January 23, 2007, - 1:19 pm

BREAKING: Hezbollah “Protestors” Attack Christians in Lebanon

By Debbie Schlussel
Read the coverage at my favorite Lebanese news source, Ya Libnan, which does a great job of exposing Hezbollah, including this latest attempt to overthrow the Lebanese government and replace it with Hezbos:

At least 48 people were hurt in scuffles, especially in Beirut and Christian areas, security sources said.
Black smoke billowed over Beirut as [Hezbollah] demonstrators shut main roads, including those to the port and international airport. Black-masked Hezbollah organizers prowled the streets on motorcycles, walkie-talkies clamped to their mouths.
Lebanese soldiers fired into the air to keep stone-throwing crowds apart in Beirut and on a highway to the north. Daily life was paralyzed in the capital and many other areas of Lebanon.


Hezbollah Terrorist Riots in Lebanon, Today

“This government only understands force and today is only a small lesson,” protester Jamil Wahb told Reuters in the Shi’ite southern suburbs. “We will stay here until they give in.”
Six pro-government loyalists were wounded, one of them critically, by shooting during an opposition protest in the northern Christian village of Halba, security sources said.
In other violence, a gunman fired on protesters in the ancient Christian town of Byblos, wounding three people before soldiers arrested him. . . .
The strike dramatically escalates a campaign by Hezbollah, which is backed by Syria and Iran, and its allies to replace the government and hold early parliamentary elections. . . .
One Christian leader said Tuesday’s protests were tantamount to a coup attempt against the Western-backed government. . . .
Demonstrators blocked roads to Beirut airport with burning tires and earth barricades. Several Arab and international airlines suspended flights, though the national flag carrier Middle East Airlines made no announcement on its plans.


Hezbollah Terrorist Rioters in Lebanon, Today

The airport remained operational, but few workers or passengers showed up, airport sources said.
Most main roads in Beirut were shut, as were highways to the north and south, and to the Syrian capital Damascus.
Many shops, schools and businesses were closed in Beirut but it was hard to tell whether this was in support of the strike or because people could not get to work past blazing barricades.
Pro-government figures condemned the protests.
“What is happening is a revolution and a coup attempt,” Christian leader Samir Geagea told al-Jazeera television. “This is direct terrorism to paralyze the country.” . . .
Hezbollah followers chanted slogans as they lit tires in downtown Beirut, close to the prime minister’s office.
“Siniora out, down with the government.”

So much for President Bush’s democracy plan for Lebanon.

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4 Responses

As a European Lefty you may think I was anti-American and anti-Israeli.
But I must say that what is happening in Lebanon today seems to be a very sad attempt to destablise the country after Hezbollah lost influence during the war in the summer.
Power to the people!! and lets hope the lebanese resist the terror and begin to build their own democracy.

Rory in Aberdeen on January 23, 2007 at 2:04 pm

In February 1917, the Western powers welcomed a liberal revolution in Russia. By year’s end the Bolsheviks — who “worked” those powers and sympathizers for every advantage — schemed, plotted, agitated, counted bullets … and finally took over. Russia had a pitiably weak democracy and a ruthlesslly state-power seeking party. So too does Lebanon. (End of simple comparison.)

Jeremiah on January 23, 2007 at 2:28 pm

Lebanon is falling fast–and soon it will be too late. I think the only way that this might possibly be reversible is if Israel goes in to really do the job this time–but unless Ohlmert is out–that won’t happen either. So it looks like Lebanon will be a proxy state for Syria and Iran through the Hezbollah. That means a pure staging ground for endless attacks on Israel.
If any of you ever get the chance to hear Brigitte Gabriel tell her accounts of what the muslims did to her family there and to the country–it will enrage you. I still need to read her book–“Because they Hate.” May G-d help us to support the Christians in Lebanon to stand against this onslaught–or to be prepared to face the gory consequences of what will follow the muslim coup to come.

BB on January 23, 2007 at 6:53 pm

Omg you’re seriously ignorant of what’s happening seriously I’m a lebanese and dudees don’t believe everything you’ve heard and HAHAHA Hisbollah never lost infuence on the contrary more started believing in them after the war and people from all religions realised that Hizbolla is for the country and we today feel safe and loyal towards Hizbolla don’t ask a pig how a rose feels ask the rose seriously you make me laugh!!

Whatever... on January 20, 2012 at 5:53 am

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