December 17, 2007, - 4:44 pm

EXCLUSIVE – Attention, ICE Tampa: Third Smiling “Just Fireworks” Terrorist Alien Was in Apparent Sham Marriage

By Debbie Schlussel
Are officials of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Tampa (a good number of whom read this site) asking Allison Keyes Browne of the Tampa area about her “marriage” to terror-suspect Karim Moussaoui?
Investigator Bill Warner confirmed that Browne married Moussaoui, the third man charged in the terrorist scheme of the Smiling “Just Fireworks” Islamic Terrorists, on January 3, 2002. Moussaoui illegally possessed firearms and practiced target shooting with Youssef Samir Megahed and Ahmed Sherif Abdullatif Mohamed, the “Just Fireworks” terrorists. They were found in August driving around late at night with pipe bombs on an obscure South Carolina near a military installation, where nuclear weapons and enemy combatants are kept.


Terror Suspect Karim Moussaoui Committed Marriage Fraud


Mohamed and Megahed:

Smiling “Just Fireworks” Terrorists

Browne and Moussaoui were divorced just over a month ago. Moussaoui is a student at the University of South Florida, here on a student visa. And it appears Moussaoui married Browne to stay here after his student visa would expire. Why are they divorced now? Well, FBI agents found the Moroccan national Moussaoui “on vacation” in New York, shortly after the arrests of Megahed and Mohamed near Goose Creek, South Carolina. It appears his “vacation” may have included fleeing home to Morocco–the flights to which depart from New York, according to investigator Bill Warner. It’s not every day the FBI has such “luck” in finding a man on vacay in New York among about ten million others.
Since New York FBI agents caught Moussaoui (he’s probably now on the no-fly list and will be flown home only with the escort ICE Detention and Removal Operations Deportation Officer), he must have realized that the jig is up and that he would not be able to further scam the immigration system. And he was probably advised by his lawyers not to get charged with marriage fraud, in addition to the weapons possession charges.
Or perhaps Moussaoui and the feds worked a deal, where they’d let him divorce his “wife” without pursuit on their part. Moussaoui’s student visa would expire just after his scheduled graduation from the University of South Florida, Saturday. If he divorced before then, it would be harder to prove criminal intent–ie., a sham marriage to adjust immigration status to “legally” overstay a student visa. **** UPDATE: And as Bill Warner points out, it was Moussaoui, not Browne, who initiated the divorce, on September 10, 2007, not long after the New York FBI caught up to Moussaoui on his sudden August New York “vacation.” And probably not long after Moussaoui likely consulted one of CAIR’s army of freelance attorneys specializing in advising terrorists and Muslim illegal aliens how to beat the system. ****
Moussaoui will likely be deported over a federal criminal complaint for illegal possession of firearms in violation of his visa and immigration status. But while the feds are getting him on this “small potatoes” issue, they know he is a terrorist who trained with terrorists.
Bill Warner says there is no indication that of the 12 addresses at which Ms. Browne has resided since her “marriage” to Mr. Moussaoui, not one is the same address occupied by Mr. Moussaoui. He has lived separately at his University of South Florida student housing address–4200 Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33613–for the entire “marriage.” That’s a sure sign this wasn’t even a “booty call” relationship. It was most likely a business arrangement between a terrorist alien here on a student visa and a transient American female loser who bounced around.
So, will Allison Keyes Browne be one of the few U.S. citizens in a long while who has been charged with perpetrating a sham marriage and engaging in marriage fraud for the purposes of immigration fraud?
I wouldn’t count on it. As I’ve noted, our government rarely prosecutes these American criminals who engage in treasonous sham marriages to help terrorists and other illegal alien criminals stay in the U.S.
And that’s why they will keep doing it.
I’d love to see the bank and spending records of Allison Keyes Browne. I’m wondering how much she got from Karim Moussaoui, Islamic Jihad, and Al-Qaeda for helping Moussaoui and his friends who are tied to these terrorist groups.
Selling out America comes very cheap, unfortunately. The pay. And the consequences.
**** UPDATE #2: I wondered above how much money Allison Keyes Browne got paid for this quite apparent fraudulent marriage. Bill Warner points to these interesting facts:
Browne was charged by the State of Florida with passing bad checks on or about February 26, 2001. (Case Number 01-CM-007302.) “Someone” paid off her bounced check with $131.00 in late September 2001, and the whole case against her goes away without criminal conviction. Suddenly, on January 3, 2002 she’s married to Moussaoui in a fake marriage. Hmmm . . . I wonder who that someone is who paid the money for the bad checks.
That’s actually a good scheme if you’re a Muslim alien terrorist looking for a sham marriage co-conspirator U.S. citizen. Go to the local court. Look for any U.S. citizen of the opposite sex who’s been charged with writing rubber checks and offer to pay it all off . . . in exchange for a little visit to the state for a marriage license. For $131.00 to the American, it’s a pretty good deal for the alien malefactor. As Bill Warner says:

Marriage made in heaven, bad check writing female who is a US citizen and rich Moroccan National USF student looking to stay in the USA.

Exactly. And it’s even more “heavenly” because ICE investigates so few of these case and, again, our “Justice” Department prosecutes even fewer of the American sham marriage “spouses.”

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4 Responses

I’d like to take their smirking faces and clean the john with them.And I’d like to take their fake marriage certificates and flush it down the toilet as well.

Jew Chick on December 17, 2007 at 8:37 pm

Debbie, I’d be proud to call you my “booty call”, but I’d draw the line at calling you my “boo”. Also, as long as the Saudis, etc. control our oil, there will never be any sincere effort to enforce the law against Muslim immigrants here.

Anonymous1 on December 17, 2007 at 11:01 pm

I understand prioritizing prosecutions and investigations based on limited resources. So I understand that individual marriage fraud may seem to be a lower priority than other crimes investigated by ICE.
However, ignoring these cases, allows situations like you describe to occur – a terrorist who ‘almost’ got a green card (and eventual citizenship) because ‘immigration fraud’ is not an ICE priority.
If each SAC investigated marriage fraud (even a little) and got the US Attorney in each district to prosecute ONE case a year – it would have a deterrent effect.
That is the whole idea behind the ‘broken windows’ theory of law enforcement that turned NYC around.
In any case, full court press on this case prosecute everyone involved for everything- and good job on this case from the Trooper who made the stop to FBI and the cooperation with ICE.

CallofDuty on December 18, 2007 at 1:18 am


ryan on November 11, 2009 at 1:48 am

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