January 25, 2007, - 10:54 am

Coolest New U.S. Weapon; But Late Production Time, PR Gives Qaeda Time to Prepare

By Debbie Schlussel
The military’s newest weapon is space age and sci-fi.
It’s a ray gun, which shoots a beam that makes people feel as if their clothes are about to ignite. It’s a harmless way to get enemies to drop their weapons. And it can locate targets and fire beams upon them from more than 500 yards away, almost 17 times the range of existing nonlethal weapons (ie., rubber bullets).
Unfortunately, the ray gun–referred to as an “active denial system”–wil not go into production until 2010, even though all branches of the military have expressed an interest in it and a successful prototype–“Silent Guardian”–was displayed for the press. It was developed by the U.S. military and produced by Raytheon.


Silent Guardian Ray Gun Weapon System

Why so long? Reuters reports that it’s already been tested for 12 years on more than 10,000 people. Our troops could surely use that weapon now in Iraq and elsewhere (ie., Somalia–where we have gunships off the coast). Given that timeline, by the time it gets produced, Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists will already have trained for extreme heat/burning sensations. Right now, they aren’t trained to resist. So now is the time.
Right now, AP reports, anyone hit by the beam immediately jumped out of its path because the sudden, intense blast of heat–130 degrees–is felt throughout the body.
More details:

The system uses electromagnetic millimeter waves, which can penetrate 1/64th of an inch of skin, just enough to cause discomfort. By comparison, microwaves used in the common kitchen appliance penetrate several inches of flesh.
The millimeter waves cannot go through walls but can penetrate most clothing, officials said. They refused to say whether the waves can go through glass.
The weapon could be mounted on ships, airplanes and helicopters, and be used for security or anti-terrorism operations.
“There should be no collateral damage to this,” said Senior Airman Adam Navin, 22, of Green Bay, who has served several tours in Iraq.
Navin and two other airmen were role players in Wednesday’s demonstration. They and 10 reporters who volunteered were shot with the beams. The beams easily penetrated various layers of winter clothing.

Rush this weapon out now to give our brave men and women the tactical advantage. Otherwise, it’s just plain stupidity to publicize it to our enemies and give them time to train accordingly.
They could have kept it a secret and then just started using it. Why telegraph our new weapons and what they can do? Is that dumb or what? There’s simply no benefit to doing that.

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“It’s a ray gun, which shoots a beam that makes people feel as if their clothes are about to ignite.”
Funny, that’s how I feel every time I see your picture in the tight shirt at the top of this site.
I sure could use that weapon….uh, just for, uh, research purposes only! Yeah, that’s it. It’s not like I’d use it on women or anything.

Jeff_W on January 25, 2007 at 12:05 pm

Iím not so sure about this one. 130 degrees F is somewhere in the range for a good hot shower. In temperate & cold climates, the perceived rapid change in skin temperature would of course be striking. In hot climates like Baghdad or Somalia, will the heating effect be perceptible at all? Homemade countermeasures may be possible to fabricate. That notwithstanding, all the best to the folks at Raytheon. I hope their idea works.

timjansing on January 25, 2007 at 12:31 pm

Why waste time heating their clothes. We need a ray-gun that will reduce the Islamic Nazi enemy to ashes. Burn, baby, burn!!

FreethinkerNY on January 25, 2007 at 1:31 pm

“will not go into production until 2010″…three data points:
1)The contract for the Hoover Dam was signed in 1931, and the finished dam was dedicated by FDR in 1935.
2)The decision to build the Atlas ballistic missile was made in 1954. The weapon was operationally deployed in 1959 and 1960. Its development involved a number of very difficult scientific and engineering challenges.
3)During WWII, GE was given a contract to build a turboelectric propulsion system for destroyer escorts. Nine months after the contract was signed, a new factory had been built and equipped and the workers had been hired and trained.
Something is wrong when we accept the idea that the active denial weapon will not be available until 2010–especially given that it’s already been 5 years since the terror attacks of 9/11.
We need more leaders like Bernard Schriever:

photoncourier.blogspot.com on January 25, 2007 at 8:04 pm

Crank up the volts, watt are we waiting for? Could be a humane way to herd a few million illegals back home. Or motivate the democrats to actually do something patriotic. Put one on the space station, link with google earth, and buh-wah-ha-ha! Vadar’s death star might have had such humble beginnings. Better yet, give the first model to Debbie Schlussel to test, anyway/anyone you want to. Have fun, Debbie!

jeebie on January 25, 2007 at 9:10 pm

Debbie, you asked: “Why telegraph our new weapons and what they can do? Is that dumb or what?”
We do a lot of stupid things. Personally, I believe this entire weapon concept is stupid. What good is a weapon that doesn’t kill bad guys…especially one that takes 15 years to develop?
I guess our ROE’s still have not changed for the better and our guys are still required to play “nice and fair” while the enemy hides behind women and children, detonating IED’s and torturing, mutillating and killing any of our guys they capture.

joesixpack31 on January 25, 2007 at 9:49 pm

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