October 22, 2007, - 5:18 pm

Al Gore “Invented” The Internet, But George Clooney is Now an “Energy Expert”

By Debbie Schlussel
Forget about the Internet. Who needs the “inventor” of that when you have a real expert on renewable energy resources, like . . . George Clooney?! Yup, he is now going to help us with new forms of energy. What’s next, Angelina Jolie working on foreign policy? Oh, wait . . . that’s happened.
Well, no-one can say that George Clooney hasn’t already become expert in producing one source of renewable energy–hot air. Crazy:

Swatch Group’s new company for renewable energies’ management board will include Hollywood star George Clooney, who was selected over Nobel prize winner Al Gore, said Swatch Group chairman Nicolas Hayek in an interview with Swiss newspaper Berner Zeitung.
‘Actually I hesitated between Al Gore and Clooney,’ said Hayek.


Smug Know-it-all George Clooney With His Renewable Energy Source

But Gore — who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his environmental campaigning efforts — was dropped as it was feared that he could run for the US presidency.
The company will be based in Biel, and Hayek will take on the chairman post in the management board of this new company.
In August, Swatch had announced that it will join forces with energy firm Groupe E, an international bank, and the Swiss federal institutes of technology ETH to start this company.

Let’s hope it does better than Clooney’s “Michael Clayton” is doing at the box office.
Hmmm . . . maybe, next, Clooney can pick himself up a Nobel Peace Prize, too. After all, Al Gore beat a woman who saved Jews during the Holocaust with his more worthy efforts at producing fright-inducing science fiction theories and accompanying whining film.
Clooney or Gore–was this a choice between the two most annoying, hypocritical celebs trying to worm their way into policy?

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3 Responses

Does this have something to do with the Korean magazine ad, or is that just some picture you found?

LibertarianBulbasaur on October 22, 2007 at 9:28 pm

Well, we’re really in good hands now. Why even bother worrying anymore now that these two powerhouses (Gore and Clooney) of human evolution are on the case?

NeoconNews.com on October 23, 2007 at 1:28 pm

What is it with Hollywood’s obsession with George Clooney. You would think that he is the most popular star in Hollywood even though the movie going public cannot stand him.
If you doubt that, go to IMDB where he his STARmeter is currently down by -44%.
“STARmeterTM and MOVIEmeterTM are rankings of every person and title in IMDb. Available only on IMDbPro, our website designed for people who work in the entertainment industry, STARmeterTM and MOVIEmeterTM provide industry professionals with insights into the popularity of film and television productions as well as the people who make them.”
Scroll all the way to bottom just above the George Clooney forum to view his STARmeter rating:
The way he is treated by Hollywood insiders you would think that he is another Clark Gable.

ScottyDog on October 23, 2007 at 6:42 pm

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