August 9, 2010, - 7:50 pm

Scott McInnis: Muslim-Backed Hack Running for Guv in Tuesday’s Colorado GOP Primary

By Debbie Schlussel and Daniel Greenfield a/k/a Sultan Knish

You may have heard a lot about plagiarist Scott McInnis, who is running in tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) Colorado Republican Primary for Governor.  He pulled an Andrew Breitbart and blamed his theft on “a researcher,” just as Breitbart pawned off his posting of a misleading partial video on someone else.  But while McInnis’ blatant plagiarism–for which he was paid $300,000.00 by a foundation–would be enough for me not to vote for this RINO, there’s more.  It’s who paid him that is a far more disturbing issue.



RINO Plagiarist Candidate for Gov in Bed w/ Extremists


Dr. Malik & Seeme Hasan @ the Bush Crawford, Texas Ranch

McInnis was paid by the Hasan Family Foundation, a foundation the purpose of which is “Promoting a Better Understanding of Muslim and South Asian Cultures.”  Actually, I think many of us understand Muslim, uh, “culture” quite well.  We need not suffer the Hasan Family’s propaganda telling us otherwise, including an anti-Israel, pro-homicide bombing movie they funded (and which their son directed), which aims to show us the Palestinian Muslim female protagonist’s “heroism” and “proactivity.”  Through their foundation, the Hasans gave tens of thousands of dollars to the Jersey Shore gang of Islamic terrorism apologists:   CAIR, the ACLU, the Islamic Institute (a/k/a the Islamic Free Market Institute, but try finding a free market in the Islamic world a/k/a the lands of the Arab boycott of Israel), pan-Muslim Grover Norquist’s Arabs, er .  . . “Americans” for Tax Reform, and Islamic professor and propagandist (and Judea Pearl crony) Akbar Ahmad.

In fact, the Hasans paid for the exhibit table for Grover Norquist’s Islamic Institute–which had a financial relationship with several groups tied to Al-Qaeda–at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on more than one occasion in recent years, according to federal tax returns.  The Hasan Family Foundation also gave thousands to the anti-Israel Carter Center, Oxfam and Doctors Without Borders.  Check out the charity’s 2006, 2007, and 2008 tax returns for yourself.  Oh, and by the way, the Hasans were frequent guests at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas (nope, I still don’t miss him yet).  The Hasans made their gazillions through an HMO, Qual-Med.

McInnis came to the Hasan Foundation looking for a “fellowship” after he lost his Congressional seat.  The Hasans–all devout Muslims–gave McInnis several hundred thousand dollars to write a paper.  It turns out that his paper was ripped off–plagiarized.  And he blamed it on the researcher, who says he sourced everything and that McInnis was the one who ripped it off, too lazy to do any original work for the several hundred thousand dollar gig.  (Akbar Ahmad replaced McInnis in the fellowship and is using it to promote Islam in America.)

The question, to me, is not whether McInnis will be a plagiarist as Colorado Governor.  Old habits die hard.  Once a plagiarist, always a plagiarist.  Once a thief, always a thief.  The question is what the Hasan foundation and Islamic extremists will get out of McInnis, whose pockets they lined, if he is elected Governor of Colorado.  That the question need be asked in the first place should tell you to vote for businessman Dan Maes in tomorrow’s Republican Primary, if you live in Colorado.

Muhammad Ali Hasan–Dr. Malik and Seeme Hasan’s son and also a board member of the Hasan Family Foundation–also ran for the Colorado state office as a Republican, but fortunately he did not succeed.

The Hasans are tightly ensconced in the CAIR/ISNA/MAS directorate of the Muslim Brotherhood in America–the alphabet soup of support and fundraising for Islamic terrorism, including HAMAS and Hezbollah.  And they are openly anti-Israel.  They set up a “Muslims for America” group, which supported the Hasans’ good friend, President George W. Bush (no, I still don’t miss him yet) and which was a Republican front group for CAIR. And fraud Dennis Miller had an apparent orgasm on his show over Muhammad Ali Hassan who produced a pro-Palestinian terrorism homicide bombing movie (more on that below).

Our friend, journalist Daniel Greenfield a/k/a the Sultan Knish, uncovered some interesting facts about the Hasans, including their son, failed Republican candidate Muhammad Ali Hasan:

*  They support CAIR, the Muslim American Society, MPAC, etc.

From their Muslims for America website:

“We here at Muslims For America are proud to be apart of a great umbrella of American Muslim organizations, within our American political system.

One American Muslim group we have always admired is the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) lobbying organization. MPAC has worked hard to establish a strong office and presence in Washington DC, giving them great access to lobbying our American politicians. MPAC has used its resources and contributions well, in developing deep relationships with many politicians, including the Bush Administration. In turn, no American Muslim organization has created a better lobbying machine, on behalf of American Muslims, than MPAC. With that said, any lobbying efforts, done on behalf of American Muslims, should be referred to MPAC and we seek to assist MPAC in those lobbying efforts.

Another American Muslim organization that has impressed us greatly is the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Critics will point to CAIR’s past history of participation within possible terrorist organizations, but we here at Muslims For America have worked with CAIR since then and we verify that their organization has cleaned out any negative elements, in addition to maintaining the great faucets of their organization.”

In turn, as MPAC is doing the best job of handling lobbying efforts, while CAIR is doing the best job of handling civil rights efforts.

*  Funded by mommy’s and daddy’s and his foundation, he is the director (and mom, Seeme Hasan, is the producer) of “Rabia,” a movie glamorizing a suicide bomber in Israel.  It’s based on Wafa Idris, a Palestinian homicide bomber, though the suicide bomber in his movie does not appear to actually kill any Israelis when she blows up. From the movie website’s description:


Newt Gingrich & Mohammed Ali Hasan: Newt’s Against Ground Zero Mosque But Not Extremist Muslims w/ $$$

Log Line
A story about a woman who must blow herself up in order to exist.

Short Synopsis
Rabia is a woman who must blow herself up in order to exist. From the moment she straps explosives to her bare body, we are exposed to flashbacks of Rabia’s past, filled with abuse, rejection, and struggle. With detonator in hand, we find ourselves asking whether Rabia’s act is one of evil or one of heroism?

Rabia is a woman who must blow herself up in order to exist. Ever so determined to complete her suicide mission, Rabia tricks Israeli soldiers, sneaks past checkpoints, and resorts to personal violence in order to achieve success. As we follow Rabia’s mission, from the moment she straps explosives to her bare body, we are exposed to flashbacks of Rabia’s past, filled with abuse, rejection, and struggle. By the time she steps onto a popular Israeli beach, awaiting to kill hundreds of innocent civilians in a massive explosion, we find ourselves asking whether Rabia’s act is one of evil or one of heroism?

On Rabia [DS: this entire part has since been deleted from the site–hey, he’s running for office!]

I [DS: the “I” here is Muhammad Ali Hasan] wanted to tell the story of an anti-hero, someone who was working hard for a cause that he/she believed in, even though it might be a cause that is not accepted by society at large. I wanted people to evaluate the heroism that goes behind proactivity.

At around the same time, I had heard about the story of Wafa Idris, Palestine’s first suicide bomber. Idris blew herself up in an open square of Israel, killing one person and injuring others, in February of 2002…. I was impressed by her proactivity; most women in her situation would accept defeat and live lives of oppression. She decided to do something different with her life.

With all of that in mind, Idris provided me with the story I would need to communicate the theme that I most desired- the story of an anti-hero that we could support. . . . For me, Rabia is a hero because she did not suscumb [DS: sic] to the pain within her life; instead she strove to do something that would change her community for the better, in her mind. . . . I admire her proactivity.

*  Muhammad Ali Hasan is against the Patriot Act, claims things are “peaceful” in “Palestine,” and claims that people in Pakistan don’t support Bin Laden.  Hilarious.  He also bragged that he helped water down the Patriot Act.

*  Muhammad Ali Hasan repeatedly bashed Israel during the Israel-Hezbollah War and promoted Islamic terrorism.  Check out these comments he made on FOX News (as one of the network’s “moderate Muslims” on display–“fair and balanced”?)–the coverage of Hasan’s appearance has been cleansed from the page at the the Muslim American Society link above, FYI:

“Gibson’s smile evaporated when Hassan said the “Israel is a major stumbling block to peace…they are a militaristic bully…Israel has learned a hard lesson…” at which point Gibson interrupted and said “wait a minute, is Hezbollah off the hook”? Hassan replied that Israel is “hiding behind bombs and guns.”

* Muhammad Ali Hasan opposed calling Mohammed Taheri-azar a terrorist. Taheri-azar was the Muslim North Carolina college student who deliberately drove his jeep into crowds of students for “jihad” against the “infidels” and described himself as following in the footsteps of Mohammed Atta.

* Muhammad Ali Hasan wrote a piece on (since conveniently “erased”), in which he defended CAIR, encouraged affiliations with HAMAS and Hezbollah, and said those terrorist groups would be even better if they were run by Mohammed:

As the President of Muslims For America and Muslims For Bush, I have worked with CAIR in the past and I know that they are a terrific group. Along with MPAC (Muslims Public Affairs Council), CAIR is always at the forefront of protecting the civil liberties of American Muslims. . . .

Does labeling Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist groups suddenly give blanket waver to the atrocities that are committed against Muslims around the world?

Absolutely not – Israel’s army is a terrorist organization. . ..

at the end of the day, the fighters behind Hamas and Hezbollah are ‘freedom fighters’ not terrorists. Technically, this is a fair argument because many of their fighters seem motivated by liberating Muslims, rather than killing Israelis.

* Muhammad Ali Hasan supports removing all sanctions against Iran. And those comments have been ethnically cleansed by the website on which they appeared, too.

*  Muhammad Ali Hasan repeatedly stalked his ex-girlfriend and chastised her when they were dating because he said he could taste pork on her breath when they kissed.  First, there’s this:

A temporary restraining order was filed against state representative candidate Muhammad Ali Hasan by his former girlfriend and publicist Alison Miller.

Miller accused Hasan, a Republican who is running to represent Eagle County in District 56, of harassing her by text message, attempting to break into her e-mail, and then repeatedly demanding that she sign a waiver saying she would not sue him for doing so, according to court documents. . . .

According to the order, Hasan cannot be within 100 feet of Miller or her children and must stay away from her home and workplace.

Miller, a former Vail Daily reporter, alleges Hasan kept tabs on her whereabouts and shows up unannounced despite being asked to stop. she also alleges Hasan tried to threaten her into signing the waiver.

“(The situation) led up to him taking me to his attorney’s office just two hours after I was released from the hospital and was ordered to bed rest and was on pain meds and anti-nausea meds, and he demanded I sign the documents before he took me home,” Miller wrote in a court petition.

Then, there’s this ipecac-in-print:

But one night, after a Young Republicans debate, Ali found himself kissing her against her car. At first they’d kept things quiet and casual. “If there is one elected office I have held, it is ‘Mayor of Commitment-Phobia-Ville,'” he says. “I told her, ‘I’m a bad guy. I’m this womanizing mean guy who wants to be a politician.'” But then one day Bartleson caught them making out in between interviews for a campaign assistant, and Ali decided to go public with the relationship. Miller transitioned into a volunteer role to avoid a conflict of interest. And she stopped eating pork because Ali, who keeps a halal diet, said he could taste it on her breath when he kissed her.


These are the views, activities, and behavior of the Hasan Family and the foundation they fund and run. Do you want a governor who took their money?

Only if you’re a moron. And want many more 9/11s on U.S. soil.

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16 Responses

Correction: Ali Hasan is not running this year. He had failed at a run for the state legislature a couple of years back and this year tried for state Treasurer, but that failed too. He now lives in California.

RS: OOPS! Thanks to you and other readers who corrected me. My mistake. I misunderstood. Correcting. DS

robt southwell on August 9, 2010 at 8:38 pm

And do you want a Governor in bed with these Muslim (redundant) extremists? I live here in Colorado and well Republicans may just be stupid enough here to inflict themselves with a plagiarist and Islamo-panderer as our state’s next Governor. And then there are the GOP connections to Islamic extremists.

Its been nearly a decade since 9/11 and quite a few Republicans are still breaking pita and eating shwarma dinners with those who would like to see us dead.

Go figure.

NormanF on August 9, 2010 at 8:54 pm

Great Work Debbie. However, one correction Hasan is going back to California. So no office for him. Though his connections were thick with the GOP which is very disturbing even though he was a supporter of radical Islam to say the least. He is upset with Senate candidate Jane Norton.

As for McInnis he shot himself in the foot for his plagiarism and his polling numbers show that. I would be surprised that he wins. Tom Tancredo is jumping in as Independent which is more or less a spoiler role. But I believe all people have the right to run for office. If Maes is the stronger candidate, Tancredo would be ignored. However, many people must feel Maes is insufficient.

CaliforniaScreaming on August 9, 2010 at 9:42 pm

@robt southwell, kudos for the correction. I had happened to see the article a few weeks back in the liberal free paper Westwood while I was in Denver.

CaliforniaScreaming on August 9, 2010 at 9:47 pm

I’ve known the Hasan’s for years. Their family and children too. Been to their home(s) at least some of them. I’ve talked politics many times with Mrs. Hasan and son Ali.

It’s clear to me Ms.Schlussel, that you have never done the same.

The Hasan’s in Eagle County alone have donated campaign money to the most conservative candidates running they (I) could find. They have donated money to local concerts, (to make them free) and have always supported conservative causes.

The only thing I can find “radical” about this family is their generosity.

Take a look again at the money spent (and for) the Hasan family has donated to the business school in Colorado.

Recommend you spend some time with the family.

S: Wow, you are scary. Someone (you) is clearly very naive. No, I haven’t met the Hasans. Nor have I met Ahmadinejad. Or King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Or Muammar Qaddafi. Yet, I know all I need to know about them, just as I know the Hasans through their actions and statements. And I’ve never committed suicide. Yet, I’m against that, too. How dare I. That they’ve donated so much campaign omoney to conservatives and conservative causes is even more scary. That’s my point here. There are whores for terrorism and Islam on the right, too. That’s the scary part. Your twisted “logic”: I recommend you spend time having cancer, b/c otherwise, hey, how can you be against it?
Guess what? Yasser Arafat volunteered to donate blood after 9/11. Still doesn’t make him a good guy. Wake up. DS

Staff-at-the-EagleCountyTimes on August 10, 2010 at 10:06 am

I know the Hasans, and you are WRONG.

LiC’s name is Farah (she’s clearly an Arab or Iranian) and she’s involved in the Tea Party movement, as indicated by her “Farahteaparty” e-mail address. Very scary. I don’t need to know the Hasans. I know their deeds and behavior. And I’m right. And this is more proof that I’m right that Muslims, Arabs, terrorism supporters, and Jew-haters are infiltrating the Tea Party movement more and more. DS

Lives in Colorado on August 10, 2010 at 10:18 am

Debbie..You are full of BULL…Why don’t you get to know the family first before you write such garbage. This family is in NO way associated with terrorists. They condemn their actions. This family is more American than a lot of Americans are. Any they are more generous than many, also.

T: Wow, and the naivete continues. In fact, they openly support and promote terrorism and groups that fundraised for HAMAS. I’ve provided the proof through their actions and statements. And yet you won’t let it sink into your skull. I know who’s full of something. And it’s the apologists the Hasans enlisted to write seminar comments on this site. How much are they paying you? DS

Toby on August 10, 2010 at 10:29 am

Hasan is complaining about Senate candidate Jane Norton’s. Why? Because she she puts on her campaign video “OBAMA DOCTRINE TO MAKE CLEAR NO WAR ON ISLAM — REUTERS, 5.26.10.” He is whining and Norton isn’t budging. We should be at war with Islam because Islam has declared war with us and anyone who isn’t Muslim. Name a country with Muslims and there is some fighting with Muslims. I don’t see Buddhists, Jews, Christians or Hindus fighting amongst each other in every other country. In every nation Muslims come into they want their sharia laws and their own separate land.

Let’s hope Norton wins because it seems she isn’t going to cave in to Islam.

CaliforniaScreaming on August 10, 2010 at 11:37 am

hmm…Seems that one cannot just “take for granted” what Party a candidate represents, then cast a vote. Party affiliation no longer matters, since one is apt to find pro-Islamists in either party…Democrat or Republican. Who to vote for now necessitates a “case-by-case” assessment (based on previous voting records, associations, statements, etc.)

Thank you Debbie, for keeping us informed!

J.S. on August 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

It is unfortunate that your usually clear thinking is clouded by prejudice. The Hasan’s have always condemned the Muslim extremists. You have apparently never talked to the Hasan’s about this issue. Your comparison of saying you have also not talked to Ahmadinejad is weak. Ahmadinejad is not a US citizen, like all of the Hasan family. Faulty logic on your part – comparing apples to oranges. Your lack of truth on this issue diminishes your credibility on other issues.

And by the way, many other American Muslims also condemn Muslim extremists.

DB: Wow, you’re incredibly naive and ignorant. The Hasans ARE Muslim extremist. They don’t condemn Muislim extremists. They praise their fellow Muslim extremist in CAIR, HAMAS, Hezbollah, Iran, etc. Wake the heck up. Faulty logic? Look in the mirror. I’m not sure what being a U.S. citizen has to do with the price of tea in China or whether or not I can write about facts regarding someone unless I’ve personally met them and heard their fertilizer. Michelle Obama and Sean Penn are U.S. citizens, and I’ve never met them. I guess that means I can’t write about what extremists and America haters they are, according to your bizarre “logic.” Moronic. Wake the heck up. DS

Debbie Buckley on August 10, 2010 at 1:25 pm

I seriously thought that this was a joke..
They can totally make fun of this on Erets Nehederet..
“Vote Scott: Pro suicide-bombing, pro-terrorism, pro-idiots.”
haha amazing what Muslims would do to try and have someone be on their side..
hahahahaha I bet they had to collect all of the money from ALL OF THE MUSLIMS in the world to pay him those 300,000 dollars..
haha cause they’re so lame..

Eden on August 10, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Woohoo,Is this what majority of the Americans think, do they really brood this much hatred for people whom they dont even know about and rely on a few fleeting remarks in the media? You are no better than the Talibans. What a shame? with plethora of inforamtion and research available via internet, developed of course by genius American’s, Indians,Japanese Koreans and Pakistani’s most living on the West coast or the East coast and enormously contributing to the betterment of the world conditions.
I am originally from Pakistan and migrated to California in 1973 and never read or heard such hatism brooding in this country. this is worse than Talibans.
Do you have any idea what brought about the Talibans. For your information U.S. military armed them to fight the Soviets that was 25 years ago. Than what? Most of you must have seen the movie “Charlie Wilsons War” those were Republicans who were far sighted to realize that 20-30 years later the Afghani refugees are going to be a nightmare for the world.

Nearly 1/4th of the world population is Muslim, you mean to say that each one is a born terrorist. What ignorance?
You start a blog and blatantly blow out lies like nobodies business and you find followers.
How dangereous? Ignorance is so totally dangereous and worse than an atom bomb, a few of your kind I tell you would make this world a hell.

thank god for brilliant, intelligent and farsighted people like the Hasan’s who made a honest living in this country through every opportunity that was given to them as “The Great Founders of the Constitution” laid out for every American and than they gave back by donating large sums to educational institutions, local foundations in Colorado and further more young Ali Hasan wanted to serve the people of his regions by contesting in the elections and this is how you treat honest hard working individuals.

Blatanly slinging mud on their name, which took almost 40 years to build, an impeccable record of fortune 500 companies whch provided healthcare to millions of Americans.

Millions of those Afghani decendents of the Talibans who fought for U.S. have now become violent not only against the U.S. but the world even their own neighbors and brothers.
It is your responsibility as well as mine to root out those responsible for the violent acts. We have to work together to actually make sure that the young children growing up in desolate camps, still refugees from Afghanistan and filtering into cities of Pakistan, will be schooled properly and are not a victim of Wahabism, which preaches nothing but hatred agianst U.S.
so lady open your eyes and know who your real enemy is, instead of going on wild tangents and accusations.
This is a free lesson by the way and there will be plenty coming from many muslims on this blog because we are a peaceful lot and we dont blame you for your views, it is your media that you rely most on that feeds you trash.
By the way as someone suggested you can meet the Hasan’s and your views will take quick turn. If you are open minded enough maybe you can meet the other names listed by you. They all respect the American individual point of view. below is the utube interview that is good info for having a broader view on subject matters such as muslims or islam.

fatima on August 10, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Some factual mistakes:

-Akbar Ahmed had his own fellowship on a separate issue and did not replace McInnis.

-Muhammad Ali Hasan is not a board member on the Foundation. So it would not be correct to attribute his views to the entire board. He has stated as such on local radio interviews.

-Hasans, while having given to Muslim organizations, are not considered “ensconced” per the tone of the piece but are seen as outsiders, in particular for the Foundation’s pro-Israel views.

-Miller actually withdrew the TRO of her own volition.

-The Foundation has a page on its website to condemning terrorism unequivocally and has authored several blogs on the topic. In addition, the Foundation has issued statements subsequent to every terrorist attack in recent memory condemning the attack regardless of perpetrator.

jihadjane on August 11, 2010 at 9:42 am

as they say little knowledge is dangereous. you have armed your self with kindergarten knowledge, about islam and muslims and slingling mud and feces every which way, most of it on your own face.
whoohooo what a dangereous woman you are spreading hatred for one and a half billion muslims around the world sitting in some god forsaken hick town.
Is that the word Elizabeth Edwards used for her ex on LKL. “Well she often jokingly called him a hick.
It will do your brain some good to step out of your cocoon an discover the world and people.
We aim for happiness, solitude and well being of our families nieghbors and rest of the world, very simple three step process. Get it.

Fatima on August 13, 2010 at 3:48 am

Hasan’s came to the U.s. almost 40 years ago from Pakistan and Dr. Hasan formed this conglomerate, Healthnet, providing Insurance to millions of Americans. He and his family donated their wealth to several educatioal institutions in Colorado and California and worked selflessly for many causes that concern the State and the U.S. Now young Ali Hasan would like to serve the people by running for the local elections.
your accusations totally preposterous, linking ALI to WHAT???????????
All those organizations you have mentioned are doing honorable work serving citizens of U.S.

You must be at a menapusal stage, where you skim through info and blatently attack.

Who is Al Qaeda and the Talibans. If you can take time to read, I tell you, you will be doing a great favor to your readers. Unless if you are just desperate for attention and absolutely demonizing a group individuals will get you some recognition, sure there are many like you with zilch integrity………continue on lady or awaken your conscience.

Fatima on August 13, 2010 at 4:07 am

why don’t you go back to jihad land Fatima where you belong.sooner or later we will have to kill all the ragheads or they will kill us.

bruce on June 18, 2013 at 9:49 am

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