January 8, 2007, - 3:29 pm

Get Out the Violin Alert: Tears for Terrorist Fawaz Abu Damra

By Debbie Schlussel
ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) deportation agents did their job and deported Imam Fawaz Abu Damra, as I noted Friday. But some people are upset that this convicted terrorist (stripped of his citizenship for failing to note he was part of Islamic Jihad) is gone from U.S. soil.
In possibly one of the most absurdly ridiculous outpourings of compassion I have ever read about, it again begs the question just which terrorists the Muslims–who tell us they are against terrorism–would ever denounce (none, unless there are Americans and Jews involved; don’t you know that they are the “real terrorists” a la O.J.’s “real killers”?).


Probably @ Homicide Bombing Plenary Session:

Islamic Terrorist Fawaz Abu Damra Gone Missing

The sentiments expressed by these people in this article are so outlandish, they’re funny. The man, after all, financed mass murder, and they’re crying for him. It’s a little–no, a lot–like those who are crying over Saddam:

“Being Americans as we are, we expect a little fairness, to a degree, to the extent they would let him call his wife and children,” said Haider Alawan, Damra’s friend and member of the Islamic Center of Cleveland’s council of elders.

Fairness?! The man was tried and convicted, twice–in federal court and immigration court. The man was recently indicted again on federal tax evasion charges. He got to spend years on U.S. soil, had terrorist anchor baby kids who get to stay here and have kids who will stay here. And all the while he was raising money across America for Islamic Jihad homicide bombings, the victims of which included Americans. And they’re whining about “fairness”? If anything, the U.S. bent over backward to treat this guy more fairly than non-Muslim, non-terrorists.

Alawan said Palestinian government officials said they didn’t know where Damra is. A spokesman for the Israeli Prime Minister’s office said Sunday that it had no immediate knowledge of Damra’s case, either.

So tragic. A terrorist is lost in terrorist-land. My heart bleeds.

“We want to know where the heck he is,” said Don Bryant, president of the Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network and another of Damra’s friends. “We are outraged with the way this was handled. He was taken away on a witch hunt.”

“Where the heck he is”? How ’bout where the heck your brain is, dude? Outraged at “the way this was handled”? “Witch hunt”? Hello . . .? See my comment above about fairness. And BTW, illegal aliens are gathered up and deported every day like this. Only they didn’t get to languish here for more than a decade after they raised funds for terrorist mass-murder of innocents.

Bryant said Damra was a peaceful interfaith leader in the Cleveland community, who didn’t deserve to be “whisked away.”

Two letters: BS.

Damra’s wife Nasreen and his three U.S.-born daughters are “frantic” with worry, Bryant said. He said Nasreen Damra was too upset about her husband to comment.

Three letters: BFD. I’m upset that they got to be born here because their terrorist daddy was here based on a lie. I’m upset he financed the murder of hundreds. I wish Alisa Flatow’s dad, Stephen, could be “frantic” with worry about her. But he can’t. Because he knows she’s dead . . . dead from one of the many operations for which the “frantic” worrier Mrs. Damra’s husband fundraised.

Alawan said it is most likely that Israeli authorities are holding him. The Allenby Bridge border crossing between Jordan and the West Bank is under Israeli military control.
If that is the case, he could be held in jail, Alawan said.
“He was concerned about going back to Palestine” for just this reason, Alawan said. “He had strong reservations about it.”

That old standby: If at first you don’t succeed, blame the Jews (or their proxy, Israel).

Immigration authorities said Friday that Damra was flown to Amman, Jordan, at 4 a.m. EST Thursday, then crossed the Allenby Bridge to the West Bank.
But his friends and family in Cleveland and in Damra’s hometown of Nablus say no one has heard from him since he was taken.
Hamas and Fatah forces in Nablus are engaged in a bloody battle for power. The Hamas deputy mayor in Nablus was kidnapped over the weekend.

They kill each other, and again, blame the Jews . . . and America.

Alawan expressed bitterness about federal agencies’ efforts to reach out to the Muslim community while at the same time treating Damra in such a callous manner.

Yes, let’s make nice to terrorists to show our Muslim brothers and sisters how much we want them to like us. “Callous”? See comments above about “fairness,” etc.

“You want to have a good relations, based on what?” he said. “You wouldn’t let a man in custody say goodbye? And now, he’s in a black hole in the Mideast.”

We want to have good relations with Islamic Jihad? News to me. Hmmm . . . saying goodbye. Did Alisa Flatow, one of Damra’s victims, get to say goodbye? No, she didn’t. “A black hole in the Mideast.” Wait a sec . . . his co-religionists and countrymen create a black hole out of land they were given, and this is somehow someone’s fault.
I thought Damra was asserting his and his fellow Palestinian’s right to that black hole. Now, he doesn’t want to lay claim to it?
Too late.
So, Damra’s supposedly missing. So sad, too bad.
Thanks to Bill Warner for sending the article.

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>>”Being Americans as we are, we expect a little fairness, to a degree, to the extent they would let him call his wife and children,” said Haider Alawan, Damra’s friend and member of the Islamic Center of Cleveland’s council of elders.<<
Yes, I agree. What’s wrong with you Debbie Schlussel?
Don’t you have compassion toward a poor miserable muslim terrorist who won’t live anymore in the U.S. to kill the American Dream?
Remember how the Nazis treated your ancestors? Is this how you’re treating us, peace-lovers muslim men, whose only goal in life since birth is to call our veiled wives and children?
Shame on you, Jewish crusader!
May allah cover your house with yellow snow and throw buckets of beheaded goats on your head.

Independent Conservative on January 8, 2007 at 5:05 pm

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