December 18, 2006, - 10:36 am

Northern Border Neglect is Alarming

By Debbie Schlussel
For those reading this site, the gaping holes at the Northern border are no surprise. We documented one in upstate New York, at which boaters were expected, on the honor system, to alert authorities they were entering U.S. waters and shores.
And for all the panning it rightfully deserved, even Michael Moore’s phony “Fahrenheit 9/11” showed the same problems at the Northern border.
Where is Michael Chertoff and Homeland Security, including Border Patriol sachem David Aguilar when it comes to the Northern border? Nowhere to be found.
Today, USA Today has yet another disturbing article on the neglected Northern border. The most alarming part is at the end. It echoes what my friend, Border Patrol Agent Robert Lindemann said after 9/11 (and nearly lost him job for saying):


Zero: The Number of Terrorists Daunted by This Sign @ the Northern Border

[A]gent Darryl Schermerhorn, who works in northwest Washington state, says the equipment the Border Patrol relies on now is nearly useless in some cases. Cameras along the border are poorly placed and often fog up or shake, the ground sensors fail, and the old four-wheel-drives and ATVs break down. He added that there are too few agents to read camera images and to patrol remote areas.
If a camera does pick up someone crossing a remote road, by the time an agent can get there to check it out, the person is long gone — into the United States.
“It happens all the time,” Schermerhorn says. He says the agents on the northern border are no better off in terms of protecting the country than they were on 9/11.
“If someone has a vested interest in getting in here,” he says, “they’d probably be better off coming across the northern border.”

Here are some other disquieting excerpts that really are nothing new, but remain unaddressed by failed Chertoff:

Along slim sections of the nation’s vast northern border, anyone can drive the back roads that flow from Canada into the United States.
So it’s only natural for Caribou (Maine) Police Chief Michael Gahagan to be concerned that terrorists could be in some of those cars.
“It worries us every day,” Gahagan says. . . .
[I]t’s still easy to cross illegally, across hundreds of small back roads, through the woods or over the mountains. . . .
Intelligence officials long have said the northern border is no less of a security concern when it comes to the potential for terrorists to sneak in to the United States.
Homeland Security Department chief intelligence officer Charles Allen won’t talk about classified intelligence reports, but he says not a day goes by when he doesn’t worry about the northern border.
The arrests in Canada last June of 17 alleged terrorists with 3 tons of ammonium nitrate, the same kind of fertilizer used to make the deadly Oklahoma City bomb in 1995, intensified those concerns in Allen’s department and at police stations along the border. . . .

But what did they do about it? Nothing. I know for a fact that Muslims from Dearbornistan have been smuggling people in their car trunks into the U.S. at the Detroit border crossings for years. Unfortunately, Dearbornistan’s illegal alien smuggling investigations are largely off-limits to ICE agents, per policy of ICE Special Agent in Charge of Michigan/Ohio Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz.”
Additionally, Customs and Border Protection agents at the border cannot do adequate inspections because they are constantly forced to “speed up” traffic at the Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge, for example, by bridge owner Manuel “Matty” Moroun.

Local police such as Gahagan say that although security at official points of entry – including at big, busy crossings such as Detroit and Buffalo – has tightened considerably, there are still hundreds of easily accessible routes into the USA. . . .
Smugglers, who are paid up to $10,000 per person to get people across the border, drop illegal immigrants in the woods with a Global Positioning System [GPS] device so the person picking them up can easily find them, Gahagan says.

This was one of the true-life plot points in the just concluded second season of Showtime’s “Sleeper Cell” (only in reverse–an Islamic terrorist escapes to Canada through the Northern border, and his girlfriend finds him via GPS.
Safer than before 9/11? More like, far less safe. So much for President Bush’s “beefed-up” border security.
Where’s the beef?

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6 Responses

There’s a very simple and effective solution to this problem.
All we need to do is hire the Hmong hunters to patrol the border. These people are used to this type of terrain and dense foliage. They love to hunt (even on private land where they’re not supposed to hunt), and have no compunction about killing innocent land owners who object to their trespassing. As an added incentive, they could be allowed, not only to kill, but also EAT, any invaders they encounter crossing into the U.S. from Canada. And, since they are relatively independent people, we wouldn’t have to go through the Congressional farce/debate of unionizing these people as we had to with the hunters/screeners at our airports.
I say; Hire the Hmong!

Thee_Bruno on December 18, 2006 at 11:43 am

Debbie: what is up with this guy Moskowitz (which, oddly enough, is my mother’s maiden name). Does he work on the theory that, if he does anything to offend Muslims he won’t get any cooperation? Or, is he just not doing his job?
Did he ever respond to any of your complaints?
How many Muslims come in trunks over the border, and are they illegals in Canada too?
Of course, all these Muslim illegals will get amnesty as soon as the Dems and Bush do a deal in early ’07.

sonomaca on December 18, 2006 at 12:50 pm

This infuriates me every day. A few months ago a Canadian wrote into Lou Dobbs and requested that he rename is segment from “Broken Borders” to “Broken BORDER”. I actaully sat down and sent a snail mail to his program saying that if he decided to ignore the northern border that he is A- Ignoring a serious security concern and B- Giving the open border advocates ammuntion by signaling out the southern border and leaving those of us who value America open for the inevitable label of “racist”.

MarySJ on December 18, 2006 at 1:27 pm

Although the border with Canada is wide open, the problems with it pale in comparison to those of Mexican border. Maybe a few undesirables slip southward into the US but I think more potential terrorists are coming up from Mexico.

Chuck W on December 18, 2006 at 7:02 pm

I don’t know that it’s even possible to “secure” the lengthy northern border.
The best we can hope for methinks is the fact that the bad guys will stand out like a sore thumb in North Dakota, Montana, etc. Maybe all those pickup trucks with gun racks will scare the girlymen away!

Rocketman on December 19, 2006 at 8:56 am

Someone asked whether there are illegal Muslims in Canada. I believe the number is of illegals here is huge (that’s my guess — Stats Canada is way, way off, I believe, and significantly underestimates the number of Muslims — perhaps because of the large number of illegals (?) (this was confirmed, btw, by a Muslim spokesperson on a CBC radio program, who was bragging about how high the *actual* numbers were in Montreal). The leftist media keeps claiming that Muslims comprise a mere 2 percent of Canada’s population (that’s based on Stats Canada). I say, B.S. I see far, far more niquab and hijab-wearers and burka-clad than I see Native Americans (in the city where I live, this city is ranked number two in terms of numbers of native americans — and, again, I see fewer natives, far more Muslims… In some areas, if you don’t wear a hijab — women without covered hair, they stick out.)
Anyway, the number two immigrant group coming to Canada — legally — (just after Asians) is Muslim. Muslims comprise a huge and growing population in Canada. Mosques are being built everywhere, so are Islamic schools, etc. (If you go to a flea market, you’ll find Muslims hawking Korans,etc.)
So, if you’re concerned about the northern borders, you’re not being paranoid…

J.S. on December 20, 2006 at 10:35 am

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