January 23, 2007, - 3:30 pm

What Happened to Me on BBC: Hate & Intolerance Tries to Silence the Right of Far Left

By Debbie Schlussel
Every week, I’m contacted by BBC to be on their radio program, “World Have Your Say.” And every week, it’s dominated by leftists. Last week was an exception with Richard Perle and Milblogger Bill Roggio on the show.
Usually, I get a sentence or two in, and then it’s time for them to get to others. Today, however, I finally got some adequate time to say my piece. The topic was about America’s image in the world and whether we should be concerned with the world disliking us. My view is that we should stop trying to appease the world–which generally means kowtow to Muslims who wish us dead.


Instead, we should concentrate on getting those who hate us to also fear and respect us. And you can’t do that by being meek, constantly sending delegations over there telling them, “please, please like us; we allow your extremists to have the run of America, so why won’t you like us?” You gain respect by being tough, by being ruthless, by showing those who cheered the 19 hijackers a little taste of what they will get if they try it again.
I frankly don’t care why they hate us. I care why we don’t hate them more, or even enough. I await the day when we will stop acting like the jilted lover who keeps begging to be taken back, despite years of abuse.
But BBC’ers don’t like that kind of talk. They like to hate Americans who hate America–which they get plenty of. And me being on, I interrupted their daily fix. It was like being sent to rehab, cold turkey, for them. And they have zero tolerance.
So, while I was on the air, BBC read a host of hate-mailers begging for my microphone to be shut off and that I never be allowed on the BBC airwaves. They were mad that I actually dared disagree with some Brits and Americans who say that the world should hate America more, that we (and Israel–gotta get that anti-Semitic stuff in there) are responsible for all the evil in the world. That we, America, are the evil of all evils. Blah, blah, blah.
They were mad at America for Global Warming. When I asked why they don’t hate China and India (who contribute to global warming more) and pointed out that they really don’t care about global warming–any excuse to hate America and attack it will do–the lumpen BEEBetariat got even angrier that the Beeb would dare have me on their airwaves.
Joe Noory at No Pasaran! has an excellent description of what happened to me, today, on BBC.
He sums it up by calling the show, “World (Don’t) Have Your Say” and saying this:

Euro-peevishness on parade… Useful, truly.

Amen, Joe. Read the comments of the angry Beebetariat directed at me. They hate me. AND I LOVE IT!
Getting on their nerves is a blast.
**** UPDATE: Well, the Beebetariat is even more outraged over me than even I perceived. Here’s more from the Beeb’s producer who booked me for the show:

I booked our main guest today, Debbie Schlussel. The question was ‘Does America’s image matter?’ – as in do Americans care what the world thinks of them? I knew Debbie would cause some controversy but I wasn’t prepared for the angry, angry people down the phone, on the text, emails, comments on the blog. When you’re fully interactive it does open multitudinous channels of abuse…
I felt a little guilty that Debbie didn’t really have an ally and the callers were so vehemently against her (and cross with the BBC for giving her airtime). Occasionally it did feel like a public hanging. However, there was a late show of support from her in email form. I suppose your average right-winger doesn’t really listen to the BBC. Also one caller called Des justified it best when he said that, although he completely disagreed with her, America’s global image is often that of right-wingers like Debbie so it was relevant and even necessary to have her on.
I did regret that, because of the large response.

I can take it. Too bad they can’t take me. They very badly need to take the medicine for their disease. It’s even worse than I’d earlier diagnosed.
Reader Jack writes:

Subject: bbc
Nice to see you can speak your mind . . . . screw the rest of the world . . . . they weren’t attacked . . . . we were . . . . read your column daily . . . . like a breath
Of fresh air . . . go get em’ debbie

Thanks, Jack. Their subway was attacked, on a much smaller scale. But, shhhh . . . don’t tell them. They might notice. And they don’t actually want to.

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Its time to stop caring about Europe’s opinion of us. The term ‘Old world’ is quite apt. We need to focus more on Asia, particularly India. They are democratic AND are acutely aware of the danger the muslim world poses to democracies. A Japan-India-US alliance would be useful to offset China’s growing threat, as well as form a firewall against the islamic virus.

WillPower on January 23, 2007 at 4:48 pm

Europeans live in a make-believe world where diplomacy and discussion will win the day. Islamofascists are frightening. They look mysterious and menacing. They are fierce and merciless. They kill without restraint. For Europe (and our homegrown America-haters) to accept reality is to reject all they believe in about being nice and getting along. Some comforting explanation has to be concocted so America is the disturbing force in a civilized world. We havenÔø?t embraced liberal-socialism so we are the savages, too headstrong and arrogant. TheyÔø?re scared out of their wits and have no courage. They can displace their fear into America-bashing. Besides, you can safely hate America without getting your head chopped off. ItÔø?s something like the old Yiddish joke I recently came across. Two Jews are facing a firing squad in Tsarist Russia. One says, Ôø?I think we can make a run for it.Ôø? The other says, Ôø?Shhh, donÔø?t make any trouble.Ôø?

pat_s on January 23, 2007 at 6:08 pm

The idiot BBC producer is right–we DON’T listen to the BBC. Keep doing what you’re doing, Debbie. The lefties can’t take it.

lexi on January 23, 2007 at 6:16 pm

Britain, maybe France, will be the first national “death by diversity”. Where will their outrage be when dhimmification is complete? When the BBC goes silent, and Al-Jazeera is the only channel? I am sure they will blame America when that time comes.

jeebie on January 23, 2007 at 7:30 pm

The Euro-peons may one day wake up to find themselves being forced to enter the Infidel Beheading Centers that their Muslim immigrant friends set up for them. Europe will become just another Turd World cesspool. Welcome to Eurabia!

FreethinkerNY on January 23, 2007 at 7:58 pm

Debbie wrote:
[They were mad at America for Global Warming. When I asked why they don’t hate China and India (who contribute to global warming more) and pointed out that they really don’t care about global warming-]
That’s of course debatable. Some say the US is actually the biggest contributor to global warming (at least per capita):
But the point is why China and India aren’t held to the same standard is because their industrial bases are decades behind the US. They need the time to catch up to raise their living standards. Once China and India reach some sort of parity with the US (however that’s defined), then will they should held to the same standards as the US.
I do agree that a lot of these European lefties are brain-washed and just spewing babble when it comes to the US. Regardless of the success or failure of its policies, the US is truly the only defender of freedom in the world.

Norman Blitzer on January 23, 2007 at 11:42 pm

Didn’t catch the show you refer to (I’m a British right-winger so the BBC is a no-go area) but I have very much enjoyed reading the comments section on the BBC website. My, don’t those liberals know how to throw a fit!
Europe would respect America more if we/they had to stand in America’s shoes for a while. We’ve been insulated by an American military shield that has allowed us to pose and pontificate about the evils of military power and the wonderfulness of ‘soft’ diplomacy. The best thing America could do for Europe (and, in the long run, America’s image) would be to withdraw that shield. Having to deal with the reality of standing on our own two feet would do us a power of good.

Will Sheward on January 24, 2007 at 4:23 am

Good for you Debbie for always holding your own! I still refuse to believe the BBC represents the heart and soul of the British population. Surely they must see the light by now, what with the reporting from Channel 4 of the war declared on infidels within the holy mosques.(puke)
That’s right we don’t care anymore about our image. We want to win!!! We will not be dhimmis.

pigtails not veils on January 24, 2007 at 9:18 am

When will we hate them more than we hate ourselves?

TheOmegaMan on January 24, 2007 at 10:27 am

Man, yeah, i heard the bbc thing yesterday, holy crap was i floored! I mean, i hear there’s people like you, but, wow! I’ve never actually heard someone expose so much bigotry, ignorance, predjudice, stereotyping and rhetoric all at once! I mean, just laying it out there! Got to give it to you, usually people are a little embarrassed, but you are not.
Maybe i’ll listen a little bit closer to what you’re saying next time- just find some better reasoning than repeating verbatim what the bush admin feeds us from their p.r./press releases.

turismokid on January 25, 2007 at 2:30 am

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