December 20, 2007, - 9:51 am

Credibility is Important: On the Myers ICE Confirmation

By Debbie Schlussel
This morning, I received an insulting e-mail from one cowardly Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contractor (that is the claim, anyway)–not an agent–who refused to identify him/herself, accusing me of “putting yourself out yesterday declaring Myers as toast.”
But I never said (or wrote) that. My credibility is important, which is why I said she was one day from being toast, which was true. Not the same thing as saying it’s a done deal, which I never said. In fact, the headline of the post specifically says, “ICE Princess Nomination ONE DAY From Official Toast”. What part of “One Day From” did the angry ICE e-mailer not understand?


(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde/Lundesigns)

The e-mailer in question–and anyone else who feels that way–needs a refresher course in reading comprehension. As you will note, if you actually read my entry from yesterday afternoon, I never said the Myers nomination was over for certain. In fact, I was very careful not to say that and put in many words to note that. I also noted the possible opportunities there still were for her to be confirmed, such as a unanimous consent vote.
I said I was 95% sure, meaning there was a 5% chance she’d be confirmed. I also said she was one day from toast, meaning there was still another day to go and a chance something would happen during that time. Unfortunately, something happened in that one day that changed things. I specifically wrote that The ICE Princess could still be confirmed by a Unanimous Consent vote, which is exactly what happened.
Those who thought she was finished for sure didn’t read what I wrote. I did my research and had three conversations with the office of the Clerk of the Senate. I reported what the Clerk’s staff told me and explained the schedule and what could happen. And I made other calls. I did what was necessary, short of consulting G-d and Nostradamus. Here’s an excerpt from the 100% accurate piece I wrote yesterday, with the words the angry e-mailer obviously missed in bold and underlined. RIF (Reading Is Fundamental):

In Case You Were Wondering, ICE Princess Nomination One Day From Official Toast
. . . I’m 95% certain that The ICE Princess is toast. [DS: That means I’m not 100% certain.]
Because she is serving a recess appointment, Myers must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate by the end of the year. I’ve contacted the Clerk of the U.S. Senate, and they have no further votes scheduled for the full Senate, today.
Plus, the Senate is scheduled to be in “pro forma” session, beginning on Friday for the rest of the year. No legislation, including nominations, can be voted on during a pro forma session. That means–unless the Senate decides to change its schedule, which is highly unlikely–tomorrow is the last day on which the Senate can confirm Ms. Myers. Right now, no such vote is scheduled.
She can still be confirmed by “unanimous consent” tomorrow, but Barack Obama–assuming he’d return from the Iowa campaign trail–said he’d vote against her. Plus, there’s her hubby’s cousin, Senator Kit Bond and his fellow Missourian, Claire McCaskill. Both also oppose Myers. Ditto for Harry Reid. So this probably won’t happen either.
It looks like she is gone, real soon. . . .
Now, a baby may finally have a mother and at least one parent instead of a nanny. And America may finally get someone with real law enforcement experience and dedication. . . .

Remember, I’m not the one who chose Julie Myers for this job (she chose herself). I’m not the one who repeatedly nominated this incompetentess (that was President Bush). And I’m not the one who voted to confirm her (that was the wimpy U.S. Senate).
Those parties should be the target of your ire, not me or this site. My only crime: Doing my homework, making phone calls and asking questions, and reporting it back to you. I never claimed to be a psychic hotline, and I can’t be there to make sure you read every word accurately.
But I hope you do. And I appreciate your continued readership. Thanks.
Now, go stock up on Diet Cokes. The ICE Princess may be galavanting through your town, soon, on a Federal Holiday.

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2 Responses

Critical thinking nor reading comprehension has NEVER been the forte’ of most hacks & Lib morons.

billybob on December 20, 2007 at 10:39 am

I am disgusted with this Congress. As usual, the $500 billion budget was thousands of pages long and almost all Senators received it 24 hours from their vote. Remember they tried to do the same thing with Jorge Bush’s amnesty bill. This congress is dysfunctional. THen time has been mismanaged as Reid chases loser strategies that ended with nothing for the Democrats. Weren’t the democrats the ones who were going to sweep all that stench like earmarks and inept government out the door. Well the budget was crammed with earmarks and who knows what else since nobody got to study it! Time was so mismanaged thatin order to get some critical appointments, the only way was by voice vote, take em all (including Ms. Julie) or none at all! This is evil. Harry Reid is incompetent and this Congress stinks.

John Sobieski on December 20, 2007 at 6:59 pm

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