December 17, 2007, - 3:03 pm

First Casualty of the Mitchell Report? Plus: Take the Comprehensive Steroids Test

By Debbie Schlussel
Fernando Vina was one of the many former Major League Baseball players whose name was on the Mitchell Report, released by over-rated former Maine U.S. Senator, George Mitchell.
Vina was an analyst on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight,” last season. But, while he appeared on air commenting on baseball issues until recently, Vina hasn’t appeared on the netowrk since being named in the report as a steroid user (or, at least, buyer–guess he was buyin’ ’em for his dog?).
So, did ESPN fire Vina? Or is he just in self-imposed exile in light of the report?


Neither side is saying, though ESPN says it’s been trying to get Vina on the air to answer questions (as a target of inquiry, not necessarily as paid ESPN personality). Time will tell. We may have to wait until April to find out.
By the way, Mitch Albom–with whom I don’t often agree–has a great, comprehensive “non-partisan” test for whether you are for or against steroids. It sums everything up nicely.

Major League Drugs by Fred Taub of Boycott Watch

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