October 5, 2010, - 6:52 pm

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – Muslim Saudi Gay Prince Murderer Edition

By Debbie Schlussel

Religion of Peace and Rainbows and Liza Minnelli and Liberace and Murder . . . with a Saudi crown cherry on top. This story has everything the Muslims don’t want you to know about because they tell  you not to do it, but they do it all the time.  This is the behavior you infidels shouldn’t do because Islam forbids it, but when it comes to Muslims, well, all bets are off.  They can do whatever they want.  Because, hey, they’re Muslims.

Bandar Abdulaziz, Murdered by Saudi Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud

I feel for the family of his victim and the torture he was put through in his last moments on this earth. By the way, you’ll notice that the “servant” has the same last name as the man who killed him. It ain’t ‘cuz they’re related. It’s ‘cuz the “servant” is actually a Black slave of the prince who murdered him. His property. Yup, that’s how Islam treats Black people–as sex slaves and murder victims. As I’ve said over and over, there’s a reason Arabs use the words “abed” and “abeed” (slave and slaves) as their word for Black people. Hey, more “Islamic modesty”:

Religion of Peace, indeed:

A Saudi prince killed his servant in their room at a luxury London hotel in a ferocious beating which had a sexual element, a British court was told Tuesday.

Bandar Abdulaziz, was found dead in bed at the Landmark Hotel in central London on February 15 this year, having suffered extensive injuries, including bite marks to his cheeks, the Old Bailey jury was told.

The 32-year-old had spent the previous three years traveling as an occasional companion of Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, whose father is a nephew of the Saudi king and whose mother is a daughter of the king, the court heard.

The servant had suffered “a series of heavy punches or blows to his head and face,” leaving his left eye closed and swollen, his lips split open and his teeth chipped and broken, prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw said.

There also were injuries to his ears and internal bruising and bleeding to the brain, as well as severe injuries to the neck consistent with manual compression, the court was told.

The prosecution said the victim had deep bruising to the back, a rib fracture and trauma to the stomach caused by heavy punches or kicks, the Press Association reported.

“The post-mortem examination was to reveal the ferocity of the attack to which he had been subjected before he died,” Laidlaw said.

It was not the first time the victim had been subjected to beatings, including one incident after which his ear needed reconstruction, he said.

Closed-circuit TV cameras had caught Abdulaziz being hit by the defendant in the hotel lift on January 22 and February 5 and outside a restaurant on the night leading up to his death, Laidlaw said.

Saud had said his aide had been attacked and robbed on a London street three weeks before his death. . . .

Laidlaw said:” The evidence establishes quite conclusively that he is either gay or that he has homosexual tendencies.”

Remember this story, the next time you hear about how gays are executed in Saudi Arabia (and elsewhere in the Islamic world). Gays . . . unless you are a Saudi Prince. Then, you can do whatever you want. Including murder.

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Religion of Peace
indeed Islam is truly the Religion of Peace and i am Muslim and proud of it whatever individuals do all Religions have the good ones and others you all need to read and know about the real Islam and why we live our life what is the goal of it

johnny on October 5, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    You are the reason why Debbie and I and others are against Islam.

    You won’t denounce its anti-Semitism, you won’t denounce its embrace of evil and you won’t denounce its intolerance of minorities and women. You won’t denounce the burqa and you won’t denounce honor killings.You won’t denounce those who kill gays. And more importantly, you won’t denounce all the terrorist outfits who justify mass murder as normative Islam.

    By your silence, you’re endorsing all of the above things. Thanks for telling us you think everything is fine with Islam. The rest of us think its evil and we need to resist before it winds up destroying every free society and all the people alive in it, on this planet.

    That is Islam today and for the foreseeable future.

    NormanF on October 5, 2010 at 10:22 pm

Here is the difference, “Johnny.” Your religion preaches hatred and violence and death to infidels. Your religion teaches that Jews are dogs and monkeys. Your religion teaches the inferiority of others who don’t pray the same way you do.

Your religion has failed to evolve, and has a stone age mentality with 21st century weaponry.

Every survey of Muslims shows that those that favor violence and hatred and the destruction of Jews and Christians are in the majority. Your streets are filled with people calling for the death of Israel, death to the Jews, death to America, or death to people who dared question Islam and its followers.

Your religion is sick, twisted, and destructive. In contrast to the Jews, your religion has created nothing but agony, while Jews have invented virtually every modern appliance or technology that exists today, even technology that keeps Muslims alive.

Jgrant on October 5, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Yay JGrant!

Where is the shakedown artist Jesse “hi-“Jackson and Weird Al Sharpton on this? This would actually BE a true racist murder…but I am just hearing crickets. Hell, I’d even stand behind Gloria Allred on this if she come out on Greta looking to shine the light on this hideous, modern-day slavery.

Yep, the Muslims are hypocrites. Never forget the dancing boys of Afghanistan. Never forget the slaves in the Sudan and of Saudi Princes. Never forget behind closed doors they do all the horrible things they are SUPPOSED to be religiously against. Never forget they are hypocrites yet won’t let Jews in their country.

And we in America have to listen to that Marxist tool Eric Holder pontificate on America’s racist cowards? Meanwhile, in Islamic countries there are many modern=day slaves suffering. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?????

Skunky on October 5, 2010 at 8:14 pm

Where is the British government? Shopping at Muslim-owned Harrod’s? Grovelling before their new rulers?

Mack Hall on October 5, 2010 at 9:51 pm

Islam is the only cult with directions and rules about the proper way of having sex with an animal and what to do with it when your done. Just love that under their rules they have to sell the the dead raped animal to a neighboring village.

So why be surprised at the things they will do to another human being, specially one that the own.

ender on October 5, 2010 at 9:59 pm


Human life means nothing to these people.

Remember that the next time you’re fed the BS fertilizer they’re just like us.

No um – they aren’t.

I guess Diane Sawyer missed this one on her program that gushed over Islam last week.

If you don’t see it, then you’re a fool.

NormanF on October 5, 2010 at 10:08 pm

Islam is THE Religion of Peace, Love, Tolerance, Understanding, Compassion, Mercy, Enlightment, Respect, and Kidness.

Anyone who says differently should be killed, but preferaby suffer terror and slow, agonizing torture first.

Behead all those who offend or insult Islam.


Islam is the Religion of Peac, Love, and whatever, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Is this Saud guy going to get a pass and walk away in this case?

Are Muslim groups going to come forward in his defense, create a firestorm of violence in “Righteous indignation” as they riot, set things on fire, threaten to kill those who offend or insult Islam, etc. (That leaves the field wide open. Anyone they charge with offending Islam will be guilty automoatically, just because a Muslim or Islamic group made the charge, even an innocent two year old playing with a piggy bank can be accused of insulting or offending Islam and targeted by the perpetually outraged, self absorbed, Theo-centric Muslims). Are the Islamic organizations going to step forward and accuse non Muslims of bigotry, hatred, racism, and intolerance and fear of Muslims?

Is there any doubt?

William on October 5, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    In his native Saudi Arabia, all he’d have to do to get off scot free is pay the diyya, or “blood money” to the victim’s family. This is a pagan custom inherited in Islam that is banned in Judaism. The murderer in Jewish law, cannot buy his life. But in Islam, as we’ve learned, if they pay a sum of money, even murder can be excused.

    A word on homosexuality: while its formally banned, the vice is an open secret in the Muslim World and the depraved are said to favor young boys. Yes, there are gay Muslims and as for what the Koran says, that applies only to infidels. Behind closed doors, Muslims can do whatever they want. Because their religion allows them to, its imaginary stringent prohibitions notwithstanding.

    NormanF on October 6, 2010 at 7:09 am

William, they are allowed to do anything they want. You don’t see their clerics denounce it.

No – the moral rules are for the infidels. Muslims are superior to them, their code is superior to that of every one else and anything is permitted that helps to advance Islam.

That’s the real picture all their apologists and enablers don’t want you to see.

NormanF on October 5, 2010 at 10:26 pm

So it’s a property crime like vandalism. In islam. Ok I think I get it.

Samurai on October 5, 2010 at 11:17 pm

    They are allowed to molest, beat, torture and kill any one in their possession.

    Its going to be interesting to see what happens to this Saudi “royal.”

    I’d bet even odds his life is a good deal more worth than that of his poor slave.

    NormanF on October 6, 2010 at 6:24 am

How come this story didn’t hit the mainstream media? If the murderer had been a Catholic, Protestant, or Jew, I’m certain that the murder would have been covered, if only to present the “class war” between the wealthy and the poor. But in this case, this entire disgusting story is so drenched with Muslimatic characterisitics, that anyone hearing it would conclude that Muslims are subhuman creatures not fit for any place on the planet. So the leftist media ignores reality is it ironically focuses more and more on (phony) “reality” shows.

Ralph Adamo on October 5, 2010 at 11:40 pm

The way these “peaceful” Muslims suddenly go off and start beating or killing someone makes me wonder if there’s some satanic aspect to Islam. Or is it that they’re just all crazy?

“NEW YORK – The Pakistani immigrant who tried to detonate a car bomb on a busy Saturday night in Times Square accepted a life sentence with a smirk Tuesday and warned that Americans can expect more bloodshed at the hands of Muslims.”

Who, the peaceful followers? Say it ain’t so!

“Brace yourselves, because the war with Muslims has just begun,” 31-year-old Faisal Shahzad told a federal judge. “Consider me the first droplet of the blood that will follow.”

Right from the horse’s mouth. “Tea-baggers” didn’t say it, religious bigots didn’t say it, and neither did a Conservative say it. Who said it? A Muslim.

John on October 5, 2010 at 11:49 pm

If he had done this here, charges would have been dropped and he would have gotten a free plane ride home. Few years back when a muslim was convicted for raping their slave er “housekeeper”. The state department flew the DA to Saudi Arabia to explain to the King how the word of not only a woman but a slave could be used to convict a muslim. The fact that our dhimmi government did that shows just how submissive they are and just how much danger we are in.

ender on October 6, 2010 at 12:46 am

What’s of interest is the license with which they treat fellow Muslims behind closed doors.

Now imagine how they’d treat infidels. And they do.

The behavior of their adherents is compared by some to the Jonestown cult.

Wrong. The latter sought to only kill themselves. Islam’s devotees want to kill the rest of us.

That’s the difference.

NormanF on October 6, 2010 at 6:17 am

Why was the NY times square bomber sentenced yesterday for the attempted bombing on May 1st, and we are still waiting for something in the Christmas attempted bombing over Detroit? What is the hold up here? How are these cases different?

sharon on October 6, 2010 at 8:35 am

    I think it might be that the TS bomber plead guilty and didn’t have lawyers drag anything out with endless motions, etc.

    Doda McCheesle on October 7, 2010 at 12:20 pm

If I am shocked and disgusted by this am I an islamo-homo-phobic-racist-hater? (that was sarcastic, of course)

CatK on October 6, 2010 at 8:38 am

I guess why his name is so long is so it can make three references to Sodom:

Saud(om) Prince Saud(om) Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud(om)

CornCoLeo on October 6, 2010 at 10:05 am

Skunky, I totally agree with you dude, where are those two phony-fake shakedown artist, Jesse Hi-Jackson and Al Sharpton, why haven’t any of these two phonies give out a speech about the death of this man! I know why Jackson and Sharpton haven’t spoke, it’s because the perpatrators happend to be of arabic/middle-eastern and NOT white or european lineage, that’s why. As I’ve said before about these two shakedown artist, these guys are like the “Silent films” of the 1910s & 1920s, they say NOTHING about this incident, and me being a black male, I’m like the talkies of the post-Silent film era and I’m saying it like it is, because I see reality and I live in the real world!

“A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on October 6, 2010 at 10:22 am

A couple of decades ago, a Saudi prince raped a young lady in NY. He had diplomatic immunity (questionably), but he was supposed to leave the country.

He returned, and got an apartment directly across from her. The US government, which is a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia, did nothing.

Remember, it was the U.S. and Britain that developed Saudi Arabia. The Arabs did not have any technology, and had no idea how to collect the oil. We built that country, and now are subservient to them. This is why we must have the oil depletion allowance, and other tax breaks, to encourage drilling in America.

Jonathan Grant on October 6, 2010 at 10:57 am

The Saudi government broke all agreement regarding development of oil in their country. They than used monopolistic practices with OPEC to jack up the price. They Than used this wealth to finance terrorism. In a proper world all the Saudi oil wealth and other wealth should be confiscated and donated to the victim of it state sponsored terrorism. They should not have been a member of world trade organization let alone G-20. Blame George Bush for that. It also shows that negotiation with Muslim about peace is pointless.

madman on October 6, 2010 at 11:32 am

As part of the WTO agreement, Congress required that the Saudis give up their boycott of Israel. They promised to do so.

Once a member of the WTO, they immediately violated the agreement by continuing the boycott against Israel.

An Arab’s word goes as far as their tongue, and nor further.

Jonathan Grant on October 6, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Never, never, never, never, never trust a muslim. Not with anything. Not at any time. Not anywhere.

J of WinterV on October 6, 2010 at 2:30 pm

Truly, islam (lower-case spelling deliberate) is the vilest mass social malignancy in recorded human history. It’s nothing more than a misbegotten cult, invented by a murderous pedophile whose professed dialog with G-d was an insane delusion.

Graty Slapchop on October 6, 2010 at 5:55 pm

In the ancient times, the life and value of a slave, white or black, was essentially worthless until one prove otherwise before their masters.

The Saudi Arabs are carrying on the ancient tradition of beating up and murdering worthless slaves today.

Bobby'sBrain on October 7, 2010 at 12:30 pm

As I know you Muslim researchers from CAIR read this site. Here is a challenge to any Muslim cleric or spokesperson in America to face me head on in a televised challenge as I simply plan to show the American public the TRUTH about the Cancer of Islam…….so read on!

Oliver Wendell Holmes the Supreme Court Justice pointed out that “Shouting fire in a crowded theater” would not be afforded “freedom of speech” under the First Amendment. So….why should we grant you treasonous Muslim clerics First Amendment protection when you are sowing the seeds of the destruction of our Constitution, our culture, our flag, our Judeau-Christian heritage and way of life?

We the people have had a gut full of the media and its insipid pandering to you loud mouth, arrogant, lying swine who are a treasonous fifth column in our midst.

To all the leaders in Washington it’s time you opened the Quran & Hadith for yourself and realized this political system disguised as a religion is from the pit of hell. It’s “ROLE MODEL” Muhammad was a rapist, terrorist, murderer, pedophile and lying deceiver….and that’s just his good points.

To all of you politicians who will not stand up NOW, start looking for another job.

If any Muslim cleric wants to shoot his mouth off about Sharia replacing the U.S. Constitution, it’s time to apply the U.S. Federal law and charge them with sedition or treason.

We have laws in place NOW such as The Alien Registration Act or Smith Act of 1940 which enables us to slam into prison any of these creeps who preach or teach sedition.


This mealy mouthed President claims we are a country of laws but bypasses, bends and manipulates the law at every opportunity.

To you politicians and liberal media traitors to our nation, let me give you a couple of simple facts about Islam the “Religion of Peace.”

Islamic belief has the world divided into two camps; Dar Al Islam (the house of Islam) and Dar Al Harb (the house of war).

Here’s a little sample from the Quran.

Qur’an:9:5 “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.”

They believe that their God given mandate is to bring the entire world into submission to Allah.

Quran 8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.”

This is a religion based on hate that will not hesitate to kill billions of people to achieve their goals.

Every time they create a contentious issue such as the Ground Zero Mosque project they are really following a military tactic of testing the enemies resolve. Has anyone asked the question why did they originally call the ground zero mosque Cordoba House? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ABOUT THE MARTYRS OF CORDOBA WHO WERE BEHEADED WHEN THEY REFUSED TO SUBMIT TO ISLAM.

Debbie Schlussel and many others are showing the world it’s time to stand up NOW. We must draw a line in the sand. This Mosque must not go up. We must elect politicians who have the backbone to stand up and defeat EVERY strategy of Islam.

After 9/11 we had a parade or charade of Muslim leaders trying to convince the American public that Islam means “peace.” We also had Imam Rauf giving Muslim sensitivity training to the FBI.

What a joke. Perhaps the SENSITIVE and so humble Imam Rauf could enlighten us on the following verse from the Quran.

Qur’an 8:12 “Your Lord inspired the angels with the message: ‘I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.”

Wake up America. Stop Muslim immigration RIGHT NOW or be prepared to see America destroyed.
Every freedom loving American must rise up now and take on Islam and to use a verse from the Quran we must use “every stratagem of war.”

Imam Rauf you have a soft ride with CNN but I am prepared to take you on in a public debate and I will only quote the Quran or the Hadith. WHAT DO YOU SAY “BUBBA” LET’S GET IT ON!!!!!

John Kelly on October 8, 2010 at 9:46 am

If Prince William killed a black butler…media shit storm.

Agen T. on October 8, 2010 at 11:08 am

People are abused and killed in the USA every second. We dont attribute this to religion.

The reason he was an abuser is like any abuser worldwide. He was drunk out of his mind

85% of violent crime is related to drugs and alcohol. The killing was drug related and the man was an abuser. These deaths from abuse and alcohol happen worldwide. I am confused why religion is brought into it.

Milanne on October 22, 2010 at 9:07 pm

Milanne – because he’s a hypocrite. He can drink, snort up coke and choke a man to death because the rules don’t apply to him. The famous Islamic modesty is just for show.

They do evil behind closed doors and in broad daylight. And that makes the exaggerated respect accorded these frauds even more repulsive. I would have figured you of all people would get it.

No such luck here.

NormanF on December 24, 2010 at 11:21 pm

I’m a Muslim and proud of it!!
Yes, Islam literally translates as “peace” in arabic.
the only reason why i read this article by ‘debbie the devil’ is bcoz of her use of the word muslim to report a crime..
Just today i read about the american mother who shot her 2 teenage kids–why was she reported to be an ämerican” n not a “christian or a jew”?? the way u sick people twist news is literally vomit-inducing..
That sadistic mad dog of a prince is a murderer–just like all the other millions of murderers on trial. the fact that he’s a gay or a muslim shouldnt even be discussed! he killed someone in cold blood- being gay doesnt mean he should be protected n being saudi doesnt mean he’s a muslim- a muslim’s faith is his religion- a person who drikns liquor,has paid sex with men, leads an immoral, self-indulged loathesome life isn’t a muslim… he just carries a muslim name
n i carry a christian one-n that doeasnt make me any less a muslim- just the way it doesnt make that prince any less a non-muslim!

mishi on February 1, 2011 at 1:30 am

    An apologist for the most evil people on the planet and a Truther to boot. I don’t take very kindly to that. Its all our fault that they kill each other and they kill us and we conspired to pin 9/11 on them!

    Yeah sure. Keep telling yourself Islam is as innocent as driven snow. The facts on this site don’t lie and facts are stubborn things. When respected Muslim clerics rape boys, I don’t see a hint of reproach in your criticism. The difference is they don’t think Islam forbids them from breaking the laws of man and G-d. I have yet to see one Muslim commentary that forbids it.

    And it goes double for Saudis princes who think murder reinforces their domination over their inferiors. And for Quatari princes who film torturing people for their gratification. This is what we are up against. Islam today is many things but I doubt it qualifies to be described as a “civilization.”

    NormanF on February 3, 2011 at 1:56 am

to john kelly–
i dont know if i should feel sorry for ur ill-informed, biased lil brain- or share with u some words of wisdom(which u probably wont even understand!)

before aything- are u even aware of whát’s written in ur religious book before quoting the Holy Quran? before calling upon the whole nation of America, i suggest u open ur hatered fuelled lil eyes!! have u seen the series ” the arrivals”?? if u havent then let me tell u, the 9/11 events were planned by ur own govt…if u dont believe me- then i suggest u do a lil research on that before even trying to do research on the Holy Quran. has it even crossed ur miniscule of a mind-why u americans dial 911 in cases of emergency n how that number coincides with the date 9/11? it’s no coincidence…go to google or youtube and see the speech given by george bush the senior exactly 11 years before the twin towers fell… i dont have time to sit n write his entire speech but the 9/11 events were a part of a huge american conspiracy and while ur googling–try tim osman-american agent as well– yep, it’s none other than ur most wanted terrorist osama bin laden!!
osama worked as a cia agent for several years b4 the US thought it was time to dispose him off…
get ur facts straightened before u even venture into the real world- for brother- u r in for opposition n u have nothing but hatered for muslims in self-defence!!! such shame…

mishi on February 1, 2011 at 2:04 am

You people are pathetic. Have you any of you self-righteous, judgmental Christians ever even READ the bible? You would’ve seen that the Jews (of the religion Christianity came from, for you ignorant anti-semites) killed hundreds or thousands of people under the command of their God. Your God. And for the love of God have ANY of you mindless, angry morons ever heard of the INQUISITION?! That little event where the Church (under the authority of God, given to them by the bible and their religious leaders) killed THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS, of Muslims, Jews, women, and more! Before you persecute one group of people (Muslims in this case) for being “hate-filled” or “evil” look at your OWN religion’s past and THINK about the idiocy you’re spreading on the internet. Just because Debbie is a pathetic, racist, ignorant woman doesn’t mean anyone else has to be. If Islam is a religion of hate and violence, riddle me this: How many Muslims do you know? How many Muslims are there in the world? Millions? Maybe a billion? Who knows. If EVERY follower of Islam is a vicious, barbaric demon (as you people have so kindly pointed out) why aren’t there millions of bombings in the world? There may be many, they may be more televised, but who are nearly all murders and crimes in the U.S. alone committed by? Whites, blacks, hispanics, Asians, Christians, Jews, Hindus? No! Of course not! Only Muslims commit crimes! Every Catholic priest that molests a child is secretly a Muslim! Every person who murders someone is secretly a Muslim, or a socialist! Of course, it’s so obvious! Because of course, a white, Christian person couldn’t POSSIBLY do ANY of those things! It just doesn’t make sense! White Christians don’t drink, only Muslims and Jews do! Christians don’t murder, only Muslims do! They’re the source of all the worlds problems! The fact that millions of them live peacefully and obeying the peaceful nature of their religion means NOTHING compared to the few, extremists who ignore large parts of their own Islamic rules and traditions. God forbid a Christian MURDER or STEAL or LIE or LUST or GREED or DISCRIMINATE against someone. The bible denounces it, after all! Didn’t Jesus say to love your neighbor as you love yourself? Not to hate any, for all have the prospect of goodness in them? No, of course not. Jesus’ message was SOLELY and ONLY to hate, denounce other religions as fake and judge many for the actions of the few. And before you vicious morons attack me as being a Muslim, or Jew, or devil-worshipper, or whatever baseless projective “insult” you’d like to throw at me, I’d like to first say: I’m a Christian. I was born one, raised one, and plan to stay one for the remainder of days. I, however, do not judge the Muslim people as evil. Osama Bin Laden was, Al-Qaeda is to this day. But I have Muslims friends, black friends, Jewish friends, Chinese friends, and more! You idiots are so closed-minded that you can’t possibly open your eyes to the folly of your ways! People like you are WHY extremist Muslims hate us, and attack us, and bomb. You are the ignorant, hateful, arrogant scum that unfortunately makes up the large majority of our religion which makes THE ENTIRE WORLD look down at us. If ANY of you want to say something more, PLEASE email me: j.b.anderson5991@gmail.com I wait for your ignorant replies, I’d LOVE to rebuke them. 🙂

John on September 14, 2012 at 4:46 pm

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