December 8, 2010, - 5:03 pm

Sick of Hearing About John Lennon: His Devastating War on America

By Debbie Schlussel


Is it just me . . . or are you sick of hearing about John Lennon and his death 30 years ago, this week?  Please, Make It Stop.

I wish Mark David Chapman hadn’t shot him–not because I care a whit about Lennon, but because instead of being beatified and sainted, John Lennon, today, would be just another wealthy, aging, crotchety anti-war has-been denouncing conservative values and whining about “oppressed” Islamic terrorists.  The only thing I think of when I hear the words, “John Lennon,” is some smelly, stupid bed-in stunt by two annoying hirsute morons.   And that’s not to mention their hideous nude photos.  Um, TMI before there even was “TMI.”  (My mind needs to be Lysol-ed, just thinking about their gimmicks.)  John Lennon–who cares?  Not me.

If Only John Lennon’s War On America Was Over; Sadly, It Didn’t Die With Him

He called himself “anti-war,” but John Lennon’s war on America was one of the most damaging to our nation, not in the cost of lives, but at a cost far more long-lasting. The guy’s great “contributions” to the Western world were glorifying the sexual revolution and drug use, both of which led to the greatest problems facing America today in the breakdown of our society on all fronts:  families, education, and America’s place in the world.  The counterculture he helped lead destroyed America.  Not sure why that’s anything to celebrate.

And, no, I don’t remember where I was when the guy got shot.  I only remember where I was when Ronald Reagan got shot. One man was great and freed major parts of the world.  The other had scraggly long hair and was exchanging bodily fluids with a self-important gadfly guru-ette, named Yoko.

On top of all that, John Lennon was a phony. He was a limousine liberal who lived in a fancy New York Dakota apartment and lived like a king, while preaching about a world with no possessions or greed. Funny, he wrote that song under the tutelage of one of the most material women in the world, multi-millionairess/near-billionairess Yoko Ono. The Ono-Lennons were the most capitalist anti-capitalists ever. And they laughed at you all the way to the bank. They might have been naked as they did it (another of their attention-getting, sleazy marketing stunts), but they laughed at you, nonetheless. And Yoko is still laughing in her Barney’s designer clothes. Imagine, indeed.

Sorry, but while the guy was a talented musician and songwriter (as were all of The Beatles), that’s about it.  Lennon wasn’t a saint.  He wasn’t a genius.  And he’s not an important part of history in any way.  Not even close.  John Lennon may be important to aging baby boomers in remembering their pot-smoking, free-love days.  But when they’re gone, hopefully, he’ll have no place in history.  There’s just nothing historic about Lennon or anything he did.  Nothing good or important, anyway.

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away;

Plus I didn’t have to hear about “Saint” John Lennon every single second of the day;

Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Oh, wait, he didn’t even write that one. Correction:

Imagine all the morons;

It’s easy if you try;

They’re still mourning my death, 30 years later;

While Yoko lives it up and laughs at them in her apartment in the sky;

Imagine there’s no countries;

It isn’t hard to do;

Nothing to kill or die for;

Unless Yoko’s litigating my copyrights in court.

To all the John Lennon fans still worshiping this glorified street urchin, time to wake up to the fact that your long-dead idol was nothing more than an empty hirsute. Move on.

*** UPDATE: Twitter follower GiborahGirl tweets:

John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. What would happen if he said that today about mohammad of islam?

Well, he’d never say it, so we don’t have to guess. He’d be among those kissing Muslim ass. He was just that kind of idiot.

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85 Responses

His songs ‘Back in the USSR’ & ‘Revolution’ were enough evidence that he was a closet communist.

My favorite Beatles were a toss-up b/w Paul & George – although George’s support to the Bangladesh movement spoilt it for me!

Infidel Pride on December 14, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Back in the U.S.S.R. was written by Paul McCartney. Look up the song and you’ll see that in this case you got the songwriter wrong.
    However, you are correct in that Lennon did write Revolution.

    joe lannen on December 18, 2012 at 5:52 am

Wow Debbie, you’re really stooping as low as you can. There hasn’t been a bigger band in the world than the Beatles, there never will be, and Lennon led them. And they did it all with 30 watt VOX amplifiers. It’s one thing to see you criticize a scumbag like Turd Nugent, quite another to try to tear down one of the most positive influences in the last 50 years. Good God, get a life, Debbie.

Jon B on December 14, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Excellent musician, Lennon was. As a person— maggot, swine, scumbag. Rotten dad (ask Julian) and human.

    In addition, Lennon’s views and the widespread institutionalization of them in Britain is why Britain is DYING. (Birthrate:1.57 per woman. Replacement: 2.1. Demographic deathspiral.) No secular humanist culture has a replacement birthrate.

    Occam's Tool on January 24, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    The Vox “Beatle” amps were well known for regularly breaking down (AC30’s and AC 100’s were tube amps and were better as they were designed by Jim Marshall)- There are photos of them on stage with Fender amps down in front of the Vox amps as back-ups.

    Big Al on June 29, 2011 at 11:43 pm

      The AC30s were reliable, as were the second batch of AC100s. The first batch of AC100 amps (the ones used on the August – September ’64 tour of the US) were unreliable. The Beatles were essentially Vox’s beta testers – they got the 7120s to replace the AC100s for ’66, then the Defiant and Conqueror models after those.

      Incidentally, Jim Marshall had no input (pardon the expression) into Vox designs – apart from the AC50, which was outsourced, the designs were done in-house by Dick Denny. The earliest Marshall amps were pretty much clones of the ’59 Fender Bassman.

      As to the Beatles use of Fender amps, there was indeed a Fender Bassman used on recording sessions starting in ’65, but any Fender amp you see on stage during the touring days was owned by one of the opening acts.

      L'Angelo Misterioso on July 27, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Debbie, you are a asshole.

Jim on January 12, 2011 at 2:19 am

To the author: exactly what planet are you from? The hot surface of Venus or the frigid everyday temperatures of mars? Or perhaps you’re just full of gas like Jupiter? So don’t you think it’s time to simmer down or thaw out before your balloon blows out like a whiny chicken?

T. G. on April 4, 2011 at 8:40 am

You sound like a bitter and jealous fool. Look, you don’t have to listen to or read about anything related to Lennon. It’s YOUR choice to do so, as I tell anyone who bitches about stuff that is easily avoided. Turn the TV off, switch the channel, turn on a different radio station, etc. But to call Lennon all these names when he was absolutely one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century sounds ridiculous. And he wasn’t perfect, but believe me the other 3 weren’t either. He was far more honest than most celebrities, and his life at the time he had his first kid was rather hectic and nuts. He wasn’t the best dad to that kid, but he came around in the end and obviously loved him.

His bed-in stuff was naive and silly to some, but it was certainly brave for someone of his status of celebrity to go around doing such things for the sole purpose of spreading the message of peace. It was a gimmick. And it got people thinking. He was flawed, funny, charismatic, arrogant, rude, ridiculous, lovable, angry, and warm. But most of all, he was a paramount musical artist and IS missed. Screw all of you who can’t see how much of an impact John Lennon made. GTFO with this stupid article.

Emily on July 15, 2011 at 11:59 pm

John Lennon destroyed America? Do you really think so little of this great nation that it could be brought low by a pop star? 60s counterculture is more destructive than war? Tell that one to some gold star mothers, why don’t you.

george arnold on December 19, 2011 at 12:22 pm

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