March 18, 2011, - 7:12 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Bomb Found in Detroit Fed Bldg There 20 DAYS, Brought into Bldg by Guards – ICE Agents’ Lives Risked by Boss; “Large Debris Field”

By Debbie Schlussel

You may have heard the breaking story about the bomb found today in the McNamara Federal Building in Detroit. But what you don’t know is that the building’s security BROUGHT the bomb into the building and that the bomb was sitting in the building FOR TWENTY DAYS in a very obvious place (hint: lost your gloves lately?) federal law enforcement agents confirmed exclusively to  The bomb left a large debris field when it was detonated on a Detroit island nearby.

Abu Moskowitz & the McNamara Federal Building Bomb

Federal law enforcement sources from the McNamara Building confirm that on February 26th, the building’s security saw a package sitting outside the building and brought it inside, “in case someone lost it and returned to claim it.” The package was never screened and was simply placed at the security installation, where it sat for the next 20 days, just a few feet behind the area where civilians are waiting in line to be screened before further entering the building. Today, after 20 days sitting there, security finally worked up the curiosity to think, “hmmm . . . maybe we should scan this thing.” Upon scanning the item, a metal box contained in a bag, security discovered that, in fact, a bomb was inside.  They, then, took the bomb outside the building behind a dumpster, unbeknownst to employees in the building who were not evacuated and could have been blown up.

If I were the terrorist that built the bomb, I’d be laughing my ass off right now (and for the last 20 days).  If this was a dry run–and I’m not sure it wasn’t just the real thing–it showed that our national security authorities are hopelessly incompetent and can’t implement the most basic security.

The Department of Homeland Security is in charge of protecting and securing federal buildings and after years of ICE “leadership,” including former ICE official Theresa “Blackface” Bertucci, paring the Federal Protective Service (FPS) to the bone (something I detailed on this site), DHS/ICE hired bumbling private security firms, like the one that brought the bomb into the building and let it sit there for 20 days to replace FPS police.  If the feds are going to use the Keystone Kops to protect themselves, then how can we allow them the pretense of protecting us?

Although Detroit Police and the media are minimizing the bomb as merely a “suspicious package,” it in fact went beyond suspicion to confirmation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” who works in the building told his agents in an e-mail message that upon detonation, the bomb left a “large debris field.”  But his e-mail came to agents well after 3:30 p.m., even though he knew about it for many hours beforehand and decided to keep the information to himself, even during the time when the bomb still sat next to their building and could have blown them up.

It’s a tremendous testament to the incompetence of the private security firm that runs “security” for the building which houses the headquarters for the Michigan FBI, Michigan/Ohio ICE , Michigan/Ohio Immigration Court, and many other federal offices. Many times, I’ve waited in line for nearly a half hour to get into that building as the security made me undress and go through scrutiny far tougher and more ridiculous than that employed at the airport. Yet, they allowed a bomb in and left it in lost and found FOR 20 DAYS.  And not only did they allow it in, they BROUGHT the bomb into the building.

I’ve heard this from federal law enforcement agents who work in the building and are upset that–while they are supposed to keep us safe–they cannot even keep themselves safe. ICE Agents in Detroit are angry that their Islamo-pandering boss Brian Moskowitz a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” Special Agent in Charge of ICE for Michigan and Ohio, knew about the bomb after it was found in the building before noon, today, but didn’t notify them until after 3:30 p.m.

To new readers, I’ve written a lot about Abu Moskowitz over the years, all of it disturbing.  He’s risked America’s national security and borders by putting his penchant for Islamo-pandering and recruiting extramarital girlfriends first and alerting Muslims about raids–the few he actually let  his agents do on Muslim organizations.

Longtime readers will note that I haven’t written about Abu M in a while.  That’s because, as an attorney, I was representing one of his agents in a legal matter against him.  The matter has been settled and because of a confidentiality agreement, I cannot discuss it.  However, now that the matter is concluded, the gloves are off again.  And I won’t hesitate to comment about his malfeasance.

That includes writing about the day, this past fall, when  I saw Moskowitz at Plum Market, a local gourmet market in Bloomfield Township, Michigan.  He was driving his government-provided SUV, against the rules, which prohibit the use of government vehicles even for a stop to do an errand on the way home.  The market is on the way to his home and along an alternative route to the one he normally takes, which was then under construction.  Moskowitz bought wine, and alcohol is another no-no in a G-ride.  Moskowitz had been on a conference call with me and my client that morning, and upon seeing him at the market, I felt a little like Tiger Woods several years ago when he was about to take a swing and a black snake crossed his path and spooked him.

In any event, Moskowitz just didn’t care much about his agents’ lives and security today, and whenever will.  And the other feds don’t care much either, since they replaced competent federal agents from the FPS with a private cornucopia of Keystone Koppery.

I’m all for privatization, but not when it involves national security. . .  and a firm of fools who willingly bring a bomb into a federal building and let it sit there for 20 days.

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After my experience with rent a cops, this is no surprise. Not a fan of privatizing safety either.

samurai on March 18, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    Ms. Schlussel,
    I’m currently employed as a Protective Security Officer (PSO) working in the Chicago metropolitan area assign to a federal facility. I find it hard to believe that you’re report regarding this incident have been thoroughly investigated. I also take offense to the slanderous name calling in respect to all the exceptionally well trained, hard working and yet underpaid contract security officers here in the United States who put their lives on the line everyday as the first line of defense. Your investigation and reporting of this incident have the absence of both a thoroughly complete account of the details and the objectiveness of a professional. It’s unavoidably lucid to a reader that you’re harboring some personal ill feeling for Mr. Brian Moskowitz (wrong forum). Here’s my suggestion; the next time you have business in a federal building, leave all of the prohibited items in you car, this will effectively shorten your screening process time (sorry for the inconvenience). It’s also painfully obvious that you have no factual awareness regarding the PSO requirement and continuous training program.
    FYI: Half of your colleagues probably wouldn’t meet the federal requirements for PSO; a clean criminal background, drug free life style, good overall health, acceptable credit affairs and an immense/multifarious amount of certified training.
    Be nice…

    PSO HEC on March 24, 2011 at 3:44 pm


Above incident notwithstanding, I have to disagree here. If you left National Security to just the Feds or State agents, their members would be hopelessly bogged down by PC and fears of charges of ‘Islamophobia’ to actually do anything about real threats.

With a private firm, at least one could conceivably find one that would have no such inhibitions. Yeah, select the right one so that foul-ups like the above don’t happen.

Infidel Pride on March 19, 2011 at 1:27 am

We went through three rent-a-cop (security) agencies and most of their rent-a-cops (more than three dozen of them) before we decided to screen, background check and hire security guard applicants on our own.

We have been appalled by the mediocre quality of applicants, most of whom have been former city cops. (yech) Former deputy sheriffs and state troopers have worked out the best. We pay higher salaries than cops, deputies and troopers get. But we demand our money’s worth.

Call me disgusted, but I wouldn’t pay a plug nickel for a city cop.

Dianne & Brian on March 19, 2011 at 2:18 am

I’m simply astounded that this really happened. It does not leave me with any belief that HLS/Feds have their act any more focused on the job then they were before 9/11. How does Abu Moskowitz keep his job? What a real shame that the other agents have absolutely no leadership or competence in the individual that is their supervisor. Thank-you so much for this post and the links to your others about this disgraceful Special Agent for MI & OH ICE.

NancyB on March 19, 2011 at 2:24 am

Millions of tax dollars flow through ICE and DHS so why do they need to hire a private firm for anything. Who’s brother in-law runs the private security firm thats paid to do the same job as the DHS/ICE agencies themselves.

Anthony on March 19, 2011 at 11:09 am

This story is consistent with what I see on my job. While we rely more & more on contractors, we blindly ignore ‘real’ security issues (fraud/bombs/imposters/whatever) while obsessively focusing on sexual harassment/core values/core principles and mindless diversity program bullshit. We desperately lack leadership. We don’t have a mission and we don’t know how to get it done. I think I can take it a few more years then I am OUT! I started in this business naievely thinking I could actually make a change for the better. Ha!

#1 Vato on March 19, 2011 at 11:52 am

    #1 Vato,

    I couldn’t agree with you more but let’s take it a step further. ICE lost sight of the true mission the minute those creme-filled spongecakes from customs took over. They’re all about “core-values” (give me a f**kin break; they have more crooks, philanderers, and ne’er-do-wells than you can count) and all that other feel good, PC garbage. Let’s not forget they’re all about screwing over anyone who doesn’t butt-snorkel them and drink from their koolaid trough. I was more than glad to pull the pin and get out…only regret was I didn’t do it sooner.

    (Waiting for “Customs Koolaid Forever” to chime in after he wipes the koolaid form his piehole and the glazed doughnut look off his face)

    IceNoMore on March 21, 2011 at 3:42 am

I’m more for privatizing safety than I am for UNIONIZING it! Private security companies can be held accountable for their failures and fired. Unionized TSA agents and other unionized Federal employees will NEVER be held accountable for their failures and fired. Therefore there is no incentive to do a good job.

DG in GA on March 19, 2011 at 12:34 pm

DG in GA…Correctamundo! but to be hired in the private sector you must first be qualified. In the government, if you aren’t qualified for the position, it doesn’t much matter (as long as your are not a fat, balding, white, male heterosexual).

#1 Vato on March 19, 2011 at 1:21 pm

You have got to be kidding me. I worked in government security for fifteen years and the stark level of incompetence in Detroit is staggering. Questions regarding leadership, training, and overall competence abound and the fact that everyone is scrambling to cover this up is amazing. God help us all if this is typical of the security of Federal buildings today.

William Stout on March 19, 2011 at 5:16 pm

The truth is that you don’t stand a chance in defending yourselves if someone really wants to blow up something. Everywhere, not only in the US.

Did you read the first issue of Inspire? It shows there just how a bomb should be made without raising any suspicion. I made a few myself and detonated them behind the building where I live; they were small, just to check if the Al Qaeda guys were right.

But if I had enough patience to build a bigger bomb or even build a car bomb, I could blow up the US embassy in my country whenever I want.

Do you think the feds are watching me, scanning my ip, my mail etc…? GREAT! Some guy with 5000$ per month is trying to discover what some unemployed guy on the other side of the earth is up to.

Al Qaeda can destroy Western freedom only from mere words.

Did you read Al Qaeda’s training manual for operations in kuffar territory? I have. You know what my brothers’ problem is? They are not relaxed about what they’re doing. They simply think too much, when in fact there’s no danger for them. There are so many unprotected objectives in the West and so many ways of attacking them that it’s only a matter of choice, what they dream tonight they can attack tomorrow.

It is only a matter of time until some other 9/11 style disaster will strike again, somewhere in the Western world.

Look at you: it’s been 10 years since then and you’re still worried about your safety, still spending billions on internal security, still spending billions looking for ghosts in Waziristan. How much do you think you’re gonna keep living like that? You’re gonna end up with mind reading devices implanted by the CIA in your heads.

Al Qaeda spent 5000$ to put two printers loaded with explosives in two American planes. If they were lucky, they would even put down both planes. What was the consequence of this? The consequence was that US shipping companies now have to spend millions of $ on security procedures.

If I ring at Fedex right now and say there’s a bomb in one of their planes and shout Allahu Akbar over the phone, they will stop all their planes to do searches, losses will exceed a few hundres of thousands of $. It is as simple as that for anyone to attack the West.

But you were right: some of us don’t want to get their hands dirty. Yet.

Andy on March 19, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    Ahmed (I mean Andy), is this candor or hubris? In either case, you will be successful only so long as there are no politically important forces that target ALL Muslims. It seems, however, that there are the beginnings of just such forces.

    While I am hardly a powerful player, I am not alone in my view that Muslim life is worthless. I take joy in the death of the Bnei Amalek–and I don’t worry about whether a particular Amalekite is a “terrorist.”

    Love always,


    skzion on March 20, 2011 at 6:25 pm

Andy, you want to talk about getting your hands dirty? Just wait untill we in the West get ours real dirty. Do yourself a huge favor, get out of the West while you can.

Drakken on March 19, 2011 at 7:58 pm

It may have been a dry run but one day federal incompetence is going to get a lot of people killed.

No one in the media will be asking the right questions if it happens. After all every one knows Islam has nothing to do – I repeat, Islam has nothing to do – with terrorism.

Thanks to that kind of attitude, its not surprising no one thought there was anything suspicious about a bomb being left in Detroit’s Federal Building.

Betcha they won’t learning anything from the security FUBAR there.

NormanF on March 19, 2011 at 11:51 pm

So had this bomb actually gone off which white, christian, gun owning, conservative group would have taken the blame first?

All of the increased security since 9/11 is just a dog and pony show. We are no safer, we are in more danger. As PC rules lower the standards for every job and the real terrorists can not be named or they will be offended, we are in even greater danger. Not sure which is more dangerous the terrorists or the incompetent government/security agencies who are way out of their league.

ender on March 19, 2011 at 11:51 pm

What I said was sarcasm but the Left will take my comments quite literally and they do! My point would be lost on Abu Moskowitz but that’s par for the course these days. Yup, it has to be right wing extremists who planted the bomb. Let’s see what the media will conclude if they ever pick up this story.

NormanF on March 19, 2011 at 11:57 pm

Detroits security staff under DECO, Inc. is incompetent. They rely on the good ol boy system, and do not hire qualified staff. Contract companies like DECO, inc who provide the guards to federal facilities in michigan are often replaced every 3 to 5 years thru the lowest bidder process. Before this company, it was KNIGHT PROTECTIVE SERVICE. They went bankrupt and often bounced payroll to thier staff. 5 years before that, UNLIMITED security. They went bankrupt too, and thier owner/founder was arrested on embezelment of funds, and spent alot on some boxing production. THIEVES. Nobody wants to say this, because it is embarassing. Detroits staff of guards are lowlife thugs who get their jobs thru Nepotism and friends referring friends to the gravy train. They dont follow the rules because thier friends are the supervisors, and just overlook things. Nobody wants to say anything for fear of Racism charges against the Majority african american staff. As you have already guessed, i have first hand knowledge of this situation. Nowhere else in the state does this kind of behavior happen. Just Detroit. Not the EPA, which is covered by DECO, all federal courthouses in the state, DECO, no problems. SSA offices, covered by DECO, no troubles. Grand Rapids/BattleCreek/Kalamazoo federal facilities, No troubles. DETROIT is the problem. They need to stop covering for the trash, and clean house of the Thugs and lowlives given jobs by friend upper management. Dont get me started on SID BOGAN, who ran Knight Protective before Deco. What a Thief, and THUG. He is representatve of the troubles with this Dying city. Nowhere else in the state would security staff bring a package in without screening it. It only takes a few seconds. Detroit is the problem, thier nepotism hiring is biting them in the ass.

whistleblower on March 20, 2011 at 11:29 am

Scary. Hope things improve in security soon.

Truth on March 20, 2011 at 11:55 am

So this is how the federal government keep employing some unqualified incompetents and Islamo-pandering hand-wringers up to the high level.

Bobby on March 20, 2011 at 12:06 pm

DECO for thier credit, is not the problem this time around. DECO is actually a good company from what I can tell. They take care of the employees, and provide Excellent training and equipment to the staff. But DECO inherited all the employees from previous contractors, and on paper some look qualified, so they must be allowed to stay. in reality, they are pimples on the ass of the company. Warm bodies to fill slots. I think if they could have thier way, they would have dumped the garbage but they would be sued to bankrupsy by the THUGS and scumbags they were forced to take on. The supervision and thier subordinates look out for each other, and cover up issues until something like this comes down. This will cause a massive ripple within the guard strucure way beyond Detroit, even though its a Detroit problem. The guard company is based out west in another state, and work only remotely in the states in which they hold contracts. Detroit staff are mostly THUGS and Scumbags who are allowed to screw off, purposefully with a blind eye. They will pay the piper for it. About now, someone in that structure is scrambling to find someone to blame and clear themselves. Now would be a good time to get the broom out, and sweep that place clean.

whistleblower on March 20, 2011 at 2:52 pm

Did they hire these clowns from the same pool of incompetent buffoons who work as mall cops? Sure sounds like it.

R on March 21, 2011 at 5:28 pm

IceNoMore, I partially agree with what you’re saying, but now let’s move even further along: True Customs had their share of pansy incompetants, clowns, however it depended on what SAC office, in my experience the Northern, non-border, urban SAC offices, that had little work to do, had more than their share of clowns; but at least they tried to do something, at times being proactive. Immigration districts with their clowns, on the other hand, ruled, and were the vast majority no matter what district office, by 3:00 pm they were all gone home, they were never available; did not conduct investigations even though they wre 1811’s; did a lot of administrative, non-criminal work at the whim of the DD, and were uniionized. In my experience, there were mostly overpaid, incompetant clowns at immigration. Many of these clowns were rewarded by the DD based on the number of illegal aliens processed, adjudications, and other ways. Some were promoted to “Special Agent” by the storke of a pen, and never had to attend any criminal investigator training. That is part of the reason they were Terminal Twelves, and there was never any consideration of being GS-13’s unless, by the same methods, they were promoted to GS. If you recall, Immigration was on the verge of being abolished prior to 9/11. After the merger it was clear that Customs definately had more going on, their agents, for the most part, were better trained and had more investigative experience. One of the first things ICE did was to get rid of the old “ACRAP” system, where Immigration had Special Agents working in the jails interviewing illegal aliens and placing detainers on them. What a joke that sytem was, criminal investigators doing bullshit immigration administrative, GS-5 work.
Yes ICE has lost sight of its mission and that’s because it refocused on all of the bullshit immigration work that the immigration clowns were so used to doing, and still had the audacity to call themselves “criminal investigators”.
ICE has allowed mediocrity to flourish in the agency, and they think that by renaming it, again, to HSI (with an emphasis on “Investigations”) that that will somehow change its course. Talk about “butt-snorkling” it is now rampant, and expected, at ICE, especially by the immigration clowns, if you want to move ahead.

QTD on March 22, 2011 at 1:56 pm

We received information regarding this incident recently in our Colorado region.

DECO is by far the most professional security company I have ever worked for in the 8 years I have spent in professional security.

Our training is provided by competent, educated trainers whom offer dedicated, and continuous training towards our ability to protect federal buildings in our region.

We receive constant training, on every level.

The fault rests in the hands of the complacency of the security officer in this particular incident.
PSO HEC Wrote a very good rebuttal to Debbie Schlussel, and I think all of you should read it.

Debbie Schlussel also claims our security is worse than the airports? Have you been screened in a federal building Debbie Schlussel? I doubt it.

If you’re going to write something, it’s best that you do a bit more research, rather than attacking the company, and the government for the actions of one bad apple.

It’s media agencies like this whom slander “the rest of us.” Who do our jobs, but have to suffer the consequences because of a mistake made by one person.

Next thing you know we get outbid by another mysterious security company veying to “clean house.” Then people have to worry about their job security, and make our jobs more difficult.

Deco employs a very large number of private security officers, all across the United States, and we do a great job.

DECO Employee R8CO on April 4, 2011 at 10:02 pm

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