February 13, 2007, - 10:18 am

Radio Across America: Me on Adam Carolla Show/CBS Radio; More Hannity Clueless Copying

By Debbie Schlussel
There has been an internet outage with my service provider for almost the last day (and my private e-mail is still not working), thus my absence.
Today at 9:20 a.m. Pacific/12:20 p.m. Eastern, I will be on “The Adam Carolla Show,” the morning show broadcast on most FM CBS radio stations on the West Coast. Adam and I will be discussing the domestic Islamic terrorist threat, Imam Husham Al-Husainy, and Sean Hannity Vanity’s week-long plagiarism of my work on Al-Husainy. Listen Live.
Also, the mail keeps pouring in–against Vanity and from his conservative base, who’ve left his audience because they don’t buy the act. Here’s a sampling:

My last straw with Sean Vanity was when he would not denounce Judith Regan [DS: who published Vanity’s books, but he “forgot” to mention that conflict of interest} over the O.J. book. Mark Fuhrman was on and asked Sean to denounce Judith, and he would not do it.
And then tonight he stuck up for Alan Colmes calling our Marines “cold blooded murderers” over the Haditha incident. Colmes was called out by one of the fathers of those Marines, so he apologized. Sean came to his recuse by saying “We’re on the air 4 hours a day, and we make mistakes.” Mistakes, my ass, when you deliberately convict before a trial–like, oh, the Duke lacrosse players.
Keep up the great work and don’t hold your breath for Sean Vanity to
acknowledge you or the work he deliberately stole from you. Like I tell people I’m conservative, not a Republican.
Sean is phony as a 3 dollar bill.

I couldn’t agree more.
As another reader points out, does this mean that Sean Vanity will stop criticizing Joe Biden for plagiarizing a speech from British Labor leader Neil Kinnock?
I wouldn’t count on it. Vanity does not mean the absence of Hypocrisy.
Would be nice if Sean Vanity could come up with some new material, but apparently he cannot (not exactly a newsflash to those familiar with him). Another reader writes about last night’s show:

Well, I think the thief [Hannity] is going to play this phone tape of Husainy till it wears out or until he has every so called Islam expert on analyzing him . . . but you.
Thought you’d like to know, they had “another Islam expert” on just
now. Nonie Darwish.
When I saw this, my thoughts were: Vanity is doing this to you
intentionally (as in trying to p*ss you off royally).
He asked this lady questions, that he SHOULD have asked YOU. She was such an expert [DS: I beg to differ] . . . but not on this imam. Nonie didn’t even know if he was a Shia and if he is an Iraqi. She even said, she has to assume he is, “’cause this Imam supports Hezbollah.”
[DS: I’m familiar with Nonie Darwish, had dinner with her recently, and she is very clueless on these particular things. She is an Arab and a former Muslim, but quite frankly, not an expert on this stuff at all. This clinches my impression of that b/c plenty of Sunnis support Hezbollah b/c the group is against Israel and America. Clearly clueless. And regardless, I’m no fan of hers b/c she deliberately lied to me about something.]
A-hole Vanity asked her, “Is he dangerous”? (WTF!!!! . . .GULP !!!!!) She answered, of course, cause I don’t know if he IS hezbollah, but he supports it. Hezbollah always says, “Death to America”.
She expounded in the end by saying, “He could be a sympathizer of
Hezbo.” She “doesn’t know.”
And the saga goes on.

Yup, Clueless Plagiarist Hannity with more clueless so-called “Experts” who know nothing.

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5 Responses

I stopped listening to Sean “It’s All About Me” Hannity for several reasons;
1. He CONSTANTLY says that he’s got the “exclusive” interview with someone while other radio and TV hosts already interviewed that person.
2. He always, ALWAYS prefaces (then repeats it, and repeats it) any talk about islam as being a religion that was hijacked by a minority of extremists, instead of speaking the truth about islam. He never talks about the central tenets of islam. He never quotes from the qur’ an. If he did, he’d then have to expose it as a religion that is intolerant, violent, and deadly, but he’s afraid of the backlash. He actually does a disservice to his listeners when he does this.
3. Hannity doesn’t talk – he PONTIFICATES. He’ll go on a rant, repeating himself for 15 minutes, talking about the same thing. He treats his listeners as if they’re a bunch of school kids and he’s the teacher. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the rant turns shrill – it’s just as bad as listening to Hillary Clinton on the campaign stump.
4. He thrusts himself into just about every caller’s conversation. Listen for yourself: In about 8 out of every 10 caller’s phone calls, Hannity cuts them off to talk about himself. He’ll go on for minutes about how he had a hard life in his early adulthood; how he “did this, did that”; or how he worked as a bartender, painter, construction worker, boat builder, etc. In short, it’s all about him.
5. He’s always talking about what he does on the weekends, what he does on vacation, what he does with his family, what cars he drives, as if anyone really gives a $hit. He also talks on the air way too much with his producer and airhead extraordinaire, “Flirty Flipper”. I don’t care to listen to that tripe…just give me the news and talk about the issues. Even Rush cut down on his golf-outing bull sessions.
6. Hannity’s gimmic to wrap himself in country music is obvious and insulting. He does this to come across as being a more “red-blooded American”, and being more “down-to-Earth” rather than the elitist media star. He’s emulating that other phony, gun-slinging, urban cowboy, Don “The Cryptkeeper” Imus. Hannity would never hang around with Jazz and Blues artists or have them on his show because that’s too “sophisticated” for him.
Hannity is tiresome and after a while it’s easy to discern that his show is all about him.
No, I now listen to news radio or music when I can. I just can’t stand the phoniness. And, I’ve always been critical of Hannity – not just now, during his plagiarism scandal.

Thee_Bruno on February 13, 2007 at 11:12 am

If anyone finds a recorded audio link of this, can you please post the URL.

Avatar on February 13, 2007 at 2:06 pm

If Hannity somehow retracts, corrects, or apologizes, will you acknowledge on your blog, or keep piling on the vanity stuff ?

Egyptoid on February 13, 2007 at 10:35 pm

Sean Hannity is a big blowhard jackass. I liked him the first couple times I heard him because he supported Israel and supported Bush and all that, but aside from being on the same general side as me, there’s nothing to like about him. It’d be nice if he had more to contribute than hot air.

Dan on February 13, 2007 at 11:43 pm

I had to do all my work the hard way by giving every one – primary and secondary – credit. The schlorly convention exists for two reasons. One is ethical in the way of due acknowledgement and the other is source assessment so a reader or listener can look up the quotes and judge for themselves if they are in line with the case you’re making.
No one is expecting Sean Hannity to be a scholar but its wrong to borrow someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. If you’re a habitual plagiarist, no one else is going to think much of the rest of your character. What counts is what you do in public as well as in private. Trite and true.

NormanF on February 15, 2007 at 12:58 am

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