October 15, 2007, - 2:32 pm

Thank G-d, She Can’t Be Prez: Michigan Guv Calls Voters “Racist,” Continues to Summer in Tax-Paid Mansion

By Debbie Schlussel
When I had my radio show on FM Talk here in Detroit, I used to refer to Michigan’s esteemed Democratic Governor-ette Jennifer Mulhern Granholm as “The Governatrix Gran-ho.” There are a multitude of reasons for that. And it’s not just because she and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the only “Dating Game” contestant Governors.
If you’re not from Michigan (and most of my readers are not), you may still be aware that Michigan’s economy is so bad, we are as bad off as–if not worse than–Katrina-stricken New Orleans. Our economy is past dying. Rigor mortis is about to set in.
So what does the ultimate political prostitute Governatrix do?


Extremist Muslim Imam Hassan Qazwini

& Michigan Democrat Governatrix Jennifer “Gran-HO” Granholm

* She calls the voters of Michigan–the same ones who re-elected her–“racist”:
In an interview with TV host Tim Skubick of Palestinian Broadcasting System (PBS), she told Skubick that Michigan voters chose the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (that ended state affirmative action in hiring, promotions, and college admissions) are racist:

There is probably a racial element.

That’s interesting, since 58% of Michigan voters (far more than voted for Gran-ho’s re-election on the same ballot) voted for MCRI. You got it–Gran-ho believes that 58% of Michigan voters are racists. Nice.
* She raises taxes (along with very willing Republicans) and continues to summer in a tax-funded mansion along with her friends:
To “solve” a Michigan budget crisis and shutdown, Granholm claimed she was cutting her salary and cutting fat out of the budget. But while working class Joes are paying more in income and sales taxes, she’ll continue to summer–courtesy of the Michigan taxpayers–in her summer Governor’s mansion on Michigan’s Mackinac Island. She refuses to sell the mansion. Nor will she sell the other Michigan-owned mansions on the Island, at which her appointees to the Mackinac Island Commission stay every summer weekend, with a full coterie of tax-funded staff (maids, etc.).
Yup, she’s Michigan’s own Marie Antoinette: Let them eat cake . . . and pay higher taxes, while I and my friends party it up at tax-funded summer mansions. The Republicans haven’t done a thing about this either because they use the mansions, too. They’re just not for you, “the little people.”
* She plays the Chick Card: In the interview with Skubick, she claimed that women would have worked out the Michigan budget crisis faster:

Women are used to picking up other people’s messes, so perhaps it would have been done more quickly.

Really? What woman has cleaned up Gran-ho’s mess? The way she “cleaned up” the mess, that means that women would have raised taxes much more quickly.
Um, no thanks, chickie.
Thank G-d this woman cannot run for President. She was born in Canada.

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6 Responses

yes she sucks,but she didnt screw up Michigan(not alone anyways)we can thank nafta for shit like that..i worked in a foundry,when they passed nafta,they wanted to send my job to mexico,where they could pay a guy to do my job for a week,what i made an hour,how in the hell were we supposed to compete with that,seems like the government(federal and state)dont care about Michigan people/jobs…they been helping send them to mexico for as long as i remember

patriot10 on October 15, 2007 at 7:21 pm

The problem with arguing against free trade agreements is that it cuts both ways.
Remember the steel tariffs from a few years ago? That was government in action, protecting the noble steel workers of America from unfair foreign competition… and screwing over all of Michigan’s industries that relied on affordable steel.
Michigan doesn’t need protectionist economics. It needs an environment that’s conducive to starting and maintaining businesses. That means cutting taxes, cutting red tape, ditching the unions, and ditching all of the dirty back-room politics that’s no doubt commonplace all over Detroit and the rest of the state.
The reason Michigan is failing now is because the bureaucracy has been so stringent that Michigan wasn’t able to slowly move away from manufacturing into more service- and knowledge-based industries like a lot of other states have been able to do. Instead we’ve had to stake our entire claim on the success on the already-entrenched auto industry and its related offspring. Now that foreign competition is taking that down, Michigan’s going down with it.
Like you said, foreign wages are so much cheaper than American wages, not even the sort of protectionist policies that you’re in favor of would convince companies to bring their factories back to Michigan. The only option is for Michigan to adapt, which it can’t do because the environment in Michigan is just so hostile to anything new.

LibertarianBulbasaur on October 15, 2007 at 11:00 pm

Impeach the Mole!

Bill Petty on October 16, 2007 at 7:25 am

Michigan has something in common with Finland, both have Swedish/Finnish dunderhead polticians.
Minister of immigration, Atrid Thors slammed the “guest worker” idea, and says Finland needs 10 000 new immigrants yearly:

kgs59 on October 16, 2007 at 7:32 am

One more note, Astrid Thors oversees Finnish policies for the Finnish autonomous ?land island region between Finland and Sweden.
?landers are notorious for safeguarding the “Swedishness” of their island archipelago, hopefully she’ll flood it with any new immigrants from the Levant.

kgs59 on October 16, 2007 at 7:42 am

What Michigan needs is a governor that has actually had an orignal thought….uh, no scratch that, after Milliken and Blanchard we know that’s dangerous, too. (They come back, like bad pennies, to advise Jenny the Dim on taxes)
Give Jenny credit for the one truth uttered: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Sure nuff, we haven’t.
How about NO governor, and a “State Manager” instead with figure head governor and part time legislature, which would be like legislatures of most other states?
How much worse could it be?

Zoyadog on October 16, 2007 at 8:27 am

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