stampeding to get into our country, even though a vast majority of these scum hate us.

George on May 8, 2011 at 12:26 pm

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