August 21, 2005, - 1:02 pm

Jennings’ Agenda Lives: ABC Producer Promotes Tourism in HAMASastan

By Debbie Schlussel
For those of you “wise” men and women who still believe that ABC provides a “balanced” view of the news, that Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are real, and that the earth is flat, here’s more evidence of late ABC News anchor and managing editor’s jihad against Israel, America, and anything else pro-Western:
ABC News producer Miriam Shahin (reportedly a Palestinian)–whose hiring was approved by Jennings–and her husband, George Azar, are currently traveling around HAMASastan pimping travel and tourism there. They’ve written a new book, “Palestine: A Guide,” and are promoting it. Gee, they would be TOTALLY balanced in producing news coverage of Israel, wouldn’t they? Ditto for ABC News producer, Sami Ziadeh, right? Ziadeh produced Nightline coverage of the Gaza giveaway.
Of note, the “about the author” portion of the Amazon book listing only discusses Azar, not Shahin. Trying to hide the fact that Shahin is an ABC News producer? Affirmative.
FYI, customers who bought this HAMASastan travel guide also bought books by notorious anti-Semitic Columbia University Islamist Rashid Khalidi. No surprise, nor was the Amazon suggestion that reads of the HAMASastan travel guide would also want to view books on “how to defeat the neoconservative and fascist reaction.”
This, by the way, is not the first conflict-of-interest laden book written by ABC News producer Miriam Shahin. There is also her thrilling “Palestine: A Traveller’s Guide.”
If ABC News were truly “balanced” (it isn’t), the “news” operation would have an Israeli settler producer for every one of the Palestinians and pan-Islamists it employs. It has none.

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I kinda dig Arafat’s bombed out headquarters-maybe Adam Shapiro who slept over can be the official tour guide..also-maybe they can set up a falafel stand for Rachel Corrie-the favorite pin up chick for Palestinian mass murderers…”and now we conclude our tour with a look at the bomb factory that blew up the Passover Seder in Netanya!”

jaywilton on August 22, 2005 at 10:00 am

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