November 7, 2006, - 1:55 pm

Jimmy Hoffa’s Revenge?: Incompetent FBI Islamo-Panderer Gets Promoted

By Debbie Schlussel
Michigan FBI Special Agent in Charge Daniel D. Roberts has the right stuff. He’s got everything it takes to make it to the top of the FBI:
* Wastes significant taxpayer funds . . . CHECK! (Wasted two weeks and about $2 million in U.S. taxpayer resources on digging up the non-existent Jimmy Hoffa body);
* Panders to Islamofascists and terrorism supporters . . . CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!
* Works Bankers’ Hours . . . CHECK! (in the Heart of Islamic America and amidst the War on Terror, we see him at the gym, like clockwork, at around six, when it takes about an hour to get from his offices).


Because he has all these valuable Famous But Incompetent supervisory qualities, the FBI is promoting Daniel Roberts to FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the agency’s entire criminal division. This was reported in today’s Detroit Newsistan by his good friend, fabricator David Shepardson.
In most companies, a stunt like the fruitless Hoffa dig would mean he’d be out of a job. But at the Bureau, making your agency the laughing stock means you’re a star.
Well, at least, it will take him and his terrorist-pandering ways out of the terror-“fighting” biz. And that can only be a good thing. On the other hand, he stood by as his agent and good friend, John Ouellet, ignored Islamic death threats I received. Roberts’ new job involves overseeing “civil rights violations” investigations by the FBI. That means the agency’s policy of Muslims’ being the primary victims worthy of law enforcement will continue in force.
So, is this Jimmy Hoffa’s revenge on America, that a guy–who wastes our time and money, not on terrorism, but on digging up Hoffa’s non-existent body and paying a farm for new barn after the fact–has now gotten a major promotion in the Bureau?
Who knows? But one thing is certain. Despite all the hype, the FBI rewards empire builders, not crime and terror fighters. If you’re a true hero, like courageous Special Agent Harry Samit (see also, here), fuhgeddaboutit. You’re treated like crap by the incompetent supervisors that line the agency all the way to the top.
Bonus: Roberts appears never to blink, and he reminds us of a younger version of Dr. Zachary Smith from “Lost in Space.”

Even Paranoid Dr. Smith Would Be Better Running FBI Criminal Division


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The FBI in our area, home of Adam Ghadam, loser American Al Quaeda, and Mr. Hedayat, the LAX El Al killer, are equally clueless.
Why aren’t the mosques and the radical leaders that produced these people being investigated? If they are, why does it take years to see that they are enabling terrorism, when an amateur can use Google to find their declarations in support of same?

PJ on November 7, 2006 at 4:57 pm

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