December 12, 2006, - 12:11 pm

Tell USAIR to Resist Flying Imam Pressure

By Debbie Schlussel
Tell USAIR to resist paying off the Six Flying Imams’ shakedown efforts. I received this e-mail from reader Dorothy Carter:

I just phoned US Airways spoke with secretary in executive office Asking them to stand up to 6 Imams vs settle out of court. She said they are being flooded with phone calls world wide asking US Air to not cave to stand up against the Imams. I suggested their message to Imams and other Muslims who might try this stunt should be that this incident backfired on them and their are likely to use more profiling vs. harrassing grandmothers and elderly.


(Artwork by Jeff Holland/Holland Studios)

If you want to phone them, call investor relations no. 480-693-1227 ask to be transferred to executive office to ask them not to cave to 6 Imams. The investor relations person was very helpful and put me through to an extension where a human answered. I suggested they even make a public statement that this publicity stunt the Imams tried backfired and that it is likely to result in more profiling not less and that this tough stance would likely result in Americans preferring to fly on their airline as it would be safer than others who play by P.C. rules and inconvenience travelers every day. The person I spoke with said they had no intentions of giving in to their demands.

I called to voice my concerns. You should, too.
Meanwhile, reader Jeff Holland (of Holland Studios), a very talented professional artist from Scottsdale, created the above movie poster. Very apropos.

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OK, here it is, let me tell you how it works, how it was plotted, how Muslims play their tricks on the American people:
Bunch of Muslims gather in the mosque after prayers, one of them says:
“We will fool those American idiots. We are going to trash America loudly, we will act weirdly, angrily, worrisomely, in the airport and on the plane. Moreover, when on the plane, we shall ask seatbelts extensions when we don’t need them.”
“To sum up, we will scare the hell out of the passengers to the point where they will react and call the police on us.”
“Then we will pretend that we didn’t do or say anything wrong. We will go to CAIR for help. CAIR people know the nuts and bolts of the stupid American judicial system. We can fool their system. We will sue or at least have a settlement and we will get some millions from these American idiots.”
“Now, the purpose of our plot is to make these American idiots fund our Jihad and guess what? We will have free flights and we will study the reaction of these morons for a future Jihad, paid by them!! Ha ha ha”
“It’s like killing, not one, not two, but three birds with one stone! Ha ha ha”
“How about that, brothers? Excellent idea, right? As brilliant as smashing planes into buildings! Ha ha ha ha.”
One member of the group, with a serious yet gleeful look on his face, says:
“Yes, Muhammad. Excellent idea. Ma’Sha’Allah!! Smart as the Prophet (Prayer and Peace Be Upon Him)!! May Allah bless you brother, let’s do it!”

Independent Conservative on December 12, 2006 at 3:17 pm

Thanks for using Jeff’s cartoon, he rocks!

MJ on December 12, 2006 at 3:26 pm

I sent USAirways a letter of support and a request for them to stand up to these Islamonazi extortionists – along with this link:
Check out the comments section. Overwhelmingly dead-set against CAIR, the flying imams, and their scam.
So the airline isn’t just getting calls, they’re getting emails, too. Hopefully, with this much support from the non-jihadist public behind them, they’ll muster the courage to tell CAIR to go to hell.

PMarc on December 12, 2006 at 4:11 pm

So ….
The Council of Assinine Islamist Retards wants money? Fine. Give ’em the money. Then, make sure that some also finds its way to al Qaeda in their name. Next, tell the Feds that they are sending it to terrorists – their bank accounts get frozen, they all then move to Canada and live off the taxpayers.
I used to despise US Air for giving me a real hard time once. I think I’ll start flying them again – IF they stick to their guns, er, principles.

Rocketman on December 13, 2006 at 9:18 am

I just calld the executive office and asked US Airwaysto stand firm against Islamic hostility. So far, US airways has been doing a fine jb, which I appreciated. However, the Imam case shoule NOT be settled out of court. Finally I expressed my support to US Airways one more time. The executive office was thankful. Well, Thanks to Debbie for the pointer.

Alert on December 13, 2006 at 6:41 pm

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