February 13, 2008, - 4:38 pm

Guess the Religion: Detroit Newspapers Shield Islamic Names in Hezbo Food Stamp Ring

By Debbie Schlussel
As soon as I learned that 27 people from eight Detroit-area stores were arrested and facing charges for illegal trafficking in food stamps, I just knew they were from the “Religion of Peace.” This crime satisfies way too many of the precepts of that moon-god cult to be anything other than perpetrated by one of its members: cash easily transferred to terrorists, ripping off Infidel American taxpayers, laughing at the great American satan at the ease with which they can pull off this scam.


Shi’ite Muslim Food Stamp Fraudster Hussein Beydoun Gets Busted

And I was right. But I had no idea I was right by reading today’s Detroit Newsistan AND Detroit Free Press. While both had big stories on the food stamp ring–which ripped off taxpayers to the tune of over $1.5 million–neither story would publish the names of the defendants even though they were in the press release. Why?
Well, naming them would let readers know that all of the individuals in this ring are Muslim Arabs, Shi’ites from Lebanon. And many of them are from prominent Hezbollah families: Beydoun, Chami, Berro, etc. Gee, what a shocker. Most of these individuals live modestly. So what happened to the money? How quickly was it funnelled to Hezbollah back home in Lebanon? And where the heck is the FBI–the LEAD agency in investigating terrorism? Famous But Incompetent is NOT interested. Another shocker.
This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Muslim Arabs in America conducting food stamp fraud and likely benefitting Islamic terrorists. Sadly, it won’t be the last. Most food stamp fraud rings across America are Muslim.
Read both Detroit Newsistan and Free Press stories. Not a hint about who these people are. I guarantee you if they had names like Steven Grant or John Smith, their names would have appeared in these papers with a pro-Islam PC agenda. Since they won’t print the names and addresses of these pan-Hezbollah scam artists, I WILL:

* Citgo, 8351 Woodward, Detroit, Michigan
Nabil Shamel, owner
Jamal Chami, employee
Waad Fawazi, employee
* Livernois Gasoline, 7645 Livernois, Detroit, Michigan
Hafaid Musleh-Mohmood Alkahif, owner
Abdul Fattah-Mohmood Alkahif, employee
Dheyab M. Alquhaif, employee
Ammar Mahmood Gobah, employee
Mustafa Mohamen-Ahmed Alqohaif, employee
Yousef Mohamed-Ahmed Alqohaif, employee
* U&I Petro, 8820 Wyoming, Detroit, Michigan
Saleh Algathaithi, owner
Saif Ahmed Alghathie, employee
Hassan Ali Hussein, employee
* C&M Mini Mart, 18420 James Couzens, Detroit, Michigan
Abdo Mahfouz, owner
Ali Abdo Mahfouz, employee
Tarek Moshen Baderddine, employee
* Rowan Party Store, 7000 Rowan, Detroit, Michigan
Saeb Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Ghani, owner
Joseph Soliman Elrubi, employee
Maher Diab, employee
* Big Al’s Marathon, 3910 Grand River Detroit, Michigan
Hussien Kamel Beydoun, owner
Ali Hussein Beydoun, employee
* Van Dyke Petro, 19030 Van Dyke Detroit, Michigan
Taha Ahmad Dika, owner
Nizar Ali Nazha, employee
Michael Maher, employee
Bassel Ibrahim-El-Sayed-Sleim Hachem, employee
* Schaefer & Puritan, 15901 Schaefer Detroit, Michigan
Mr. and Mrs. Adel Mohamad Kobeissi, owner
Khaled Abid Al-Bonijim, employee
Moahamad [sic] A. Berro, employee

As I’ve noted, Mohamad Berro’s cousin, Ibrahim Hussein Berro, was the Hezbollah homicide bomber who blew up the Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center and murdered about 100 innocent civilians.
Why is this kind of crowd living here in America to suck at the American teat and fund their jihad through their rip-offs?
I’m only asking you rhetorically what only the President and his employees “Serpenthead” Chertoff, Emilio T. Gonzalez, and Julie L. Myers can answer, but never do.

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8 Responses

Again, I say that this kind of bullshit makes me see red!! Our government is pulling out all stops to defeat the American people. How is it that nobody has to answer to anyone over their non-action? The current crop of Presidential candidates assure us that we will continue on the same course regardless of who is elected.
The bottom line is that nothing will happen to any of these vermin. Nothing ever happens and that’s the problem!
The American public has been targeted as the next batch of slave labor. We are being forced at the point of a gun to sit back, be quite and just pay the bill. I’m tired of paying the bill. I could care less about outreach to moozlums or mexicans or anyone else!!!!
We must stand up against the socialists, marxists, nazis, communists, bums, illegal aliens, open borders, gun grabbers.

newinnewark on February 13, 2008 at 6:58 pm

Anyone who want’s to understand DS should read this posted story.
This story should outrage us all–and yet there is only one person getting the truth out? Why is that?
Keep shining the lights, Debbie, on these skunks and their cronies in our government and the MSM who continue to enable them to ply their deceit and murders. I hope some of your pundit friends will pick up this info and run with it too.

BB on February 13, 2008 at 7:39 pm

Why, they all sound like typical white cracker names to me and who said their terror funding has anything to do with islam? Why must we always rush to judgggmennnnnnnnnt? Somebody should contact the ACLU immediately and report that malicious racist cop for police brutality.What makes him think he can cuff an arab anytime he feels like it just b/c the arab happens to be associated with hezbullah? The pooooor man was only tryyyyyyyyyyying to make a living. Aren’t we members of any organization one way or the other? Should we be held accontable for that? C’mon people; show some resssspect and tolerrrrrrance for our fellow american muslims. After all, don’t we all share the same citizenship? Can’t we all find a commmmmmon ground with each other? Lets give our preconception notions a slack and get alonnnnnng with one another.
“We are the world; we are G-D’s people”
Lets all hold each other’s hand and sing along.
Remember kiddies; ultra-tolerance is our motto.
Lets see a left winger top me with my “utra-relativism address”. I stole that one out of Hillary’s and Obama’s mouth. What a hoot.

American Sabrah on February 13, 2008 at 10:02 pm

Unrelated Related Det. News Observation:
detnews.com Sunday 2/10/08 “No room in GOP tent for free thinkers” by Nolan Finley. Following is a off-the-cuff-off-the-wall response from Pseudo Free Thinker:
Lets see? If you sort of know for certain that certain latex products could possibly transmit HPV and quite possibly the AIDS virus, and even Hispees(Herpes: gender-corrected) and, lets say, for the sake of argument that Natural Law is the basis for Laws(Because it is the basis for Life), that a candidate wants to be in bed with embedded illegal aliens who want US social services, such as schools, healthcare, social security, housing etc., and they want YOU to PAY for it, and they want it NOW. If the candidate despises the people who keep this country plugging along, what with going to work every day, respecting their marital vows, sending their kids to schools to be indoctrinated, I mean educated, Pay taxes, Volunteer, go to Church, go to kids games, try to uphold behavioral standards in their families, while navigating a slew of toxic hollywood sewage all around them, take out loans to buy gas and groceries, stand up for what is right despite being mocked, only to be called “emaciated faced right-wing nuts” by a Major Newspaper Editor(Media Note: he is “Americas Backbone”), then I guess the question begs (besides cheap personal attacks on physical attributes of pundits/authors)Who are the Bun Heads thinking inside the buns with their heads up their blank? It is not Ann Blanker. Her arguments are reasoned, in an unreasonable way, to some degree, but at least she is not a “go-alonger” for the Nazi-Like Fascist Left, like the Main Scream Media‚Ñ¢,who would support puncturing a pre-born baby’s skull(nuff said), and are supporting imaginary sex based “rights”, and now who are trying to make laws to control thoughts,and religious tenets, and telling folks what they have to believe and accept, no matter how obscene the parade of ideas. It used to be that the Editor of a Major Newspaper outlet, kept his personal ideology and prejudices to himself. If physical attributes are a hot topic, why doesn’t he go after a whale of a senator who has Gained tons of weight while Michiganders have been Losing their Jobs? Or Male Pattern Baldness? Dear Editor: If you are the answer, I have no questions.

O-Know Knot Agane on February 14, 2008 at 12:44 pm

So what happens now? Do these crooks get deported? I have it on good information that many of these people come into the country illegally, sponsored by their “cousin”, when in reality there is no genetic link. When is this going to stop? When are we going to get a clue that these people hate our guts and will suck us dry until there is nothing more to suck!!!? We educate their kids, pay them welfare and they neither appreciate it or want to acclimate to the American way of life.

musiccgirl on February 14, 2008 at 3:41 pm

Thanks again for shedding light on these slimeballs, as the local press are usually too big of cowards to do so. Cleveland has its share of these dirtbags, but we unfortunately don’t have a voice exposing them.

JasonBourne81 on February 14, 2008 at 6:29 pm

racism! that all america will for ever stand for, if we don’t open our eyes, and think for our selves. we will just continue to allow the media dictate our thoughts, as usual.

frog on April 5, 2010 at 11:45 am

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klaun on April 29, 2013 at 7:17 am

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