January 7, 2008, - 10:41 am

EXCLUSIVE – Aunt of Dallas Muslim Honor Killings to Schlussel: THIS WAS AN HONOR KILLING, Blames ISLAM; Girls DID NOT Want Muslim Funeral; Brother Lured Girls Back to Dad

By Debbie Schlussel
Last week, I was the first blog to write about and call the murder of two girls, Sarah and Amina Said, by their father, Yaser Abdel Said, an honor killing. I also correctly guessed that it was likely about their infidel dating habits.
Last night, their aunt, Gail Gartrell, wrote me this e-mail. She concurs with what I wrote. Also, for those who read press accounts of the words of their brother, Islam Said, who says this is not about Islam, read what she says about him and how he lured the girls back to their Muslim father and their deaths. Sounds like he may have been in on it.
This is truly tragic. Do we want more of this? Keep issuing more visas and citizenships to Muslims and we will get more of it.:

From: Gail Gartrell
Date: Jan 6, 2008 7:30 PM
Subject: Pertaining to the Said Family
To: writedebbie@gmail.com

I am an aunt to these two beautiful girls! I am from the mother’s side. YES! This was an honor killing! You nailed it sweety! My sister tried to get those baby’s away years ago and you know…she was never allowed to see them again…well, they were brought to the hospital…only after she was comatose! My sister was punished for trying to tell the world what was going on! She died four years ago! But, these girls had no honor in life and no honor in death! Amina and Sarah both, told their mom if their dad killed them…they DID NOT WANT A MUSLIM funeral! Well, they had one anyway! Yeah, there was a “baptist” funeral before the muslim funeral….PLEASE, get out the word it was a farce! They were placed in a Muslim funeral home. The son, Islam…he walked out and went to get the Imam to stop it! My nephew got up and took him outside! The funeral proceeded but, many spoke and all but one…was a MUSLIM!


The Muslims who ran the funeral home…they had us all in a room a little larger than my walk-in-closet! The friends from school…..they could not fit in that room so, they lined them up, against the wall, and in front of the freezers for dead bodies! When it came time for the first song…we sat, sat, and finally, my husband told them he had a system just like theirs and would run it himself…OH…they miracuously got the music going! Then, they set it up so that they same song would play, instead of the other two. My hubby caught this and demanded it be paused, so that the other songs would play!!
As soon as the funeral was over, there was trouble, outside with the brother of Amina and Sarah, ISLAM, is his name! He got into it with one of his aunts and was telling her…get the f —, out of here and then started running through the parking lot yelling….this f-ing funeral is over ….LEAVE!
Yes, this was an honor killing and I believe with all my heart that ISLAM, the brother, is just as guilty as his dad. Why? Because Amina would not go back home! He went over, where she was staying and was crying. “Please come home Amina and talk things out with Dad! He will not hurt you, I give you my word! I promise, you will be safe!” She trusted those words and went with him. Not an hour later….Sarah made that infamous call! She died immediately after she called as he took his time killing her. In fact, all we have been told is, “she had multiple gunshots”…..I still have no clue how many bullets he fired at her. I do know she fought for her life as there is a bruise on her forehead which shows that she did not go out without a fight…one this precious and beautiful girl lost…to a man she knew as daddy!
Please feel free to contact me as I want their story told. They could not tell it but, Aunt Gail is making sure they are honored….even if it is by mere strangers!

“Religion of Peace”?

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Horrible, horrible.
I hope the mother speaks out one day. I hear she married at 15–was she a Muslim too with an arranged marriage?

PJ on January 7, 2008 at 11:19 am

JihadWatch.com has the girl’s picture posted and a lot of very horrified people, full of dismay about the loss of these beautiful girls.
Please give the Aunt my sincere regrets.
Please make sure their mother is protected and safe.

Aunt Bea on January 7, 2008 at 11:20 am

Too bad the poor girl trusted her male member of the family. All muslim women should take the precaution of getting a little can or pepper spray for their key chain. It’s something anyway when dealing with savages such as these. Religion of Peace?

samurai on January 7, 2008 at 12:46 pm

I find it curious that the ONLY people saying this is not an islamic honor killing, are the brother and other _Male_ muslims- oh, and 13 martyrs.
Just remember, everyone: under multiculturalism, we MUST accept EVERYTHING about other cultures.
We must NOT criticize ANYTHING about other cultures. We must GIVE UP OUR CULTURE in favor of everyone else’s.
btw, islam IS culture.

Gary on January 7, 2008 at 1:57 pm

The letter is interesting yet confusing. In it Gail states:
“My sister was punished for trying to tell the world what was going on! She died four years ago! But, these girls had no honor in life and no honor in death! Amina and Sarah both, told their mom if their dad killed them…they DID NOT WANT A MUSLIM funeral! ”
What does Gail mean when she says “She died four years ago”? It was my understanding that the mother worked at the same place as her daughters and gave notice at her job as they planning a new life separate from the father (& brother?). I also read that the brother lured the sister back to make amends with the father. Yes, the brother should hang for his complicity. His actions were as cold and calculating as pulling the trigger that sucked the air from his sister’s lungs.
Was the mother alive or did she die from injuries her husband inflicted years ago?

heroyalwhyness on January 7, 2008 at 4:44 pm

Gail Gartrell,
Deepest sympathy. They were beautiful girls.
God knows their hearts. The mandatory moslem funeral doesn’t fool Him.

interestinconundrum on January 7, 2008 at 4:49 pm

In the normal world, this father and brother would face capital murder charges and execution.
But since we now live in the oligarch of the Supreme Court (run by sociopaths with delusions of grandeur), these two will probably get teaching posts at Harvard or UCLA, $80,000/year salaries, and social immunity.
Is it just part of who they are to kill as often as possible? If they don’t want their own kids to shame their family honor, then disown the kids and I’LL take them off their hands! Better than killing ’em!
Those kids can have my family name, be raised in a loving LDS home with a mother and father, and grow to adulthood educated and sheltered. That’s better than being shot and left for dead!!!

bhparkman on January 8, 2008 at 12:49 am

For the Record: I never said the Said killings were not honor killing. I just don’t if they are. I prefer to wait until Mr. Said makes a statement to that effect, or have the police, the judge and a jury of Mr. Said’s peers make that judgment. My posts on the Parvez and Said killings are specific in that the immediate members of families deny the slayings were honor killings. I’m kind of old fashion. I believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not only protect my rights as a citizen but people accused of crimes. Just because bloggers and commentators on the blogs say it’s an honor killing doesn’t make it so. I rather wait until I have more facts.

13 Martyrs on January 8, 2008 at 7:26 am

I personally think you are fence walking, 13M. The issue here is that two girls were murdered by a family member. Legally, that’s what prevails and that is ultimately the crime- the taking of a human life in a savage and sadistic way.
The point I’m trying to make here is this- by means of political correctness and dissociative thinking, the whole Sharia law thing becomes an excuse for inexcusable behavior. Canadians and Euros embrace that sort of dualistic moral relativism in their search for pacification. So do far left leaning moonbats in the US.
Being an honor killing becomes the MOTIVE for the murder, just as much as if it was a killing for hire (greed), revenge, or any other unjustifiable cause- the legal system views the combination of motive, means and opportunity together as a cornerstone of successful legal prosecution. When a certain motive becomes a prevailing issue in murder upon murder, then there is a need to examine the roots of that motive as a societal issue and it needs to be dealt with. Honor Killings are absolutely no different. You cannot excuse or diminish the culpability with banal concepts like “it’s THEIR culture”.. “What right have WE to tell them how to act”?
It’s become fashionable to try to hide your heads in the sand and tacitly excuse honor killings (or any extreme islamic religious dichotomy) as somehow being a 1st amendment issue- not that the same consideration is granted to any other religious persuasion.
No rational person would justify the killing of an abortion clinic doctor based on faith issues. In fact, the press would have a field day ripping apart “Christian values” as hypocrisy, and inciting more in depth looks at the cause. Why not extend at least the same level playing field of thought to these barbarians who still live according to 7th century morality?

Mistress_Dee on January 8, 2008 at 8:33 am

This is tragic and senseless. If these scumballs consider it “Honor Killing” then I would surely love the honor of sending them to their demise, that is, after hours of horrendous torture they never dreamed of.
These chickenshit pukes have no honor!

1shot1kill on January 8, 2008 at 9:34 am

honor killing = hate crime

Esbiem on January 9, 2008 at 2:52 pm

First off,!!! DROP the word honor before killing! Idk what the religion is!! Its murder ! Thats all. MURDER! Castarate them n honor hang the nasty sick jerks hows that ,? Honor!!! Pffft

Kathy anders on January 25, 2012 at 3:31 pm

How can I help?

John moreland on January 22, 2013 at 6:22 pm

I met Sarah and Amina Said back in 2006. They were a gift to humanity. They always knew how to really lift one’s spirits just being themselves. I know that first hand.
In the mean time, Islam Said has threatened me regarding this. I wont’t back down. How can I help?

John moreland on January 22, 2013 at 6:28 pm

I find this account of the murder of two beautiful young girls horrendous
We’re living in the twenty first century and this barbaric abuse and murder of his daughters by their father has gone unpunished is unbelievable
If this is what it means to be involved with a Moslem man,I want nothing to do with them, shame on them and Islam

Susan Crookes on November 16, 2016 at 2:26 pm

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