January 25, 2008, - 1:34 pm

On Detroit’s Lying Pimp-Daddy Mayor & His Latest Scandal

By Debbie Schlussel
Many readers–both in the Detroit area and even around the world–have asked me why I haven’t commented on yesterday’s Detroit Free Press front-page story about the apparent perjury of Detroit’s Pimp-Daddy Mayor, Kwame “The Kingpin” Kilpatrick, and his extra-marital lover/chief of staff Christine Beatty.
The Free Press posted steamy SkyPager text messages between Kilpatrick and Beatty, proving that they had a sexual affair AND that they orchestrated the firing of top Detroit police detectives who were investigating a party at the Mayoral Manoogian Mansion that resulted in the assassination of two strippers. Both had denied on the stand that they had such a relationship (Ms. Beatty rolled her eyes in the most exaggerated manner possible), and both denied they orchestrated the firings of the police officers. Their testimony took place at the trial of a lawsuit against the City of Detroit, brought by the fired police officers. It resulted in a multi-million dollar judgment and later settlement for which taxpayers–and not just those in Detroit, a city which gets a ton of federal and state money–will foot the bill.


The reason I haven’t commented is that I really don’t think it’s news. It’s not news because most of us with any sanity–and even most of the racist Detroiters who voted for Kwame when he played the race card–knew that Kwame and Beatty were lying. We knew they were sleeping together. And we knew they ordered the firings. Their claims otherwise–Beatty claimed she got an unsigned memo that told her to fire them and that she shredded it–were obvious lies, then.
Some of Kwame’s 21-plus bodyguards–more than any other mayor in America since his harem and his ego are larger than that of any other Mayor in America–testified that they guarded Kwame and Beatty, while they were en flagrante delicto. They testified that when Beatty’s husband was returning home, they wondered (in jest?) whether they should shoot him to keep him from discovering the little love nest.
Was this not enough proof? Why did you need to see the proof to know these corruptocratic thugs were frauds and liars? I certainly didn’t.
The only thing this story does is show us that this pair were even dumber than I thought–that they texted each other in explicit detail (the Free Pres did not print many of the dirtier e-mails, so much for the public’s right to know) on a city-owned telecommunications device, which they knew could be FOIA’d by third parties at any time.
So the news here is not that Kilpatrick and his WNBA-looking girlie-girl are liars and scuzbuckets. It’s that they are dumb liars and scuzbuckets.
Oh, and as a lawyer, Kilpatrick ain’t too smart either. In order to prove that he committed perjury, the text messages will have to be authenticated as coming from his pager and as typed by him. But, in his statement released Wednesday Night, he stated that the messages were from a bad time in his life and that he and his wife have made their peace. That’s pretty much tantamount to an admission that the text messages were his.
All of this means nothing, though, as I have repeatedly pointed out, because the people of the City of Detroit–being the mostly racists that they are–do not care about how the Mayor that they have twice put in the Manoogian Mansion defecates upon them and laughs about it repeatedly. When he plays his favorite game of cards–the Race Card–they are more easily baited than a fly to honey. They have chosen this Pimp-Daddy, who dresses and behaves as a Pimp-Daddy, to head up their posse, called Detroit. And they get what they deserve.

The Pimp-Daddy Bill & Hillary of Detroit: Kwame & Carlita Kilpatrick

Kilpatrick and the Missus, Carlita Kilpatrick, while not nearly as smart as the Clintons, play by the Clinton playbook better than the once-Arkansan couple. Like Hillary, Mrs. Kilpatrick goes along with her husband’s infidelities because she likes being first lady. Remember Bill and Hillary’s bathing suit “impromptu” dance on the beach after the whole Monica thing? Yesterday, Carlita posed with Kwame kissing her.
When Hillary’s hubby lied under oath about a sexual relationship with “that woman,” she blamed a “vast right wing conspiracy out to get my husband.” When Carlita’s hubby lied under oath about a sexual relationship with Christine Beatty, hubby himself–Kwame– and his mommy, Congresswoman Caroline Cheeks-Kilpatrick (an anti-Semitic Black Muslim) blamed the “vast WHITE wing conspiracy” out to get him. “Turn off that television, Y’all. Get out and help your boy!” she shrieked in a well-known press conference. Then her husband, another corrupt politico, trotted out the Holocaust, saying his son, Kwame, was like a victim of it.
Desperate to win re-election, Kilpatrick called his bi-racial opponent “the White suburb’s man.” He ran ads in a Detroit Black newspaper, The Michigan Chronicle, showing lynchings and suggesting that’s what would happen if the other Black Mayoral candidate–the “White suburb’s man”–won.
But instead of objecting to all of the extra-marital girlfriends Kilpatrick’s bodyguards testified to wrangling for him and all of the corruption–much of which I haven’t mentioned here–the largely Black electorate of Detroit re-elected the Kingpin to his tax-paid perch. So, no, this isn’t news. And it won’t change a thing. While letters in Detroit’s major papers call for this criminal’s resignation from office, they are all from the suburbs. In contrast, most Black Detroiters quoted in the papers don’t seem to think it matter that their sleazebag Mayor is a liar and a fraud. And a criminal. They didn’t care on election day. Why care now?
It has long been known that Kwame was a thug and a criminal. It’s not new. In 2003, on my popular Detroit talk radio show, I discussed information I got from Detroit cops working undercover investigations in narcotics. They were not shocked when drug kingpins they were tailing attended Kwame Kilpatrick fundraisers. They and Kwame were old friends who went way back to the days when they were all part of the gang of thugs called “The NFL”–“The N*****s of Forest Lawn” (Forest Lawn is a Detroit neighborhood). On my show, I always called Kilpatrick, “The Kingpin,” and played the appropriate background music–Kool & the Gang’s “Get Down On It.”
The people of Detroit like this. They like Kwame’s diamond earrings and gangsta suits. Readers of this site have seen these photos I’ve posted several times on my site of the clown-garb this Mayor wears. It’s clothes that make the man. But it’s also clothes that make the Gangsta Maya who thinks he’s a Playa. When you vote for a pimp, you obviously enjoy being pimped out. Because, hey, he’s a “Brother.” The electoral marketplace has spoken. And it will speak the same again, unless Kwame goes to prison, which I bet he slides from. A slithering snake is good at crawling out of tight places. That’s his job . . . or at least the one the voters of Detroit told him they like.
And then there are the White citizens in the suburbs who enable Kwame further by electing and re-electing corruptocrats like Republican Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox. Cox and Kwame’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick, came out of the same corrupt Edward McNamara machine. (So did Michigan’s failed Governor Jennifer “Gran-HO” Granholm.)
Edward McNamara was the executive of Wayne County–the country containing Detroit–who was indicted (but died and never faced trial). He was involved in fraud at metro Detroit Airport and fraud throughout the county. At the time he became County Executive, he had almost no money. But at the time he left–after an annual salary that never topped $150,000–he had tens of millions of dollars. Gee, how did he get it? Bernard Kilpatrick, Kwame’s dad, was his chief of staff. And Mike Cox was one of his prosecutors.
After becoming Attorney General, Mike Cox refused to investigate the airport fraud and corruption of his old, corrupt mentor, McNamara. And when allegations came out in 2004 about a party at the Manoogian Mayoral Mansion, after which a stripper who performed for “Kwame” was gunned down in a drive-by shooting (after the second try–there was a drive-by shooting of her other car right before), Cox managed to snatch the criminal investigation for himself and cleared Kilpatrick, claiming the party never happened.
A year before the story came out, I first reported it to Detroit on my radio show in 2003. All of the details were the same as those that have spread throughout Detroit over the years. I reported the stripper’s stage name, “Strawberry,” the story of what happened at the mansion, and the details of her drive-by assassination. All of those details are accurate. And I believe the party happened. My information came from several current and former Detroit police officers whom I trust far more than these sleazy politicians.
What I don’t believe is Mike Cox, who whitewashed it. He is running for Governor of Michigan in 2010. He will never get my vote. But he will, sadly, continue to get the vote of the many sheep-like suburbanites who claim they are angry about Kwame Kilpatrick, but continue to elevate those, like Cox, who enable Hizzoner the Mayor, and let him get away with it.
That’s not news either. But I sure wish it would be.

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14 Responses

This will just make him more popular with his constituents. Most likely to be re-elected to a 3rd term.

TheOmegaMan on January 25, 2008 at 2:38 pm

Good post Debbie, well stated.

Spanky on January 25, 2008 at 4:39 pm

Wow, what venom…anyway, who would want to run for office these days? We get what we deserve, characters, instead of people WITH character. That’s the American way. Look around, being mean and crude is the way to get notoriety. Nice guys really do finish last.

CityGirlSabryna on January 25, 2008 at 9:01 pm

Really, C.G.S., I see no reason to bring the New England Patriots into the discussion. 🙂
Seriously, this illustrates the flip side of conservatives’ tendency to cut each other to shreds over any failing, which I have also noted on this very board. For leftists, it doesn’t matter what you do — running a brothel out of your home, forcible rape, killing your mistress while DUI — as long as you vote right.

DocLiberty on January 26, 2008 at 11:07 am

DocL – you had it all down pretty good until your last word – I think “correctly” is a bit better than “right” – those on the left truly dislike that word 😉
Great article, Debbie. It is sad that so many are hardened to observing misconduct with a grin. I hope these two get sentenced to nice long prison terms – he’ll have to pack up his fancy duds and save them for when he gets out.
Need I type the name Marion Barry??? Even if he serves, the illiterates of the city will probably vote him right back into office.
Perhaps it’s time to have a few ground rules such as barring criminals from public office. Hmmmm that would empty quite a few state & federal houses of government!

CapeConservative on January 28, 2008 at 11:23 am

what radio show?!!
kwame is what happens when the christian revolution within black america is replaced by hard core marxist pragmatists. they have no higher vision and are simply nouveau-riche, to tha bricks.
anyone with half a brain knows that its the white liberals in the burbs that control detroit politics so they can have a playground for their egos. black people are just willing dupes used as props by the hitlary socialists like beatles records. same thing with hizzoner, they got all their support from Mom who wouldnt shut up and think. Its a concentration camp where the left makes millions off their money mill and the pressitutes can have a story other than how functional and booorrriiing all the suburbanites are. He even gets a job for the slumming white racist hipster kids too, they can laugh and claim him as one of their own as they wipe their feet on the detroiters and party down.
most michiganders dont reallly have a problem with it all, for the price of one empty city they get to have a no go zone to surround and everyone is happy. the blacks cut their own throat, the white libs have a place to go instead of hanging around in the burb offices ruining the place and anyone that tries to change things eventually gives up and leaves, because they can. Bust him, spend millions on lawyers and tax paid prosecutors and give the scum reporters something to blab about, but what it all comes down to is that the voters want to be slaves still and the libs want to be their masters. You see it as some kind of criminal enterprise but to the socialist its a giant darwinian factory putting out bigger, fatter more powerful new men for the future. Kinda like Hitlers perpetual war in the Urals but instead here in the D.
It has a seduction for every kind of person, the Cox’s, the black muslims, the union dems, the 90’s ravers, the FBI agent, the pissed off conservative blogger. Its an American success story, really.
or not.

playertwo on January 28, 2008 at 2:56 pm

I could not agree more about having some ground rules. You would think that not being a criminal would be a given.
Today most of the people that constantly sing the praises of “Serving in Public Office” are organized criminals not public servants. Hell, we have a sitting president that could not pass a polygraph let alone get through a low level background check.

ScottyDog on January 28, 2008 at 4:29 pm

The night the text messages came to light, a local Detroit TV 11 o’clock news program ran a telephone poll. Should Kwame resign as Mayor or not? 57% voted NO!!! They say it is his personal life and we should keep our noses out of it. They didn’t seem to grasp the PERJURY thingy at all. People lie, accept it. Just another giant step in the COLEMAN YOUNG “Guns & Dope for hire” mentality. The residents of Detroit actually look up to the very folks who rob them blind and laugh about it. The $9 million verdict for the cops who were fired will be paid for by the residents of the suburbs in raised taxes, and water bills. B.O.H.I.C.A.!!!! (Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!!!!!)

Customs Hasbeen on January 28, 2008 at 4:36 pm

This is what happens when G-d is not our King and we do not obey His Laws. People are more interested in the color of one’s skin than the content of one’s character. Any criminal can get in and as long as he is one of “us,” we will support him no matter what he does.
His only difference from Slick Willie is the color of his skin. Otherwise he is Slick Willie with more melanin.

Loser on January 28, 2008 at 4:40 pm

This I’m afraid is what is going to happen all across the nation when it comes to Black people electing their representatives. Black’s are mostly criminals and therefore they will elect criminals into the government. It doesn’t matter how much money they have or what type of education they will still break the law and deviate from society. People like Kilpatrick are results of blacks and guilty white liberals voting based on race only and not character. Take a look at the Congressional Black Caucus, everyone of these people are law breakers and communists. Any time you get an honest black in government, Clarence Thomas, Condy Rice, they are ridculed and called Uncle Toms by the black majority. Black democrats revere the Black Pimp and that’s who they keep electing to office. If things don’t change soon there will be a race war in America.

Dr Moon on January 28, 2008 at 9:01 pm

All This Talk about black and white, they did this, they did that. None of it really matters if you are wrong and you lied then you are wrong. If you lied to your friends then you loose you reputation. If you lie to the COURT you not only loose your reputation but you should loose you rights. You should be prosecuted and if found guilty then you should go to jail. The people of the community are counting on you to tell the truth. If you lied then nothing can survive and everything crashing in.

ACarBoosterCop-Retired on January 29, 2008 at 7:42 am

Boo Hoo,
Kwame apologizes, do you believe it? He should not have been in this situation anyways! People of Detroit show some respect for yourself, your family and your city. Get this clown out of office! Or do you want to wait for the next scandal???
Party At The Manoogian Song

Whitie on January 30, 2008 at 10:07 pm

I really cannot believe what I am reading…I live in Florida; however, when did it become a crime to have fashion and dress with freedom? This entire article is racist, my sista. “WNBA-looking girlie-girl..thugs were fraud and liars…Gangsta Maya who thinks he’s a Playa.” I am pretty sure you have not heard his speech in this pattern…Please! I do not like politicians either; however, it is funny how you bash the black politicians….What about John Kerry????
As for User – Loser… I refuse to sit and read the derogatory things you are saying about black people…Remember a criminal is a criminal, whether black or white. Maybe there would be less black criminals, if whites would take a chance and stop oppressing US. Open your eyes, there has always been a race war…and talk about breaking the laws. Whites are the biggest gangs and law breakers (criminals) in America. The difference is Whites have America, money (from stemming from plantation days), and lies so good, they cover my blank tracks. Blacks have nothing, and are constantly trying to get something. As you can see there will always be someone out there waiting, readily to expose blacks, so we can always look like the bad black person, we are portrayed to be. WHATEVER! Whites will never change! Read up on African American Literature and learn our Culture before any of you speak on it again.

babyluv21 on October 16, 2008 at 12:33 am

I happened by your site while doing a paper on Detroit hip hop mayor when you made certain comments I need to correct first of all we the people can only 1. vote when we do, do we get justice no we can not change one ballot after they get their hands on them only those higher up can do that and why do you think he stayed in office because he had the support of those higher up, the elected official are so corrupt in Michigan we wont need a recall just a jail with enough room for them all black and white or Arabic, Please do not try to blaim this mess on the citizens ofm Detroit.Tell the truth and shame the devil.The elected officials stole the money from the citizens of Detroit and the election and left the citizens to fend for themselves, heaving burdens sfter burden on the backs of citizens, I have heard of seniors who has been taken advantage I look around my once proud city at the people with blank stairs in their faces and you want me to belive that he and his family and friends caused this all alone by themselves white people do not give you that kind of power unless they are getting paid. who the pimp or should i say pimpest

LATONYA RICE on June 20, 2010 at 11:44 pm

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