February 19, 2008, - 11:20 am

Shahar the Shanda*: Israeli Tennis Champs are Pimping for Anti-Semitic Gulf States

By Debbie Schlussel
Female Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe’er is ranked 17th in the world.
But her reign towards the top of women’s tennis hasn’t prevented her from acting like a desperate lowlife, just wanting to be loved.
As I’ve repeatedly noted on this site, until yesterday Peer couldn’t set foot in any of the Gulf states. She was not allowed to play in the Dubai Open or the Qatar Open.


Israel’s Shahar Peer: Official Spokesmodel of Judenrein ’08

That’s because all of the Gulf states not only officially boycott Israel and don’t recognize its existence, but they openly state on their websites that those with Israeli passports or stamps from Israel on their passports will not be allowed into the countries. While that’s the official policy, exceptions are routinely made for Muslims with Israeli passports or stamps on their passports. That’s how so many Muslims from Israel are able to make the hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Because only Muslims with Israeli passports and stamps are allowed in–and not Jews–it’s quite clear that the idea is to exclude Jews from the Gulf states. The policy is anti-Semitic and, frankly, a form of anti-Jewish apartheid.
But now Doha, Qatar wants to host the Summer Olympic Games and is bidding for the 2016 version. It would be hard to imagine the International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowing the Games to take place in an apartheid-ruled South Africa in the ’80s. But racism is treated differently by the politically correct IOC than is the more “palatable” anti-Semitism. The Munich massacre was not the beginning of Olympic anti-Semitism, nor was it the end.
And the Gulf States, with their anti-Semitic apartheid, are acceptable to left-wing celebs, where South Africa’s apartheid was not. Rockers joined for the song, “I Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City.” But, today, George Clooney is posing in anti-Israel Dubai to tout his new role as an honorary UN Ambassador. (Dubai continues to trade with and recognize Sudan, the country which gang rapes, tortures, and mass murders its Black population, an issue about which Clooney claims to care deeply about.)
Now, there is Shahar Peer. Despite her travel to Qatar and her participation in the Qatar Open being prohibited for years, yesterday, she played in the Qatar Total Open. Her match there is being called “historic.” It merited a full-page, complete with color pictures of her in traditional Qatari dress, in today’s USA Today Sports Section. Not a single word in the entire page of the story, though, about why Peer never played there before or why, as the story noted, she is “the first Israeli to compete in a professional tour event in one of the Persian Gulf States.” Not a single mention of Qatar’s visitor visa policy, which remains in place, except for star Israeli tennis players who will willingly pimp out their country and their fellow co-religionists for a chance at publicity and tennis riches.
Instead, we are treated to glowing quotes from pandering Israeli tennis players who also want to play a role at zonah (the Hebrew word for prostitute). 27-year-old Israeli doubles player Andy Ram–who won Australian Open, last month–says:

If the Sheik of Dubai will accept to give us a visa, I don’t see a reason why not to go.

Well, here’s a reason–several reasons: Dubai won’t trade with Israel, period. It won’t do business with any companies who do business with Israel. And it won’t allow any Jew holding an Israeli passport to enter, save a few tennis stars. Even if the Israeli Olympic Team is allowed to play in Qatar, average Israeli Jews won’t be allowed to enter or do business there or Dubai or anywhere else in the gulf. Nor will tourists with a stamp from Israel in their passport. And the country won’t even recognize Israel’s right to exist.
Peer and her fellow Israeli tennis players are akin to the few Jews, like the diamond-trading Oppenheim family, who were immune to Nazi policies toward Jews. Their presence at Qatari tennis tournaments is like the phony “model” concentration camps the Nazis showed the world.
And they don’t seem to get it.
As I also noted on this site, a few years ago Ms. Peer’s doubles partner, Sania Mirza, dumped Ms. Peer for another partner in the Bangalore Open. Why? Because Muslims in India protested that the Muslim Indian Ms. Mirza was playing with an Israeli Jew. And yet, despite this, Ms. Peer remains a doubles partner and friend to Ms. Mirza. Would you remain friends with someone who bows to anti-Semites and temporarily dumps you to appease them? Ms. Peer sees no shame in that.
It’s a weird perversion of Grouch Marx’s joke that he wouldn’t want to be a member of a group that would allow him as a member. Ms. Peer and her fellow Israeli tennis players desperately want to be a member of a group that only wants them to host an Olympics.
For the record, Shahar Peer won her match, yesterday, against Andreja Klepac of Slovenia. But it’s a selfish, personal victory, not a win for Israel or freedom-loving Westerners around the world who oppose Islamo-fascism.
On the contrary, Shahar Peer’s tennis appearance in Qatar is a huge defeat for her country, for Jews, and for pro-Westerners all around the world.
And that is, indeed, “historic.”
* “Shanda” is a Hebrew and Yiddish term for embarrassment, shame, scandal, etc.


Shahar Pe’er in Qatar:

The New Nazis Let Token Uncle Tom Jew Play Tennis

**** UPDATE: Check out the website for the U.S. Embassy of Qatar, which states:

All invoices should have a non-Israeli clause clearly mentioned.

And don’t forget that this is the country whose rulers created and fund Al-Jazeera.

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12 Responses

She must be totally self-absorbed and has no concept of the day before yesterday. Actors and athletes think they’re so above it all.

John Cunningham on February 19, 2008 at 12:37 pm

Looks like American athletes don’t have the market cornered on stupidity and arrogance. Maybe she’d like to date Charles Barkely when she’s not playing tennis.

samurai on February 19, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Since 1996, the Israel MFA has had a trade office in Doha, Qatar. They came close to working out an LNG deal with them in the late 1990’s.
I’m not trying to sanitize Qatar’s manifest national policy of anti-Semitism. Just trying to tell you that there are a few cracks in the dam.
Sometimes, I think the Qataris like to play footsie with Israel just to get the Saudis angry. The two royal families don’t get along especially well.

There is NO Santa Claus on February 19, 2008 at 1:02 pm

The Israeli Left has succeeded in doing the impossible: putting the Jew back in the ghetto and making the Jew again a pariah among the nations.
That pariah status won’t change even if Shahar Peer is allowed to go play tennis in Qatar. All it will underline is just how abnormal the Jewish State’s condition remains 60 years after Israeli independence. And no one is surprised when Iran’s Foreign Minister describes Israel as a “fabricated state” that is still illegitimate and has played no role in the region.
This is the reality in the Middle East and a few Jewish Uncle Toms being invited to Qatar won’t change it.

NormanF on February 19, 2008 at 1:50 pm

Just wait — if there is ever any type of Qatar investment in this country that could undermine our security, like the Dubai ports deal, the elite and their ‘conservative’ stooges will point to this tennis matach as proof that Qatar is not prejudiced, and the mainstream media will inundate us with it. they will not publicize the things mentioned in this writeup.

c f on February 19, 2008 at 4:27 pm

They are what is know as “court Jews”.

lexi on February 19, 2008 at 4:53 pm

You are right to criticize Dubai and all the apartheid Muslim states. However, if Peer sees this opportunity as a crack in the door, possibly the beginning of a thaw, that is her right. There can be another legimate way to see this. We don’t need Jews bashing Jews when there is an enemy to be fought.

Papa Bear on February 19, 2008 at 5:14 pm

” … Now, there is Shahar Peer. Despite her travel to Qatar and her participation in the Qatar Open being prohibited for years, yesterday, she played in the Qatar Total Open. Her match there is being called “historic. …”
so why take it out on *her* ??
did she support any Qatar boycott or otherwise do anything that shows she favors the anti-Israel stance over her own country
(maybe she did, but if so, it’s not apparent from your quote, so if she *didn’t*,
then maybe save the ‘zonah’ appellation for condaleeza rice, rosie o’donnell, etc.)
take it out on Qatar, the IOC, and all who do business with Qatar, and all the others who tolerate the Arab boycott of Israel
this is a great opportunity to rub Qatar’s nose in the filth of their own policies,
by the Israeli team insisting on bringing it’s own kosher food, it’s own Rabbi, it’s own Sefer Torah,
have it’s own daily minyan, etc.
(the Israelis should, of course bring a small army of their own, to provide ‘security’ which of course cannot be guaranteed by Qatar)
and wouldn’t it be nice if they had to let the Israelis play and ‘still’ didn’t get the olympic bid …

exdemexlib on February 19, 2008 at 6:31 pm

We’ll never know what might have happened if she had had the guts and the decency to say that she would never play in Qatar because of their discrimination against Israel and Jewish people. Maybe nothing would have happened, but maybe it would have brought some publicity to Qatar’s anti-semitic policies. If anythng would open the door to reducing the anti-semitism of Qatar and countries like it, it is holding them up to the light, and exposing their policies for all to see.

c f on February 19, 2008 at 6:52 pm

The decision by Shahar Pe’er and Andy Ram to play tennis in Qatar is an insult to Jews around the world who have supported them. I think some of the blame must go to the revisionist, post-Zionist educators, politicians and media who have dominated the Israeli establishment since Oslo.
Heck, if the Israeli government is willing to enter into negotiations with Arafat, call Fatah and Gulf states “moderate” and publicly put faith in phony promises from Palestinians–“taking risks for peace and reconciliation” and such nonsense–how hard should we be toward a couple of 20-something athletes who think real barriers are falling by their simple act of participating in an the Qatar Open?
Pe’er and Ram are acting as one would expect from people who have received a multi-cultural, morally relativistic education in which Qatar’s religious-apartheid policy toward Jews and Israel is just another point of view or narrative to be be bridged through dialogue and engagement, not a moral wrong to be loudly condemned in a way that might upset enemies.
Arab leaders historically have made small, insincere gestures toward Jews when they want to appear moderate and reasonable in order to achieve a short-term goal or overcome bad publicity in the eyes of suspicious Westerners. The list of American Jewish organizations, leaders and Rabbis willing to jump at the slightest hint of a warming of relations by Gulf Arabs (and then explain the Gulf Arab point of view almost verbatim to the larger Jewish or American public after being granted the rare privilege of a non-official meeting) makes it difficult for me to be too critical of these tennis players.
Nonetheless, I hate that Qatar can use Pe’er and Ram for propaganda purposes. Even if Qatar lands the Olympics, who could reasonably believe it will result in Qatar making changes in political relations with Israel or religious/cultural attitudes regarding Jews?
I do think you are a little too hard on Sania Mirza. She has done much to offend the sensibilities of Muslims in India and Pakistan, including saying that it is unrealistic for Muslim men to expect their wives to be virgins until marriage.
Her decision to play tennis alone has angered Muslims (tennis attire isn’t modest) and she showed courage by playing doubles with Pe’er. You can’t fault Mirza if she is concerned about the safety of family members. And you can’t expect more resolve from her than from Jewish athletes when it comes to taking a stand on political issues concerning Muslim anti-Semitism.

4infidels on February 21, 2008 at 12:07 am

B”H Debbie, probably the most important thing you said here was “just wanting to be loved.”
In every generation since Spain in the 1400’s, we Jews have tried assimilation as a strategy for survival, and have failed every time. Yet, we continue to make the same mistakes over again, expecting different results,…which, according to Einstein is the definition of insanity.
The diagnosis I give is co-dependence. We are more concerned about other people liking and accepting us, than about liking and accepting ourselves.
The Israeli left (Peres, Beilin, Eloni, etc., YSh”W) want nothing more than to be another member of the European Union. Religious, Sefardi, Yemenite, and other cultural contributors to Jewish and/or Israeli culture be damned (according to their views).
Remember Pres. Bus (41)’s statement about the “Cultural Elite?”
The American far left would lose big to the Israel far left in a contest of arrogance.

Ben-Yehudah on February 21, 2008 at 7:08 am

never ceases to amaze me how stupid jocks can be about politics.
its like they all get this memo stating that as jocks they have this weird quasi world citizenship and infantile ambassadorship for peeeaace..
whenever the US sends baseball players down to Cuber the reds ensure that only party members get to watch and there’s always some stupid moron jock saying “theyre just like us, they just want to play!!”.
IF she was cool she wouldve shown up with a tennis suit made of striped pajamas and rubbed in their faces. But theyre all just so vacuous that no one would get it anyway.
“thats hot..”- P.Hilton.
co dependent generation.

playertwo on February 21, 2008 at 10:44 am

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