December 7, 2006, - 1:40 pm

Kristallnacht 2: The Jewish-American Surrender Group Issues Its Own “Report”

By Debbie Schlussel
When I get e-mails from anti-Semites, they usually include sentiments like “You can’t trust the Jews.”
Well, sometimes, I have to agree–on issues of terrorism and national security, you can’t trust the Jews . . . the liberal Jews in the sneering, snobbish, self-anointed, unelected, unrepresentative, so-called “leadership” of the Jewish community. One of the best–and worst–examples is the Detroit Jewish Community Council. Even the politburo of Hezbollah is less pan-Islamist.
In the late 1930’s, on the eve of the Holocaust, and even thereafter, Jews from Europe were constantly beseeching the American Jewish community to help them from certain extermination at the hands of the Nazis. Unfortunately, the sneering, smug Jewish leadership of that day is the same “leadership” of my fellow co-religionists, today. They largely ignored and turned their backs on the Jews of Europe, basically sending them to their deaths. Among those Jews were many members of both sides of my family, among the 6 million that perished.


Today, at the height of the new anti-Semitism, the new Nazism, my fellow co-religionists are doing it again. Forget the Baker Iraq Study Group report. And read this obnoxious Jewish Surrender Report, below, from the Detroit Jewish Community Council. It recommends kowtowing to Muslims who’ve openly, simultaneously praised and denied the Holocaust, Muslims who’ve uttered the most vile anti-Semitic, anti-American statements, Muslims who support Hezbollah and HAMAS terrorism against not just Jews but Americans. If these Jews cannot remember that they are Jews, can they at least remember they are Americans? Not exactly.
The message is written by Robert Cohen a/k/a “Abu Cohen”, the unelected, unrepresentative, far-left Executive Director of the Detroit Jewish Community Council, a group with about a $1 million budget in tax-deductible, American taxpayer-subsidized funds that it gets mostly from the falsely-named Detroit Jewish Welfare Federation. Cohen is a former employee at a New Jersey PBS (a/k/a “Palestinian Broadcasting System”) station. My grandfather, the late Irving W. Schlussel, was once President of the Jewish Community Council, and I envision him turning over in his grave, right now, as I post this piece. Almost all of those whose names are listed agree with this position and are going along.
(You will note that Mark Schlussel, my uncle, is listed, but he is not on the Jewish Community Council, and doesn’t agree with this absurdity. His son, my cousin Ira, tried in vain to get this bunch of idiots to do the right thing. It’s like trying to give a rock a brain. Another listed is my cousin, Daniel Cherrin, who unfortunately goes along with and supports this “dialogue”-with-the-Nazis crap proudly, so he’s earned a special mention here.
Note the name Marc Weinbaum, the ignorant head of AIPAC in Michigan (I had to explain Google to him, very recently, and he ignored my requests for him to do something about the 2002 University of Michigan Divestment Conference featuring terrorist Sami Al-Arian). If this doesn’t tell you that AIPAC is not a pro-Israel group, or dedicated to fighting the threat of Islamic terrorism, I’m not sure what will. Both Cherrin and Weinbaum sit on this absurd politburo they call the “Jewish Community Council.” Also note the names of two liberal, kowtowing Federal judges, Avern Cohn and Nancy Edmunds. This should disqualify them from hearing any future federal cases regarding terrorism. Moe Freedman ran the Jewish campaign for Bush and DeVos in Michigan and kowtowed to Islam–he and his father are useless on Jewish issues and terrorism. Our favorite: Brenda Rosenberg–she verbally services Muslim extremists the way Monica Lewinsky physically serviced Bill Clinton.)
Remember: If the Nazis had a viable group here in town during the Holocaust, these schmucks would have sent out an e-mail urging “dialogue” with the greater German-American Bund Society.

From: Sharryl Tensley
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2006 1:34 PM
To: Alan Schwartz; Avern Cohn; Barbara Cook; Barbara Goodman; Barbara Horowitz; Benjamin Rosenthal; Beverly Liss; Brenda Rosenberg; David Page; Deena Lockman; Diane Klein; Doreen Hermelin; Douglas Bloom; Elaine Tell; Ellen Labes; Eugene Applebaum; Eugene Sherizen; Fred Leeb; Gary Shiffman; Gary Torgow; Gerald Cook; Hadas Bernard; Harold Blumenstein; Helene White; Irwin Alterman; James Grosfeld; Joel Tauber; Josh Opperer; Linda Klein; Linda Wasserman Aviv; Lynda Giles; Margot Halperin; Mark Hauser; Mark Schlussel; Marta Rosenthal; Mandell L. Berman; Merrill Gordon; Michael Eizelman; Michael Horowitz; Michael Perlman; Nancy Grosfeld; Nancy Jacobson; Nora Lee Barron; Norm Pappas; Paul Zlotoff; Paula Glazier; Peter Alter; Robert Aronson; Robert Gordon; Robert Kleiman; Robert Naftaly; Robert Slatkin; Scott Eisenberg; Scott Leemaster; Sharon Hart; Stephen Grand; Steve Schanes; Steven Weinstock; Terry Nosan; Aaron Scheinfield; Adam Forman; Allen Zemmol; Andrew Meisner; Ann Zousmer; Arnold Mikon; Barbara Goldman; Bert Schreiber; Beth Applebaum; Beverly Yost; Carla Schwartz; Carol Freedman; Daniel Cherrin; David Hecker; David Kramer; David M. Techner; David Saperstein; Deanna Sperka; Eric Adelman; Florence Herrmann; Francine Wunder; Gabe Werba; Gail Katz; George Cantor; Harriet Cooper; Harvey Bronstein; Howard Wallach; Irma Glaser; Jeannie Weiner; Jeff Aronoff; Jennifer Ostfield; Judy Loebl; Judy Rosenberg; Julie Greenberg Hazan; Kathy Straus; Larry Horwitz; Linda Finkel; Marc Shulman; Marc Weinbaum; Marcia Gershenson; Marla Drutz; Maxine Berman; Michael Berger; Moe Freedman; Monica Woll; Nancy Edmunds; Nancy Glass Kanat; Pearlena Bodzin; Rabbi Joseph Krakoff; Randall Fogelman; Richard Nodel; Robert I. Brown; Roselyn Blanck; Shari Cohen; Sharon Lipton; Sharryl Tensley; Steve Tobocman; Steven Silverman; Todd Mendel; Wendy Wagenheim; William Sider; Zieva Konvisser; Allan Gale; Beverly Phillips; Michael Daitch; Phyllis Jarvis; PJ Cherrin; Robert Cohen; Sara Bernstein
Subject: From Robert Cohen – The Insider’s View
From Robert Cohen “The Insiders View”
As a community relations agency, the Jewish Community Council is charged with promoting positive, productive relationships with Detroit’s general community and with the religious and ethnic communities that surround us. But as a staunch Israel advocacy organization, Council often takes positions and engages in actions that alienate our Arab and Muslim neighbors. Such was especially the case this spring and summer because of the deeply personal impact that the war in Lebanon had in our conflicted communities here.
Throughout the war, the priority was clear: Council’s energies must be focused on advocating for Israel. [DS: They neither advocated for Israel or America. They advocated for surrender, kowtowing, and sucking up.] We declined to visibly interact [DS: for about a month–BFD–then they went back to kowtowing] with Arabs or Muslims who would not explicitly condemn terrorist groups and recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and to defend itself [DS: the only Arabs in town who do this are Maronite Christians and the idiots at the Jewish Community Council won’t have anything to do with them]. Even moderate Arabs and Muslims with whom we had longstanding personal relationships [DS: NONE of those with whom the Detroit Jewish Community is cavorting ARE MODERATE] were unwilling or unable to publicly meet that standard. And to be frank, they had little interest in engaging with representatives of a Jewish community which they saw as unwilling to criticize Israel under any circumstances.
Now, some months after Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon, it is time for us to assume a more nuanced posture [DS: “nuanced” is liberal code for “let us bend over backward, forward or whatever way our Muslim masters want it–you sane ones are too stupid to understand why we enjoy this”], maintaining our activism on behalf of Israel while looking for ways to reconnect with Detroit’s Arab and Muslim communities. We need to do this for several reasons:
* Christian religious leaders expect us to. [DS: What Christians? Not the ones I know. Vegan leaders “expect us to” not drink milk or eat eggs, so we should follow their expectations, too, using this warped “logic.”] Local Jewish community organizations have been reticent to take part in “peace” oriented events or in public discussions about the Arab-Israeli conflict that appeared likely to degenerate into platforms for criticizing Israel. Yet many mainstream Protestant and Catholic clergy, already sympathetic to the Palestinians and now the Lebanese, were troubled by what they saw as stubbornness and even militancy on our part. If we hope to promote support for Israel among Christian leaders, and to preserve overall good relations with our Christian neighbors, we must be seen by them as door openers, not door closers.
* Our Arab and Muslim neighbors aren’t going anywhere. We will continue to live in close proximity with them. If a violent incident involving our communities were to occur, open communications with them could help prevent it from escalating. And the chances of such incidents may be reduced if our reaching out emboldens moderate Arabs and Muslims to reciprocate and assert greater leadership in their communities.
[DS: The Nazis are here, so let’s kiss their asses.]
* On a more positive note, the Jewish community stands to benefit from normalized relations with the Arab and Muslim communities. We need each other to stand together in areas of shared interest such as minority rights and hate crimes, freedom of religion and the separation of church and state, immigration reform, and social justice. Our communities have been especially successful working together to support state funding of our social service agencies.
[DS: This paragraph is total fertilizer. Stand together on hate crimes? When did the Muslim community denounce the death threats I got from a prominent Detroit Muslim Arab, Lola Elzein? Freedom of religion? They love freedom of their Islamic religion, but don’t care about ours. Separation of church and state? They love that. It’s the separation of mosque and state that they don’t want. Immigration reform? Since when is it the Jewish position that we should let more Muslim extremists into the country or give them citizenship amnesty? State funding of social service agencies? Uh, stop my tax money from going to these liberal idiots. And stop my tax money from going to ACCESS, the Muslim agency that spends it on anti-Israel Divestment conferences and anti-Semitism.]
* Our traditional Jewish values compel us to strive for shalom bayit [DS: “shalom bayit” means piece in the house, which doesn’t have a damned thing to do with kissing your would-be exterminators’ butts], peace not only in our individual homes, but also in our home communities. Our lives will be enriched to the degree that we can replace enmity and acrimony with reconciliation and friendship.
[DS: Dream on, idiot.]
We have already begun, working behind the scenes to foster a climate that is receptive to slowly and cautiously reengaging our communities. At a meeting with Detroit Free Press managers following a front-page story declaring that “metro Detroit’s world-famous interfaith tapestry is unraveling” we reminded them that our city was untouched by communal violence even at the height of hostilities in Lebanon. We also explained how we expect reengagement to begin –with informal private conversations between old friends and colleagues, modest cooperative projects unrelated to the situation in the Middle East, and activities bringing children and teens together to learn about each other.
We remain active in Interfaith Partners, a program of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion (the new name for NCCJ), which brings together Jewish and Muslim lay and religious leaders, along with Christians and those of other faiths. And our participation in New Detroit’s Race Relations Summit and Immigration Task Force [DS: supporting illegal aliens and more Islamic extremist immigrants] provided opportunities to work in concern with Arabs and Muslims on important community issues [DS: like hastened building of new crematoria].
Reaching out to Arabs and Muslims does not mean selling out Israel [DS: No, it means selling out America AND Israel]. It means challenging ourselves to walk nimbly along a path that undoubtedly will be bumpy and not well marked. While we cannot project how long it will take to get there, we look forward to some day finding safe venues where we can discuss the Arab-Israeli conflict with Arabs and Muslims who share our commitment to peace in the Middle East and here at home.
This is a time when caution should be joined by hope, steadfastness with prudent risk taking. It is a time to move forward.

More like, time to move backward to Kristallnacht II, whose arrival will be hastened by these imbeciles.

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23 Responses

When I met Rabbi Dovid Weiss the first time, I honestly thought he was an Arab wearing a Rabbi’s costume. Then I realized that he was a real Jewish Rabbi and was stunned, especially when I saw him spurting that anti-Semitic nonsense out of his mouth. I also found out from Arab sources that he actually gets money to protest against Israel and America. He honeymoons regularly with CAIR, ADC, and the local Imams in DC and Maryland. And the asshole traitor has the balls to wear his Rabbi’s uniform wherever he goes. Most Arabs in the DC area actually laugh at him, even at his face and refer to him as “that Jew two-face bastard”, but he shamelessly continues his dirty work.
From your post and previous posts, there are obviously more screwups like him, in the Jewish and Christian world. Surprisingly, there are quite a few churches that kowtow to Palestinians (Palestinian Mozlums) and as a Christian, that has depressed me. A few years ago, I used to go to a couple of churches, and found that they were pro-Palestine and were donating to their so-called cause! I was surprised because while most of the sermons were based on the Old Testament (about Esther and King David), what they did AFTER the church service, was the opposite and very disappointing!! I never went back to those churches. Right now, I attend a real Christian church in DC that refers to Israel as the way it is to be referred, without any PC rubbish.
I just hope and pray that more sensible minded Christians and Jews rise up to the occasion and make their voices be heard, louder than the current pseudo clowns we see around us.

anonymous twit on December 7, 2006 at 3:38 pm

When I speak to the jewish friends of mine about this they all seem to come from this surreal bloomfield hills world where all political parties are the same and voting is useless.
well Deb, the good ones are either all dead or living in Israel because the Jews I meet think that its the job of the hillbillies to actually do anything about the gathering storm. Saul Anuzis that just blew the governer election (the guy has a blog that doesn’t allow comments, but he sends me “dispatches” every frickin day).
there is a kind of arrogance that shows itself in groups that think of themselves as groups that I think is severely hindering the Michigan jewish community from lifting a finger. I think its some kind of class thing (cf: golden calf)where they think they have “out grown” the past.
Youre an amazing woman and you amaze me at every turn. Anyone that thinks you’re a shill for anyone is an idiot.
Just so you know, to become a private in the Army you have to swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States from ALL enemies; foreign AND DOMESTIC…
That means if everybody thinks you’re a kook, you’re probably doing something right.:)

playertwo on December 7, 2006 at 3:52 pm

Debbie: David Mamet explains this behavior in his excellent new book, “The Wicked Son: Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred and the Jews”.
Check out the great Milt Rosenberg’s interview of Mamet on WGN:
You can listen to all Milt’s superb interviews (Mark Steyn, David Pryce-Jones, Daniel Mendelsohn, etc.).
Debbie: I was born and raised in Berkeley, and my parents are self-hating Jews who actual give moeny to the International Solidarity Movement (which runs interference for Hamas bombers). My mother, who spent time on a Kibbutz in the late 1950’s) openly call for the destruction of Israel, and hope that Iran does get a nuke to do this job. Of course, I love her, but her positions are incomprehensible to me (but not Mamet).
Debbie: I believe this is a generational thing (at least I hope). That is, young Jews have less of that 60’s ideological baggage, and so can see things as they really are.

sonomaca on December 7, 2006 at 3:56 pm

In a sane, rational world, Jews, all Jews and all Catholics would be conservatives. Because Judaism and Christianity especially Catholicism are conservatives in their nature.
The Bible is a conservative book.
God is Conservative.
Therefore you would expect that His followers would be conservatives too.
To understand why many American Jews and Catholics are liberals, the answer is simple: They are not truly Jews nor Catholics, i.e. they call themselves Jews and Catholics but they are in name only, not in deeds.
We have many examples of fake Jews and Catholics, some cited above, others on the catholic side: John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, etc.
Judaism and catholicism have nothing to do with people like these. In fact, if I was in charge of the Church, I wouldn’t allow any of them in my Church unless they show repentance and true belief in the Conservative God of the Bible, not in their imaginary liberals gods.

Independent Conservative on December 7, 2006 at 4:41 pm

Debbie only the Orthodox Jews know enough not to soil themselves like that in public. The rest of them have a Holocaust mentality and general lack of self respect.

Anonymous1 on December 7, 2006 at 8:38 pm

Its a steaming load… the sort that you scrape off your shoe. The essence of liberalism is the absence of substance. Its all about the process. Its more important to be loved than to do what’s right. The Talmud tells Jews: “he who rises to come to kill you, kill him first.” I know it doesn’t rise to the occasion of dialogue and good feelings, Its about good and evil and one side or the other wins. That’s the way its been since the beginning of time. I am the union of a German and a Jew and I came out right since both of my parents had the right values. We’re not going to have that between Jews and Muslims – not with the way Islam is set up. They want us ALL dead. Jewish liberals like to think singing “kumbaya” with Muslim extremists around the campfire and holding hands is going to make the other side kiss and make up with the Jews. The ugly reality is its going result in a lot more dead Jews. Consensus and compromise means checking your brains, your values and your moral standards at the door in a vain bid to be liked by other people. What life teaches us is when we can’t make every one happy and with those who are evil, there can never be a meeting of the minds. We must destroy them utterly so the righteous WILL inherit the earth.

NormanF on December 7, 2006 at 10:55 pm

As a Christian, I assure you that my support for Israel is NOT contingent on the DJCC talking nicely to the local Muslim leaders. My support is based on shared values, the most prominent one at present being that we are both targeted for destruction by Islam.
As for the “Christian leaders” (Jimmy Carter or Jesse Jackson, perhaps?) alluded to by Cohen, I would lump them into the same liberal (i.e. DELUDED) camp as Mr. Cohen. I would have thought that by now Jews would have learned not to attempt to dialogue with people who want to kill them. They must have forgotten Santayana’s famous dictum (“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”)
You have the courage of David!

WillPower on December 8, 2006 at 12:25 am

I sent this to Robert Cohen:
Attn: Robert Cohen
Dear Mr. Cohen,
I was fortunate to read your email which promoted relations with the Arab Muslim communities.
As a member of the (Reform– almost secular) Jewish Community (now in Nashville, formerly from Cleveland), I just wanted to let you know how absolutely incredible I found your email to be.
Yes, your email sound completely politically correct. Unfortunately, like most politically correct pieces regarding Islam today, it makes absolutely no sense at all.
The Islamic leaders do not advocate for Jews or Israel. Ever. Period. They have denounced Israel and have never denounced those that commit murderous terrorist acts on our people. They have never spoken against those that have denied the holocaust. They have never spoken against those that have called for Israel and the West’s demise.
Your behavior is EXACTLY what they work for. You are in denial, and you are a dhimmi. You work against your own country, your own people.
I wish you were were representative of the minority of the Jews. Unfortunately, I’m aware that too many Jews feel the way you do. Is it fear? Ignorance? I really can’t figure it out. All the information is in front of you yet you act as if it is not.
These people who call for your destruction and actively seek your destruction– and your people’s– are not pretending. They mean what they say and do what they say they will do. Yet, so many of the Jewish Community want to live their lives pretending that this isn’t the case. It’s almost patronizing, if you think about it. Are they not smart enough to be taken at their word? Why aren’t these people– who have sworn their allegience to a religion that preaches your death and the death of Israel (not to mention their support of those who succeed at their attempts of killing innocents)– taken seriously?
What I have discovered is that most Islam-apologists– such as you– denounce anyone that speaks the truth. Former Muslims who speak the truth regarding Islam, are ignored or denounced by your ilk. The Arab Christian community (such as the Maronites) who lived under the Jihad in Lebanon, for instance, are also considered the “enemy” and are not taken seriously and are also denounced as war-mongers or bigots.
You are tolerant of those that are not tolerant of you and your people. You are worried that your pro-Israel views “offended” Muslim sensibilities. Do you see how upside-down this is? Have the representatives of the Muslim/Arab community sent grandstanding emails to members of their communities that openly supported ANYTHING Israel has done? That apologized for not being as sensitive towards the Jews as they could have been? As large an Arab community that you have in Detroit, have they taken a lead role in denouncing Islamists, Iran, Syria, Jihad? Have they spoken out against one-sided policies in the Middle East– such as Jews not even being permitted entry in certain countries? Against Shari’a– which certainly isn’t an open and fair system to Jews (or Muslims, but that’s another story) who may be living under it?
You ought to be ashamed of yourself. However, instead, you’ll most likely label me “intolerant”. In fact, I am only intolerant of those that are intolerant of me and my fellow Jews.

Kelly on December 8, 2006 at 8:49 am

As a Conservative Catholic very much concerned with the ever brazen Jihad threat, I found this post and all of the subsequent comments very depressing.
For some reason, I was not aware that the Jewish-American community suffered from self-loathing to this degree. Are there people in Israel who talk like this too?
I guess Rush is right, liberals are liberals first second and third.
God save us all, and may we all honor God by sticking together in this truely scary time.

JSobieski on December 8, 2006 at 9:15 am

The world is certainly getting weird, topsy turvy. It seems that that anti-semites get more grief from Christians than from Jews.
Similarly, in the United States, Israel gets more political support from Christians than from Jews when it comes to threats from the Islamic world.

Conservatarian on December 8, 2006 at 9:46 am

Guaranteed:I am waaaaaaay more ashamed of the
above mentioned group of Chews,than they were of
Rabbi Kahane.And they are an embarrassment for another other obvious reason:If the Detroit Purple Gang were in charge,we wouldn’t be reading the above ‘surrender story’.

jaywilton on December 8, 2006 at 10:06 am

IF THERE IS ANYONE IN THIS WORLD QUALIFIED TO RENDER AN OPINION ON THIS TOPIC–IT IS YOU DEBBIE. As you note, you are from a family who has actually seen the CONSEQUENCE of the self-abasing mentality of those who who are guilty appeasers. It is called holocaust–and genocide.
Is it a Jewish guilt complex or something, Debbie? I can’t figure it out–but that would be my guess. Perhaps these appeasers find being Jewish a mere novelty–but unlike you, unlike the Jews who survived Haman and Hitler–these Jews don’t realize the awesome responsibility they have being Jewish. It is the chosen blessed line from Almighty G-d himself. But being from that line means MORE responsibility. These appeasers cover their eyes and kiss the butts of those who not only see them as evil–but who also will stop at NOTHING to do what Hitler did. They are the the 3 wise monkeys chanting –“see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!” Oy.
As you say–at another level they betray all
Americans too.

BB on December 8, 2006 at 10:46 am

Debbie, Norman et al.
In the war that is coming, we are the resistance, we who love freedom and consider a true liberal democracy (in the classical sense of the word) to be the highest form of government that humanity is capable of creating.
We come from all over the US and from every socioeconomic level. We are Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, atheists, New Agers, and perhaps even Moslems (I said, “perhaps”). We are Caucasians, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians.
There are self-haters among all of those groups. To what extent we humans see the world as it really is (or don’t, as the case may be), is not a matter of religion or ethnicity, but of genuine self-respect, wisdom, common sense, intuition, altruism and insight. These traits and the degree to which we either have them innately or cultivate them reflect the condition of our souls.
“They”, the enemies of all that we value, will try to divide us by attempting to play on stereotypes, or guilts, or resentments that may linger somewhere within us. We must be strong, and focused, and brave; we must not allow them to succeed in their manipulations. Whatever our differences, we must stand together. Those who hate us don’t just hate Jews; they hate ALL of us.
We’re in for a long war, folks, and it’s barely even started. The side that’s the most resolute and committed is the side that will win. With help from the universal Spirit, that will be us.
God save Israel. God bless the United States of America.

PMarc on December 8, 2006 at 1:36 pm

Reminds me of that old joke—Ask TWO jews a question you’ll get THREE different answers!!!
One of the DUMBEST things i ever said in my life was that the Jews killed Jesus, and fortunately, i said it to a fellow sixth grade student who SHOULD have became a rabbi, because HE embarked me on my Jungian study of religion.
While you point out the Amerikkklan Jews who idly sat by and disbelieved, don’t forget that there were quite a few Jews IN Germany who barely *oy vey*’d as they thought THIS TOO SHALL PASS…

EminemsRevenge on December 8, 2006 at 2:58 pm

Great letter Kelly!

CarpeDiem on December 9, 2006 at 12:21 am

Good, IRONIC point ,Conservatarian.
I THINK anybody who supports the NEW NAZIS (unrepentant and militant ISLAM) in thought, word, or deed, is basically just a coward.
ISLAMIC BARKING is worse than their bite, and their endless threats only affect those who live inside a ìfear machineî. B-2s can be deployed at a momentís notice, to take out any Islamic country, completely, anywhere, at any time, within hours, as soon as our patience wears out, or Muslims initiate ANOTHER STUPIDITYÖand they willÖbecause a ìdogî always returns to its vomit.
ISRAEL belongs to the JEWS because the world has failed to protect the Jews in every single instance. WE DIDNíT protect them against Hitler, the Russian Pogroms or ourselves! SO THEY WERE GIVEN BACK that special place, ISRAEL, by world decree O Palestine, whereby they COULD defend themselves, when we would inevitably fail.
MUSLIMS in North America cry like babies ìover minor offencesî which in EVERY CASE is simply a childish ploy to manipulate the listenerís emotions, win momentary sympathy, and extend their false religious rule into OUR ARENA. Children are MORE CONVINCING than Muslim ìpretendingî could ever be. Only a ìgoo-headî would let a Muslim influence his thoughts or actions.
On an INTUITIVE LEVEL if you canít sense that the Islamic faith is an affront to God and reasonÖthat the Koran is ìgibberish and babbleî, and Muhammad was a delusionary loserÖwell thenÖthereís no hope for you!
EVERYBODY from every walk of life quotes JesusÖNOBODY quotes Muhammad.
Simply because, Muhammad, never said anything that was worthwhileñ
At his very bestÖMuhammad was perverse and pathetically human. No need to look any furtherÖvery quickly, we saw too much that was crude, and beneath usÖwe had to turn elsewhere to understand ourselves, the world around us, or the Lord God ~
Yes, JSobieski, I too, was shocked by the ìflaccidî Michigan-Jewish community, as reported to us by Debbie. Here, in the Toronto GTA, in the Jewish areas, support for Israel is HUGE. It is not unusual to see hundreds of signs reminding fellow Jews to continue to support the various charities that pledge aid to Israel!
Independent ConservativeÖI think it is the job of conservative Catholics to win overÖor simply be an authentic witness to liberal CatholicsÖnot BAR THEM from the Churchñ
The CATHOLIC CHURCH is not a ìrighteousness groupî church like many other churches may be. In other words we do not cast out ìsinnersî in an attempt to establish a ìpureî church, like some churches do. The duty of a Catholic is to follow JesusÖand live by the admonitions in His parables, ìThe Weeds and the Wheatî and also, ìthe Fishnetî.
JESUS calls everyone without distinctionÖwith ìtimeî for repentance, and God will finally separate ìthe Weedsî from ìthe Wheatî at the Final Judgment.
THE WHEAT (responded to Godís grace and grew to be sons and daughters of the Holy One) is forever rewarded with, and enters into eternal fellowship with God. The ìweedsî (rejected Godís grace and His personal intervention into their lives) are punished severely, and therefore must be forever separated from God, and His eternal community.
SO your local Catholic parish can be quite a ìmixedî community.
SAINTS and sinners are thrown together.
MOTHER TERESA and the Missionaries of Charity etc. on one side, and the Sopranos etc. on the other, with lots of people IN-BETWEENÖwhere the ìjuryî is still out!
There are many ìapparentî saints, and as well, many true saints, sometimes only FULLY converting on their deathbed. Attempts to prematurely sort (for instance, in our lifetime, or at our particular parish) should be left to ìotherî churches, and not be practiced by THE Church.
Only GOD can sort them out on the Final Day.
And finally, while John the Baptist (a favourite amongst the Evangelicals) seemed to be motivated toward gathering a holy community, Jesus utterly rejected this type of ìgatheringî and made that clear THROUGH HIS parables.
SOÖon another noteÖEVANGELICALS can stop pointing out to me ìhow bad examples, so many Catholics seem to beî!
JESUS has already told you what the real Church, here on Earth, should lookÖand be likeÖand its not Pleasantville ~

The Canadien on December 9, 2006 at 12:34 am

Thank you Debbie for printing this rationalization so we know exactly where these “Jews” stand. The true religion of these people is liberalism, not Judaism and their loyalty is to some liberal internationalist utopia, rather than to the USA. I, myself, used to be a liberal, until I woke up and realized I had been brainwashed in college. I know exactly how they think and it is really a disgrace. Each and every one of them has been given more freedom, protection and opportunity than Jews have ever received living in any other country. Except for in the land of Israel, of course. If any of you are reading this you must wake up before it is too late. You are more liberal than Jewish and you are blinded by your ideology.
I also have to comment on the blatant and gutless blame you are placing on Christians. “Christian religious leaders expect us to.” You have got to be kidding and also blind. Isn’t it convenient that you are ignoring a large group of Christians, namely the Evangelicals, who care about Jews because they care about Israel. Contrary to Borat (the elitist, arrogant pompous a**) you would have to look hard to find what Borat manipulated on film. The key is that Evangelicals are conservative, which these Jews reject. These Christians support Israel and DO NOT support the Islamofascists. They know exactly what Islamic terrorists plan to do, and are more willing to acknowledge it than the Jews are themselves. What is is that makes these Jews so embarassingly slow as to not wake up to the threat in their backyard? It is a very real threat and those Muslims that you are making friends with, for the most part, are following the Jihad and are obligated to convert you. That’s a conversion I would be worried about. It’s that, or Dhimmi, or beheading. I guess they are just too comfortable in their lives? Is that it? These conservative Christians do not need to be persuaded and would not ask you to kiss Muslim ass for them!! They can’t even recognize who their friends are.

CarpeDiem on December 9, 2006 at 1:05 am

Before reading all of the comments, I WAS going to post a question re: WTF is up with that whole self-loathing thing. I mean, it was Jews (for the most part) who gave away America’s nuclear secrets to the Russians (virulent anti-Semites), it was Jews who established a socialist state (a MOST unconservative notion) in the midst of Palestinians etc., etc. Seems to me, just a good old conservative Catholic veteran – and that’s ANOTHER thing – where the f¸ck did all these left-wing catholics come from? – but I digress … that Jews are hell bent on destroying their own. Is it because they want more reasons to hate themselves and provide fodder for whiny little “comedians” on the borscht circuit?
Sorry. I just don’t get it. If you physically attack me, I will do everything in my power (and that’s quite a bit) to kill you. Plain and simple. Defend yourselves with all means available and the Omnipotent One will smile upon thee. Roll over and take it like a punk and He will just slowly shake his head in sadness and disbelief.
~(ƒ)~ Death From Above

Rocketman on December 9, 2006 at 8:59 am

Yes, the Jews for Kristallnacht 2, I’m finding them all over the place. This past week I thought was particularly bad — there was the resignation of Rumsfeld, the release of the Baker report, the Peanut Farmer’s promos, and the resignation of Bolton. On this last score, I read the headlines from The Forward PRAISING the resignation of Bolton — as if this were a fabulous move by the Bush Administration. The author of this idiocy was crowing that it was Bolton who gave America a black-eye (or why the UN nations of the world all hate America). Unbelievable that someone could be so misinformed or to switch cause and effect (must be living in a backwards universe.) I don’t want to read any more articles from The Forward (they sound too much like The Nation or CounterPunch). I don’t know if “self-loathing” captures what’s going on here. But it is hard to take. Oh, and I hear that Bolton may be replaced by a Muslim! I shudder at the thought — but, no doubt, the Jews for Holocaust 2 will all be ululating! (I could also note that the Dhimmi press here in Canada is out in full gear — I refuse to repeat some of what is taking place! It is too vile! But, believe me, the Dhimmis are all under the impression that America has been defeated by the jihadists.)

J.S. on December 10, 2006 at 11:29 am

The Jew-free ISG couldn’t even find one Feingold-esque dhimmi to participate?
Now, when the ISG discusses, for the first time ever at such a high level, the Palestinian propaganda point of “right of return” (code for “Israel has no right to exist”), it would appear anti-Semitism has reasserted itself.
They could have had ex-Bush 41 crony Richard Haass (my former professor), a “realist” Jew who thinks that everything will be fine and dandy after the US withdraws from the Middle East and sells Israel down the river:,9171,1568438,00.html

sonomaca on December 10, 2006 at 3:29 pm

Since you mention your grandfather above, I bet he would be extremely proud of you and your efforts. Talk about speaking truth to power!

CarpeDiem on December 10, 2006 at 8:52 pm

Question to anyone,
Do you pronounce the “H” in Dhimmi, or not? Thanks!

CarpeDiem on December 10, 2006 at 8:55 pm

A good question, CarpeDiem!
Is it prounounced duh-he-me, duh-him-me or dim-me?
Anybody know?

WillPower on December 11, 2006 at 12:28 am

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