March 4, 2008, - 12:32 pm

Feds Make It Easier for Islamic Terrorists, Criminals to Flee U.S.

By Debbie Schlussel
Over the weekend, both Detroit papers (the Free Press and the Newsistan) gushed that Detroit will soon have an emergency passport office. The federal government calls it a “Gateway” passport office. I call it a GETAWAY passport office. (At least they have the letters right.) The only thing Detroit is a “Gateway” city for is Hezbollah. And that’s why this new office is nothing to cheer about.
It used to be that those from Michigan and other locales in the Midwest would have to travel to Chicago to obtain an emergency passport. From a national security and law enforcement standpoint, that was a good countermeasure for those criminals and terrorists suddenly seeking to flee the country.



Guys Like Jason Bourne . . .

Aren’t the Ones in Line @ the Quickie Passport Shop

Yes, some of them already have a valid passport and others live in the Chicago area, anyway. But the fact remains that a significant number of Islamic criminals and terrorists, like Hezbollah financier Talal Chahine and Hezbollah arms supplier Fawzi Mustapha Assi, fled the country back to Lebanon from the Detroit area. While Chahine had multiple passports and other IDs (some of it in violation of U.S. law), Assi did not (he fled the country by wearing a hijab and cross-dressing as a Muslim woman to get over the border to Canada). Another, Ali Hourany, a Shi’ite Muslim honor-murdered his girlfriend, Daniela Erica Munoz. He fled the country to Lebanon, immediately, before feds could stop him.
But there are other such Islamic terrorists and criminals who might not have a valid passport–and installing a government quickie-passport shop in Detroit will clearly help them elude capture. State Department officials on an official panderfest tour of Michiganistan announced, Friday, during an “international border summit” that “community demand” led to their decision to open the quickie-passport office.
It’s very clear who that “community” is that is demanding. They always demand. And we always give in, no matter how deleterious to our national security and survival. Those at the “international border summit” including top ICE officials, like Abu Moskowitz, who always bend over forward for that community.
Ask yourself this: Who else needs a passport outta here in a hurry? And which such group has a significant presence in the Detroitistan area? Hint: It’s not the Grandma Jones from Oscoda.
Unless your name is Ahmed or Shahida and you need to high-tail it out of her, most of the rest of us can wait the 4-6 weeks to get our passports. It’s those who did something suddenly and didn’t plan ahead whose escape we’re now making it easier to facilitate.
Yes, I know that, sometimes, we might win the Nobel Prize or have an uncle blown up in Beirut, whose remains we must identify. But how often does that happen to the average American not named Carter, Gore, or Mohammed? Most of us don’t have close relatives abroad whose funerals we must attend, either. Those cases are a tiny, tiny percentage of the reasons behind emergency passport applications, especially those emanating from the Detroit area.
It’s not exactly Einstein work to predict whom we’ll be seeing at the Getaway,er . . . “Gateway” passport office.
The feds say that the Detroit Getaway Passport office will employ 40-60 employees. That’s a lot of employees for, apparently, a heckuva a lot of quickie-Hezbo and HAMAS passports.
Heckuva Job, Bushie!

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More good reporting from Debbie on a depressing trend.
The implicit policy of the US in the West is to support the Islamic jihad. You can only reach that conclusion with an objective analysis of the strategy and effect of US policy in the regions of the Balkans, Israel, Chechnya, and Nagorno-Karabakh (Armenia). Note that the US is supporting the Islamists against Christians and Jews in the West. American foreign policy at best can be described as anti-American and anti-Western. It will not change with a new US administration, only continue with more catastrophic effect on Europe and America.

arius on March 4, 2008 at 1:48 pm

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