November 29, 2006, - 5:13 am

They Have a Scheme: Kramer Meets Jesse & Weird Al of Race Merchants, Inc.

By Debbie Schlussel
So three racists walk into a bar. Unfortunately, there’s no punchline.
What Michael Richards said about Blacks at an L.A. comedy club was racist. His career should be over.
But so should the careers of two other racists, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Instead, they’re thriving.
While Richards made a gazillion phony apologies for uttering what he really thinks at age 57 (and blamed it on the War in Iraq–huh?), Jackson and Sharpton have never apologized even once for constantly telling us what they really think, over decades.


It’s a little strange–no, make that, absurd–to see one racist groveling and apologizing to two other racists, especially when the latter two have made it a career. Even more ludicrous is the media’s blindness to the thick irony of it all.
Take Jackson. Perhaps everyone forgot his comments that Jews are “Hymies” and New York is “Hymietown,” for which he never apologized to America’s or even New York’s Jews. But check out these other Jackson utterances you probably don’t even know about because they didn’t get the “Kramer” treatment:
* He said he spit into White customers’ food when he worked as a waiter because, “[It] gave me a psychological gratification.”
* “You can’t trust the Jews. I never have trusted those people.”
* He claimed Nixon’s policies were harsh on the poor because, of Nixon’s top aides, “four out of five of them are German Jews.” Someone forgot to tell him that Erlichman and Haldeman were not “Hymies.”
* In working up a Black church about the Jews, he claimed Jews conspired to keep the Black man down (shown on PBS’ McNeil-Lehrer Report).
* Jews are “not willing to share power.”
* He told an Ohio County Commissioner, “You Jews are much too sensitive.”
* He said the Democratic Party was “perverted by a reaction . . . to the Jewish element within the party,” and that the relationship between Jews and Democrats was “a kind of glorified form of bribery. Financial bankrolling and moral bankruptcy.”
* He claimed labor unions were insensitive to Blacks because “Jews dominate the leadership at the top.”
* “I’m sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust.”
* “I have seen very few Jewish reporters who are objective about Arab affairs.” Unfortunately, Jackson is right about this. Most Jewish reporters bend over backwards to portray the Arabist position positively and the Israeli position negatively.
* When discussing his media critics, he said they were few in number (unfortunately, true) and “all Jewish.” (Not true).
Then, there’s Sharpton. At least Richards’ racist rant never resulted in murder. Al Sharpton’s words led to at least two killing sprees:

Weird Al Sharpton: Race Merchant, Coke Dealer & Kramer Critic

* At a 1991 funeral of a Black child accidentally killed by an out-of-control car driven by a Jew, Sharpton delivered this eulogy:

Talk about how Oppenheimer in South Africa sends diamonds straight to Tel Aviv and deals with the diamond merchants right here in Crown Heights.

Oppenheimer is the Jewish family that is a big player in the diamond industry, and Crown Heights is a Chassidic Jewish community, some of whose residents are in the diamond industry. It was clear he was denouncing the Jews. Sharpton spoke of how these “diamond merchants” had “the blood of innocent babies” on their hands and exhorted the crowd to commit violence in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn Jewish community:

If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.

Shouting, “No Justice, No Peace” with the funeral crowd, he incited riots in Crown Heights where a mob shouting, “Kill the Jews!” surrounded Jewish rabbinical student Yankel Rosenbaum and stabbed him to death.
* In 1995, Sharpton incited the shooting and arson murder of seven employees of Freddy’s Fashion Mart. When the Black landlord raised the rent on Freddy’s White (and Jewish) owner, he was forced to raise the rent on his Black subtenant. Sharpton organized a protest, at which he announced:

We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.

Sharpton stood by and nodded in agreement as speakers and the crowd shouted: “Burn down the Jew store!” “We’re going to see that this cracker suffers.”
A protester shot four employees and set fire to Freddy’s. It burnt to the ground and seven employees–all of them minorities–died.
Jackson and Sharpton. These are the new gods of race merchantry to which all others must apologize?
Next, the kettle will be apologizing to the pot. And the pot will say it’s not enough.
For the record, Michael Richards–contrary to reports in the media and by his own misinformed publicist–is not Jewish. He is a lapsed Catholic of Italian descent (and neither of his parents are Jewish).
He made a similar rant against Jews, back in April, calling them “Christ-killers.” But, unlike the two Black targets of Richards’ latest tirade, Carol Oschin and J. P. Fillet, two Jews who were in the audience–and were the targets of those comments, did not hire a lawyer. They are not seeking money or any kind of redress.
Maybe they know that prostituting your dignity to seek money from a bigot only takes away your dignity even more. And maybe they know that desperate, insincere apologies won’t change a thing. Richards’ rants–just as Jackson’s and Sharpton’s and Mel Gibson’s, too–are what he really thinks.
We should leave it at that. And all of their careers should be over forever.

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29 Responses

Debbbie, thanks for reminding your readers about these race baiters. Also, lest we forget, Comrade Sharpton was front and center in the Tawana Brawley affair (1987). I believe that incident resulted in violence as well.

Southernops on November 29, 2006 at 8:36 am

>>Richards’ rants–just as Jackson’s and Sharpton’s and Mel Gibson’s, too–are what he really thinks.
We should leave it at that. And all of their careers should be over forever.<<
The Muslims say what they really think about the non-Muslims, especially the Jews and the Christians.
It is well established in their Quran and the life and teachings (Sunna) of their Muhammad (hell be upon him).
By the same token, the Muslims and Islam must be banned from America and the Western World. “Their careers should be over forever.”
Islam and the Muslims must be contained, sent and confined to their Turd World Countries.
If we want peace, we have to get rid of the “religion of peace.”

Independent Conservative on November 29, 2006 at 10:13 am

Great Post! After Sharpton dropped out of the democratic Presidential primary I was disgusted to see the Dem elites (especially the Clintons) kowtowing to him. I guess Sharpton is entitled to run in the dem pres primary but that doesn’t mean the dem elites had to legitimize him. Which has happened since he ran.
I lived in NYC during the Mayor David Dinkins reign of terror starring Rev. Al Sharpton as court jester and pogrom leader.
Remember the boycott on the Korean Grocer that Dinkins let fester for months on end? OR the provocative Sharpton publicity marches through Arthur Ave (Bronx) and Bensonhurst?
The riot in Crown Heights started with a tragic accident involving the motorcade of a local jewish religious leader. The first ambulance on the scene was the religious jewish volunteer ambulance – they worked on the injured child until the public ambulance arrived. But the rumors, endorsed by Sharpton, said the private religious ambulance ignored the black child and let him die. From this tragic car accident a multi-day riot started that the Dinkins police force did not try to stop until an innocent jewish religious student was killed by a mob. Shame on them.
Don’t get me started. I have family on President Street in Crown Heights. Why isn’t there a black private volunteer ambulance corp that could have responded quickly like the jewish one?
FYI: The Tawana Brawley debacle is a Sharpton creation. It was at that time he formed an alliance with the New Alliance Party (basically a lefty political cult started by a former LyRoche follower, Fred Neuman).

sandy on November 29, 2006 at 10:20 am

Al Sharpton (we called him alfred back then) was a classmate of mine back in Junior High School in Brooklyn, NY, (now they call it Middle School). He was a phony back then as a 14 year old.

Ripper on November 29, 2006 at 10:25 am

This is off-topic, I just didn’t know where to post it on this website. I find the following so funny and outrageous at the same time.
Remember, the U.N. imposed sanctions on North Korea.
OK, now let’s see what this Dumb Bush administration is doing to deter North Korea from building a nuclear bomb.
Read this headline from the AP:
“U.S. Bans Sale of iPods to North Korea”
I’m speechless. It gets worse, read the entire story.
Here’s the link:

Independent Conservative on November 29, 2006 at 10:30 am

Sandy, DS:
Mea culpa. Back then I was in the New Alliance Party. But I don’t blame it on the (first) war in Iraq (or even idealistic youth). I was twisting, ignoring, or inventing facts to fit my ideology. “Alliance” is too complimentary to describe the NAP/Sharpton convergence: it was mutual exploitation.
This post is a gust of fresh air. Score another point for the conservatives doing more than liberals to achieve MLK’s vision of a society where people are judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
That said, Kramer’s rant = The pot calling the kettle n*****.

Jeremiah on November 29, 2006 at 11:19 am

It’s not just that Richards, Jackson, & Sharpton deserve continued scorn for their filthy beliefs and behaviors, it’s that the mainstream media continue to give these people air time, or still consider these people credible to share opinions on any racially challenging topic. If anyone deserves the brunt of our outrage, it is THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!! Enough of the race-baiting, the pandering, the face time to any of these losers.

Yiddish Steel on November 29, 2006 at 11:59 am

In my experience, Roman Catholics have a tendency to be very bigoted. Gibson and Richards were stressed and betrayed their true feelings. In my opinion they should not be lumped into the larger Christian pot, especially with Evangelicals and other Christians well-schooled in the Scriptures. If you don’t love Israel and the Jewish people in the Diaspora, you are missing the will of God. Again, my opinion, but no one should take anyone’s profession of Christianity at face value. As in the case of Mel, he may or may not be “saved”, but his distain for Jews (sadly born out of the lies of the past – Catholic mythology and mysticism) betrays his lack of biblical understanding. Don’t hate these guys, just pray for them. God bless you Debbie. You are a treasure.

J-Lin on November 29, 2006 at 12:14 pm

I used to respect Richards for the fine character actor he was. I now no longer respect him. Not for his outburst (although reprehensible), but his apologies and butt-kissing all over these race pimps. He’s trying in vain, to rescue what was already a career in decline. It’s pathetic.

Skippy on November 29, 2006 at 12:55 pm

This is to all the lefty blacks who thinks that Michael Richards is a racist. Jesse Jackson don’t give a shit about you. How can I prove it?
This is a Christian organization that’s exposing these corrupt individuals and organzations many support. I used to like Jesse but when I found out that he’s with
Oh and for you Bush bashers, I too hate Bush. Why? And Gore as well as Kerry. Go to:
Then thit the ctrl key plus F, then type Bush or Kerry, and you’ll see that, yes, Both Kerry and Bush are Freemasons, under the Skull and Bones chapter. In other words, you’re supporting a man who claims to be a Christian, maybe worshipping old Beelzebub.

KOAJaps on November 29, 2006 at 3:34 pm

What Kramer said is something that i’ve been pointing out for a couple of years here on the internet…and been getting BANNED as a result…just because NIGGER isn’t in the PC version of the Newspeak dictionary don’t mean people don’t THINK it!!!
Unlike the beleagured Richards, Mssrs Sharpton and Jackson’s career SHOULD be over though—Malcolm X said that all Black leaders SHOULD be accountable for what they say in public, but these two clown princes have gotten a “bye” thus far.
Sharpton honed in on the Howard Beach march [after the New York Pizza lynching in Howard Beach] uninvited, photo-opping, and IF my friends hadn’t held me back i’d have gotten my 15 minutes of shame then, because i’d have knocked that silly perm out of his hair.
And let’s not forget that according to Loony Louie Farrakhan, your’s is a “gutter religion” Debs…THIS said by a guttersnipe who put the ‘hit’ on one of the last remaining Black LEADERS at the Audubon Ballroom almost 32 years ago!!!
Dylan once sang that we shouldn’t follow leaders, and THAT applies to all you Bushies still waiting for GW to walk on water…but in the grand schemata of thangs, perhaps Charlie Manson had it right—helter skelter y’all

EminemsRevenge on November 29, 2006 at 3:52 pm

IF Catholics are true Catholics, they would not be a bigot. Richards is a LAPSED Catholic, which means he was probably raised Catholic and then turned away from the church. Many people are baptized and raised Catholic but not as many stay Catholic. Rosie O’Donnel was baptized a Catholic but you wouldn’t call her one now would you.
As for Mel Gibson, he’s some sort of weird sect of Catholicism that I’ve never even heard of. I can’t remember what type. Bottom line, if a person is a true Catholic, they would not say negative things about Jews because they are God’s chosen people and are to be respected. Catholics are supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, “Love Thy Neighbor” and such. So lableing Catholics as bigots is very bigotted of you.

Minnie Mouse on November 29, 2006 at 8:11 pm

Totally agree with everything you said here Debbie, but I blame the liberal media for still referring to Sharpton and Jackson as “black leaders” as much as I do Richards for trying to save what’s left of his career while on his Apology Tour.

MrGreyGhost on November 30, 2006 at 12:27 am

I hear you about “Kramer”. That was a racist rage/rant.
OTOH Mel Gibson has a good record of working with/for and hiring Jews. What he rants about while drunk is ugly and sad but I am a hell of a lot more concerned with his behavior. So far I have seen zero evidence that Gibson has practiced bigotry toward Jews in his 25 yr career of acting and directing.
Gibson expressed some biased and stupid thoughts no doubt instilled in him from his dad, that came out when drunk. Good for him that he apparently has never put those thoughts into action. He will pay the price but let’s not say “his career should be over”. If his career should be “over” then so should the careers of many Jewish moguls in Hollywood for the flood of anti Christian garbage that they produce.
I find “Hollywood Jews” as very bigoted against religion and Christianity in particular. When will they be asked to show some “tolerance”? It’s the right thing to do AND it’s good business.

Samoyed on November 30, 2006 at 6:56 am

So where is the apology from all the black comedians who trash whites in their acts?
Where is the apology from all the black criminals whose vitims are white?????

tinylady on November 30, 2006 at 8:54 am

Thank-you Debbie, for ACCURATELY IDENTIFYING Michael Richards as a LAPSED Catholic.
A :::distinction::: lost on those ìJ-Linî types who actually are quite prone to glossing over, on the ìdetailsî. Especially when it comes to reading the Bible, and then understanding that BibleÖin context.
My biggest laugh came when J-Lin stated, ìEvangelicals and other Christians well-schooled in the Scriptures.î
Evangelicals and ìwell-schooled in the ScripturesîÖnow thatís an OXYMORON!

The Canadien on November 30, 2006 at 10:06 am

Due to time restraints and poor typing skills I did not qualify my statements well enough. I was criticizing the ROMAN Catholic church, that is to say the ultra-“conservative” wing. They very much do swing towards anti-semitism and the notion of jews as the killers of Christ – as opposed to more temperate Catholics. Also, Gibson’s father and his incorporation of some Roman Catholic folklore into The Passion gave me an early indication of his deeper felt opinions. No offense intended to those Catholics with sound doctrine. BTW if Jesus had not died at the hands of his own people we would not be having this conversation now. That point is irrelevant, and those who criticize and hate Jews on that basis do not understand the Scriptures and the central position Israel plays in the promises of God.

J-Lin on November 30, 2006 at 10:15 am

Richards and Jackson obviously despise the Jews (thatís the conclusion Iím drawingÖDebbie Schlusselís LIST of their SLURS is quite extensiveÖit doesnít have to be exhaustive) probably because Jewish communities already have what Richards and Jackson have been trying to establish in BLACK COMMUNITIES for some time now.
ACTUAL communities.
WHILE THE Israelis rescued the Ethiopian Jews years agoÖI donít see any AMERICAN BLACKS rushing to save their African brothers TODAY from tribal slaughter.
Because American blacks DISOWN and DESPISE their primitive African brothers!
WHY ARENíT REAL American black leaders pushing to end all the tribal or Islamic murdering happening RIGHT NOW in Africa?!
What? Are you waiting for ìWHITEYî?
Do WE have to baby-sit you guys through ìeverythingî?
TAKE CHARGE and make it happen!
THAT ENTIRE continent needs to come under NATO rule TODAY, be reorganized, and made civilized or else~
My Portuguese friend told me that the best thing that ever happened to the Italian and Portuguese communities, here in Canada, occurred when the EAST INDIANS started arriving in ìdrovesî in the 60s and 70s.
THE BIGOTS had a new target.
But the East Indians were differentÖthey didnít tolerate injustice. They quickly organized within their communities, and became POSITIVELY ACTIVE in the local community, and in larger Canadian society through various religious, social and political movements.
NO self-pity, no self-loathing and no ìscapegoatingî ~
Personal and academic achievement became their norm.
Richards and JacksonÖyour ANTI-SEMITISM only ìcloudsî the real issues facing your communities, and is drawing down a very real curse upon yourselves, and worse, perhaps even upon those communities you represent, as well~~

The Canadien on November 30, 2006 at 10:58 am

Great article. I am not familliar with Big Al’s drug connection. Can you provide more info. on that ?

Frank on November 30, 2006 at 12:12 pm

J-LinÖPLEASE DO NOT VIOLATE the 9th COMMANDMENT and bear FALSE WITNESS against your neighbour, the ENTIRE Catholic Church.
His Holiness Pope Paul VI condemned ANTI-SEMITISM officially through the Declaration ìNOSTRA AETATE ìon the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions of the Second Vatican Council, on OCTOBER 28, 1965.
In 2000, Pope John Paul II visited Israel and paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem.
He left this prayer in the Western Wall in Jerusalem:
ìGod of our fathers,
You chose Abraham and his descendants
to bring your Name to the Nations:
We are deeply saddened
by the behavior of those
who in the course of history
have caused these children of yours to suffer,
and asking your forgiveness
We wish to commit ourselves
to genuine brotherhood
with the people of the Covenant.î
The ìrun-awayî disciples, the Jewish religious leaders (at the time of Christ), the Roman government, and YOU and I (by our sins today, and tomorrow) sent Jesus to that cross ñ and that is official Catholic teaching on the matter!
Mel Gibson and his father are sectarian Catholics, and have started their own, separate, Catholic Church, and DO NOT represent ACCURATE or AUTHENTIC Roman Catholic belief, or practice!

The Canadien on November 30, 2006 at 12:16 pm

Debbie, You really put the truth out for us to see in black and white or should that be Jesse and Michael?….
Anyway, it openly shows not only the faults of the mainstream media who give air time to these “black leaders” but the lack of enforcement by our own government to allow such ramblings and/or encitement of violence and crime to go unchecked. Not to mention the legal side, the lawyers and judges who allow such frivolous lawsuits to even be created and drawn up in court.
If the two “Black Gentlemen” are allowed to file a suit for their feelings being hurt then what about the financial compensation for the families who lost their loved ones in the violence incited by Sharpton? This is where we have become so tolerant of racial issues to a fault. By not balancing, nor really allowing, the truth to prevail because of political correctness. An absolute shame!
Regarding Canada, apparently they do not read Biblical Scripture because such a statement about oxymorons and Evangelicals only shows the lack of time they spend reading on a subject before making an intelligent statement.

LAMadDog on November 30, 2006 at 1:17 pm

I’m afraid you must have had a poor sampling of Roman Catholics. The pope many years ago pointed out that anti-semitism was always anti-Christian. How could that be? It’s simply logic: Because Jesus was a Jew. His mother was a Jew. His apostles were all Jews. The people who wrote the New Testament were Jews. The Scriptures that became the Old Testament and are accepted in whole by Christians worldwide are Jewish scriptures. To any Christian with two fully firing neurons, rejecting the Jewish people or slandering their traditions is equivalent to slandering Jesus and the Bible. At all the “ultra-conservative” Roman Catholic churches I’ve been to, anti-Semites are most definitely not welcome. (In fact, I’ve attended several that annually celebrate Passover with the assistance of local rabbis, and that put up menorahs for Hanukkah, as Pope John Paul II used to do at the Vatican. I haven’t heard of this sort of “anti-semitic” behavior at any other Christian churches!)
That said, I have occasionally run across people who have tried to say Jesus was not a Jew, he was “the first Christian.” Such people are clearly ignorant of the Bible and history, and are laboring to justify their own social/political agenda. A few of those have been Catholic, many more have been “well-schooled” evangelical Protestants, and quite a few have been Jews. All of them were idiots.
Speaking as one of those ultra-conservative Roman Catholics you disparage, I’d have to say you don’t know us very well. Mel Gibson clearly has some issues to work through, but based on his history, I don’t consider him a bad person, and I’m satisfied that he is trying to face his personal demons. Michael Richards, on the other hand, sounds like he desperately needs to return to his Catholic roots.

mechmorph on December 1, 2006 at 2:44 am

Makes me wonder why Fox News channel continues to give those 2 clowns (Jackson and Sharpton) so much air time; as if we needed to hear their delusions. Every time Hannity & Colmes or O’Reilly has 1 of them on, they’re only lending credence to the warped ideas of these lame spokesmen? for the African-American community. After the Brawley incident alone, how can anyone take Sharpton seriously and Jackson’s “Rainbow” Coalition must be an unintended joke as its founder is a disingenuous, divisive, faction-mongering, buffoon. Fair is fine but balanced?! Do we need to hear the “other” side even if it’s spews lunacy?

wesley123 on December 4, 2006 at 5:17 am

Why is everyone focusing on Richards? He’s not the one that interrupted the show. Place the blame for this squarely where it lays: the people who think it’s okay to interrupt a show. I’m pretty sure that no one in the audience paid money to see them.

meat on February 4, 2007 at 10:53 am

When I think of Sharpton, among the first things I think of is his support for the Central Park rapist/thugs.

John Prewett on August 11, 2011 at 2:18 pm

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