February 26, 2008, - 5:32 pm

The Bush “Persecute Border Patrol Agents” Doctrine Continues: Trial of Border Agent Began Today

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, the Border Patrol agents who were prosecuted, then sent to federal prison for at least a decade, for defending themselves against a drug-dealing illegal alien criminal?
Welcome to the sequel.
Today, the trial of Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett began with jury selection. Corbett is charged in the fatal shooting, last year, of illegal alien Francisco Dominguez-Rivera. He says it was in self-defense, that Dominguez-Rivera and his illegal alien companions threw rocks at him. But if you are a Border Patrol or ICE Agent, there is a presumption of guilt against you today, many such agents tell me.
This is one of those cases:


A U.S. Border Patrol agent went on trial on Tuesday in the killing of a Mexican man attempting to cross illegally into Arizona, a case closely watched by pro- and anti-illegal immigrant groups.
Jury selection began in U.S. District Court in Tucson, Ariz., to decide the fate of agent Nicholas Corbett, who faces second-degree murder charges for killing Francisco Dominguez Rivera in the southern Arizona desert.
Corbett, who has claimed through attorneys that he shot in self defense, is also charged with manslaughter and negligent homicide in connection with the January 12, 2007, incident.
Dominguez Rivera, 22, was fatally shot after crossing an isolated stretch of the border between Naco and Douglas with his two brothers and the girl friend of one of the brothers. Corbett said he shot after being threatened with a rock.
The incident drew an immediate rebuke by the Mexican government, with that country’s Foreign Ministry complaining of “disproportionate violence.” Diplomats at the Mexican Embassy in Washington called for a thorough investigation.
Jennifer Allen, executive director of Tucson-based Border Action Network, said the human-rights group plans a weeklong vigil in front of the courthouse.
“We’ll be there to send a message affirming that no one is above the law and calling for justice in this case,” said Allen, who added that the case underscores the need for better training for agents and oversight.
A Border Patrol spokesman in Tucson had no immediate comment.
A top border patrol union official said the case has been overblown by prosecutors and never should have reached trial. “We’re hopeful that justice will prevail and he is found innocent of all charges,” said T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council.

Aren’t you glad that the Bush Administration ruins members of our law enforcement’s lives on behalf of another government whose citizens are dumped on us?
So much for national sovereignty.
If every single action of Border Patrol (and ICE) agents is second-guessed in courts–with their lives on the line–who will want to take these thankless jobs?
Well, soon, Border Patrol and ICE agent will fall under the lines of work that President Bush characterized as “the work Americans just won’t do.”
Nicholas Corbett should be getting hazard pay, not his life on trial.

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I was listening to the plagurist a while back on 760am around 330pm and he had Karl Rove on. They discussed Bush’s sense of humor and the fact thatthey both read a lot of books. In the spirit of competition they had a contest of book reading. Rove read over 100 in a year and Bush read like 90 something and quipped that the reason he lost was because he had to run the free world. My first comment to my wife was “No wonder we don’t have a fence or aneffective policy dealing with terror and immigrants. This guys reading tons of FICTION all day instead of briefs and listening to smart people.”

samurai on February 26, 2008 at 6:47 pm

I hope that history will remember Bush for what he has been and how he betrayed our nation. Maybe historians will be able to write about what Bush’s true motives were during his Presidency and how he helped break the back of the American people.
He cannot convict our military and border agents fast enough!! These people cannot win. I’ve never read about or observed anything like this before in this great nation.
I would bet my last dollar that Sutton is involved in this case in some capacity. Sutton is a minion of the Mexican government. This is the a-hole that needs to be on trial.
Regardless of who wins the next election nothing about this issue will ever change. The convictions will continue for crimes not committed. What ever happened to the appeal of Ramos and Compean? The court is sure taking it’s good old time in rendering a verdict! I suspect that the White House has leaned all over the court so that they would sweep everything under the rug. The American people have the attention span of a gnat!
Maybe Debbie could find out about the verdict that never occured for the men???

newinnewark on February 26, 2008 at 7:45 pm

“We’ll be there to send a message affirming that no one is above the law and calling for justice in this case,” said Allen
While illegal aliens enjoy rights and protections greater than we grant our own citizens, there will never be any ‘justice’.
Nicholas Corbett is a hero. We will never know how many Americans were spared from becoming victims of crime, or drunk driving, because of his actions, his dedication to doing his duty to protect us all. I say ‘thank you’, big time, to Corbett and to all in our Border Patrol.
“The incident drew an immediate rebuke by the Mexican government, with that country’s Foreign Ministry complaining of “disproportionate violence.””
Disproportionate is right. How many rapes and murders in Mexico can be attributed to illegal Americans? How many DUI’s or thefts of social services has Mexico suffered? How many millions of Americans using stolen identites are tolerated within Mexico’s borders?
Wish we had 100,000 more on the border, just like Corbett.

jeebie on February 26, 2008 at 8:32 pm

Hey, I’m all for prosecuting a B.P. agent if he’s out of line, some kind of trigger-happy fool — but I imagine that the service can weed out most, if not all, of those types before they complete their basic training. Why ANY of these guys have been brought up on charges (based on what I’ve heard about the circumstances), much less rotting in some f—in’ jail(!), is way beyond me. GWB had the chance to be remembered as one of the great presidents in history, but this stupidity, along with the whole “open borders/McLame suck-up” thing, will ruin everything the current president has done in the War on Islamofascism.
If any convictions result from these kangaroo-court show trials, GWB will unfortunately be remembered as essentially no better than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro (speaking for myself, anyway).

theendisnear on February 26, 2008 at 9:17 pm

“Hey, I’m all for prosecuting a B.P. agent if he’s out of line, some kind of trigger-happy fool — but I imagine that the service can weed out most, if not all, of those types before they complete their basic training.”Posted by: theendisnear
I have to disagree with you…and Debbie. Our government is based upon a set of laws. As a lawyer Debbie knows that. I normally agree with everything Debbie has to say about Border Patrol and ICE (I am an ICE SSA). BUT…I have seen the kind of rookies coming out of the BP Academy and ICE. I have numerous examples of catching them in lies (and yes I report it). I have dealt with supervisors that most would confuse with used car salesmen. As soon as they open their mouth you know it’s BS. I have dealt with BP Agents that cut and paste their PC of a traffic, I mean immigration inspection. These knuckle draggers have no idea what happens once a person is arrested and TOT ICE. They have no concept of chain of custody, Miranda Warnings, or the Rules of Criminal Procedure. I could go on and on but my point is…the two poor saps sitting in jail already lied, disgraced the badge, and tried to cover it up. They are where they belong with the rest of the thugs. As for this case, as the old saying goes, justice is blind and if he’s innocent and used the use of force modular, he will not have anything to worry about. If he did not act within the scope of his employment then he’s going to prison where he belongs.

icehole on February 26, 2008 at 10:18 pm

Also, I found this that was posted in a Tucson newspaper that gives a little more insight in to the circumstances surrounding this shooting.
BISBEE ó Shortly after 3 p.m. on Jan. 12, as Border Patrol agent Stephen Berg was running through the desert, tracking a group of suspected illegal immigrants in an area east of Naco, he received a radio message ìshots firedî from another agent who was following the same group.
According to a memo filed by Berg later that day, he then ran up over a rise and saw the agent, Nicholas Corbett, near the back of his Border Patrol SUV, with three people sitting on the ground near him.
Corbett was administering aid to a fourth person, later identified as 22-year-old Francisco Javier Dominguez-Rivera, of Puebla, Mexico, who was lying on the ground with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his left shoulder.
When Berg approached the scene, the three witnesses would later tell investigators, he seemed to be crying.
Berg handcuffed the three witnesses ó two of Dominguez-Riveraís brothers and his sister-in-law ó and joined Corbett next to the victim.
ìAfter cutting away the subjectís clothing, I attempted to locate a pulse on both sides of his neck and his wrist,î Berg wrote. ì(But) I was unable to locate any pulse.î
In his Jan. 12 memo, Berg did not say whether he and Corbett had discussed the reason for the shooting. But on Jan. 22, during an interview with Detective Wendy Adney of the Cochise County Sheriffís Office and Agent Jeffrey Coburn of the FBI, Berg reported that while both agents ìwere sort of in shockî and spoke very little while attending to Dominguez-Rivera, Berg did eventually ask what had happened.
ìCorbett told him that he had seen (Dominguez-Rivera) bend down and pick up something,î Adney wrote in the report of her interview with Berg. Corbett had then left his vehicle and run around back, where he was confronted by Dominguez-Rivera.
ìCorbett said that the subject had a rock in his hand and that he had his hand raised,î Adney continued. According to Berg, ìCorbett did not actually say that he had shot the subject, he just stopped talking at that point.î
More agents arrive
Murray Adams, a field operations supervisor at the Naco Border Patrol Station, arrived at the shooting scene approximately five minutes after Berg and quickly realized the man on the ground with a gunshot wound to his chest was dead.
Adams instructed Corbett and Berg to put the three people sitting nearby into his patrol SUV. Then, according to a memo Adams wrote to his supervisors later that day, he asked Corbett what had happened.
Corbett said he had just detained three male subjects walking along the border fence when he saw three people in the brush to his north. So, with the three detainees in his back seat, he drove to intercept them.
ìAgent Corbett told me that when he got out of his vehicle and came around the front of it, he saw that a male subject had a rock in his hand,î Adams wrote. ìThe subject was close to the rear of the vehicle along the passengerís side.î
ìCorbett said that he had his weapon drawn and he was holding it down, with the muzzle pointed toward the ground in front of him. The subject made a motion to throw the rock at Corbett, who fired one shot from his service pistol.î
Approximately 20 minutes later, Rick Carranza, another field operations supervisor from the Naco Station, arrived and spoke with Corbett.
Corbett told him that when he reached the second group of illegal immigrants, he went after Dominguez-Rivera, who was running around the SUV.
ìAgent Corbett chased him and as he came around the rear of his vehicle, he could see that Dominguez had turned around to face him,î Carranza stated. ìThat is when he noticed the rock in his hand.î
Corbett told Carranza that he fired one shot, which struck Dominguez-Rivera in the chest. Dominguez-Rivera fell immediately to the ground.
Diego Granillo, another field operations supervisor, gave a similar account, adding that Corbett said he had used his SUV as cover as Dominguez-Rivera shadowed him from the other side of the truck.
When Dominguez-Rivera confronted Corbett at the back of the truck, Granillo wrote, he was holding the rock in an elevated position.
By the time Ursula Ritchie, a Sheriffís Office detective, arrived at the scene at 4:55 p.m., Corbett had returned to the Naco station. And so she spoke with Adams, who told her what Corbett had told him earlier: That he exited his truck and went to the front of the vehicle, and that when he fired his gun, Dominguez-Rivera was standing near the rear passenger-side bumper.
When Ritchie could not locate a shell casing near the front of Corbettís SUV, Adams approached her and said he received additional information from Corbett.
ìAdams said Corbett is quite stressed and really does not recall his exact location,î Ritchie wrote in a report. ìBut he does now believe he was to the rear of the car (when he fired).î
Other evidence
Dominguez-Riveraís relatives who witnessed the shooting gave Sheriffís Office investigators a different version of the shooting.
They said Corbett raced around his truck and ran up to Dominguez-Rivera, striking or pushing him on the back of his neck with his right hand. As Dominguez-Rivera fell to his knees, Corbett shot him in the chest with his left hand.
The family members, as well as the three detainees in the back seat of Corbettís truck, denied seeing Dominguez-Rivera pick up a rock or make any threatening movements.
An autopsy by the county medical examiner shows the bullet took a downward diagonal trajectory through Dominguez-Riveraís left chest and lung, heart, stomach and liver, before lodging in his right abdomen.
A crime lab report said the shot was fired from between 3 inches and 2 1/2 feet from the victimís chest.
Corbett never spoke directly with investigators. In an e-mail sent to the Herald/Review late Wednesday evening, his attorney, Daniel Santander, declined comment, saying he had still not seen any of the evidence.
Corbett has been back on active duty at the Naco station since taking a mandatory three-day leave following the shooting. Border Patrol spokesman Gustavo Soto said there are no plans to remove him from the field while the investigation is ongoing.
Cochise County Attorney Ed Rheinheimer says he is reviewing the evidence and waiting for the FBI to send him an enhanced version of the surveillance video before deciding whether to charge Corbett.

icehole on February 26, 2008 at 10:38 pm

You need to listen to AM 700, http://www.ksevradio.com/index.asp
They are all over the Border issues and are carrying the flag for Ramos and Compean.

LocalLawman on February 26, 2008 at 11:18 pm

The Border Patrol recently came to a career expo I attended a few weeks ago. They started on the usual, oh! this job is great with great benefits…
I said (in a LOUD voice), “After what happened with Ramos and Compean, you seriously think I’d throw myself in your rat-trap?!” He tried to counter, but it was useless. I brought up the Mexican army (or whoever they were) crossing the border and shooting the patrolman with no action to punish Mexico, the high turnover rate, and everything from Debbie’s blog. He had nothing to back up his statements.
It was satisfying in a way. Thanks Deb and everyone for providing facts for the 20 minutes of enjoyment!

bhparkman on February 27, 2008 at 12:18 am

I really want these guys freed. This is nuts! No sane person posing as a leader would allow breeches to the borders and then turn on the border guards.
But since the DC circut politicians insulated themselves from the world and entered a psychoneurotic fantasyland, I guess this does make sense to these so-called “leaders”.
Why haven’t we used the impeachment process on these folks yet? That’s what it’s there for! They’re mentally and emotionally unstable to criminal levels – they don’t deserve pensions and money; they deserve a rubber room on the funny farm!

bhparkman on February 27, 2008 at 12:29 am

icehole you are an asshole…..I’d like to take you down to the line and see how you would fare…without your freaking computer, take home car and working day shift…most of you guys think your sh@@ doesn’t stink and act like Crockett and Tubbs…so you think you are an expert on working the border…only if you worn the uniform and worked the line would you know…so go back to your latte and let the men work the line…and yes I’m an ICE agent and have seen the caliber of people we are getting and I’d still take a PA over most of the “Special Agents” I’ve met.

ficedup on February 27, 2008 at 12:34 am

ficedup, amen! icehole will make a great addition to oig, Famous But Incompetent, or to HQ as another weenie who’s college experience has taught him that he DESERVES to be treated with respect.
That’s a nice report given by the subject’s relatives. Let’s ask the investigator, “Were their lips moving?”.

ezranter on February 27, 2008 at 9:04 am

AMEN ficedup and ezranter. As a former ICE agent, Legacy Customs, former PA, I am disgusted at the entire saga. I gues icehole’s posting of the newspaper article was an attempt to support his “those guys are lying” theory. However, with any story, if you tell 10 people the same exact story, exactly the same way, they will ten 10 slightly to extremely different versions…fact!
To Icehole, in the immortal words of LtCol Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson), “I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand post.” Then you can throw your stones. Once again, crap like this makes me say thank God I’m gone from ICE.

freefromice on February 27, 2008 at 9:28 am

Again, the point from the article that I am trying to make is: An autopsy by the county medical examiner shows the bullet took a downward diagonal trajectory through Dominguez-Riveraís left chest and lung, heart, stomach and liver, before lodging in his right abdomen.
A crime lab report said the shot was fired from between 3 inches and 2 1/2 feet from the victimís chest.
This contradicts what was initially said by the border guard that fired the fatal shot in front of the vehicle, well he was in shock, could have been in the rear of the border guards vehicle.
If your going to lie, at least don’t change your story…

icehole on February 27, 2008 at 9:31 am

ezranter, nice comment about the lips moving, “That’s a nice report given by the subject’s relatives. Let’s ask the investigator, “Were their lips moving?”.
BUT, legacy Customs also have a saying about the border guards. How do you tell if a border guard is lying? His/her lips are moving as well.
So you and ficedup can go back to cutting sign and sleeping in your unit and when you get lucky enough to catch a group of aliens that the National Guard advises you about, call us so we can decline for no investigative value.

icehole on February 27, 2008 at 9:38 am

Looks like another railroad job to me just like the Ramos and Compean case:
Brandon Judd, vice president of U.S. Border Patrol Union Local 2544, told WND the Mexican consulate is taking care of all the expenses of three Mexican witnesses to the shooting so they can remain in the U.S. to testify against Corbett.
Judd further charged that the Mexican government is intentionally hiding three other witnesses who could absolve Corbett.
“There were Mexican aliens who Corbett had arrested prior to the incident with Dominguez,” Judd explained. “These three witnessed the shooting from the back of Corbett’s Border Patrol van, and they could see clearly exactly what Corbett was doing.”
Judd said the two brothers and the girlfriend all testified Corbett was pointing a gun at them while he was driving, “yet the three aliens who were in the back of the van said they never saw Corbett holding a gun.”
“Those three witnesses who would have testified for Corbett got sent back to Mexico. Why?” Judd asked. “Why aren’t they still here in the United States when they have important information that could prove that Corbett did not do what the Mexican government and the other witnesses say Corbett did.”
Judd argued that the probable cause statement included the charges by the witnesses favorable to the prosecution who contend Corbett stuck Dominguez extremely hard about the head and shoulders before shooting him.
However, Judd maintains, the Cochise County coroner’s report shows no evidence of bruising anywhere on his body. Yet, the probable cause statement made no reference to the coroner’s report.
Judd points to another instance of information slanted against Corbett in the probable cause statement.
“It is well-documented that this alien was shot because he was holding a rock and was threatening Corbett,” Judd pointed out. “But the probable cause statement picks up the coroner’s conclusion that there was no dirt on the hands or under the fingernails of the deceased. Yet what is left out is that the deceased was wearing gloves at the time of the incident, and this is very clear from the surveillance camera photos that exist of the incident.”
Your contention that Ramos and Compean some how are guilty for shooting a known drug mule is preposterous. It is just amazing that when 9 people were on the scene just after the shooting took place with 2 supervisors you claim they lied and tried to cover up the the incident.
The BP supervisor lied on the witness stand, testifying that no one told him Compean had been assaulted, which is his excuse for never notifying the F.B.I. of this fact. The truth is that he offered Compean medical attention and had asked Compean several times if he was OK. The physical evidence was apparent as Compean was cut and covered with dirt. Richard’s failure to notify the F.B.I. of the assault is the reason why the case was never investigated
BTW-Richards has been rewarded for lying on the witness stand he has been promoted for his efforts in in destroying two mens lives for just doing their jobs.
Johnny Sutton covered up the fact that Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila is a know drug mule for the Mexican drug cartel in court testimony and allowed him to give perjured testimony that Sutton knew where outright lies. In addition, every witness against them where given immunity and plea bargain agreements for their testimony against Ramos and Compean. He obstructed the investigation by the DEA into Davila’s importation of another load of marijuana into the USA while waiting to testify against them at trial under an immunity agreement issued by Johnny Sutton.
You sir are an embarrassment to the good men and woman that serve in the Border Patrol. Johnny Sutton is worse than Mike Nifong and should be prosecuted for prosecutorial misconduct and indicted for lying in a court of law.
As a retired law enforcement officer, you disgust me.

ScottyDog on February 27, 2008 at 4:50 pm

Icehole, you are a POS!! It is obvious from your comments you have never been (and never will be) real police. There is plenty of conflicting evidence in this case. Maybe you have never been told, but you stand behind your fellow LEOs, even if they wear a different badge. God help anyone who has to go through the door with you at their back. You are truly disgusting.

lsellers on February 27, 2008 at 8:58 pm

Maybe you have never been told, Mr. Isellers, but don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Also, Mr. Scotty Dog, I sir have investigated numerous public corruption charges in my life. I don’t happen to care if the person is wearing a badge, priests collar, etc., I just look at the evidence, and the evidence in these cases only look like one thing…prison time. Mr. Johnny Sutton and the El Paso OIG’s office should be hailed as hero’s for the outstanding case they presented. And, looking at the evidence from a distance in the Arizona trial, I have a feeling someone is going to be an orderly at a federal prison very soon. In regards to being an embarrassment to Border Patrol, I neither gives a damn nor care about your opinion as to the Border Guards. I could train a monkey to sit on a X for 8 hours.
As far as the comments by freefromice…what kind of job do you have now that you are free from ICE? I suspect, and I may be wrong, that having to do real work while employed with ICE seemed to have gotten the better of you. OR, the fact that you were forced to have a little integrity, unlike BP, when making a case. Here is a little lesson in integrity for all of you defending these crooks with badges:
Integrity is the basing of one’s actions on an internally consistent framework of principles. Depth of principles and adherence of each level to the next are key determining factors. One is said to have integrity to the extent that everything he does and believes is based on the same core set of values. While those values may change, it is their consistency with each other and with the person’s actions that determine his integrity.
The concept of integrity is directly linked to responsibility in that implementation spawning from principles is designed with a specific outcome in mind. When the action fails to achieve the desired effect, a change of principles is indicated. Accountability is achieved when a faulty principle is identified and changed to produce a more useful action.
To the honest law enforcement that give an honest days work for an honest days pay, may God protect you and your family.

icehole on February 27, 2008 at 9:32 pm

As this is read, three, four or five thousand illegals will cross the Mexican border into the United States, walking right by thousands of Border Patrol Agents who are more concerned about their ìbenefitsî as union members and faulting ìmanagementî than in doing their law enforcement job.
It is no secret that millions of illegals are in country and more arrive every day. Almost all of them find work of some sort. Many wage rates are stabilized by their presence. Prices are stabilized as a result, not only in agricultural products, but many other products and services we buy every day. Americaís standard of living improves because of these very illegals. It is also no secret that the Border Patrol has added thousands of agents, given them six-guns and badges and turned them loose on the borders to ìstopî this influx.
It is no secret, also, that they, like their predecessors, fail miserably in performing that job. There are illegals in every state, in every city and have been since the Border Patrol was created in 1922. The union agents complain that ìmanagementî is responsible for their deficient job performance.
The history of Border Patrol management is one of corruption. One Patrol district manager was forced to resign after helping two federal prisoners at the Terminal island prison partake in activities normally denied prisoners. Another Sector Chief was spared federal indictment for illegally receiving a Lincoln Town Car from the same federal prisoner as a retirement gift when he died of a heart attack. Later, the San Diego Sector Chief was arrested for an accident while driving drunk. His arrest was covered up. When news of the arrest was published, he was not fired for the cover- up, just demoted to Marfa, Texas.
Even the Congressman in charge of the Border Patrol budget, New York Democrat John Murphy, went to prison for corruption.
The common thread through these incidents was corruption. Any senior Border Patrol management retiree (from the 70s, 80s and 90s) that retired without being forced to resign is plain lucky, or, they testified under immunity about the high-level corruption that was rife in the San Diego/Chula Vista Sector.
Nonetheless, even corrupt management can make a good decision. For example, after the recent tragic deaths of six people and injuries to 30 more in a wrong- way accident in the San Diego mountain stretch of I-8, one agent wrote a letter to Anti-Mexican talk show host Roger Hedgecock that he read on the air.
The letter stated that Border Patrol management prohibited agents from pursuing vehicles suspected of carrying illegals speeding the wrong way on highways. Fact: law enforcement agencies countrywide have restrained high-speed chases because so many innocent people have been killed in accidents during these chases. The National Traffic Safety Agency reports that 383 people were killed in or by high-speed chases in 1995. Thatís more Americans than lost by the American military in twenty years of Middle East strife.
Question: Should any law enforcement agency risk the lives of innocent bystanders in high-speed chases for misdemeanors, or violations of civil laws, which is what immigration violations mostly are?
The no-high-speed chase policy was implemented when a Border Patrol agent high-speed chase resulted in a number of deaths in the city of Temecula, California. The criminal smuggler did not hit high speeds until Border Patrol agents started the chase.
Thousands of illegals walk by complaining union members as if they werenít even there, everyday. Hundreds of them have died on that walk, and innocent Americans have died while Border Patrol cowboys recklessly thunder up and down the back roads and Interstates of the Southwest.
Why do we continue to waste millions of dollars on Border Patrol agents who chase their own tails and canít find them?

icehole on February 27, 2008 at 11:07 pm

icehole, it’s nice that you have so much time to read and write comments backing up your original statement of, “if you’re going to lie, at least don’t change your story…”. It’s also great how you have to quickly switch to “legacy” status. I don’t think freefromice agrees with your PA statement. It’s probably a shame that we no longer have his experience or integrity. We DO have plenty of people like yourself and they seem to be running the show so obviously, you shouldn’t have any complaints. You’re making a difference, right? Have you great success prosecuting all these employers of foreign invaders or the foreign invaders themselves? I know, I’m wasting my time even trying to reason with you but on behalf of my brethern in the “old” patrol, icehole, just stay out of the way.

ezranter on February 28, 2008 at 7:42 am

I would like to think that ICE Special Agents, or SSA’s, as icehole claims to be, would have more sense than to comment on an ongoing trial, involving a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.
Newspaper accounts are often (read “usually”) wrong, or incomplete, and to form an opinion to indict or convict this officer without examining all of the evidence, and reading the investigative report is beyond unprofessional, it’s downright ignorant.
Any man or woman who carries a badge, and puts their life on the line to protect this country deserves our trust and confidence, up to the point that they betray that trust. I haven’t read the reports or examined the evidence, and I don’t think any of you have either (Debbie Schlussel included).
That does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to the corrupt amongst us though. In fact, we should do everything possible to surgically remove that cancer, wherever it is found.
I think taking this discussion into the gutter, discussing why ICE is worse than Border Patrol, yada, yada, yada is wasting everyones breath. Apples and Oranges. There are some fine men and women serving in both agencies. Painting them all with the same brush, as icehole would have us do, is extremely unproductive. Of course it keeps the hits up on Debbie’s site, and for her, it’s a good thing.
Work safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on February 28, 2008 at 9:42 pm

I have not commented on this site in a while, but I will make some brief observations here.
EVS, I agree that this discussion (as have many others on this site) has “hit the skids” in both content and character.
One of the reasons I (and, might I suspect, many other agents out there) don’t post as often as we once did is simply because the base of the “silent majority” of good, hard-working agents is thoroughly demoralized by the continuing downward spiral of ICE – the “ram-through” of AS Myers by voice vote in the Senate, the continuing budget issues within the agency (particularly, the short shrift given to Investigations), the lack of clear mission development and focus, etc. It’s any wonder that these agents continue to gather up the intestinal fortitude to get up in the morning and press ahead with any important work whatsoever.
Therefore, I think what you are seeing now on this site, in the presence of widespresd resignation to our fate and associated apathy, the denigration of comnmentary on this site to the product you are seeing now.
G-d bless.

4EVERCUSTOMS on February 29, 2008 at 7:34 am

Sorry icehole…I never had time or the luxury to cut sign or sleep, since I started my FED LE career in the Chula Vista Sector of the US Border Patrol and was busy chasing aliens, bandits and dopers (hypes, glue sniffers and smugglers). I also spent a significant amount of my time dodging rocks and bullets. I doubt you can understand that, because that was probably before you were born and I also doubt you worked in canyons and areas without street lights and street signs.
I no doubt suffered more job related injuries, I don’t mean paper cuts, more like acl/mcl, ankle and other less severe injuries that were inflicted by the guys that I was sworn to arrest.
I rode horses, worked bandits, REACT and BORTAC, so I’ve earned my right to defend the Patrol.
So you can keep your opinions about the BP to yourself or put them where the sun doesn’t shine. Because you have no idea what you are talking about.
I could go on for quite awhile but I don’t see the need because those that have been there will understand and those that haven’t are lost.
212th Session of the US Border Patrol Academy, Los Fresnos, Texas.

ficedup on February 29, 2008 at 5:09 pm

Picking up a rock and raising it to throw is like drawing a handgun and pointing at a police officer. Note to Alien – Expect to get shot! All the forensics show is that the agent drew, the alien spun and dropped in a cowardly reaction to the situation he created and was drilled by a forty round just the way it is practiced on the range at the start of the quarterly qualifications with a draw and fire in one fluid split second automatic reaction to a life threatening situation.
In the future, I would hope that Border Patrol Agents realize that they are going to be investigated by those who have never fired in self-defense, the Mexican government, the U.S. government, ACLU, FBI, US Attorney’s Office, CNN, the print media, the bloggers, and every other Monday morning quarterback. So please, value your own liberty and property first before your pathetic salary and exercise your Constitutional right to remain silent. You do not check that at the door when you become an agent!

code7 on February 29, 2008 at 9:29 pm

Iceholes views seem to validate the concencus that agents are assumed “guilty” until proven innocent. Border patrol agents are individuals who put their lives on the line to perform a thankless job under arduous circmstances. They seize more drugs in the western hemisphere than any other angency, catch sex offenders, murderers, and other dangerous individuals that try to enter and exit our country, save the lives of hundreds of illegal immigrants who have been abandoned by smugglers, catch individuals from terrorist flagged countries, and help to curb the tide of illegal immigration; something that the mass majority of Americans wholeheartedly support. Icehole wants to give us his philosophy on “integrity.” We don’t need your contrived, over-philosophic, liberally manufactured definition of integrity to know what it is.
Let me give you a true lesson on what real intregity is icehole: Real integrity is not smearing the brave men and women who perform all of the essential functions that I have previously listed. It is not referring to them as “crooks with badges”, equating their intelligence with monkeys, and insulting them for what their duties entail. Your apparent disdain for the patrol reveals a clear bias on your part which taints any point that you are trying to convey. The bottom line, the agent is innocent until proven guilty, and if the investigation clears him, then the charges should be dropped; and oh yes by the way, a large rock is capable of being a lethal weapon. Your views are out of touch with the rest of America. Feel free to look on the blogs over slain border patrol agents such as Luis Aguilar and you see what the American people stand for, and surprise, surprise, it is diametrically opposed to every venomous word that has dripped from your hateful tongue. You are out of line, in the minority, and out of touch the with most of America. Thank you. That is all.

smg79 on May 19, 2008 at 5:03 am

Can someone tell me why the USBP and CBP brass allow a DHS-OIG rookie agent conduct a shooting incodent involving two federal law enforcement officers and one drug smuggler who got shot? In my entire 30 years plus of federal law enforcement career, I became involved in some fatal shootings. Fortunately all of the bad guys who decided to start shooting lost their lives and a few of us got wounded but survived. In all shootings, our top bosses decided to let the local (large cities or counties) “experts” homicide detectives process the scene and investigate the shootings. In all cases we had to surrender our guns but were replaced by the locals. Once the investigations were completed, the district county attorney or state attorney general reviewed the findings and we always got cleared. What went wrong with the Ramos and Compean cases? Then on top of all injustice, the DHS’IG and some of his deputies lied to some US Congress people and DHS-OIG agent Sanchez released a memo to a subject of an investigation (Customs used to fire agents for doing that)….guess the good old days are over.

4everlawenforcer on August 12, 2009 at 12:53 am

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