December 21, 2010, - 4:40 pm

Nauseating: Wiesenthal Center Uses Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Celeb as Spokesman

By Debbie Schlussel

I used to call the Simon Wiesenthal Center, “the Rabbi Marvin Hier Retirement Annuity.”  But, now, a more apt name should be “Jew-Haters & Nazi Lovers Buy Absolution Club.”  The latest Israel-hater and Islamic terrorism lover to be embraced by the Wiesenthal Center is Ben Kingsley, an open supporter of Palestinian terrorism and frequent critic of Israel’s legitimate security mechanisms.  More about him, below.

Courageous Nazi Hunter Simon Wiesenthal’s Name Being Used to Legitimize Islamo-Sympatizer Ben Kingsley

The late Simon Wiesenthal was a courageous man who sacrificed much to chase and bring Nazis to justice when it wasn’t hip and no one cared.  But Hier and his self-perpetuating bureaucracy are embracing Jew-hating and Nazi-embracing scum in exchange for money and big names.   And Wiesenthal is probably turning over in his grave.

It was bad enough when Hier and his Wiesenthal Center gave absolution to Arnold Schwarzenegger in exchange for a million or so bucks.  I’m not talking about absolution for Schwarzenegger’s Nazi father.  He shouldn’t be held accountable for his father’s actions.  I’m talking about Schwarzenegger’s wedding invitation to Nazi Kingpin Kurt Waldheim.  At the time, Waldheim was on the no-fly list and not able to attend Schwarzenegger’s wedding to Maria Shriver because Waldheim’s direct involvement in the murder of thousands of Jews came to light.  But that was no biggie to Schwarzenegger, who opened Waldheim’s gift in front of his wedding audience, spoke of what a great person and friend the Nazi killer was, and lamented that he was unable to attend the wedding.

It was worse when the Wiesenthal Center gave a giant award to Will Smith, who was quoted as saying Hitler wasn’t a bad person (Smith claimed he never said it and was “misquoted”).  At the time, the Wiesenthal Center told me that it gave the award to Smith because he gave a lot of money to charity and was a great humanitarian.  But a lot of his “charity” went to extremist mosques which openly embrace Hezbollah and HAMAS and hate Jews just as much as the men Wiesenthal brought to justice.

But, now, the Wiesenthal Center is sending out solicitations from its new spokesman, Sir Ben Kingsley.  See the e-mail message, below.  I doubt very much that the late Simon Wiesenthal was Kingsley’s friend.  But if he was, I guarantee the relationship would have been severed by now, had Wiesenthal lived to see Kingsley’s activities.  It’s not just that Wiesenthal was a Nazi hunter and Kingsley proudly portrayed, in his most famous, Oscar-winning role, a man (Gandhi) who said Jews should’ve bared their necks for Hitler. It’s that Wiesenthal was always, first and foremost, a proud Jew, and he supported Israel. Kingsley, not so much. His favorite travel destination and political topic is Palestinian refugee camps. Oh, and he loves to condemn Israel for erecting a fence to protect itself against Islamic terrorists.

It’s incredibly ironic to read Kingsley implore prospective donors to help him fight “the battle against anti-Semitism, terrorism, hatred, and the preservation of the lessons of that terrible time, over 60 years ago,” all while Kingsley supports the anti-Semites, terrorists, and haters of over 60 years later, today. Kingsley didn’t just visit with Palestinian Holocaust-denier in chief Mahmoud Abbas, he used it as an opportunity to attack Israel, then spread the message and legitimize Muslim attacks on Israeli soldiers.  Take just this gem from his appearance on the “Tavis Smiley Show” on PBS a/k/a the Palestinian Broadcasting Service:

Last year I went with the (unintelligible) foundation to the Palestinian refugee camps, and we screened ‘Gandhi’ literally on the wall that divides the Israeli territory from the Palestinian territory.

It was screened, translated into Palestinian Arabic. . . . So because of the title, I have been at the receiving end of some extraordinary invitations to visit places and people that I never would get an opportunity to visit. Perhaps be a voice for them. Because even by sitting here, and you’ve graciously given me the time to answer this question, even by sitting here now, at least I can mention that there are places like Palestine, Afghanistan, and Pakistan that are populated by the most extraordinarily beautiful, graceful people. And at least I’ve had the opportunity firsthand to visit them and shake hands with them and talk with them about their struggles. . . .

One would hope that, and we all hoped when we made the film that it would have the kind of impact that might invite new ways of thinking. But 25 years later, it’s more urgent than it was when it was made in ’82, more relevant. And there are kids so enraged that all they can do is pick up a rock and throw it at an Israeli soldier, which is suicidal. . . .

But they’re desperate.


From: “Sir Ben Kingsley”
Date: December 21, 2010 7:59:58 AM PST
Subject: Help Continue the Work of my Friend, Simon Wiesenthal
Help Continue the Work of my Friend, Simon Wiesenthal
Join Me as a Guardian of the Flame
December 21, 2010

Dear ,

I’m reaching out to you today as Honorary Chair of Guardians of the Flame, the exciting, high-level group that is another key pillar of support for the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s worldwide efforts. I invite you to join me in helping to continue the work of my friend, Simon Wiesenthal by supporting the Center that bears his name and continues his legacy.

1989 – Sir Ben Kingsley with Simon Wiesenthal on the set of the HBO film, “Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story” 2006 – Rabbi Marvin Hier with Sir Ben Kingsley, following his interview for the Center’s film, “I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal” 2010 – Rabbi Marvin Hier with Sir Ben Kingsley, narrator of the SWC’s “Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny” at the film’s UK premiere.

I want to tell you how crucial you, as a Charter Member, would be to the battle against anti-Semitism, terrorism, hatred, and the preservation of the lessons of that terrible time, over 60 years ago.

The Guardians’ generous support will allow the Center to take on vital new initiatives and to act quickly and decisively when new and disturbing trends and events arise.

Learn more about the exclusive benefits you will receive as a valued Charter Member of this vital group.

I hope you will join me today,

Sir Ben Kingsley
Honorary Chair

Um, “Sir” Ben, I won’t be joining you in anything. Bet on it. Who cares about the Nazis from over 60 years ago, if you’re enabling the new Nazis, today?

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15 Responses

Ben Kingsley (no “sir” – this is not a monarchy) should ask for
help from Mel Gibson – Mel called Winona Ryder an “oven
dodger” when he heard she is a Jew:

T: I deliberately didn’t post that story b/c Winona Ryder is a useless idiot. Where has she been? Now, suddenly, 10 years later she tells this story??? Come on. Would have helped had she told this story then or when the Jewish cop was under fire from Gibson. But, no, she waited until the comment was useless and her career is in the crapper. DS

Tony on December 21, 2010 at 4:56 pm

As if there weren’t enough reasons NOT to support the Wiesenthal Center. For years their most significant project (still blocked by legal opposition) has been construction of a ridiculously expensive “Museum of Tolerance” in WEST Jerusalem. Yet the “Jewish” part of Jerusalem has long been open to people of all races and faiths – they need no lessons in tolerance. Where’s it’s needed is in places like Nablus and Gaza City. Or Aqaba in Jordan where a restaurant will not serve Israeli tourists.

Raymond in DC on December 21, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    what do israeli tourists are doing in jordan anyway?

    thank you, thank you for everything. i am such a fan!

    lola on December 21, 2010 at 10:24 pm

I remain a strong supporter of SWC, but they have a habit of trying to leverage entertainers who ultimately burn them. I recall that Michael Jackson was a supporter of the SWC but then released his song “They don’t care about us” with the original lyrics containing overt slanders against Jews.

FYI, I received that email and immediately searched this blog as I thought I remembered Debbie writing something about Mahmoud Abbas holding court with Kingsley in Ramallah. I couldn’t find anything.

Oh well. I guess it’s better that Kingsley is raising money for the SWC than the other way around. Still, I am at loss to explain why the SWC uses people like Kingsley who routinely fail the moral equivalency test when it comes to the War Against Israel. Ultimately, if Kingsley wants to do something to fight anti-Semitism, he needs to stand up against it himself; not just endorse a fund-raising drive for the SWC.

I don’t hold it against Kingsley for helping the SWC raise money. However, if he thinks this gives him “the kosher seal of approval”, he’s got another thing coming from me. Even before today’s column, I remembered Kingsley’s little visit with Mahmoud Abbas.

There is NO Santa Claus on December 21, 2010 at 5:44 pm

From the fund-raising pitch:

“The Guardians’ generous support will allow the Center to take on vital new initiatives and to act quickly and decisively when new and disturbing trends and events arise.”

Vital new initiatives? uh oh

Maybe they are changing their mission, and inventing new reasons to get money from donors. After all, not too many Nazi criminals are still alive, and in a few years they will all be dead. What will the Wiesenthal Center do then? It looks like what they will do to justify their continued existence is succumb entirely to political correctness, rather than, maybe, update their mission to today’s Nazis, and bring Muslims to justice.

Little Al on December 21, 2010 at 6:01 pm

Simon Wiesenthal’s group has been a gross failure for many years including the time that he was there.

He wanted to raise the consciousness of various countries who couldn’t care less or who would be incited to do more hateful acts.

He did not track down the killers to have them judged and exterminated. His group was a great force in preventing true justice being done and this is just further proof of it.

Facts Life on December 21, 2010 at 11:10 pm

The very fact that the Guardian is involved is a red flag to me. Their forums have a bunch of antisemites masquerading as “anti-Zionists. Their “comment is free” section is more often then not a platform for thinly veiled antisemitism.

In addition, the fact that the SWC doesn’t know the meaning of the hyphen in “anti-Semitism” is quite telling.

Eliezer on December 22, 2010 at 12:21 am

Once again Debbie (with all due respect), you made the mistake of calling Fascist Islamists “new Nazis”. As I’ve bloviated before, they were Nazis centuries before anyone had dared to spawn Schicklgruber (aka “18”)!

On topic – when one man’s righteous mission turns into a publicity ploy (a la PETA), the principles and virtues that initially form it will eventually degrade into irrelevance. I never go for publicity whores, and the SWC has become one of THEM.


TRJ: Once again, you you made the mistake of not being a regular reader of this site (or retaining what I’ve written if you are a regular reader), as I’ve written soooo many times about how Muslims were Nazis in the SS, etc. It’s something I’ve studied, written about, and known all my life, probably well before you learned about this. Sadly, instead, you (incorrectly) nitpick a phrase that is accurate. Just because a group comprises “the new Nazis” doesn’t preclude that the group comprised the Nazis, before. The two are not mutually exclusive as your faulty logic indicates you believe. But thanks for the incorrect correction. Bloviating, indeed. RIF–Reading Is Fundamental. If you had the respect you claim, you’d read my work more regularly and know I’ve written extensively about how Muslims were Nazis before. DS

The Reverend Jacques on December 22, 2010 at 12:34 am

I had no idea about what a self-hating Jew Kingsley is (well he’s Jewish on one side of his family at least, Indian on the other), don’t keep up with the politics of actors, don’t have the time. I’ve learned a lot about who all the Jew-haters are in Hollywood from Debbie, of course everybody knows who the big ones are like Mel Gibson and Oliver Stone, but the others are out of the limelight. (Also as an aside why was DS the only journalist or commentator I could find who took self-hating Jew Jon Stewart formerly Liebowitz to task for his pro-HAMAS stance during the Gaza War? Yet Stewart remains a fave of all the liberal Jews in America, pathetic). Yet can’t say I’m surprised by Kingsley at all, that is that he is a dhimmi liberal anti-Semite. Beyond lame, what else can one add? The self-loathing among the Jewish ‘artistic’ elite worldwide (including in Israel), writers, actors, academics is something else. It deserves book-length treatment. I don’t mean the self-hating Jew deserves book-length treatment (it’s been done see Ken Levin’s The Oslo Syndrome and playwright David Mamet’s Wicked , I mean the self-hating Jewish cultural elite

On the subject of Palestinians working in hotels and restaurants in Israel, serving Jews. Many of the hotels and restaurants employ foreigners, including former refugees, not so much Palestinians (and for good reason as DS points out). Many of the waiters in our restaurants are Arabs, but a lot of them are Christian Arabs as well.

Larry in Tel Aviv on December 22, 2010 at 2:16 am

sorry that accidentally posted before I was done, so let me rwwrite the part that makes no sense:

It deserves book-lenght treatment. I don’t mean the self-hating Jew deserves book length treatment (it’s been done. See Ken Levin’s The Oslo Syndrome and David Mamet’s Wicked Son for example), I mean the self-loathing of the Jewish cultural elite ALONE deserves book length treatment.

Larry in Tel Aviv on December 22, 2010 at 2:20 am

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has become a donation mill that lives off of its founder’s reputation. It no longer even has respect for its founder’s wishes, as shown by its hiring practices and associations. Frankly, having concern for living Jews is infinitely more important than memorializing the dead ones. In fact, by employing anti-Semites such as Kingsley to further its solicitation efforts, this entity makes a mockery of Jews dead, living, and unborn. Heinrich Himmler and Martin Bormann did not have any trouble with dead Jews, but with those still living.

Worry01 on December 22, 2010 at 4:19 am

The irony is the SWC hasn’t been heard from on the new Nazism of our time. Jewish organizations always seem to refight yesterday’s battles when the real danger looms right in front of them. To assure Jewish survival, Jews need to take seriously the threats of tomorrow. Ben Kingsley is just a distraction from this urgent need.

NormanF on December 22, 2010 at 5:33 pm

I wouldn’t call Ben Kinglsey a “self-hating Jew” because I wouldn’t call him Jewish. His father and maternal grandmother were not Jewish.

His mother was born out of wedlock. His maternal grandmother, who he says was crazy and anti-Semitic (Kinglsey’s words) stated that the maternal grandfather was a Jewish man. But who knows? She may have been lying.

Marti on December 24, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Not surprising, for someone who lionized Gandhi, who was the greatest ally Mohammedans ever had – both within & outside India!

Not only did Gandhi suggest the Jews walk to their death in front of Hitler, he used to in his early days refer to South African Blacks as ‘Kuffar’ (the Islamic term for ‘Repugnant’) and during the partition of India, did what he could to save Muslim lives while putting Hindu lives @ stake.

Thank God for Nathuran Godse!

Infidel Pride on December 30, 2010 at 4:14 pm

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