November 9, 2006, - 8:05 am

Mazel Tov!: Christmas is Back at Wal-Mart, Macy’s; Target Still Dhimmified?

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember how, last year, the mere mention of Christmas was out at Wal-Mart, Macy’s, and Target?
Well, this year, Holiday Season Political Correctness is out. Buh-bye.
Wal-Mart and Macy’s, at least, have learned their lesson. They heard you, and they are bringing Christmas back in a big way, Wal-Mart plans to announce today. From USA Today:

Wal-Mart will put “Christmas” back into the holidays this year, the retailer plans to announce Thursday.
A year after religious and other groups boycotted retailers, including Wal-Mart (WMT), for downplaying Christmas, the world’s largest retail chain will have an in-your-face Christmas theme this year.


“We, quite frankly, have learned a lesson from last year,” says Wal-Mart spokeswoman Linda Blakley. “We’re not afraid to use the term ‘Merry Christmas.’ We’ll use it early, and we’ll use it often.”
Wal-Mart told about 7,000 associates of the plans at a conference last month and “was met with rapturous applause. … We know many of our customers will feel the same,” says John Fleming, Wal-Mart’s executive vice president of marketing.

Among the things Wal-Mart will feature:

* A TV ad trumpeting Christmas will air for the first time next week. Wal-Mart also will air TV ads along with the Salvation Army mentioning Christmas.
* The name of the department with Christmas decorating needs will change from The Holiday Shop, which it was for the past several years, to The Christmas Shop.
* Store signs will count down the days until Christmas, and Christmas carols will be piped throughout the season.
* About 60% more merchandise will be labeled “Christmas” rather than “holiday” this year over last.

So, Wal-Mart apparently has the Christmas thing down. Now, if only the store could stop using illegal aliens (details here and here). Then, I’d recommend you shop there.
But not until then.
As for Macy’s, its execs learned their lesson, too:

Macy’s, the largest U.S. department store chain, plans to have “Merry Christmas” signs in all departments. All of Macy’s window displays will have Christmas themes. At New York’s Herald Square, the theme will be “Oh, Christmas Tree.”
“Our intention is to make every customer feel welcomed and appreciated, whether they celebrate Christmas or other holidays,” spokesman Jim Sluzewski says. . . .
The Catholic League, one of the groups fighting what it calls the Christmas Wars, says a member alerted it that Macy’s was pitching a “Happy Hanukkah” gift card but not a “Merry Christmas” one.
After he was contacted by the group, Sluzewski determined a production “glitch” meant the Merry Christmas gift cards were available everywhere but in its Western region, where there were plenty of Happy Hanukkah gift cards.
“We are correcting the problem,” Sluzewski says. “Of all the cards to have a glitch with.”

One odd thing, though:

As at Wal-Mart, Macy’s employees are encouraged to consider wishing customers holiday greetings that are appropriate to their race or religion, including Happy Kwanzaa or Feliz Navidad.

Does this mean they will greet all Blacks and Hispanics with these respective greetings? Sounds a little bit bigoted. How about just a blanket, “Merry Christmas”? As a Jew, I would not be offended by that. This is supposed to be a Christian country, after all.
The only major retailer left is Target, which refused to recognize Christmas at its stores, last year (details here, here, here, and here.) Let’s see if they change their policy. While Wal-Mart is partnering with and promoting the Salvation Army, this season, Target grinches continue to ban the group.
It’s “Merry KwanzRamadaNukkah” at the Bull’s-Eye Chain, where the preferred religion starts with an I, ends with an M, and has an S-L-A in the middle.

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5 Responses

Target is currently running TV ads with Merry Christmas as the ending salutation. I was one of the many people who contacted them last year about their lack of Christmas spirit and their attitude towards The Salvation Army. Just an FYI.

JAT on November 9, 2006 at 8:44 am

Actually Debbie, I’ve already seen a Target Ad on television in Ohio which specifically said “Merry Christmas”. Maybe they are getting the message as well?

Monty on November 9, 2006 at 10:22 am

“Holiday” ads filled with traditional Christmas symbols are the hallmark of a business that wants to insult people and take their money at the same time. I bet that doesn’t happen to Muslims. I tell “Holiday” promoters I’m busy with Christmas and I know “holiday” gifts would not be appropriate. What’s the Christmas share of the retail trade again?

spottswoode on November 9, 2006 at 4:14 pm

One of MY most shameful memories was beating up a Jesus killer in my sixth-grade calss because HE got a Stratocaster for CHANUKAH…which was a jewmade-up holiday…and MY cheap-ass father got me a plastic acoustic from Mays department store and told me not to think i was gonna be the next ELVIS…like who the hell was listening to THAT greaser in 1970!!!
EASTER has always been historically a good time for POGROMS…..
Whenever i see you brown-nosing the GOYIM it turns my stomach Debs…it’s akin to Malcolm X trying to join the klan after they offed his daddy!!!
THANK GOD i moved to Rockaway, which put the JEW in Jew Yawk City, and learnt that all the crap i was taught in Catholic school was complete GARBAGE!!!!!!

EminemsRevenge on November 9, 2006 at 5:37 pm

WellÖI HAD HOPED to pass this way unnoticed.
EminemsRevenge was long ago horrified from that ìslowly materializingî realization that Catholic pilgrims are NOT PERFECTÖas they live out their ìflesh-and-bloodî lives, here on earth.
But more than most Catholics, wanna-be-Catholics, former Catholics, Catholic malcontents etc., EminemsRevenge was especially troubled by that~
Nobody ever pointed out to EminemsRevenge that he doesnít have the right to expect perfect parents, or fellow Catholics for that matter. The focus has always beenÖHOW WELL are YOU doing before God? You, yourself, that is.
Of course, Jesus commanded his followers NOT TO BE SCANDALIZED by the sins of those followers of His who were unfaithful (especially those in a leadership capacity) but EminemsRevenge was never really a followerÖso the command was never really heard.
Thatís the fallout from NON-SPECIFIC rage over long periods of time.
America becomes Amerikkka ETCÖwell; you all know the EminemsRevenge storyñ
EminemsRevenge is, however, bucking one trend these days.
In that stampede of SOME BLACKS like Oprah to ìgooî over Islam, if not outright join, EminemsRevenge seems to have settled into a more Judaic focus.
I mean, if Godís Revelation did indeed end at the Old Testament, I myself, would certainly have become Jewish.
But the APOSTLE PAUL was right about those that leave the ChurchÖthey leftÖbecause they were never one of us.
And I remember that Quebec bishop talking about all those Catholics who left the Church in the 60s and 70s and describing their exodus as a ìnecessary purgeî.
And POPE BENEDICT has also been alluding recently to his goal of a smaller Church!
So EminemsRevengeÖyou leftÖjust in time!!

The Canadien on November 9, 2006 at 8:27 pm

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