December 29, 2006, - 11:50 am

Violins for Terrorists Story of the Day

By Debbie Schlussel
Yesterday, we brought you the press’ sob story over the Lackawanna Six Al-Qaeda terrorists. Their likely pro-jihad families are sad that their terrorist relatives were transferred to an Indiana prison, and they’ll now have to travel to visit them.
Today, it’s Osama Awadallah’s turn for the tears. And this time it’s AP that’s doing the crying.
Awadallah, a Jordanian Palestinian, was friends with 9/11 hijackers Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Midhar. And he lied to the FBI about knowing them.
Instead of going to prison and then being deported, this chutzpahdik Muslim friend of terrorists who murdered 3,000 Americans is suing us AND seeking U.S. citizenship (his father already has attained that).
And don’t worry. Our sorry joke of a government–and its Citizenship and Immigration Services–will give Awadallah that citizenship.


Then & Now, Fat & Happy FoH (Friend of Hijackers) Osama Awadallah

AP tells us that before 9/11, “he had never even gotten a parking ticket.” BFD. Mohammed Atta and most of the hijackers could say the same thing. It’s a distinction without a difference, as most of the fertilizer in this article is.
More of the BS:

In spite of his experience, he is moving ahead with long-held plans to apply for U.S. citizenship. He graduated with honors last spring from San Diego State University, is looking for a computer technician job and is studying for graduate school entrance exams.
“I want to move on from this, find my lucky girl and just be like every other American,” he said recently at a restaurant in this San Diego suburb.
An observant Muslim, he politely declined to shake hands with a female reporter. He began with brusque questions about why he was being interviewed, but quickly relaxed in conversation.
“I watch what I say, who I’m talking to these days,” he said. “The real effect is in trusting people.”

Un-fricking-believable. He’s not trusting us? Uh, shouldn’t the “real effect” be us not trusting him?!

Awadallah grew up in Jordan while his father and three older brothers came to San Diego to start a courier business. In 1999, he joined his father by then a naturalized U.S. citizen as a legal resident.

A courier business? Muslims never use those to transport cash for terrorist operations, do they?

On Sept. 21, the FBI picked him up for questioning because agents found his phone number on a piece of paper in a car registered to Al-Hazmi. . . .
Awadallah says, he was flown to New York, placed in solitary confinement with no access to his family or his lawyer, repeatedly strip-searched and subjected to bruising physical force by guards.
“Suddenly all these fingers were pointing at me, people were telling me I was responsible for 4,000 deaths,” Awadallah said. “That I cannot forget. It’s impossible for anyone to imagine how that feels.”

How that feels?! How about how it feels to be on a plane and slam your life into oblivion while hitting a skyscraper? How about how it feels to have your throat slit because you were a flight attendant or captain of a plane? How it feels to be on the 80th floor of a building and get crushed by the floor on top of you and bleed to death? Or have your body slammed out of a building, as you uncontrollably fall many stories below? Or how it feels to know you lost one or both of your parents because others did these things to them?


Taken before the grand jury in shackles, Awadallah said he had met al-Hazmi in San Diego but denied knowing al-Mihdhar until prosecutors confronted him with an assignment notebook for his English class in which he had written both men’s names.
Prosecutors charged him with two counts of perjury, alleging he had withheld potentially critical information about the hijackers. Defense attorneys said he had simply been confused, that he was tired, disoriented and struggling to understand legal terms in English.

Puh-leeze? Can’t understand English? He seems to be able to understand it quite well in conversing with sympathetic AP reporter, Allison Hoffman.

In December 2001 he was released on $500,000 bail [DS: Which idiot judge gave him bail?] and returned to San Diego, wearing an electronic ankle bracelet. His friends at school and at his mosque avoided him.
“They thought if they walked with me they’d get in trouble, and there were other people who even thought I was working for the government,” he said.
His case finally went to trial last April, ending in a mistrial after a lone juror held out against conviction. In November, a second jury found him not guilty.

Jurors on lone from the O.J. trial. And by the way, the other reason he got away with it is that numbskull Judge Shira Scheindlin (new President of the Stupid Judges and the Terrorists Who Love Them Club) ruled testimony by Osama Awadallah to a grand jury about the hijackers could not be used because the government had abused the material witness statute–a law allowing witnesses to be detained–in arresting him, something AP reporteratrix Allison Hoffman mysteriously fails to mention. Make no mistake, this guy had close ties to the hijackers and likely knew what they were about to do.

Awadallah has sued the government, alleging he was wrongly detained and mistreated by guards. . . .
“I’m happy for myself because of the verdict [DS: Bin Laden is happy for you, too], but I think I should fight for my rights,” Awadallah said. “My whole life has been affected.”

His whole life has been affected?! Again, see comments above about the 3,000 and their surviving family members. Then, tell me whose “whole life has been affected.”
That this guy is still here, walking free, suing us, and will likely become an American citizen, too boot, tells us all we need to know. And everything we already knew.
America, we are doomed. And allowing this guy to trample all over us, we are our own worst enemy.

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6 Responses

This scum-bag better pray to Allah that he doesn’t cross paths with me, here in San Diego. Krav Maga demonstration, courtesy of Yiddish Steel.

Yiddish Steel on December 29, 2006 at 12:34 pm

Debbie Schlussel, I’m going to throw the keyboard on the monitor and break both if I keep on reading stories like this one.
I am sick and tired of these fucking muslims and the fucking consecutive U.S. governments that are pandering and cowardly cuddling the fucking muslim terrorists and their supporters under the guise of political correctness.
It’s not your fault though for putting it out there.
Keep up the good job. Love your site.

Independent Conservative on December 29, 2006 at 12:48 pm

This is one UGLY muzlum. FUGLY!
“He graduated with honors last spring from San Diego State University…”
BFD. What was his major…cutting class?
“””I want to move on from this, find my lucky girl and just be like every other American.””
Earth to Osama; Every other American doesn’t subscribe to the Religion of Intolerance and Murder.
He then refused to shake a woman’s hand becuase she was…..a woman. He was also pissed off that he was being interviewed. Yeah, I can see he wants to fit right into American society.
“”The real effect is in trusting people.””
Yet, he’ll demand that everyone trusts him.
“”Suddenly all these fingers were pointing at me, people were telling me I was responsible for 4,000 deaths,””
If the dirty nightshirt fits……..
This is what we get when we allow these 7th century murdering savages into our country. They don’t want to assimilate, they want to kill us, yet we tolerate these primates who worship a murdering, demented, pedophile lunatic.
This ugly, repugnant scumbag should get hit by a train and get dismembered, and the rest of his family should die a slow, agonizing death because they’re all crawled out of the same cesspool.

Thee_Bruno on December 29, 2006 at 2:53 pm

I find this utterly incredible! And I thought that such pandering, such condescension to the vicious, vile cut-throat Muslims occurred only in Canada. Well, I guess I was wrong! It’s virtually everywhere!
I’ve also read stories about how Muslim sisters (whose brother died) sue Canada for damages (their brother couldn’t get a visa fast enough), and become enriched. There are also stories afloat about how M. Arar will soon become a multi-millionaire due to being tortured in his native homeland, Syria. (He also intends to sue the U.S. government for his alleged “torture” — which, btw, I don’t believe has been documented — it’s hear-say.)
When i read and hear such stories, I, too, feel the west is doomed. it’s straight-out suicide. I want these f-heads out of the country (both Canada and the U.S.) — deport them, NOW!

J.S. on December 29, 2006 at 2:58 pm

The most interesting part: where he says that others at the mosque avoided him because they thought he was wokring for the government.
Why would they care? Is it because they all had something to hide? Or, perhaps, working with the US government makes you a traitor to Islam?

sonomaca on December 29, 2006 at 4:02 pm

What can I say but this is amazing–in a sickening way! I cannot improve on what you say in this article–it is so infuriating. Please keep the hot light on this cockroach.
BTW–you were really on a roll yesterday. Great articles and content and some of the best DS I have read yet. You da wo-man!!!

BB on December 30, 2006 at 9:14 am

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