September 19, 2005, - 3:57 pm

Foreign Students: Another Immigration (ICE) Failure–Where’s Abu Moskowitz? Part XXL

Where’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when it comes to checking visas of foreign students and whether they are continuing to pursue studies?
Nowhere to be seen.
A lot of your tax money was supposed to be spent to check up on those foreign students. An expensive ($36.8 million) computerized system called SEVIS (Student Exchange and Visitor Information Service) was supposed to be used by ICE as a basis for investigating foreign student visa violations.
But ICE “leadership” must have dyslexia. Apparently, they think SEVIS is supposed be SIEVE. That’s how they’ve treated the system that was supposed to block illegal visitors, not welcome them in, unchecked, forever.
In the first year of SIEVE . . . er SEVIS, only 1,600 investigations and 155 arrests (and probably, much fewer convictions) have resulted out of over 36,000 student visa violations identified by the system. The rest got a get out of jail free card. Oops . . . they never went to jail. They’re just roaming free. Information for further years is “unavailable.” Gee, someone at ICE isn’t trying to cover up more bad news, are they?
So where, for example, is ICE’s Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio, (a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz”)? Why isn’t he sending agents to check on these student visa violators (who are mostly Middle-Easterners and Muslims)?
I guess he’s too busy spending $30,000 on new furniture and carpeting, hanging with “former” Islamic terrorist/FBI award revokee , and Hezbollah’s favorite Detroit area extremist Islamic leader, Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi (more on that coming up).
Don’t expect the Detroit Spews (a/k/a Detroit News) reporter on the SEVIS failures, Brad Heath–famed for his apologist series on how 9/11 and immigration enforcement and counter-terror polices hurt Arabs/Muslims (because terror supporters and illegal immigrants are actually sometimes brought to justice)–to ask these questions. He didn’t, and he won’t.

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Add this to your post, prior to 9/11, students from foreign countries wee allowed to have Social Security Cards. My ex from Japan has one an it blew my mind how easy it was to get it. She applied and got it. Just before 9/11, say 9/10, another friend got a social security card and is working part time as a student. Well guess what, after graduating, he plans to get a work visa, and live off social security for the rest of his life.
So yup deb, the INS responsibility was dumped after it was combined under Homeland Security, and my sources from ICE are pissed that they don’t have the funds to go out and make the arrests or enforce immigration laws. My source, a top brass said, “Bush doesn’t care. More of our money is earmarked for the war on terror and we’re not receiving our proper alloted amount.”
She also said that her officers hands are tied and “we too are fighting the war on terror.” So don’t expect much Deb and if you do go on Howard, bring this up too. Bring up the failure of this administration.

KOAJaps on September 20, 2005 at 12:21 am

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