November 30, 2006, - 8:31 am

On Crack?: Bush Wants to Make it Easier For Terrorists to Enter

By Debbie Schlussel
Dear President Bush:
What was the message you got from the resounding loss of your party in the recent elections? Was the message you heard from America something like this?:

President Bush, We want to make it easier for terrorists and other sordid “visitors” to come to America. We need them to shop at our 7-Elevens and Wal-Marts to pump up our economy while they plan their next attacks on America.

Apparently, you must think that was the message. Either that, or you are on crack . . . or mushrooms . . . or some other mind-altering drugs.


Otherwise you would not tell Europe, as you did, yesterday, in Estonia, that you want to enable Estonians and other foreign nationals to get into America without visas. You want to expand a disastrous Visa Waiver program that should, instead, be cancelled.
Mr. Prez, did you forget that the shoe-bomber, Richard Reid, 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, and assorted other Islamic terrorists got into the country with passports from visa-waiver nations?
Don’t you know that by expanding–instead of canceling–this absurd program, you are allowing more dangerous individuals to get into America without having to go through lengthy security interviews and checks required for those who must apply for visas?
Didn’t you read the September Government Accountability Office report that

stolen passports from visa-waiver countries are prized travel documents among terrorists, criminals, and immigration law violators?

Mr. Bush, check out the visa waiver, pictured above, for Michael Steger, issued in 2005. Did it occur to you and the folks at Homeland “Security” that there is no longer an East Germany (and there hasn’t been for some time, FYI)? Doesn’t this tell you that maybe your silly program isn’t working? That maybe it’s jeopardizing American lives on our own shores?
As Steger comments:

Funny guys! How can they secure their homeland when they can’t even read? No, Mr. President, East Germany does no longer exist! And I have never even been there

Don’t believe your so-called Homeland Security expert Michael Chertoff a/k/a “Mr. Burns” who claims that it’s okay to expand this absurd program. He claims that if those countries provide more info about airline passengers before takeoff, that U.S. officials will have more time to check names against terrorist watch lists.
That won’t change a thing. Terrorist watch lists are not as extensive as a personal interview and other checks the State Department conducts for visitor visas.
Why won’t you listen to real experts, like your own former appointee, Clark Kent Ervin, former Inspector General of Homeland Security, who says that your proposed expansion of this ill-advised program is “a step in the wrong direction”?
My friend, Michael W. Cutler, a retired senior agent with the former INS, told The Washington Times he is “outraged” by your attempt to expand this program and further damage national security:

The president is apparently willing to ignore high refusal rates for visa applications and is claiming that because aliens from visa-waiver countries generally leave the United States within [the authorized period], it is reasonable to have the citizens of those countries participate in a program that creates inherent national security vulnerabilities.
He makes those assertions even though he knows our government lacks the ability to know when these aliens leave our country.

Your and Ohio Republican Senator Voinovich’s attempts to expand this failed program tells us that neither he nor you have heard America’s outcry against lax immigration policies, since we know that many of those who get visas under this program become illegal aliens who’ve overstayed their visa ad infinitum.
The Washington Times says Voinovich

planned to introduce a bill next week to extend visa-free travel privileges to countries allied with the United States in the global war on terrorism.

But two of those countries reportedly “on the doorstep” to become part of the visa-waiver program are Malta and Cypress, Muslim-dominated countries that are hotbeds of terrorism. Did you not forget the PLO’s use of Cypress as a base of operations? How about the fact that in 2002, the Nativity Church Palestinian terrorists (who murdered several innocent civilians, including four Americans) were welcomed to freedom in Cypress? Apparently, you like Cypress Muslims’ Haloumi cheese better than you like our safety.
If so many countries will qualify for visa waviers, why even have visas? Why have borders? Let’s just let everyone in, no strings or questions.
The only people applauding this ludicrous suggestion are travel industry professionals who don’t care if dangerous people come here, so long as they pay top dollar for their ticket, car, and hotel package. Rick Webster of the Travel Industry Association said,

It’s good for our economy . . . . The end of the program would mean tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue and a worsened U.S. image.

Remember how bad our economy was for years after 9/11? The best thing for our economy is to prevent another attack like that from happening. Image may matter in sports and entertainment, but an image of kowtow nation won’t keep America secure.
The only image we should be concerned with is that of a tough, take-no-prisoners-in-the-War-on-Terror nation. Until then, we will be a magnet for terrorists and criminals, who laugh at your silly visa-waiver program.
End it. Don’t “mend” (or expand) it.

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18 Responses

“The end of the program would mean tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue and a worsened U.S. image.”
I hate it with a passion when people worry about what France or any other stupid county thinks about us. We are #1 by a mile and we didn’t get that way following but leading.
Simply amazing how President Bush and the Republican Party keep ignoring the people who put them in power!
You said it just perfectly, Debbie.

Jeff_W on November 30, 2006 at 9:15 am

I agree!!!!
Well Said, Debbie!!!

Lonevoice on November 30, 2006 at 9:46 am

Bush cares what his corporate friends want and they want cheap labor and terrorism be damned. Terrorism to them is an insurance issue.

sultan_knish on November 30, 2006 at 10:51 am

I have just added our peerless leader to my list of traitors. He is the worst president since James Buchanan, the guy who sat on his ass as the South drifted to secession. Confronted with Southern secession in 1860, his most recent biographer has said that his lack of action probably amounted to disloyalty. You could also list Andrew Johnson who tried to undermine reconstruction after the Civil War or Harding, arguably the most corrupt of all our presidents. But for sheer incompetence, an incompetence that has spread to every appointment to a government agency, there is only one winner: Bush.

Duke on November 30, 2006 at 11:18 am

Debbie and others–
Well said. Go ahead and blame Bush, but the problem is much larger than him.
I seriously doubt if you could find any current politician with any chance at the presidency who would act differently.
The simple fact that you have immigration out of control, Muslim hegemony in America, and a virtually complete breakdown of all institutions is more than enough proof that we have been victimized by our “leadership” for a very long time.
Bush is simply acting in the manner now expected of politicians.
If you want to hold him to a higher standard than we did–
Clinton, Bush I, Carter, Nixon, Johnson, JFK, Truman, and FDR (for starters) be my guest. BUT–W did not do this all by himself.
It was a cesspool long before he came along.
BTW–Blaming Buchanan and Andrew Johnson is historical revisionism of the worst sort, unless you really believe that there “had” to be a Civil War. The villain’s real name is Lincoln, the ultimate and only Teflon president.
How this man went from being reviled in his own era (in the North and the South) to becoming a secular saint is one more indication of how far down we have fallen.
Perhaps you are unaware, like most Americans, that the New England states wanted to secede at least two times before the Civil War. The Constitution would never have been ratified if the would-be states did not think that secession was an option.

Red Ryder on November 30, 2006 at 11:47 am

I think it’s time for Bush to start drinking, again.

Thee_Bruno on November 30, 2006 at 12:39 pm

This fucking idiot son of a Bush president of these United States must go.
At least he must be kept busy and be stopped from doing anything until his term is over.
Therefore I urge the Democrats to start immediately -as soon as they take over Congress- the procedures of his impeachment.
It doesn’t matter if they succeed or not, the important thing is to keep that fucking moron from further ruining America. Keep him busy by hearings, by testimonies, by subpoenas.
Make this fucking son of a bitch’s life miserable.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am having enough of this irresponsible, idiot, traitor and his fucking administration.
I don’t care how bad the Democrats are, this son of a Bush has to be stopped.
Sorry if I used language. I’m sick to my stomach.

Independent Conservative on November 30, 2006 at 12:42 pm

The real terrorists are already in charge of this country and holding the doors open to their criminal comrades. We are full. Shut down all immigration and SECURE the borders, until we the people discuss and decide how much, if any, is acceptable. boosh, washingtoon,corporatist plantation owners, you all need to be quaking in your limousines, because the Citizens of America are coming after your amnesty-preaching behinds. We mean it.

jeebie on November 30, 2006 at 1:53 pm

I told you all so. It was all conspiracy theory, but I was right. Now that I got that out of the way, are you ready for a solution?

KOAJaps on December 1, 2006 at 6:02 pm

Blaming Bush (and calling him names) is myopic, childish and ignorant. His long range vision is changing the feckless policies of Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton, confronting what I believe history will teach is the greatest danger we’ve ever faced – Islamofacism. Yes, there’ve been so many mistakes it boggles the mind. Like the gargantuan and impotent beauracracy created with the so-called Dept of Homeland Security. What a cruel joke on the country as Debbie points out!
We are so overloaded with dingbats in our government, turning the ship of state is nigh onto impossible. And the one person who’s trying gets all the blame, either from those of us who see the giant iceberg looming and the ship isn’t turning fast enough or those who don’t see it at all.
If you want this country to sink quickly into history, keep voting for mealy-mouth, appeasement democrats. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Be nice to the murdering lunatics and they’ll be nice to us- right up to the time they kill us.
Will it take another strike like 9-11 before we realize that this is a fight only the US, alone in the world, can win? When it happens, and it will, we’ll need all the John Boltons we can find.

roadmaster on December 6, 2006 at 8:49 am

Although I voted for George Bush it is apparent that he no longer represents the views of conservative Republicans or even the well being of our country.
His refusal to defend the southern border, to close down all immigration after 9/11 and get control of who is coming into our country, and his work in creating a greater north american union is enough that he should be impeached.
Included with the mealy-mouth democrats are most Republicans who are equally mealy-mouthed. Outside of a handful of Republicans, which ones are not mealy-mouthed? Which Republicans stood up and demanded that our borders be respected and our immigration policy enforced? You can name but a few.
Since when did the constitution allow congress to abdicate its responsibility and power to commissions?
With few exceptions, our elected officials have refused to do what they were elected to do. We have been abandoned by Republicans officials who think their job is to get themselves re-elected, no matter what the cost to the future of our country.
Remember: most Republicans marched in lock step with democrats in exporting our manufacturing, along with our jobs, to reap the benefits today.

marc_krby on December 6, 2006 at 11:37 am

Roadmaster is right. Bush is in there for 2 more years and he is the only one in the Beltway heading upstream against the Islamic threat, despite his moronic border and visa policies and friendship with the Saudis and their wahabbi terrorist bretheren. Warts and all, I don’t want him wasting valuable time on democrat hate-Bush hearings.

Jimmy Bones on December 6, 2006 at 10:09 pm

Just a reminder.
Most of us voted for Bush because the alternatives were too terrible to contemplate. Algore would be too incompetent or indifferent to do anything about terrorism. Don’t believe me? What’s he doing now? He is doing his Chicken Little act about global warming. John Kerry has as many views on a given subject as there are people in the world and every minute he changes his story or position. (HYPERBOLE) Neither one has any integrity. Remember Algore’s “no controlling legal authority?” All that meant was that no one could prevent him from doing what he did.
Remember Kerry’s Swift Boat Veterans for Truth? Paints a picture of Kerry as a liar and a fraud. Remember his accusations of US soldier misconduct in both Viet Nam and Iraq? He even said that he participated in war atrocities in Viet Nam, didn’t he? According to the Swift Boat Veterans, he did, but the rest did not.
Now, do any of you wish that you had voted for those guys? Would they have been any better? I don’t think so.
Remember Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton? Were they any good? Carter gave us Daniel Ortega and the Sandanistas in Nicaragua and the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. Clinton aided North Korea and Red China. Clinton gave us high crimes and misdemeanors and a blue stained dress. Do you want to return to the days of stagflation and malaise?
We voted for Bush to get away from all of that. We crossed our fingers, because he was the son of George H.W. Bush. Bush 41 did not follow in the path of Ronald Reagan, but tried to get along with the Democrats. I hoped that his son would be better. Did you?
I am going to the polls again in two years and vote for the most conservative Republican that I can find and keep my fingers crossed. Will you?

Loser on December 7, 2006 at 12:17 am

President Bush has not lived up to his promises. I did not vote for him because I wanted huge federal growth and expeditures contrary to what conservatives are suppose to stand for.
I didn’t vote for Bush because he was a Republican. I voted for Bush because he was suppose to be a conservative in the tradition of Reagan. Or at least that was what he was described as by most during his first campaign.
I voted for Bush because I didn’t want Al Gore. Unfortunately, I was wrong when I voted for Bush because I thought he would stand up as a conservative and represent conservative values for America. I don’t see much difference now. Outside of tax cuts I have a hard time coming up with any other conservative values that this president has stood for.
This president has put the interest of the our middle class behind the interest of Mexico, China, and too many others. Look to your left and to your right and don’t expect to see a middle class, as we once had, in the near future. The middle class has been sold out. And don’t expect to find that “shining city on a hill.” It would appear that the light is being extinguished in the interest of Global economy. This is the real agenda of this President.

marc_krby on December 7, 2006 at 7:19 am

The dems control congress and almost as depressing: W is still President but all we need to do is commandeer the federal reserve from the oligarchs who own it, turn the US into a real democracy, rebuild/replace new orleans including dikes that will withstand force 5 hurricanes (if the city will be rebuilt on or near the same site), erect a ‘wall of china’-style barrier on the southern border, kill the mormon beetles and the myriad other pests that will devour the world’s crops like slick willy on a big mac, develop vaccines for the deluge of coming pandemics, find some real leaders (the antichrist doesn’t count), develop new energy sources that don’t ruin the earth, get our own oil in the meantime (and for less than $5 a gallon), fix the prison ‘system’, fix the ‘education’ ‘system’, amend the pledge of allegiance to reflect what we really believe, kill the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, control islamofascism, stop murdering unborn babies (at least those in utero longer than 3 months), teach the US citizenry how to drive the automobile, stop the lunatics who want to legalize drugs, terminate the employ of all law enforcement officers who are corrupt or guilty of brutality, stop the aclu from taking away our right to own a firearm for protecting our homes and families, stop the ‘government’ from taking our homes by eminent domain then giving them to other private citizens, stop corruption among judges, get judges to begin to use equitable sentencing practices, find some agency to watch judges so they do what they’re supposed to do, deal with illegal immigrants already here, get north korea to stop developing nuclear weapons, get our soldiers out of the various hell-holes in which we’ve placed them around the world, grow our military without a draft, develop a reliable source of water (e.g. desalinization plants) to deal with the upcoming shortages, eliminate government waste of our tax dollars, reform the tax code, stop the truncation of our constitutional rights aside from the 2nd amendment, fix the minimum wage so that 1 size does not fit all (have 1 min. for , for example, a high school student and another for a 23 yr. old father of 2), get the congress to actually think before they try to legislate (1 min. wage works for all concerned?! 3 strikes and you’re out?! even if crimes 1 and 2 were murders? or all 3 were technical felonies such as non-violent, extortion attempts?!) fix and fund FEMA, help the people in virtual hopelessness (please refer to appalachia, darfur, etal), stop the attacks on marriage, Christmas, etc., prevent purveyors of lies (e.g. the JWs) from spreading those lies that infect the minds and souls of those who embrace them and finally: get people to stop mocking and attacking God so He may bless our nation again. i think once we’ve done these things, we should be just about ok.

wesley123 on December 8, 2006 at 5:44 am

get our own oil in the meantime (INCLUDING GASOLINE for less than $5 a gallon)

wesley123 on December 8, 2006 at 5:48 am

an omission:
control islamofascism (including giving iran, syria, etal a good whacking),

wesley123 on December 8, 2006 at 5:50 am

our government does not create its own money; a non-govt. agency (fed. reserve) does; consequently, our govt. is beholden to a relatively small group of elites, many of whom are not u.s. citizens, and it is they who actually rule the us and most of the world as well. they have little or no interest in the sovereignty of the u.s.; W is one of them; they could stop illegal immigration and crush islamofascists but doing so runs counter to their agenda.

wesley123 on December 8, 2006 at 5:59 am

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