August 22, 2005, - 11:20 am

National Geographic’s “Inside 9/11”

By Debbie Schlussel
Much is being made of National Geographic’s “Inside 9/11.” Still, you have to wonder about the split personality of an outfit that offers this, but also offers up annoying former “The View” know-it-all (really knows very little) Lisa Ling and her “sympathize with and understand the Islamic terrorists” tours of the world.
One interesting portion is that in which former CIA intelligence analyst, Bin Laden “expert,” and Israel hater Michael Scheuer recalls that when Bin Laden was in Sudan during the 1990s, Scheuer couldn’t figure out whether Bin Laden was a real threat or “just another Saudi spendthrift who was throwing money around to radicals.” This directly contradicts Scheuer’s statements in a “60 Minutes” re-run, last night, in which he claims that, from the beginning, he was practically yelling from the chandeliers that Bin Laden was a serious threat, but he wasn’t taken seriously and was removed from the Bin Laden desk as a result.
Clearly, Scheuer is a liar who talks out of both sides of his mouth. His writings and statements should be considered as containing equal veracity (ie., very little). Even Wall Street Journal TV critic Nancy deWolf Smith ridicules the self-important, incessantly self-promoting Scheuer, laying out all of Scheuer’s intelligence on Bin Laden, then asking, “[A]nd the CIA figured Mr. Moneybags [Bin Laden] might not be a threat?”
Finally, the documentary also lays out this scintilla of amazement (also cited by DeWolf Smith): That Mohammad Atta’s life-style was so ascetic and so deep into the abyss that he cooked a pot of potatoes and put the leftovers in the fridge with the fork still in them.
SO?! Leftover potatoes are “INSIDE” 9/11?

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