November 9, 2007, - 12:47 pm

Senate Majority Leader: ICE Princess Must Go; Immigrat’n Chief Makes Agents Take Senstivity Training; Pic of the Blackface Awardee

By Debbie Schlussel
The snowball is gathing steam and mass rolling down the mountain, and The ICE Princess can’t stop it, despite her pathetic and absurd attempts.
Yesterday, for the first time I can remember, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and I concurred. He told the press that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chieftess Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess” must go and that it’s time for the Bush Administration to pull her fast-sinking nomination. Well, a broken clock is, indeed, right a couple times a day, even if the clock is right for the wrong reasons–she should’ve already been gone for national security versus incompetence reasons:


Myers Gave Blackface Award to the Guy in Stripes, in Back

Majority Leader Harry Reid is saying that the White House may want to reconsider its support for the embattled administrator.
“I believe that people who serve in government should be sensitive to religious issues, racial issues – personal issues,” Reid told reporters today. “And from what I know about the Halloween party, this woman was involved in awarding a prize to something that I think was very insensitive to what our country’s trying to work through.
“I personally would take a real close look at that before we are able to go the mat,” he said. “I think the White House should really take another look at this person.”

FYI, a person who was at another party with the blackface-costumed employee posted a pic on his/her blog (pictured above), though you can hardly see the guy. Besides, I want to see the pic of Myers posing with the guy–the pic she “accidentally” deleted. That’s the important pic (please send it, if you have it). I’m not too concerned with the costume-wearer. I’m concerned with the head of his agency who has absolutely no scruples, common sense, or basic decency or integrity.
Meanwhile, several ICE Agents contacted me to talk about the annoying 1.5 hour of sensitivity training The ICE Princess forced them to go through, yesterday. They had to take a diversity test online.
Call me stupid, but isn’t the person who was involved in the racism–and claims she hadn’t a clue–supposed to be the one who undergoes the sensitivtity training? Hello . . . ?
Just asking.
She already got her “diversity” test. She failed.
Buh-Bye, ICE Princess. Fare Thee Well (well, not really).

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2 Responses

As much as I and many other agents would like to see this scenario play out, I’m not getting myself too amped up about it quite yet. Funny how this kind of behavior happens in the upper echelons of the kingdom yet we have to pay the price by wasting time and neurons taking bullshit sensitivity training online. The real entertainment is watching the butt-snorkeling rats scurry for cover while they start selling each other out to save their little political kingdoms.
So much for comraderie…

1shot1kill on November 9, 2007 at 2:21 pm

That ball-less Reid would chime in should be your first clue Debbie.
This whole nonsense doesn’t pass the smell test. I took every diversity, sensitivity training I could get my hands on, if there is some logic to the camel screwing madness I want to know about it.
But taking down the Asst. Secretary over a Halloween Costume? That stinks, I don’t care if the guy came as Adolph Hitler, who made Julie Myers hall monitor for absolute stupidity. Now we are screwed, we can’t get past petty politics to the mission of busting the legions of real criminals. Say what you want but this BS is just not Kosher.

code7 on November 9, 2007 at 9:54 pm

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