November 30, 2010, - 11:15 am

John Conyers’ Son Uses Govt Vehicle to Party (VIDEO)

By Debbie Schlussel

Why was John Conyers’ son driving a vehicle paid for by taxpayers for his Thanksgiving weekend partying?

I’ve written a great deal over the years about the exploits of the John Conyers family–Marxist anti-Israel Congressman John Jr., wife/beard Monica, and their sons, including John III.  But unlike the hypocritical conservative blogosphere sheeple, I did not make a big deal out of video, last week, showing John Conyers looking at Playboy magazine on an airplane.  Those snickering at that are the same conservatives who have no prob with Sean Hannity posing smilingly with the hookers of the Bunny Ranch and featuring sex tape star Kim Kardashian on his FOX News show, gushing over her and the “good head on your shoulders.” Somebody’s thinking with their head, but I’m not sure it’s the one on anyone’s shoulders.  That’s not to mention the exploits of GOP Senators John Ensign (paying off a Congressional staffer with whom he had an affair) and David Vitter (“seeing” hookers), both of whom should have been turned out of office by Republicans when they refused to resign.  Plus, Conyers with Playboy gave a hint that he might not be gay, which–as I’ve repeatedly noted on my site–has long been suspected all over Detroit.  But . . . maybe he was “just reading it for the articles.”

Watch the video . . .


John & Monica Conyers in Better Days (Better Days for Them)

I’ve written about the important stuff, like how the Conyers forced a Congressional aide to serve as cook, nanny, and chauffeur of their sons to Cranbrook, the most expensive, fanciest private school in the metro Detroit area.  And I wrote about how John Conyers did a 180 on his position on a sludge factory and wrote a letter to that effect on Congressional stationery at the same time his wife was taking bribes from the company in question.  He denied any knowledge and was never investigated, despite the obvious appearance of impropriety.  And, now, Conyers and his kids are misusing tax-paid resources for their own personal use . . . again.

When I worked on Capitol Hill, Congressmen were not allowed to bill taxpayers for their own cars and had to pay for it on their own dime.  Only the leadership got tax-funded cars (and chauffeurs).  But when the Republicans took over Congress, this was one of their many “reforms.”  Many Congressman–including the ones who pretend to be the most conservative–now bill the taxpayers for their vehicle, and they use the vehicle for both business and personal use, as there is no oversight.  And John Conyers is one of them. He has a tricked-out 2010 Cadillac Escalade, and you’re paying for it.

Yup, Congressmen don’t have car payments like the rest of us because the cars are bought and paid for by you, the American taxpayer.  When you read about all these Tea Party Congressmen sleeping overnight in their own offices “out of the goodness of their hearts” (more like out of the goodness of their own wallet, which must pay for that expense), don’t believe the hype.  If they are billing their car to the taxpayers, they are frauds.

Conyers’ son, John Conyers III, apparently gets to partake in the taxpayer largesse, driving the SUV–that Cadillac Escalade–that Conyers bills to the taxpayers as his Congressional vehicle.  Apparently, the Conyers son took the car out on the town for partying over Thanksgiving weekend.  What was on the laptops that were stolen?  And why did John Conyers III have tens of thousands of dollars in tickets to a Detroit concert hall?  No-one is talking.

Read the police report.

(It’s unfortunate that FOX’s Detroit affiliate chose to interview former GOP Congressman Hezbollah Joe Knollenberg as some sort of authority on this.  He’s hardly one to talk.  He and his aerobics teacher wife milked the taxpayers every chance they got, including soaking the U.S. for nearly $100 million that went straight to Hezbollah.)

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Congresscritters get that, franking privileges and government medical care – all paid for by taxpayer dollars. But you don’t hear conservatives rise to denounce it.

That’s probably because the GOP will soon feed at the same trough the Democrats have been feeding from the past couple of years. There is one thing worthy of note here: abuse of the taxpayers is a Washington practice that knows no ideology and no party affiliation.

NormanF on November 30, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Most politicians operate like this. From the township level, all the way up to the president of the US. If you want to get an education on corruption, go to one of your local city council meetings. I went to a few Westland city council meetings a few years ago, when there was a re call movement going in that city, and I learned a lot. I was hearing discussions of dozens of missing laptop computers from city hall, missing construction materials, some of which appeared on a city official’s bar up north, city officials filling their motor homes with city gas, city employees holding positions in other cities, pensions that pay more than a city official’s working salary, and last but definately not least, land deals. None of these accusations were ever refuted during the debates in city council.
If this kind of thing goes on at the local level, just imagine what happens on the state and federal level.

RT on November 30, 2010 at 12:28 pm

All yall are a bunch of raycisst! Tryn to keep a brotha down and whatnot. Raycisss! And that is me being

samurai on November 30, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Oh and speaking of taxpayer abuse – the FHA – that’s the Federal Highway Administration wants ALL street signs now in CAPITAL Letters like say WALL ST replaced with signs in Lower case and larger type – Wall St – because they’ll supposedly be easier for people to read:

US Cities Forced To Spend Millions Changing Street Signs That Are In Capital Letters

Yup. This is how they spend our money – on the trivial and inconsequential and Washington bureaucrats don’t care the money being wasted on changing street signs could better be spent on things that could really benefit the country.

Who the heck needs the TSA groping us to death when we’ve got the FHA obsessed with street signs being displayed in CAPITAL letters. That’s America’s crisis today that needs to be urgently attended to!

No wonder this country is in decline…

NormanF on November 30, 2010 at 12:38 pm

I have a friend on detail who had a discrepancy <$100 on his/her government credit card. The decision of the Service was to terminate this 20+ year employee for the 'serious infraction'. He/she quickly repaid the money in question to no avail. He/she was eventually forced to resign, yet we have BS like THIS? Sickening

#1 Vato on November 30, 2010 at 4:35 pm

I have a joke for you. What is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? None.

I’m serious, once they get a whiff of power, their ideas go out the window. I would love to see the political system revamped and a no party system take place.

colt13 on December 1, 2010 at 10:37 am

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