February 8, 2008, - 11:05 am

Dumb Muslim Anti-Law Enforcement Lawsuit of the Day

By Debbie Schlussel
Muslims are such loyal, anti-terrorist Americans that they repeatedly file nuisance lawsuits to help terrorists and negate law enforcement on a regular basis.
The latest is the lawsuit being filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Asian Law Caucus, and two “civil liberties” groups to force the government to diclose its policies on border searches, so all Muslim terrorists and drug and alien smugglers will know how to get around those policies.
The suit, which is really on behalf of Muslims, was inspired by the case of Nabila Mango, a Muslim Arab, whose cell phone was taken by Customs officers when she was detained for a search at the border, after returning from a trip to the Middle East. Since she and other Muslims have been subject to this “treatment”–along with ALL OTHER U.S. CITIZENS–they feel they need to scratch that litigation itch. They are upset that their phones and computers are taken at the time they are searched.
The fact is that EVERYONE who is selected for a secondary screening–whether at random or for specific reasons (like returning from the terror-friendly Mid-East)–must turn over their cell phones and computers. How do I know that EVERYONE must do this? Well, because I had to do so. In fall 2005, while I watched many Muslims in hijabs speedily waved through the Detroit-Windsor border without any search–Muslims who we know routinely engage in alien and drug smuggling in to the U.S.–I and my car were thoroughly searched four times. The fourth time, I was ordered to get out of my car and turn over my cell phone.
There’s a very important reason for this. Often people engaged in crimes like smuggling work in rings. The feds don’t want them phoning or e-mailing their fellow co-conspirators to notify the rest of their gang, “Ahmed, I got caught. Go away. They’re watching for you.” That’s why this is done. It was done to me, and I had no problem with it. My only problem was that I watched the real terrorism supporters being sped through the border in the name of PC, while I was the one repeatedly searched.
It’s time for Muslims to stop whining and stop suing. If they really are loyal Americans who oppose terror and want peace–which we know isn’t the case–this is hardly the way to show it, regardless of how Ms. Papaya, er . . . Mango was “treated.”

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No worries, mates; regardless whether McCain or a Donkey gets the WH, open borders are on their way.

DocLiberty on February 9, 2008 at 7:06 pm

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