November 12, 2010, - 2:14 pm

“My Princess Boy”: This Isn’t “Acceptance;” It’s Warped

By Debbie Schlussel


I don’t know about you, but I long ago tired of the feminization of America.  Whether it’s a boy and the ACLU suing his school because he can’t wear  his breast cancer pink cleats as a member of Mississippi’s Mendenhall High’s football team; whether it’s Detroit-area police officers wearing pink for “national anti-bully day;” whether it’s the Sarah Palin family, where “Todd” is the name of the dutiful wife and men are the accessories if they even exist at all (other than as sperm donors, diaper changers, and child support payers);  or whether it’s this new book for kids, called, “My Princess Boy (A Mom’s Story About a Young Boy Who Loves to Dress Up),” the tolerance of turning America’s boys and men into pink-encrusted powder puffs, isn’t tolerance or “acceptance” at all.

It’s the absorption, the digestion of the absolutely absurd–the complete abnormal– into our definition of what is okay.  And it’s not okay.  It’s just the further defining of deviancy down that continues to afflict and destroy America.  I guarantee you that no one in Al-Qaeda is reading their kids anything resembling, “My Princess Boy.”  It’s a book now being pushed on America’s kids by People magazine and the hags of “The View.”  Cheryl Kilodavis wrote the book to help promote the “acceptance” among America’s kids of her 5-year-old son’s penchant for dressing up in sequined dresses, pink high-heeled shoes, yellow frills, tutus, and other girls’ and womens’ clothes.

Yes, Cheryl Kilodavis and her many pop culture media supporters want you to know that RuPaul isn’t just a bad disco act from the ’90s.  It’s now the “modern” boys’ uniform your kids should accept on their male kindergarten classmates.  Like I said, Al-Qaeda and the rest of the terrorist-loving Islamic world isn’t teaching their boys to be women and their women to be alpha males.  Nope, they’re teaching their men to be masculine, tough, brutal (except in Afghanistan and some other places where poor boys are forever damaged after being enslaved in bacha bazi sex slave rings).  Muslim boys aren’t encouraged at age three to wear tutus.  They’re encouraged at age three to become warriors, homicide bombers.  Not that that’s laudable.  It isn’t.  But neither is teaching toddlers and young kids to go overboard and give a new stretch to the definition of “embracing their feminine side.”

People Mag found one of many idiotic social workers who embrace this idiocy. Dr. Sheri Parks of the University of Maryland doesn’t care about the sickness of feminizing America’s boys and the ill effects of lax parenting like that of Ms. Kilodavis. Nope, she was more concerned about the amount of pressure on a young kid to be the new poster boy for RuPaulism Syndrome. And, yes, I made that up, but it’s as good a name as any for this absurd push on boys to dress like girls.

In case you were wondering, there is a dad in the picture, and he supports all of this.  Dean Kilodavis thinks it’s all harmless.  “Is he hurting anybody?  No.   Then I support him.”  Uh, your wife’s book and this attitude harms all of American society . . . irreparably.  Man up.

If this is America’s future, and sadly, it looks like it kinda is, there won’t be an American future.  But, hey, men and women can shop together at Victoria’s Secret . . . for him and for junior.  And you can’t beat one-stop shopping for bras and panties for the whole family, right?

Oh, and by the way, it goes both ways, sadly. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been dressing their daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, as a boy because she wants to dress as a boy.

Memo to America’s kids: If you are a princess, you aren’t a boy. If you’re a boy, you can’t be a princess. It’s pretty simple. If you think the two things mix and your parents support that, get him . . . for you and your parents.

**** UPDATE: Reader Worry01 writes:

It appears that the “Tranny”- “NAMBLA” types are hitting hard on your article. These characters seem to think it is really cool for a parent to turn their kid into a transvestite or worse. Junior did not go out and select the clothes or other paraphernalia. It was mommy. Twenty years ago, this would have been considered child abuse, if not thinly disguised pedophilia. This makes the Jon Benet Ramsey case seem lovingly innocent by comparison.

Bull’s eye.

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Once again “Liberal” America which demands tolerance for ALL, throws in their hidden disclaimer-Unless you disagree with me; otherwise known as the obamination clause. Setting aside political views, religion, and any and all personnel agenda; one of the base principals that allow our planet,our universe, and our species to survive and thrive is…. male and female create and sustain life; whether in reproduction or electricity(t/-)or the millions of myriad combinations that make up our physical world. Base principal, bottom line, no argument; male/male,female/female, transgender ect… Goes against the laws of nature that sustain all life on this planet. You cant just alter these things based on a whim or a feeling of being different, YES being different is an amazing thing and we all are; each and every one of us. BUT we were born to be either or, not both. A new car doesnt come off the assembly line and then be touted as a motorcycle, Duh! its a car!

Base Principals on March 1, 2016 at 11:05 am

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