December 22, 2006, - 11:55 am

Barbara Walters’ HAMAS Combover, Strange Religion Experts (Richard Gere?!)

By Debbie Schlussel
Last year, around this time, journalist lite Baba Wawa had a vapid 2-hour special on “Heaven: Where is it? How do we Get There?” Unfortunately, as you start your Christmas Weekend tonight, it’s baaaaack. The absurdity of this Barbara Walters “Special” is like a bad bean dip. It keeps repeating. And it stinks.
Among her religion “experts” on this show, Richard Gere, Maria Shriver, and author Mitch Albom. Huh? Being married to the “Terminator”/Bad Governator doesn’t qualify you to know more about Heaven than anyone else. But being part of the Kennedy clan does make one more qualified to speak of Hell on Earth than others.
And it’s an excuse to promote Islam above all other religions, just in time for Christmas. And to tell us the virtues of becoming a HAMAS homicide bomber: Their after-life sex-life is better than yours, you sexless Christians.


Baba Wawa & Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian

From my post on this insipid pop “journalism” Walters’ special, last year:

In previewing her ABC News special on Heaven, airing next week, Walters says, “There were things that . . . amused me like the whole business of the 72 virgins who are created for men.” Barbara Walters is “amused” by men who murder thousands of innocent people? Time to put her out to pasture.
Even the editors of LHJ were apparently taken aback. They had to insert an editor’s note explaining that these were suicide bombers with whom Walters is “amused.” I’m sure the victims of these bombers aren’t amused, but most of them aren’t around to talk about it on Walters’ insipid “news” specials.
Walters then makes the false comparison of Christianity as a sexless religion (not true) to the 72 virgins in heaven for Islam. Huh? She seems to forget that there’s that little step of mass murder before Heaven. “And in the Christian religion, the idea is to have a pure life that’s happy and content without sex. According to Islam expert Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, sex for Muslims is part of the joy of heaven.”
I’m sure there are plenty of Christians who’d beg to differ with the Reverend Barbara Walters’ false portrayal of their religion, which believes in the Biblical commandment, “Be fruitful and multiply,” as much as any Abrahamic religion.

Dear Santa:
For Christmas, please bring us the gift of no more stupid Barbara Walters specials.

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2 Responses

It doesn’t require a college degree, experience, knowledge, deep thinking, and research to do a “Barbara Walters’ Special.”
Just stuffing the show with anything and famous people will do the trick.
Ratings, pleasing both the Liberals especially the ABC News management and the “oppressed people of the Earth” i.e. the Muslims, is all that matters.
By the way, same goes to NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and Fox which is partly owned by the Saudis.
What to do about it?
Do not watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and FOX.
You have the Internet, why are you asking for more? The Internet has it all.

Independent Conservative on December 22, 2006 at 1:22 pm

Sometime I wonder on what planet Barbara lives on. Meantime polls show that church going people have more satisfying sex lives than that Godless liberal. Oh well, our secret.

Burt on December 23, 2006 at 4:07 pm

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