August 24, 2005, - 10:28 am

Glad Chertoff Finally Noticed: Cosmetic Homeland Security “Plan” on Illegal Immigrants Does Nothing

By Debbie Schlussel
Don’t be fooled by New York Times and USA Today stories making it look like Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff is finally doing something about illegal immigration.
He isn’t, no matter what he or his incompetent spokesman, Russ Knocke, say.
Chertoff’s statements are an empty sop to angry western governors who, like Chertoff, want to look like they are doing something (but aren’t). In the same breath as Chertoff claims he’s finally going to get tough on illegal immigrants, the ineffective DHS “leader” endorses President Bush’s dangerous proposed guest workers program–which will allow more illegal aliens into the U.S., where they will disappear into the abyss.
And, like the true bureaucrat that he is, Chertoff doesn’t really have a plan yet. In fact, the announced “plan” is a plan to “draft a plan.” From the USA Today article: “Chertoff said Tuesday that his department is drafting a plan to determine how ‘once and for all’ to deal with illegal immigration . . . in states along the U.S.-Mexican border. . . . Chertoff said he wanted to take time to analyze the immigration problem before sending more agents to the border . . . taking a broader look at the problem.”
After months in office while illegal immigrants pour in, Chertoff is only now “drafting a plan,” “analyzing,” and “taking a broader look.” What was he doing until now? Planning for planning to announce planning the drafting of a plan?

Even Chertoff look-alike Mr. Burns would do a better job

stopping illegal immigration.

The New York Times profiled James Johnson’s family ranch, where 500 immigrants a day sneak in from Mexico. Where is Chertoff? Planning to make a “plan.”
Illegal immigration is an urgent issue, but clearly Chertoff didn’t think it was that urgent. The clock is ticking while his endless pontificating and zero concrete action on this issue is harming American citizens. Stopping illegal immigrants isn’t rocket science that needs endless bureaucratic planning (and no action). It’s work–something that Chertoff apparently finds adverse.
I deeply regret I supported this do-nothing lawyer, in several national cable news appearances, when he was nominated by President Bush. Clearly, Chertoff is better suited to an ivory tower university where he can plan to draft his plan, instead of neglecting our borders and national security.
Chertoff in opposing the effective, citizen-manned “Minutemen,” said, “The border is a very dangerous place,” he said. “This is not a place for people to play as amateurs.”
Yes, the border is not a place for amateurs. So why is uber amateur, Chertoff, in charge of it?
A real Homeland Security chief would have done something long ago. Somebody get us one.
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New Hampshire’s cowardly attorney general Kelly Ayotte refused to appeal trespassing charges against illegal immigrants. The charges were used by local police chiefs frustrated by zero federal enforcement of immigration laws by Chertoff. Ayotte also instructed New Hampshire police chiefs not to use the trespassing laws to take undocumented workers off the street. Remember Ayotte’s wimpishness in any of her future runs for office.

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How about reporting the whole truth? Like the NH court that ruled you can’t hide immigration control behind the trespassing law? The legislature makes laws, the courts interpret them and everyone else has a responsibility to uphold them. What part of government 101 do you not understand?

Brenda on October 8, 2010 at 11:58 am

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