October 31, 2006, - 3:05 pm

Our Friends & “Allies” From the “Religion of Peace”

A couple of stories that raise important issues about our friends and “allies” in the “Religion of Peace”:
* So Sheikh Taj Aldin Al-Hilali “repudiated” his comments comparing women without hijabs to “uncovered meat” and blaming them for rape. He’s Australia’s top Islamic cleric, the Mufti of Australia.
The question is: Do you believe him? I don’t. Just as I don’t believe Mel Gibson (though his comments are hardly as important–he’s not a respected, top religious leader). If this were a majority Muslim world–if Australia were a majority Muslim country (as it is fast becoming)–would he have repudiated his words? Of course, not. And most so-called “moderate” Islamic groups here in the U.S. didn’t seem to exercised about his comments, either.

Taj Aldin Al-Hilali, Mufti of Australia

Remember, David Duke repudiated his words once, too (and he isn’t even a member of the religion of taqiyyah). And he was almost believable. He ran and won a seat in the Louisiana Legislature. When he ran for Congress, despite opposition by Ronald Reagan and others (who urged a vote for the Democrat instead), he claimed he’d changed, that he’d renounced his anti-Semitic, racist, Klan past. But it was all a PR stunt. After he lost, he eventually went back to his true colors. And so will Sheikh Al-Hilali.
Don’t believe the hype. And read how his buddy, Abduljalil Sajid, the Mufti of Britain (their top Islamic cleric) tries to explain and excuse his comments away.
* Yesterday and today, Pakistani religious leaders held mass protests against the bombing of a Madrassah (Islamic religious school) in Chingal, which was actually a front for an Al-Qaeda training camp. 20,000 protesters chanted, “Death to Musharraf! Death to Bush!”
Among the dead was Sheikh Liaquat Hussain, tight with Al-Qaeda mastermind Ayman Al-Zawahiri. The school, headed by Hussain, was warned by the Pakistani government that it had better stop training terrorists, but the school refused.

Sheikh Liaquat Hussain

The story is important because it demonstrates for the gazillionth time that, but for the slimy and shaky Musharraf (who was not elected and could be deposed at any time), Pakistan is an extremist Muslim nation. They care more about terrorists and their “right” to continue to train for Al-Qaeda terrorist operations than they do for the innocent lives of Westerners and even fellow Muslims.
That’s the way the rest of the Muslim world already is or is headed. “Religion of Peace”? No way. Pakistan an ally? Maybe the guy who is temporarily and precariously at the top is marginally an ally. As for the whole rest of his country, they are the enemy.

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It seems that the most powerful Muslim leaders are the radical fundamentalists. The so-called moderates are either in agreement or too scared to stop their Jihadist brothers. We need take care of ourselves and stand and fight. The DemonRats and their radical Left allies want us to retreat. We must do our best to stand in their way on election day.

FreethinkerNY on October 31, 2006 at 4:14 pm

What scares me is that we really don’t know what is being taught in our local mosques. We do know that the koran teaches it’s okay to lie to get people to believe what you want. So when we hear a muslim saying they don’t support terrorists (which I’m sure some muslim MUST have said somewhere at some point in time….I have never heard it myself), how do we know that he isn’t saying the opposite inside the mosque? I don’t think we can afford to trust. We need to know.

Stealthkix on October 31, 2006 at 4:50 pm

A Muslim has no loyalty except to Islam and his “brothers” the Muslims, even if these “brothers” are terrorists.
A Muslim is a terrorist by definition, until proven otherwise.

Independent Conservative on November 1, 2006 at 10:16 pm

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