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Why Can’t He Be the Dem Nominee?: NaNu, NaNu From Dennis Kucinich

By Debbie Schlussel
I’m not sure what it is with aliens from outer space and this year’s Presidential race. But for some reason, questions that used to be reserved to the cover of “Weekly World News” are becoming mainstream. No-one in the mainstream media cares about illegal aliens, but extraterrestrial ones that don’t exist are a big-time concern.
First, as I told you, a kid at a Rudy Giuliani appearance in New Hampshire asked him what his plans were, in case of an extraterrestrial invasion. Then, in October, the Democratic candidates were asked about it in a nationally broadcast debate. with regard to Dennis Kucinich’s UFO sighting. And then, Chris Wallace of FOX News Sunday, repeatedly questioned Democratic candidate and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson about whether he believes in extraterrestrial lifeforms. At first, he said he did, then hedged away from it. Not sure if he really believes in that nuttiness, but, hey, he has to promote tourism in New Mexico, and that includes Roswell.


Dennis Kucinich & New Campaign Literature


But the best is the front-page story in today’s Wall Street Journal. It details Kucinich’s long talked about (including at the October Dem debate) “close encounter of the third kind,” complete with fellow nut Shirley MacLaine, channeling her this-world self. Other than the admission at the Democratic debate, Kucinich has run like Roger Bannister from this story, but now we’re treated to the nutty details:

What exactly did Democratic candidate Dennis Kucinich see hovering above actress Shirley MacLaine’s house 25 years ago?
This fall, Ms. MacLaine revealed in her new book that the Ohio congressman had seen a UFO and felt “a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind.” In a Democratic presidential debate in late October, Mr. Kucinich acknowledged seeing something airborne that he couldn’t identify and then defused the issue with a joke about opening a campaign office in Roswell, N.M., the capital of unexplained sightings.
Since then, the long-shot candidate has refused to elaborate on the experience. [DS: Gee, I wonder why.]
Now, after keeping quiet about the incident for a quarter of a century, the two people who say they were at Mr. Kucinich’s side that evening have come forward to describe an event which they say left them convinced that there’s intelligent life in outer space.
“At no time did I feel afraid, even though I felt very small,” says one witness, Paul Costanzo. “I sensed that I was in the presence of a greater technology and intelligence.” [DS: Hey, you were with Dennis Kucinich. Anything is more intelligent.]
The close encounter, says Mr. Costanzo, took place in September 1982 at Ms. MacLaine’s former home in Graham, Wash. — an expansive estate on a ridge above the Puyallup River, with a view of Mount Rainier. . . .
When Cleveland voters ousted Mr. Kucinich after one tumultuous term, Ms. MacLaine offered him her home as a sanctuary where he could write his memoirs. He lived there for the better part of a year. [DS: President Slacker Dude? Wow, there’s still hope for Kato Kaelin.]
Also in residence was Mr. Costanzo, a Juilliard-trained trumpet player and jujitsu black belt, who worked as Ms. MacLaine’s assistant, personal trainer and bodyguard. He and Mr. Kucinich became good friends, and Mr. Costanzo, now 55 years old, served as deputy campaign director and security chief for the congressman’s unsuccessful 2004 presidential run.
Ms. MacLaine — well-known for her fascination with things mystical and extraterrestrial — was in Canada that weekend in 1982, performing her one-woman show. But Mr. Costanzo’s girlfriend at the time, a model and actress who is now 50 years old, was visiting when the UFO incident took place. She spoke after Mr. Costanzo requested she do so, and on condition that her name not be published.
Here’s what happened, according to separate interviews with Mr. Costanzo and his former girlfriend:
The day was strange from the start. For hours, Mr. Kucinich, Mr. Costanzo and his companion noticed a high-pitched sound. “There was a sense that something extraordinary was happening all day,” says the girlfriend. She and Mr. Costanzo say that none of the three consumed alcohol or took drugs.
As they sat down to a dinner, Mr. Kucinich spotted a light in the distance, to the left of Mount Rainier. Mr. Costanzo thought it was a helicopter.
But Mr. Kucinich walked outside to the deck to look through the telescope that he had bought Ms. MacLaine as a house gift. After a few minutes, Mr. Kucinich summoned the other two: “Guys, come on out here and look at this.”
Mr. Costanzo and his girlfriend joined Mr. Kucinich, where they took turns peering through the telescope. What they saw in the far distance, according to both witnesses, was a hovering light, which soon divided into two, and then three.
After a few minutes, the lights moved closer and it became apparent that they were actually three charcoal-gray, triangular craft, flying in a tight wedge. The girlfriend remembers each triangle having red and green lights running down the edges, with a laser-like red light at the tail. Mr. Costanzo recalls white lights, but no tail.
Mr. Costanzo says each triangle was roughly the size of a large van, while his former girlfriend compares it to a “larger Cessna, smaller than a jet certainly.” Neither recalls seeing any markings, landing gear, engines, windows or cockpits.
The craft approached to within 200 yards, suspended over the field just beyond the swimming pool. Both witnesses say it emitted a quiet, throbbing sound — nothing like an airplane engine.
“There was a feeling of wanting to communicate something, but I didn’t know what,” says Mr. Costanzo. . . .
At Mr. Kucinich’s suggestion, they jotted down their impressions and drew pictures to memorialize the event. Mr. Kucinich kept the notes, according to Ms. MacLaine, who said he promised her recently that he would try to find them. [DS: The dog ate my alien homework.] . . .
Mr. Kucinich called Ms. MacLaine in Canada to tell her what had happened. “He said it was beautiful, serene, and it moved him,” says Ms. MacLaine, who is supporting Mr. Kucinich’s candidacy. “He was not afraid of it, let’s put it that way. Seeing something that close and sophisticated and gentle.” [DS: I’m not sure “sophisticated” is the word for this. “Sedated”–far more appropriate.]
Ms. MacLaine says she has seen UFOs from a distance in New Mexico and Peru, but never up close. She was envious. “I’m the one who reports them, but they never make close visitation. What am I doing wrong?” [DS: Going off your medication, for starters.] . . .
More recently, Mr. Kucinich has dodged it. Approached by The Wall Street Journal for comment in December — moments after he voted for a House resolution praising Christmas and Christianity — Mr. Kucinich looked unblinkingly ahead: “I don’t have any comment,” he said.

So much for the (extraterrestrial) alien vote in the Iowa Caucuses.
If only Kucinich could be the Democratic nominee. If only. He’d never be President (though in the unlikely event he were, he’d be exactly like the idiotic peacenik Prez from “Mars Attacks” (played by Jack Nicholson), who gets zapped to death by aliens who laugh at him.
But, sadly for Kucinich and Republicans, while they often look and act like alien beings and lifeforms from out of this planet, Democratic party loyalists include few Martians, Moon residents, etc. Just a lot of Moonbats. And they have no unusual powers . . . other than destroying the country.
Men are from Earth, Democrats are from . . . .

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4 Responses

“Men are from Earth, Democrats are from . . . ”
Thanks Debbie- I’m gonna be biting myself all day now to keep from saying the obvious ! LOL

Mistress_Dee on January 2, 2008 at 3:32 pm

I truly find this man’s antics hysterical, except for the fact that HE REPRESENTS ME!!!! There are an unholy alliance of leftist moonbats who work in local pizza places and live in their mom’s basements, union stooges, gays, and muslims in my district that ensure his election every time.

JasonBourne81 on January 3, 2008 at 4:39 am

It could be worse, Jason- try living in SoCal (San Diego) instead of Ohio. Our moonbat population grows exponentially every day, and even the occasional appearance of a kool-aid cocktail worthy comet doesn’t substantially reduce their numbers…

Mistress_Dee on January 3, 2008 at 9:58 am

Well, in SoCal you at least have fine public servants like Duncan Hunter, for example. Although I don’t think he is electable, if I could install the president of the US, he would be my pick hands down. Where I grew up, in the eastern suburban/exurban area of Cleveland, I was represented by Steve LaTourette, a fine public servant. This man actually had to step into the Cleveland district when Cleveland’s two idiotic Congresspeople (Kucinich and Tubbs-Jones, a prototypical affirmative action case) dropped the ball on major local projects for the city.
I have wondered in the past why Debbie does not write more on Kucinich. This man is beyond an embarrassment, he is a borderline traitor. Not only does he engage in ridiculous, phrryic horse and pony shows of campaigns for President (he has 1% of support nationally), he also conducts his own foreign policy. He has visited various terrorist sponsoring nations and occupied areas (Syria and the Palestinian netherregions) and hobnobbed with dictators in such places. All the while his district rots. Cleveland is one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the US (basically another Detroit), and this is what he does in response.

JasonBourne81 on January 4, 2008 at 1:55 pm

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