November 28, 2006, - 10:22 am

Chutzpah, Inc. Meets Spineless, Inc.: My Buds @ Terrorist Charity Sue Their Bank

By Debbie Schlussel
Last Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve), sources told me that my “friends” at the Debbie Schlussel Islamist Fan Club a/k/a LIFE for Relief and Development, sued Comerica Bank, the bank at which the terrorist-funding charity has several accounts.
I chose not to write about it on Thanksgiving because I wanted to enjoy my holiday and take a few days off from the continuing crisis of how our Islamic “brothers” and “sisters” show “thanks” to America.
I’ve written about Comerica Bank and the accounts LIFE has with the bank. The problem is that the operant verb is “has” accounts, not “had” accounts.


LIFE For Relief & Development Associates: “Former” Terrorist Imad Hamad, Anti-Semitic Author Mohammed Alomari, Lawyer Shereef Akeel

(Debbie Schlussel Islamofascist Fan Club by David Lunde)

After LIFE was raided by the FBI in September, Comerica should have immediately shut down LIFE’s accounts, but like all U.S. corporations the bank was spineless in the face of Muslim aggression. First, the bank gave LIFE a notice of intent to close its accounts. Then, it met with LIFE and other Islamist pressure groups and gave LIFE an extension of time before closing its accounts in order for LIFE to raise that all important Ramadan bulk money, which goes to HAMASastan and Fallujah and all places in between to people who are not our friends.
Then, another extension and more meetings, ad absurdum. This is how we “fight” the domestic War–no, make that “Capitulation“–on Terror, and that’s why we’re losing.
Then, there is spineless U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a “Abu Porno” (a Bush Federal Appeals Court nominee). He shoulders a big part of the blame for LIFE’s continued operation and continued funding of apparent terrorist operations. Instead of constantly dining and hanging with LIFE officials and associates, he should have frozen all of LIFE’s assets. But, to date, he has not done so. And because of him, insurgents and terrorists apparently funded by LIFE continue to murder others, including our soldiers. Murphy has American blood on his hands.
Back to the lawsuit. After so many meetings, so many extensions, LIFE and its sleazy attorney, extremist Shereef Akeel (who tried, unsuccessfully, to silence me with a phony grievance against me to Michigan authorities), showed Comerica Bank exactly what generosity and spinelessness will get you from Islamists: a federal lawsuit.
LIFE’s lawsuit seeks to keep Comerica from closing its accounts. If Comerica had done the right thing–instead of the stupid thing–the accounts would already be closed.
And LIFE seeks extra rights that no other bank customer gets. Every bank has the right to share information on its customers with other banks. If you bounce too many checks, your account is closed and it is noted in a database shared by all banks. Ditto, if you money launder or engage in other criminal or suspicious activity. But because it’s a Muslim charity, LIFE demands that its information not be shared with other banks.
Nobody forced LIFE to get a bank account. The charity–the way it hands out money to open funders of terrorism–might as well keep the money under a mattress, anyway. But if LIFE maintains an account at a bank, it is subject to the same rules and regs as the rest of us. If LIFE officials don’t like the fine print, tough.
LIFE is claiming that this is somehow a Patriot Act issue, but it isn’t. A bank has a right to do business that way, and most banks did so, well before 9/11. And it’s interesting: Even the ACLU dropped its lawsuit against the Patriot Act, saying the law has been completely defanged. Yet, even the ACLU’s kosher seal of approval is not good enough for this Halal terrorist supporting charity.
Hard to imagine a Jewish or Christian charity (if there were any) in a Muslim country suing a bank to stay open and continue to launder money to those who want to take over that Muslim country and overthrow its government.
It’s a laughing stock that such a move is proceeding here. Over there, there would be a lot of “accidental” car bombings and head-chopping.
Moreover, the crux of the LIFE lawsuit is that LIFE fears Comerica Bank will information about suspected LIFE money laundering and terrorist activity with other banks and with the federal government. Glad to see LIFE is finally admitting it engages in money-laundering and terrorist activity because if there was none, the bank would have nothing to report and the FBI would never have raided the “charity.”
Can you imagine a suspected drug dealer who openly deals drugs (so the “suspected” part is just a wasted word) and then sues his bank for suspecting he’s a drug dealer and informing the FBI about it? Well, actually, the law requires the bank to do so. Well before 9/11, federal law required (and still does) that transactions of $10,000 or more be recorded in some manner.
Should terrorist financiers on our soil have more rights than drug dealers and the rest of us? That’s what LIFE’s lawsuit seeks. And that’s what all Islamists want.
They are using our legal system to get rights above and beyond that to which every other American is entitled. So much for the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against Congress establishing a national religion or preferring one religion over all others.
The Muslims are gaining that status through our courts in an Islamist Ligitation Explosion which I’ve been writing about since well before 9/11. And this lawsuit is yet another example. Regardless of the outcome, that LIFE and company even had the audacity to file it tells us the momentum is on the Islamists’ side. And so is the chutzpah.
“A charity, especially a Muslim charity, has to live by its reputation,” Akeel told the Detroit Free Press.
Yes, but as I’ve written, LIFE’s reputation is that of a charity that openly funds terrorists and has strong ties to HAMAS and Al Qaeda.
America has to live by its reputation of allowing it to continue to operate unfetterd. Unfortunately, by doing that, our nation can’t live for long.
Others who’ve written about the absurd LIFE for Relief and Development lawsuit against Comerica include Doctor Bulldog and Dan Riehl.
Some progress: Last night, Detroit’s ABC affiliate, WXYZ-TV/Channel 7, finally reported that life was raided by the FBI because of suspected ties to terrorism. In Detroit’s dhimmified media, that’s huge. Detroit’s other media outlets continue to qualify each story on LIFE, claiming it has nothing to do with terrorism (even running a fake story that LIFE had been cleared when it has not been). Uh-huh. That’s why the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force was involved–for a non-terrorism investigation. Ri-i-i-i-ight.

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