January 23, 2008, - 12:27 pm

“Undercover Brother”: Democrats Make New Movie About 2008 Presidential Nomination Race

By Debbie Schlussel
Okay, so they didn’t really make a new movie about it, but watching Monday Night’s Democratic Debate with Barack Hussein Obama answering a question about whether he agreed with author Toni Morrison’s claim that Bill Clinton was the first Black President, reminded me of my ideal Democratic campaign poster regarding this race on the Dems’ side of the aisle. As you probably know, Obama jokingly said he’d have to see Bill Clinton’s dancing abilities to judge whether he, inded, is a “Brother.”
I asked master artist David Lunde to redo the poster from the movie, “Undercover Brother,” with far more appropriate personalities. Many apologies for changing the sex of one of the candidates . . . Hillary. By the way, watch these clips from “Undercover Brother” (may be considered unsafe for workplace viewing), and you’ll see some resemblances to the first Cankles Administrations of 1993-2000. Billy Dee Williams plays a Colin Powell-esque General who, in his retirement, is pushing fried chicken instead of his usual Colt 45 drink.


Slick Willie In “Undercover Brother” By David Lunde

But the real Colin Powell was far smarter and vastly more unethical. He got his son, then sitting on the FCC, to approve a merger deal between AOL and Turner Broadcasting, so that he–Colin Powell–would make $20 Mill from his stock options. That’s what happened.
Seriously, not sure why any Black actor would agree to be in this movie. But I could see Bill Clinton in it.

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Oh man … was it really necessary to put Hillary’s face on Denise’s body?

Everett on January 23, 2008 at 3:11 pm

I wonder if you’ll ever get someone who can use Photoshop actually well.

Hector on January 23, 2008 at 9:59 pm

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