November 13, 2006, - 4:15 pm

Want an Extra Wife?: Islamo-Polygamy is What’s for Breakfast in Tajikistan

By Debbie Schlussel
It’s been a crazy day, filled with e-mail and computer glitches. Thus, the absence. My apologies, loyal readers. Believe me, I hate staying away.
Still, had to note this funny and sad piece from today’s New York Times on what happens under Islamofascist statism a/k/a a Muslim caliphate. The title, “After a Century, Public Polygamy is Re-Emerging in Tajikistan,” says it all. The funniest and saddest part is how some Muslim feminists (isn’t that an oxymoron?) don’t mind being part of a menage a multiple wives.
A few scintillating excerpts of what you might be surprised to note is already going on in America (though not as openly, and we’re not talking the Mormons, here, either):


DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, Nov. 7 – Gulya Ismoilova cannot say exactly when men in Tajikistan broke with a century of tradition and began taking second and even third wives, but she remembers precisely when her husband announced he had married again.
A lack of men in Dushanbe and all of Tajikistan has led to polygamy.
“Two years ago he took a woman to his brother’s house,” said Ms. Ismoilova, her hand trembling as she lifted a cigarette to her lips. “That’s when my life ended, when I became a first wife.”
Ms. Ismoilova said she could not have imagined her present circumstances when she married 11 years ago.
Polygamy existed in this overwhelmingly Muslim and rural country in the 70 years when the Soviet Union enforced a fiercely secular governing ideology that continues to be the law of the land. But it was very rare, and occurred in secret arrangements by people living shadowy lives. . . .
[M]en have begun to practice polygamy openly, citing Islamic law and the desire among women for partners to justify the illegal practice. Tajiks say polygamous marriages can now be found in nearly every apartment block in Dushanbe, and few Tajik families seem to be without a recent example.
“These girls require a husband or their families are shamed,” said Ali Fidhoum, 37, an engineer here. “Our religion allows it as long as I have a job and I treat both my wives equally. My second wife’s family is thankful for me, and they should be.”
But not all wives are as grateful as Mr. Fidhoum supposes. Ms. Ismoilova said her husband’s second household had left her humiliated and impoverished, and undermined her authority over her children.
“He tries to get our kids to move to his new wife’s apartment because she can’t have babies,” Ms. Ismoilova said. “These are my children he wants to take away from me. And I can do nothing. First my husband said I can’t work. Now he won’t let me leave the house without his permission.” She spoke slowly, her face distorted with anger. . . .
“I am a slave,” she said. “And now this society accepts it.”
Even those men who disapprove of polygamy say they understand why it has re-emerged. “I wouldn’t consider it,” said Zafer Mahmoudov, 24, a professional. “But for many men here, they are in arranged marriages with girls coming from villages. They have nothing to say to them. These girls do not know how to behave in the city. So they don’t tell their wives, but they go and marry a second one. They just do it and eventually everybody knows.”
The revival in Tajikistan of polygamy – which has been outlawed by the government but is supported by many imams – underscores a surprisingly swift return to traditional cultural and religious practices in all the former Soviet republics of Central Asia. . . .
Ibodat Yatimova, 25, was 14 when her parents placed her in an arranged marriage. Her husband divorced her after five years, forcing her and her two children to move to her parents’ home. To ease the financial burden on her parents, Ms. Yatimova accepted the proposal last year of a 45-year-old laborer who worked in the office where Ms. Yatimova is a secretary.
But there was a catch. “I didn’t know he already had a wife,” Ms. Yatimova said.
She said she was resigned to the arrangement, at least for now.
“It’s important that I show my parents that I have a husband,” she said. “He pays the rent for my apartment. My children show him respect but he doesn’t help them. He has his own children. We don’t really matter to him. When he buys me an apartment, I will leave him. Let him go to his first wife.”
Miriam Cooke, a professor of Arab culture at Duke University . . . she warns against treating it as a black-and-white issue.

Not black-and-white?! Would you say that about the Mormons? Not How Predictable. Bend over for Islam.

“It is complicated,” Ms. Cooke said. “There are some women who consider themselves to be feminists who think it’s perfectly acceptable to be a second or third wife and to be a professional woman, a good Muslim and to have all her rights. . . .”

Complicated?! Feminists?! Un-fricking-believable. We wonder whether Cooke, herself, is married and, if so, whether she’d allow her hubby to have a couple more wives or more. Doubtful. But for Islam, everything’s okay. Incredibly, some Tajikistani women are more enlightened and clueful than this American professoratrix of Islamofascist Apologism.

Rokhshona Nazhmidinova, 26, an outreach coordinator at a nonprofit organization [in Tajikistan says] “It’s a sign that society is heading down. Just look at the countries that allow multiple wives. I wouldn’t want to live in them.”

Borat“/Sacha Baron Cohen should have parodies Tajikistan, not America. There’s lots of rich material here, without the need to dupe and trick people into it.
The location is Tajikistan, but that is irrelevant. What’s relevant is the governing religion, the “Religion of Peace.”

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8 Responses

I hope appoporiate watchdog organizations compile stats on other customs hostile to Western values, customs whose rates of occurrence probably increases in polygamous households.
For example, to what extent girls born into such households are castrated [what most people politely refer to as “female genital mutilation”]; the incidence of physical beatings, plus subsequent physical and mental health complications; forced sequestration of the wives, etc.

Jeremiah on November 13, 2006 at 7:25 pm

This is not another “problem” that America needs to solve. Its a wake up call to Americans all over the world. Time to come home, and raise the drawbridge. Tajikistan, Iraq, Mexico, Africa, you are on your own. The storm flags are up.

jeebie on November 13, 2006 at 8:02 pm

You mean you wouldn’t want to a be part of a harem, Debbie?
It amazes me how our friends on the left will excuse all of this–polygamy, honor killing, wife beating (called for in the koran for a disrespectful wife), and the entire gamut of islamic ways which the western nations outlawed long ago. Yet it remains in vogue to look the other way as part of PC “tolerance.”

BB on November 13, 2006 at 8:28 pm

Don’t expect outrage from NOW they’re busy on their knees servicing Bill Clinton.

Burt on November 13, 2006 at 10:36 pm

it is not to my surprise
there many similiar phenomena around the world
but i think it uncivilized and unacceptable

Hades on November 14, 2006 at 3:44 am

The LIBERALS in the media, in academia, in the arts, and in politics will still argue that this form of perversion is what’s good for America. They will argue that this type of barbarism will make America stronger.
After all, LIBERALS will always find ways to weaken America while extolling the “virtues” of such perversity and savagery. They will disguise the very elements that will bring about our destruction as; ethnic diversity, cultural inclusiveness, tolerance, enlightenment, etc. LIBERALS will always sell short their own phony beliefs (such as womens’ rights, sexual harassment, etc.) when it suits their real agenda of weakening America – we saw it all during the Clinton regime.
LIBERALS hate Capitalism, but they love Communism.
LIBERALS hate Capitalism, but they love Socialism.
LIBERALS hate America, but they love the U.N.
LIBERALS hate religion, but they love Islam.
Islam = The religion of 7th century savages.
LIBERALS and Islam – Perfect for each other.

Thee_Bruno on November 14, 2006 at 9:35 am

If these people don’t like it, they’ll fix it. It’s nothing we need to get involved with.

gregdn on November 14, 2006 at 10:41 am

jeebie: The Left tolerates these human rights violations because anything that helps to undermine Western civilization and America is OK with them. They hate America more than they love their supposed Leftist “humanist” values.

FreethinkerNY on November 14, 2006 at 12:55 pm

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