December 28, 2007, - 4:15 pm

Too Little, Too Late: Michigan’s Phony Atty. Gen. Postures on Illegal Aliens; Allowed Them to Get Michigan Driver’s Licenses for FIVE Years!

By Debbie Schlussel
As I’ve previously noted on this site, Michigan is one of the few states where illegal aliens can freely get a driver’s license, no questions asked. They just have to provide a utility bill showing residence, or sign a document stating they don’t have a social security number. It’s that easy, and that’s why illegal alien criminals come to Michigan from all over America to get driver’s licenses. Innocent people have died because of these illegal alien driver’s licenses.
And yet, Michigan’s Republican Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land and Republican Attorney General Mike Cox did nothing about it. Despite complaints, she insisted on continuing to issue them and even introduced an Elliot Spitzer-style set of different driver’s licenses for the aliens. Cox just ignored the issue. Both of them actively looked the other way for FIVE YEARS.


Mike Cox: Michigan Attorney General

Allowed Illegal Aliens to Get Driver’s Licenses for FIVE YEARS!

But now, after five years in office for both of them in their current respective statewide offices, both Land and Cox are term-limited. And both are running for Governor of Michigan. So, five years too late, Cox has decided to finally do something, so he can distinguish himself from Land, once the gubernatorial race is in full-force in a year or so. But it is too little too late.
Today, both Detroit papers feature stories about Cox’s opportunistic and long overdue Attorney General’s opinion that illegal aliens are not entitled to Michigan Driver’s Licenses. Where was he the previous five years?
Oh, he was busy with more important things, like jailing a bankrupt former NFL player and keeping him from his kids, despite the protests of the mothers of all of the kids. Cox has made a name for himself going after “deadbeat dads”–that’s what he calls them, whereas I prefer the more accurate, “deadbeat parents.”
And he was busy not prosecuting Muslim illegal alien women who defrauded Medicaid to have their kids here, while he went on “O’Reilly Factor,” claiming he actually did something. (And he lied to O’Reilly, claiming the persons who exposed the scam were Arabs; They were NOT.) He did not and allowed it to continue for at least five years, and continues to allow it. (He waited until the women fled the country and were untouchable, before he prosecuted them.)
And then, there’s Cox’s multiple visits to extremist Arab and Muslim organizations, such as “former” Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad’s ADC-Michigan office and the pro-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan banquet.
Oh, and I almost forgot, there are Cox’s press conferences and statements admitting an extra-marital affair (there have been several), after he issued a report excusing his McNamara Machine buddy, Kwame “The Kingpin” Kilpatrick, the Mayor of Detroit of participating in the drive-by assassination of a woman who had stripped for him at a wild party at the Manoogian Mayoral Mansion. (The McNamara Machine is the political machine of the corrupt late Wayne County executive Ed McNamara, who died with a net worth of multi-millions after years of sleaze in office. Cox, Mayor Kilpatrick’s father, and current Michigan Gov. Jennifer “GranHO” Granholm were all disciples of McNamara and helped cover-up for him.
Here’s the money-quote about what happened in Michigan for the last five years on both Cox’s and Land’s watch:

The state doesn’t track how many illegal immigrants already have received licenses.

So, to all those who applaud Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox for finally outlawing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, please ask Cox:
Where were you the last five years while illegal aliens–many of them Muslims with ties to Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Al-Qaeda–got legitimate Michigan Driver’s Licenses (which don’t expire for years) on your watch?
Why did you do nothing on this for years, until you were starting to run for governor?
Thank you very little.

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Michigan, The New Pakistan

Pat on December 28, 2007 at 8:17 pm

It was just noted on the news that Michigan is one of two states that actually LOST population in 2006. I wonder why? (obviously the loss was part of the LEGAL censused population not the illegals and arabs and the rest of the —– people there)

countywolf on December 28, 2007 at 8:45 pm

This is about as sincere as W suddenly finding ink for his veto pen – let’s hear it for politics.
This same thing is happening in other states. My mother lives near a town with a growing population of Hispanic immigrants, and the accident reports in the local papers often include Hispanic names. I maintain the real problem is and always will be that employers create opportunity by flouting the laws already in place for verifying citizenship, but common sense should also prevail in areas like this.

LiberalSpirit on December 28, 2007 at 10:14 pm

As to you your comparison of Land and Cox, right on IMO…in Micihgan we do not have two parties, we have “Republicrats” ever since Republican Governor William (Tax ’em till they Bleed) Milliken introduced the hybrid. He, not coinicidentaly, is still a tax advisor to Jenny the Dim…and formally endorsed John (Perjury John) Kerry for Presdient the last go round.
I’m planning on writing in a randonly picked pipefitter from the Peoria phone book for President next time, and a millwright/rigger from Trenton or Wyandotte phone book for Governor. Can’t do any worse. At least with skilled tradesmen I will know they’ve actualy gotten dirt under their fingernails at some point in time. Actual work experience, what a comcept!

Zoyadog on December 29, 2007 at 8:54 am

This Mike Cox is an a–hole. I get sick of his radio ads with Ernie Harwell touting his web site to compare drug costs at different pharmacies and other pandering efforts.
I am sick of the way Cox has his lieutenants harass Michigan small business owners with threatening letters over issues going back several years. I have been served an erroneous lawsuit for one matter and gotten other threatening letters for other matters–with AG assistants twisting my arm for the pettiest of issues. My theory on this is that the State of Michigan is sifting through all the old tax and corporate filings with an audit department to troll for what cash can be extracted–a true deal between Cox and Granholm people.
Cox has done a great job of trying to play the “middle.” He talks sometimes like he will be the next John Engler (oh great!) and then he cuts the deals with Kwame and Granholm and company. I hate Geoffrey Feiger too–but when Feiger roasted Cox over his trysting in commercials–it was a nice Predator vs. Alien match.
My mouth is still agape after Cox “closed” the State’s investigation of Kwame and co on their bash at the “boogyin mansion” (no longer the Manoogian mansion since Coleman Young days). I have spoken to several different people with info about the little party that Mrs. Kwame broke up sending the stripper to the hospital after beating her — all now under the URBAN LEGEND status proclaimed by……Mike Cox.
Debbie–thanks for this one and keep the lights on this man. Didn’t Bubba Clinton start as an AG? Cox is dangerous. He is a pol’s pol and it seems no gutter is too low for him. I am glad that even Cox is having to change tunes on the DL’s for illegals now. Will Granholm and company follow suit?

BB on December 29, 2007 at 12:28 pm

I know that other states, like Obama’s Illinois, are rife with corruption and bad government, but Michigan is downright third world. Everytime I see those ads touting Michigan as a great place to do business, my jaw drops. It’s like saying Haiti is a good place to do business.

sonomaca on December 29, 2007 at 7:43 pm

3 years ago, an illegal alien stole my youngest daughter’s SSI number and posed as someone named “F. U. Singh”. I was alerted to this by the Utah Workforce Services as someone using my daughter’s identity to get welfare.
I keep calling Social Security, UDoWS, and the usual gang of useless bureaucrats; to this day, they have done diddly-squat about finding this person.
Social Security will not even ensure that no one else is using her ID number! SS appoints the numbers and steal our hard-earned money for their ponzy scheme, and they won’t even ensure a modest level of security against ID theft!!!
Now these invaders are getting drivers licences without the crap us citizens go through.
What’s next? The State’s start selling our ID’s for votes?! They’ve sold us out in most other ways and declared themselves immune to our laws.
I asked the question a while ago, “Are we fighting a War on Terror, or not?!” Since we are; many of the State Governments and Federal bureau’s leaderships are obviously wanting to surrender for money, power, and the sodomic lifestyle.
These pol’s are going to get a lot of folks killed.

bhparkman on December 30, 2007 at 4:26 am

It is more like F.U. America. And we can thank those worthless POSs Bush, Chertoff, McCain and Kennedy.

Pat on December 30, 2007 at 6:53 pm

When I began inquiring after an investigation I learned just how far distant these bureaucracies, judiciaries, and elected officials had become from polite society. It took 4 weeks and 7 hours in a waiting area just see a living human.
It’s not just the leadership that’s causing problems – it’s that we’ve allowed this monster to grow out of our control.
I’ve met many politicians, judiciaries, lobbists, and bureaucrats in both private and official capacity. I can attest that all of these folks are driven by fear: all kinds of fear.
I found the best way to drive these people is to threaten their necessity: to claim YOU don’t need them, and can do great things without them at any level, and that they would have no recognition or credability in the results at all.
In fact, now I’m just crazy enough to do it, I’m going to call SS on Thursday and demand my family and I opt out with a full return of principal investment.
I’ll do it! I know they won’t pay, but I’ll do it!

bhparkman on December 30, 2007 at 9:50 pm

Great job on this. The game in Detroit has gone one for years with the Del Rio and Milliken gang years ago.
You might want to look into the history of this group running the bloated Michigan Department of Corrections as a private piggy bank and country club.

gpduf on September 8, 2008 at 5:50 pm

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