August 15, 2007, - 10:11 am

OUTRAGE But No Surprise: CIS Agents Aided Islamists Seeking Visas; Similar Problems @ ICE

Today’s Washington Times story about Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) employees accepting bribes from Muslim extremists in exchange for visas and other documents, while an outrage, should not be a surprise to anyone. Certainly not to reades of this site. (The article also said that ICE agents were helping to smuggle items in diplomatic pouches from China into the U.S.)
I’ve detailed background on this problem on this site. To wit:
* The Justice Department does not do much to prosecute CIS and other immigration officials who accept bribes in exchange for helping illegals and other malefactor non-citizens.

I , a Customs and Border Protection port Director in the San Diego area and Detroit Metro Airport. She took thousands in bribes to allow drugs and human cargo to be smuggled into the U.S. She stood to do–and should have done–36 years in prison. Instead, she got probation. She did not even have to return the cash, hot tub, or work on a Mercedes–all of which she took to betray our country . . . her country. And she was never even arrested.
Then, there are two other cases, one of them in Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS). Several CIS sources say that Detroit’s top CIS official, Carol A. Jenifer, was caught taking bribes in exchange for immigration benefits (visas and citizenship). Despite that, she was allowed to remain in the job for at least four years thereafter. She retired in January with a huge party and lots of hoopla. This is how Citizenship and Immigration Services chief Emilio T. Gonzales rewards his top employees for betraying America, when he’s not pre-occupied with .
Over the years, I saw Ms. Jenifer pander to extremist Muslims at a variety of town hall meetings hosted by Islamists with strong ties to the Government of Iran and Hezbollah. She even donned a headscarf. Maybe that garners bigger payments.
Who do you think bribed her? I’ll give you a hint: One of her employees got caught accepting thousands in bribes in exchange for speeding up the citizenship applications for over 100 Lebanese and Yemeni Muslims in the Detroit area. Instead of punishing these Muslims, Federal Judge Avern Cohn, granted them the right to stay here and get citizenship, untouchable by ICE. Those that ICE already deported for the bribery scheme were allowed to return to America and eventually get citizenship.
No-one got punished, except her lowly employee who accepted the bribes. Not Jenifer, not the Muslim “immigration consultant” who paid the bribes. And not the over 100 Muslims who paid her to make the pay-off.
Then, there is Roy Bailey, the former Field Office Director Detention and Removal Operations (DRO) for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Bailey was allegedly caught stealing property of illegal aliens being detained in his facilities prior to deportation. That part is not as disturbing as the fact that he owned a Dodge Viper, other expensive cars, and property that he could not afford on his salary. He lived well beyond his means and was under investigation for taking bribes from illegal alien detainees, presumably to release some of them or not deport them.
Bailey was removed from his position in 2003, and has been receiving full pay ($139,900 per year) and benefits, while he hangs out at home . . . for the last four years. This summer, he was allowed to retire and take full pension benefits. That’s right, he was never prosecuted, and you, the taxpayer, will pay his $100,000-plus annual pension and full healthcare.
ICE agents are livid that they work so hard while he got an extended four-year pre-retirement vacation for apparently breaking the law. You should be livid, too.
There is a race element involved the Caganap, Jenifer, and Bailey cases. All three are Black, and ICE, CIS (before that INS–for whom both worked), and CBP were afraid to take action against them because of their race, inside sources say.
That’s sad, because we know that the majority of Black agents in these agencies–like the majority of White agents–are loyal Americans dedicated to enforcing the law and doing their jobs. Being afraid to properly punish these employees merely because of their race tells us that the Department of Homeland Security (for whom all three worked) views all of its Black employees like those three and is, itself, dominated by a racist pathology.
* There is virtually no investigation by the agencies involved. This is detailed extensively in today’s Washington Times piece.
As I’ve written on this site, Michael Maxwell was the the Director of Security for CIS. He tried to enforce the law and investigate wrongdoing. He raised objections when that was not done and malfeasance was allowed. He was forced to leave the agency and is now “under investigation.” Emilio T. Gonzalez appointed the woman who was in charge of the environment and weather for the Coast Guard to replace him, which has “everything” to do with security. Reportedly, she didn’t last long.
, the Director of the Office of Professional Responsiblity (OPR) at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was in charge of investigating Roy Bailey and did nothing, allowing him to retire. She remains in her job, but–we hear–not for long.

Traci Lembke & Julie Myers: ICE’s Laverne & Shirley Comedy

(Julie Myers Diet Coke by David Lunde)

Lembke, as head of ICE OPR, had jurisdiction over CBP, but she appears to have lost that because she is not getting the job done. No surprise, when she won’t even fully investigate and discipline the ICE employees–like Bailey–in her purview. Some sources inside ICE say that ICE “leadership” is non-plussed at her inability to work together with Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General and CBP Internal Affairs. Apparently, there is a search for a new high-paid, high-ranking position for her to occupy (like a lump of coal) at ICE. By publishing this on my site, I probably (unfortunately) single-handedly saved her job.
Says another high-ranking source in the know (one whom I deeply respect):

I found this article [from today’s Washington Times] interesting for two reasons. USCIS has, like CBP, formed its own internal affairs bureau as an alternative to continuing to use ICE OPR for these services. That’s a continued reflection on the poor quality of service these organizations were getting from ICE OPR (although per the WT article, USCIS isn’t doing all that hot a job on its own, to include not filling the 65 investigator positions it is apparently authorized).
ICE has multiple vacancy announcements out for temporary promotions around the country at the GS-14 and GS-15 levels for 3-year tours of duty at OPR offices. On the one hand that’s a good thing, we argued for years that IA/OPR agents should be GS-14s with managerial experience. Of course, these GS-14s are upgrades which means they won’t have managerial experience, so it’s a bit of a sidestep for part of the reason we wanted the increased grades. But it may be an incentive for good agents in OI to make the move over to OPR to get the increased pay (which counts towards their retirement calculations); OPR continues to have real problems attracting quality agents, particularly given their lousy management at the top.

Like they say, the fish rots from the head down. ICE Chieftess bears the blame for this mess. She pulled every trick in the book to make her grrlpower friend (and ‘s) Lembke the Director of ICE OPR, giving her flexible hours and other cushy conditions no male agent would ever get at the agency.
They can’t–and won’t–even investigate corruption in their own agency. And you expect them to investigate the illegal alien problem?
The motto atop ICE–and CIS: Cast thy dung upon the waters . . . .

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31 Responses

Interesting post Ms. Schlussel; please permit me an observation here.
When Customs was Customs – ALL of Customs (read: OI, Inspections, Air and Marine, etc.), IA took care of ALL in-house matters BOTH criminally and administratively. The ONLY time Teasury IG got involved was if someone high up in IA or OI had an issue that couldn’t be handled in-house due to a conflict of interest concern, but there WAS a linear pecking order.
Now, let’s see, you have ICE (OI and DRO), USCIS and CBP – each their own entity who answers only to main DHS. Each handles their own in-house soiled laundry their own way, and NONE have control over CRIMINAL issues, only ADMINISTRATIVE punishments. In fact, CBP and CIS have been rumored to want their own 1811 criminal investigators, their own IA divisions AND foreign offices to handle agency-specific matters.
And, you wonder why things are the mess they are? THERE ARE TOO MANY CHIEFS, AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS !!! Absolutely NO acountability, and too much confusion and bureaucratic bungling.
And, by the way, ask the U.S. Secret Service if they permit DHS IG to get involved in THEIR in-house issues? My understanding is HELL NO – they handle their crap themselves (much like the FBI keeps DOJ IG at arms length regarding their in-house issues).
What you need to solve this mess is a re-consolidation of agencies and a PECKING ORDER. ALL agencies under ICE (including CBP and CIS), and OI at the top of the pecking order, with OPR having jurisdiction over ALL criminal AND administrative issues – maybe then you’ll have some accountability instead of everyone pursuing their own agendas.

4EVERCUSTOMS on August 15, 2007 at 1:11 pm

I have to agree with 4EVERCUSTOMS, you put IA/OPR in a impossible position. When they created ICE and asked for suggestions I offered that there should be GS-14 DHS field agents with investigative authority over all of the DHS components. A very sought after, distinguished position drawn across the board from all of the DHS components, charged with the responsibility to handle the investigations that rotted the core and morale of the agencies like corruption and cross jurisdictional investigations that needed oversight like terrrorism cases.
The DHS IG couldn’t find it butt with both hands and it has taken OPR out of the high gear it cruised at when it can run unmolested. The ICE OPR agents are smart and senior with a lot of experience.

code7 on August 15, 2007 at 1:44 pm

This country is doing a slow spiral into the drain. Yes, we expect corruption everywhere, but to my knowledge it has never been institutionally accepted before in matters of national security.

PJ on August 15, 2007 at 1:57 pm

How can any ICE agent do his or her job when you know that you have compromised agents on the job.
There needs to be an independent counsel appointed and heads need to roll.
This is so disgusting that a Federal Law Enforcement agency has crooks working for them and it is tolerated by management at the highest levels.

ScottyDog on August 15, 2007 at 5:34 pm

“This is so disgusting that a Federal Law Enforcement agency has crooks working for them and it is tolerated by management at the highest levels.” -ScottyDog
Every agency has crooks working for them:
Secret Service: Tim O’Brien supplied his neighbor’s 15 year old with meth while sodomizing her and punched the policewoman who was sent to arrest him, he was sentenced to six years.
FBI: Joe Blueflamer got caught playing Tiddlywinks during an investigation into why so many terrorists go by “Mo”, he was fired when he couldn’t rally the office’s lesbian management behind him.
So you see, crooked agents, crooked managment, and crooked contractors run in every agency, but don’t worry we have DHS OIG on the case.

code7 on August 15, 2007 at 7:35 pm

Perhaps we will see an EVS for Lembke swap? Lembke was a poor IA street agent and was disciplined by her former manager while in Arizona. Of course, she was “punished” by being allowed to jump over about 5 higher levels of supervision to become Director of OPR. ICE is the worst agency in the worst Department of the Government. But because of DS and EVS there is light at the end of the tunnel. As long as DS keeps exposing the agency wide corruption and EVS keep defending the corrupt, there is a glimmer of hope.
But ICE will be abolished in the next Administration and the those three letters will apply to those who came way before DHS ICE; frozen water, smokable crank and the International Commodities Exchange. Unfortunately, all the good agents have left and the Secret Service, IRS and FBI will assume all former Customs investigative authority (they have taken much of it already). CBP and the Border Patrol will handle both interior and border immigration enforcement. There won’t be much to do on the interior, as all the illegals will become legal after the next election. The truth hurts.

FingerEleven on August 15, 2007 at 8:53 pm

Nice pics…three guesses and two don’t count which one wears the strap-on!

1shot1kill on August 16, 2007 at 4:39 pm

Traci Lembke has absolutely DESTROYED internal affairs, both LINS and LCustoms. Both used to be filled with hardworking agents, who hated any sign of corruption and worked tirelessly rooting out the bad apples, while also exonerating those that were falsely accused. Now, it is a cesspool of kiss ass, go along to get along, don’t rock the boat, golden boy and good ol boy network types for the most part. The good agents that are in OPR are few and very far between. You have legacy INS and L Customs internal affairs agents and managers who have been shunted aside, marginalized, booted out and overall screwed by Traci’s strap-ons on that take the form of her RACs and ASACs and DSACs and SACs. Any managers that commit sexual crimes like exposing themselves to little girls, or commit civil rights violations like harassing a hard working officer in San Diego and using Huey copters to effect a search warrant, or misuse government funds to pay for a mistress and host MLB HoFers to speak at their “look at me” awards functions, are allowed to continue working. Extremely qualified Customs and INS agents applied for the 14s all through the country yet only those curently with OPR at the time got upgraded. Now you have a sorry ass street agent who is that in name only (since she hardly ever did a criminal investigation on her own) possessing an SES position. She is set for life while all of internal affairs burns around her. All the good RACs and ASACs she had have fled for CBP IA. Now she’s looking for replacements, but finding the choices are very slim pickings. And on top of all that, she wants her agents to do more criminal cases, including those from CIS! How many cases has OPR finished the last fiscal year compared to the numbers for LINS and LUSCS’s IA sections before the merger? I’ll bet you a ton less than the two L IA sections. And yet, Traci is still getting her bonuses! Ask her that, Debbie. Ask her how much her last several bonuses have been for. You will be shocked!

sanantonioins on August 16, 2007 at 10:24 pm

You know I couldn’t resist, with FingerEleven calling me out like that. LOL
4EVERCUSTOMS and code7 have it right. DHS/ICE/OPR was pushed to the side, with DHS/OIG taking anything criminal, and anything administrative (right of first refusal) that they wanted.
This left OPR conducting primarily administrative investigations, that management would have been better served doing themselves in most cases. Believe it or not, some managers in ICE like to use OPR to do their dirty work, rather than do the tough stuff themselves.
Debbie’s assertion that Traci Lembke didn’t investigate or discipline is off track (again). First of all, OPR isn’t in the “discipline” business, never has been. They conduct the investigation, provide the results to management, and mangement in concert with Labor and Relations and now a new version of the Disciplinary Review Board determine appropriate discipline. Blaming Traci Lembke for this is wrong.
There have been a number of agents and others who were placed on administrative leave, for long periods of time, and stayed there long enough to retire. I’m not saying it’s right, but if you do your homework, you’ll see that it happens a lot.
FingerEleven as usual doesn’t know what he’s saying, but likes to post to hear his head rattle. Traci Lembke was a fine investigator in the field, and was one of two Resident Agent(s) in Charge of the Tucson OPR (then Internal Affairs) office for a number of years.
To say she is corrupt is just wrong. I won’t respond to the rest of his post, as it’s just his angry rehash of all the old crap that he knows isn’t true, but wants to throw out here for people to wonder about.
You said “Traci Lembke has absolutely DESTROYED internal affairs.” I’m guessing you applied for a GS-14 OPR position, and didn’t get selected, therefor Traci Lembke must have destroyed OPR. Sour grapes perhaps?
OPR offered the NTE 14’s to save some experienced investigators when CBP formed their own OPR. CBP formed their own OPR not because ICE/OPR wasn’t doing a good enough job, or fast enough job. (Remember, DHS/OIG has all the criminal cases, and the good admin cases). CBP formed their own OPR so they could control and direct it. To say “all the good RACs and ASACs she had fled to CBP IA” is wrong too. Some left no doubt thinking they were going back to work for Customs, but others stayed. Of course CBP OPR is a retirement home for retired Secret Service agents, so they are in for a rude awakening I’d say.
If we werem’t all so anonymous, I’d like to see your stat’s and accomplishments lined up alongside Traci’s. Might (almost certainly) find yourself lacking.

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 17, 2007 at 6:42 pm

EVS, the fact that you think I am angry is beyond laughable. I am the only agent in my office with a smile on my face. I have nothing to be unhappy about. I had nothing to do with the making of this abortion named ICE (Incompetent Criminal Misdemeanor Enforcement).
I am the most senior and capable agent in my office and the most complicated decision I have to make each day is where to eat lunch! You and your ilk have destroyed the greatest federal law enforcement agency in history. That blood is on your hands not mine. I continue to collect a most generous pay check and enjoy life to the fullest each and every day. I never let things that are not in my control get me down. But I do have an obligation to speak the truth as I am still armed with an old set of creds which proclaim that I am worthy of trust and confidence. I will carry those in retirement of course. ICE creds???? YUCK.
Your IA Tucson gurl was disciplined by her former boss on more than one occasion. She sucked at her job then as she does now. If you think you are the only legacy customs agent with contacts, you ARE as stupid as you look. You talk to the losers that remain. My contacts are the smart ones that got out. But thanks for continuing to defend ICE morons in charge. You represent current management very well my mangy friend.
BTW, you did not address the fact that yo gurl jumped from a two person IA RA to Director of OPR. Also, another GS/15 jumped shipped today. That makes a total of 5 GS/14 & GS/15 in one office who have left in less than a year. They did NOT retire but went to work for other agencies. MANY others have retired.
Well, EVS, that is your cue to talk about all the limp dick, soon to be fired GS/10 FBI agents who applied to be lame GS/12 ICE agents. If only you had a brain….

FingerEleven on August 18, 2007 at 2:21 am

Most senior and capable…Heaven help us.
“You and your ilk have destroyed the greatest federal law enforcement agency in history. That blood is on your hands not mine.”
Yeah, it was my idea to abolish INS, and combine the oldest Federal law enforcement agency that was the envy of all others with a couple of other agencies, to become the youngest Federal law enforcement agency, with a political mission. How’d I do? My hands are clean, dumb ass.
Just because I didn’t dream this up, doesn’t mean I can’t try to make it work.
You got you information wrong on Traci. You need to fire your source and/or get some new ones so you can corroborate the misinformation you’re spouting. But lets not let the truth get in the way of your agenda.
Two person IA RA? You ever been to Arizona smart guy? Tucson was larger than 2, and they were working some great cases, correction, great CRIMINAL cases.
Because of privacy concerns, I won’t discuss a specific investigation (major case) that Traci was right at the tip of the spear, that changed the landscape for the better. If you are as smart and well connected as you say, you can figure out what I’m talking about. Huge impact on the quality of life for working agents.
Who jumped today (without naming names please)? I was on the road the last half of the week, and haven’t heard.
Have a great weekend Finger, and rest up, so making those lunch decisions will come easier next week. What a fraud!

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 18, 2007 at 6:21 am

Is this the same Lembke that was part owner of Coach’s Bar in Green Valley, AZ? If it is? What FEleven said is pretty acurate. BTW, the word in the CAB is that she has been booted from OPR back to OI and will be the DAD in D4. Which may not be bad for the agents in the division since the acting DAD (PLITT) has been screwing with them and trying to make a name for himself to get overseas, Vienna I heard.
Also, someone should look into a GS-15 sitting in D4, that doesn’t have a work assignment.. other than to read the Post.
Oh yeah, all of the 7th floor dwarfs got their 15s and I don’t think any of them ever supervised anything other than managing who should sit on the couch waiting to get their ass chewed. Speaking of ass chewing, I heard Ms Forman lost her temper again, with a couple of agents, where she yelled and threatned them and someone banged her in to Traci. Sounds like another cover up… ala New York

ficedup on August 18, 2007 at 8:12 am

No, I got my 14. I’m complaining because I love what IA used to stand for and could still stand for, if Traci were gone. She did not do such a great job as you would like to delude yourself into thinking. The previous poster’s reference to the bar hit the nail right on the head. Unfortunately for Traci, there are a lot more nails that need to be hit. You dispute that quite a few RACs and above have left. Look at the roster from pre-merger to now. You will see a lot of Legacy C IA managers and agents have left to CBP IA. CBP IA is NOT a refuge for retired SS. I don’t even know where you got that from. The ones who are staffing CBP IA are legacy Customs IA folks. For good reason, too, and that’s to get the hell away from Traci. You say Traci was a good street agent. So, tell me, what cases was she case agent on, from beginning to end? Don’t include those that she probably inherited from other agents AFTER the warrants had been served, the indictments handed down and the plea deals struck, with her only needing to get a few other office mates to actually handcuff the targets. The merger was the best thing that ever happened to Traci. Had that never happened, there is no way in hell she would have gotten her SES position. Hell, there’s no way in hell she would have gotten higher than a 15. Yep, I give her some credit, that she would have gotten to a 15. But that’s only because as long as someone has one good knee to get down on, one can get anything in this agency.

sanantonioins on August 18, 2007 at 3:26 pm

I hope this dosen’t throw you all off course in your argument (because I am enjoyin git), but no one out there but the legacy Customs folks buy into the USCS being the best law enforcement agency in the history of time. Just like it is questionable when FingerEleven proclaims himself the most capable agent in his office, it is quetionable when an agency proclaims itself the best of all time. Pride in your agency is fine, but if you have to shout about how great you are all the time because no one acknowledges it, there may be a reason behind the lack of acclaim from everyone else (one that doesn’t involve jealousy, so go on and skip that argument).
Heck, it’s not even certain that USCS was the oldest law enforcement agency. I’ve heard the U.S. Marshal’s Service claim the same thing with the same year mentioned as it’s birth date. I don’t know who’s right, but I do know it’s a dumb argument that has no ability to move ICE forward ro to solve any of ICE’s problems.
By the way FingerEleven, if you need creds to tell the public you are worthy of trust and confidence, maybe you should go on and write in below that how you are the most capable agent in your office. Then everyone can read it after you retire and marvel at the wonder that is FingerEleven.

SouthernICE1811 on August 18, 2007 at 5:27 pm

Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. What I meant to say, was that retired U.S. Secret Service Agents are in all the best jobs within CBP OPR, as they, like CBP’s commish came from Secret Service. They retire under the old Metropolitan Police Retirement and take new G jobs as GS-18-11-15’s and SES’s. New USSS agents don’t get that option, but look at FLETC, SS Administration, or any of the OIG’s, and you’ll find a bunch of retired Secret Service types.
I’m aware that a lot of the CBP OPR worker-bees are coming from ICE OPR & OI, and they mistakenly I believe, think they are returning to the Customs they left, and the cruel, hard fact is, that agency no longer exists. A lot of them are friends of mine, and I wish them the best. Investigating the thousands of criminal violations by their new clients, will keep them busy and I’ll agree that there is nothing more important then taking the corrupt agent/officer out of the equation.
What does half ownership in a bar (with her Father) have to do with Traci’s ability to investigate?
I’ll answer that for you, Not a goddamn thing (pardon me NonAnAgent). Traci and her then husband Curt did everything above-board, and it in no way intefered with the work, Outstanding work mind you, that either were involved in.
Traci is honest and smart, and if you don’t know that, I won’t be able to convince you. She inherited an OPR that was limping along on it’s last leg, having been understaffed, and overworked for years just prior to the merger. The people I know, still within OPR think Traci is doing a good job, but I’m guessing we’re talking to different people.
The reason us old Customs guys say that, is again because everyone came to Customs, but nobody left for other agencies. There must have been a reason for that. The grades were just as high at the other agencies. Why do you think everyone who was an 1811 (well, maybe not everyone, but close) wanted to be a U.S. Customs Special Agent?
I used to enjoy the argument with the Marshals Service, but those days are over. Now we’re the baby, damn it. 🙂
FingerEleven just wants something to complain about. He’s like an old drunk uncle that wakes up every couple of hours, shouts something at his wife, and then falls back into his drunken slumber. Everyone ignores him. It’s easier that way. LOL
Work Safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 18, 2007 at 6:04 pm

I wasn’t going to chime in on this topic because I don’t know Ms. Lembke, however, I’ve come to wonder if a lot of the posters would be upset with whomever headed ICE, Office of Investigations or OPR if they were different women than those who are now in the leadership roles.
Now mind you I don’t know any of the women personally, much less their management style, or in the case of Ms. Lembke and Ms. Foreman their records as street agents. I’m beginning to think, however, that if there was a male in charge of Investigations and OPR and they had the same background and management styles as Lembke and Foreman, how they would be perceived by the many posters on this site who are current or former male agents with ICE.
I don’t think I would be too wrong in saying that almost all of the posters that claim to know so much about the current status of ICE, what’s going to happen and all of the gossip about HQS. are current and former male agents of either ICE, INS or Customs. If I had a nickle for everytime I hear that this is going to happen and that person is going to ??????, I could make up the monies I lost out of my TSP the last coulple of weeks. Guess who always seems to know the latest gossip, it’s not the female agents I head anything from, it’s the male agents. Guess what folks, most of the rumors are just rumors, they never come to fruition.
I admit that I’m not happy in my job at the present time, but it’s not because I’m now part of ICE, it’s because my job is boring, I don’t get the same satisfaction day in and day out as I have in the past with other jobs, however, with my career field there aren’t that many opportunities for me to change jobs at this stage of my career. I don’t choose to be totally miserable day after day because as much as I don’t like my job there are many out there that would love to have my job, given the benefits and pay that I receive.
A lost of the posts talk about how great the Customs Service was, it was a good agency to work for and if you were an administrative employee there were good job opportunities. However, I also have worked for the other oldest law enforcement agency and that was a great agency to work for. However, I’m sure that if I went back to work there today, it wouldn’t be the same as it was many years ago.
Whose to say if we were still the Customs Service and INS that any of us would still like working for our respective agencies today. The world has changed and law enforcement priorities have changed and as they say nothing stays the same.
To those agents who are so unhappy in your job, now that we are ICE, you need to remember why you came into law enforcement in the first place. You came into law enforcement to make your community, country and world a better place. Maybe you need to remember that once in awhile and get back out on the street and find that gang member, drug smuggler, money launderer, that person or company who is trying to smuggle our military secrets out of the country and maybe just maybe you might find the next terrorist who has already planned the next substantial damage that will be inflicted on the United States.

NotAnAgent on August 18, 2007 at 7:00 pm

SouthernICE1811, good to have a legacy INS agent in our little discussion group. CUSTOMS was at the top of the pyramid of Federal criminal investigation agencies. INS wasn’t even part of the pyramid since you guys were union do nothing GS/12 record checkers. You guys hit the lottery when you were handed GS/13,14 and 15 positions that you would never have seen if INS had lived to screw up another day. But even I must admit you did a better job enforcing civil administrative misdemeanors than ICE does now.
EVS, my source investigated your gurl. She was a zero then and is obviously a zero now as she is headed to DRO. FPS & DRO, are mist important parts of the largest investigative agency within the Department of Homeland Security. ROTFLOL My side hurts from laughing so hard.
BTW, I am not an uncle, I hate red neck south of the Mason Dixon line agents and my wife ran off with Traci. Now you know the source of my Lembke bias. But I do have good news though. My pension will be 10% higher as a result of them eating at the Y . That’s an ender.

FingerEleven on August 18, 2007 at 10:13 pm

You are just a equal-opportunity offender aren’t ya? You have proven to all that read your posts, that you are the ZERO.
“union do nothing GS/12 record checkers”?
It’s this kind of mean-spirited name calling that continues the “us and them” mentality. I work with a bunch of smart, hard working, very dedicated legacy INS Special Agents.
I bet you wouldn’t call SouthenICE1811 or any of his partners all these names to their face.
Southern man would take care of that, real quick, and you’d wake up in the hospital if you were lucky. Big tough virtual guy, aren’t you. Simply cowardly behavior.
The rest of your post is just more of your sick fantasy world, so I won’t even respond.
You need professional help bro. EAP is there for you, check it out.

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 19, 2007 at 8:31 am

EVS, now that I got your blood pressure on the rise, go back to your last “August 10, 2007
About Yesterday’s Announced Immigration Enforcement ‘Reforms’ For Employers” post. I have responded.
Just when I think you can’t be as stupid as you sound, you prove me wrong. And yes boys and girls, EVS is a genuine GS/15 with ICE OI. Of course it was a welfare promotion for licking Marcy’s butt. But a promotion it was and EVS is typical of current ICE OI management. John right. The end is near.

FingerEleven on August 19, 2007 at 11:51 am

My blood pressure is fine, but I appreciate your concern.
I’ve said all along that I was part of the ICE leadership team, and no, my promotion to a
GS-1811-15 in 2000 didn’t have anything to do with Marcy or any part of her anatomy. LOL
If you were paying attention, you’d realize that Marcy wasn’t in charge of anything but “Greenquest” back then, and I wasn’t in HQS when I was promoted. In fact, each and every grade I’ve received was earned in the field. Bet you can’t say that.
Welfare Promotion? As usual, you couldn’t be more wrong, but we wouldn’t the truth to get in the way of your delusional posts, now would we?
EAP could help you if you’d just give them a call.

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 19, 2007 at 2:15 pm

I appreciate the pride the Custom’s guys had in their agency, and believe it or not, some of us INS guys had pride in ours. I always liked my job and my agency, even when management was doing it’s best to make us look bad. But this constant refrain about how great Customs was just doesn’t ring true to outsiders. I realize people left other agencies for Customs, but they also left other agencies for the ATF and IRS (maybe it was more of a Treasury thing than a Customs thing). I also knew lots of people who wanted to go to DEA or the FBI, but didnt want another academy so they just stayed where they were. I realize that very few people ever jumped over to INS from an outside agency, but I also knew very few who left after being hired. It did happen, but not in the kind of numbers you’d see out of a truly disaffected and disgruntled work force.
I just see the constant looking back to the days gone by as immaterial to the challenges ahead, so why keep bringing that old dog out every other day. Everyone from the INS side and the new ICE agents are well aware of the 1789 mantra and the “best kept secret” mantra, so perhaps it’s time to put it to bed.
First, what is a civil administrative misdemeanor? Second, sorry about you losing your wife to the arms of another woman. At least you are the most capable agent in your office even if you weren’t capable of satisfying your wife in bed. If she ever decides to try the hetero route again, send her down South and we’ll show her how it’s done right. Third, have you thought about having “cuckold” added to your retirement creds right after trusted and all that other stuff?

SouthernICE1811 on August 19, 2007 at 2:58 pm

I have one thing to say today, the personal attacks need to stop and stop right now. Do you realize how childish and petty all of your postings are starting to sound. Talk about airing your dirty linen in puglic. I’m almost ready to say that I’m ashamed to say that I work in the same agency as some of you who post here. The postings are getting way too personal to be in a public forum like this. They have gotten way off from commenting about the subject that Debbie wrote about.
Also, SouthernICE1811 is right, it’s way past time to continue talking about how great an agency Customs was, we who worked for Customs knows it was a good place to work. However, Customs had it’s faults just like any other agency does. We had some lousy managers with even lousier ideas at times. The people that worked for INS felt pride in their work and agency also or they wouldn’t have stayed there for as long as they did. It’s a fact that the agents were a lower grade in INS than in Customs and don’t you think that if they didn’t feel that their job was just as important and purposeful they would have all left for another agency to get a higher grade.
I can tell you that the only reason that I personally came to Customs was for the grade, I would probably never gotten to the grade that I am now in the agency that I worked in prior to Customs. Now that was a great agency to work for also, probably better to work for in many ways than Customs. That is my personal opinion.
ICE is now a little over 3 years old and all of you that are hoping that we will go back to the way things were are just dreaming. Remember the one who first proposed creating the Department of Homeland security was not a republican but a democrat. So don’t think things will change when the democrats win the presidential election next year.
So think before you post and the personal attacks need to stop.
I don’t know who any of you are and I don’t think any of you know who I am and I frankly am really not trying to figure out who each of you are. I have better things to do with may life than to wonder now who is EVS, I wonder where FingerEleven works, etc. Now I know I took a guess about where EVS worked, but in the long run it doesn’t matter to me where any of you work and whether or not I know you.
Like I have said before, there are some military members who are losing their lives everyday or wondering when they are going to hit the next ied with their vehicle or step on one and get maimed or die. What you all are so upset and fighting over in this forum is so trivial to what our military is going thru each day that I am ashamed to call you fellow employees.

NotAnAgent on August 19, 2007 at 3:40 pm

I don’t disagree with anything you said. The fact remains, people who can’t deal with the truth, must resort to name calling and insults, because they are going to post, no matter what.
You can call for sanity and reason, but I’m afraid you are wasting your breath.
I know I’m a lightning rod for their angst, as an admitted member of management, and I’m OK with that. I’ll continue to defend ICE, ICE’s leaders, and my brothers from each legacy agency against the cheap shot artists. It’s what I do.
Cheap shots at our co-workers, who they don’t even know, based soley on which agency they came into ICE from is just that, a cheap shot.
SouthernICE had me laughing out loud with his latest post, taking finger’s words and using them against him. Very clever my friend.
It might not be productive, but you gotta admit, it’s damn sure entertaining.
Work Safe,

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 19, 2007 at 7:36 pm

Finger has certainly been put in his place but our resident southern fried morons. First of all my good friend southern1811 wannabe, a civil misdemeanor is an administrative offense that results in an administrative arrest and and administrative disposition. This is as close to a criminal investigation that you will ever come. This is why INS “investigator”s were journeyman GS/12’s and members of a union. GS/12 was actually about 3 grades higher than your former job description. Thanks to CUSTOMS, you now are a GS/13 special agent but your daily duties remain at the GS/9 level. Congratulations on your good fortune sir.
BTW, Mrs. Eleven did not in fact leave Finger. There is a deeper message in that little parable. Of course you will never find it and your response speaks volumes for your investigative ability, imagination and intelligence.
EVS, you have time to read each and every word of each and every post on DS because you were fortunate enough to be assigned to a SAC office that was known as a “do nothing” Customs OI office before the merger. As all DS readers can see, that reputation continues under ICE.
Got to go, BIG Fellas, as LDS, I mean, BIG LOVE beckons the Finger.

FingerEleven on August 19, 2007 at 8:17 pm

Talks cheap finger. Guess it’s better in the Big Apple huh?
I think I’ll follow NotAnAgent’s advice, and let you wallow in your own filth. Enjoy.

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 19, 2007 at 10:01 pm

EVS, the over and under for you responding to one of my posts has been set at 24 hours by Vinnie Carbone in Philly. Smart money is taking the UNDER. But then again, you were NEVER accused of being a smart guy.

FingerEleven on August 19, 2007 at 11:40 pm

“a civil misdemeanor is an administrative offense that results in an administrative arrest and and administrative disposition. This is as close to a criminal investigation that you will ever come”-FingerEleven
A misdemeanor is a legal definition of certain, lesser crimes that result in a criminal charge. Misdemeanors require probable cause for arrest and beyond a reasonable doubt for conviction. Guilt is decided by a Federal Magistrate, or if requested by the defendant, a jury.
An administrative arrest is never criminal, although it does require probable cause to legally affect, and for 4th and 14th amendment purposes is no different than a criminal arrest. There is no finding of guilt, but culpability is determined by an immigration judge (or in expedited or administrative removal, a competent immigration officer and his supervisor) based the standard of “clear and convincing evidence.”
I may just be working at the GS-9 level, but I do know the difference between a misdemeanor arrest and an administrative arrest. Even though I’ve never made one myself, I could probably give a fairly accurate description of a felony arrest (disclaimer: This is a joke – I’ve made many felony arrests, but I’m sure none as important as the least of Finger’s). I’ve never actually conducted a civil, administrative misdmeanor investigation or whatever it is that you called it (I’m still not even sure what the heck it is). But if you happen to involve yourself in such an investigation, you may want to review my above comments so you don’t look like an idiot when you drag your “civil, administrative misdemeanor” violator before the U.S. Magistrate.
Fingers is right about one thing, and that is I do owe a thanks to FingerEleven and all the other Customs folks out there. 22 less rounds at quarterly qual and give away GS-13s that all the Customs folks got (and now ME TOO!)…’s like Christmas and my birthday every day at work!
Finally, I do admit I am at a loss about your wife. Perhaps it’s a pop culture reference (the part about your wife leaving you for the OPR lady), and I would have to admit I’m not that up on the latest lesbian pop culture references. Or perhaps it was a riddle that requires intelligence or discernment beyond the abilities of an old Immigration guy. If so, I guess I’ll just go on and quit trying to guess the answer. However, the offer still stands for you to send the Mrs. down South so we can give her a taste of how we do it. You never know, she might like us Wild Eyed Southern Boys a bit more than you do. At any rate, glad to hear your happy home is still intact!

SouthernICE1811 on August 20, 2007 at 12:00 am

Hey F-Eleven, here’s one finger for you and the horse you rode in boob.
When are you goping to learn… the ability to admin arrest and remove those “illegal aliens” in Newark may have saved 3 lives…yeah I know you don’t know how to use IDENT/ENFORCE, but you can do an ROI in TECS, right.
You sound like a real tough guy…but also pretty insecure about who you are…

ficedup on August 20, 2007 at 6:07 am

Boys, boys, boys your posts have gotten so locker room and juvenile. But then, am I surprised at the tenor of the posts, no I’m not.
I can’t figure out why you’ll see the need to write as each of you write. Is it because I’m not an agent? I don’t know.
I also don’t understand if some of you are so miserable, why do you stay. Especially if you are not at the end of your career. I agree that the pay and benefits for federal law enforcement is quite good, however, money should not be the only reason to stay in a job, satisfiaction of a job well done as well as basic liking of what you are doing day after day should also figure into whether or not you stay at a job.
I have admitted that I’m not wild about my job anymore, however, I’m at the end of my career, not the beginning or middle.
Also, in the past I have loved my job, but the office that job was in was a miserable place to work. It’s ironic that I now work in a good office but the job satisfaction isn’t the same.
However, when I signed on with Uncle Sam I was only promised a job, not that I would be ecastic with my job all the time. The way I figure it, I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that would love to have my job and would think they had died and gone to heaven to have it. So I don’t complain too much and I can honestly say I would have never thought I would have gotten where I have gotten in my career when I first started working for the government. I don’t think I would have gotten where I have in my career if I had stayed in private industry.
So for all of you posters that sound so unhappy via your postings, hopefully you aren’t taking that unhappiness home with you. Remember the job is important, but not the most important thing in your life, the most important thing is your spouse, kids and family.

NotAnAgent on August 20, 2007 at 7:12 pm

Me thinks EVS was run over by a bus in NYC and has come back as SouthernICE1811

FingerEleven on August 22, 2007 at 6:38 pm

You’d be wrong, but whats new about that? You are always wrong. LOL

EverVigilantSheepdog on August 22, 2007 at 7:51 pm

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