December 19, 2006, - 1:33 pm

No Conservative: Senator Sam Brown-BACKBONELESS

By Debbie Schlussel
There are a lot of pretenders to the conservative Presidential nominee throne. One is Mitt Romney, whom we exposed as an America-hating, tax-wasting phony.
Now, there’s Kansas Republican Sam Brownback, or as he shall now be called here: Sam Brown-BACKBONELESS.
First, he appeared on “FOX News Sunday” a week ago. The topic was the then-just-released Iraq Study Group report, and Brown-BACKBONELESS was supposed to be the conservative Republican. He was on to be the opposition to the Surrender Group report.
But, NO. In fact, he agreed with far-left Democratic Senator Chris Dodd that the report was “good.” He said he agreed with the report and its conclusions/recommendations and supported them. Lost my vote.


GOP Prez Hopeful Sam Brown-BACKBONELESS & Ally Tom Monaghan

Then, there’s his latest pushover move. Yesterday, Brown-BACKBONELESS pulled his hold on the Bush nomination of far-left Judge Janet Neff to U.S. Federal Court. Brown-BACKBONELESS put a hold on Neff because she attended (some say, Presided Over) a lesbian wedding of a friend in Massachusetts. But now, Brown-BACKBONELESS is backing down. And the real reason why he dropped his hold is interesting.
He claims that the lesbian wedding thing is not that bad for a would-be federal judge . . . “not that bad” because he’s taken a lot of heat over it, and, hey, he wants to be President, and now wants to do “the right thing” and allow a vote.
But here’s the real reason:
Domino’s Pizza founder and billionaire Tom Monaghan is bankrolling Brown-BACKBONELESS’ campaign for President. And Monaghan wants a vote on Bush’s companion nomination for the U.S. Court of Appeals, his friend U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a “Abu Porno“–a man who is apparently addicted to porn (on the tax-paid job) and who is tight with a number of Islamic terrorists (many of whom he’s tipped off and allowed to leave the country). (Full details here.)
Bush nominated Murphy–NOT a conservative–as a compromise candidate (and sop to Monaghan) along with Neff–also a compromise candidate, in order to get Democrats to vote for them.
While Brown-BACKBONELESS had a hold on Neff’s nomination, there wasn’t a chance in hell that porn-addict, friend-of-terrorist-money-launderes Stephen Murphy would get a vote either.

Bush Should Cancel Judicial Nominees Janet Neff & Stephen Murphy III

But now, he will (assuming Bush renominates both of them). And Brown-BACKBONELESS will be 100% behind this soft-on-terror ignoramus candidate for judge because he wants to keep Murphy-ally Monaghan’s money flowing. We wonder if Brown-BACKBONELESS agrees with Monaghan’s new illegal alien legal defense program at Ave Maria Law School.
Is this the kind of guy you want as President?–A guy who thinks the Iraq Study Group report is good and thinks Bush should follow its recommendations, a guy who backs down on liberal judges that support gay marriage, a guy who is supporting the nomination of a federal prosecutor who is soft on terrorists and allows them to leave the country, a guy who takes money from a man funding lawyers for illegal aliens?
That’s not the guy I’ll ever be voting for. We need a President who has principles, who has a backbone. And that guy is NOT Senator Sam Brown-BACKBONELESS.
Bush must renominate both Neff and Murphy a/k/a “Abu Porno” in January, if he wants a vote on them. We hope he will have the good sense not to do so. Call the White House and demand that he doesn’t.

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8 Responses

I won’t be supporting Romney, Brownback or McCain. I think Rudy will back out, which leaves?
Debbie, aside from Newt, who would probably be plowed under by Hillary (especially if he dosen’t drop 50 pounds stat) who is there?

sonomaca on December 19, 2006 at 2:10 pm

They said he was one of the most conservative figures in Congress, I usually don’t take the Media’s word for granted so I decided to watch Fox News Sunday to see what he was going to say.
And sure enough, I was right about the Media, Sam Brownback lost me.
>>Bush must renominate both Neff and Murphy a/k/a “Abu Porno” in January, if he wants a vote on them. We hope he will have the good sense not to do so. Call the White House and demand that he doesn’t.>Call the White House and demand that he doesn’t.<<
You must be kidding, right? Call the White House?
I tried to call the White House once to ask Bush for a favor, I had this illegal alien maid and you know…, but the phone kept ringing for about 2 minutes and finally Barney answered.
From his barking, I learned that Bush wasn’t available, the Secret Service rushed him to the hospital, he chocked on a Pretzel while watching Harry potter…again!
And that was the last time Bush was seen watching TV.
So, call the White House? Good luck!
The Secret Service can’t find where Dick Cheney is hiding and you want us to find Bush?
Just be patient, keep yourself busy to kill time and don’t worry, hopefully what’s left from his presidency will fly like an arrow.
Don’t count on him doing anything until then. Be glad we have somebody filling in for George Washington!

Independent Conservative on December 19, 2006 at 3:10 pm

So which likely candidate do you prefer? I’m new to your blog so I don’t know if you’ve already expressed a preference.

Sulla on December 19, 2006 at 6:08 pm

The one guy I’d like to see would be Santorum. His closing speech was magnificent. He’s got the conservative credentials, but he tends to rub people the wrong way.
BTW: I think the Republians are in real trouble because of…Ohio. When Sherrod Brown can win with a decent margin, that spells trouble. Likewise, New Mexico and Nevada will be a slog.
The next census will likely give new congressional seats and electoral college votes to Texas, Florida (5 between them), Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Utah. Losers will be NY, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, and a couple more from the upper midwest and NE. Unfortunately, this won’t happen till 2010.
Control of the presidency and congress will give the dems a chance to manipulate the census rules to prevent some loss of seats/votes. So, this election is really important.

sonomaca on December 19, 2006 at 7:48 pm

Please explain to me what the worst that can happen is if gay people are allowed to marry. I find it curious that you’d lump that in with such issues as terrorism or illegal aliens since it seems to me to be a much, much smaller problem…if it’s a problem at all.

Rob Brown on December 20, 2006 at 12:01 pm

I can’t argue with that. Being pretty far out of what is considered mainstream I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t ever particularly care for any national candidate. As a vet I harbor warm sentiments for McCain, and Newt’s ideas always appealed to me even if his behavior didn’t, but at this point neither one is giving me the vibe of a great President.

Sulla on December 20, 2006 at 6:06 pm

Rob Brown:
“Please explain to me what the worst that can happen is if gay people are allowed to marry”
Rob–you seem to be a lib in every sense. For thousands of years mankind has made marriage the a basic buidling block of life–marriage between a man and a woman (yes I know some have polygamy). Since the time of Adam and Eve, (not Adam and Steve), this has been a G-d ordained institution. When you throw out the basics and start calling perversion marriage, you cause so many bad things to happen.
Your liberal college training where you were pumped full of all kinds of liberal ideas like “throw out the tradtions–we can make a new world anyway we want to” type thinking has one common theme–G-d is dead. Perhaps you are gay–perhaps not–but if you want to really understand more on this topic, read more:
To the topic at hand–if we appoint judges who give us Massachusettes style marriage where you now simply fill in Party A and Party B on the marriage license we are running that much faster to becoming Sodom and Gomorrah. I know, you’ll say what’s wrong with that? That’s why it had to be destroyed by G-d. Those perverts were blind to see what they were doing was wrong too.

BB on December 21, 2006 at 8:09 am

Sam Brownback doesn’t have a prayer of being elected.
Neither does Newt Gingrich, but he’s still MY guy for top spot. Unfortunately, I’m betting that voters will have to choose between either McCain or Guiliani – NEITHER of whom are “conservative”.
I may have to go back to the Libertarian Party.

Rocketman on December 21, 2006 at 8:25 am

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