January 22, 2007, - 12:32 pm

Bet on More Muslim Lawsuits: Superbowl Profiling to Take Place @ Miami Airport

By Debbie Schlussel
Get ready to hear CAIR and other Islamist groups whine about the Superbowl.
In preparation for the February 4th Big Game, increased suveillance and–yes–the evil “profiling” will begin later this month at Miami International Airport. Not only have airport police been trained, but they will train janitors and concession employees to “read suspicious body language and behavior.”
Even worse for whining Islamist groups, the profiling program was developed by–Gasp!–an “Evil Zionist”–Rafi Ron, former security director of Ben Gurion Airoprt in Tel Aviv. Ron is the Israeli security expert who was brought in to run security at Boston Logan Airport, a month after 9/11.


Israeli Airport Security Expert Rafi Ron Trained Miami Airport for Superbowl

For security reason, his four-hour training program’s behavioral cues aren’t bein revealed.
But that’s not exactly fail-safe. In Detroit, for example, the airport is packed with Muslim employees sympathetic to Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Al-Qaeda–people like Sadeq Naji Ahmed, who announced his loyalty to Qaeda and was on the job for almost a year before being removed, and Bassam Khalaf, on the job for half a year, until his pro-9/11 rap record was discovered. You can bet there are janitors and concessions employees there who will disclose to our enemies the plans and methods taught by Ron. In Detroit, most of the airport concessions are owned and operated by Muslims. And members of the Detroit terror cell worked for Sky-Chef and Edy’s Ice Cream at the airport.
And, again, the whole Israeli program is not just about profiling behaviors. It’s about profiling people. Guaranteed, that was excised out of Rafi Ron’s training program.
And until you do that, you’re in a losing battle.
Watch for the ACLU, CAIR, or some other Islamist group to find a reason to subpoena Rafi Ron’s security program. Watch for some Muslim “visitor” claiming to have traveled to Miami to see the Superbowl threatening to sue over this or that.

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Gosh, I sure hope the muslims attending the game have a proper place to wash their nostrils and pray.

TheOmegaMan on January 22, 2007 at 2:18 pm

Profiling at the Miami airport? If they’re boarding a plane in Miami, they’re probably already done whatever they were planning to do….

radishthegreat on January 22, 2007 at 6:04 pm

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